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William Samuel
William Samuel

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sweet Naive Pollyanna

Sweet Naive Pollyanna  by William Samuel

  Pollyanna must come to mind as one hears words such as these, as if this were her final stand in our affairs. This time let's grab her. If she's the Child, catch her quickly. “The wise man will not hesitate to ask a small child seven days old about the place of life....” Those were the words of Jesus. Isaiah told of the Child; Jesus identified as the Child he found himself to be. We are to do the same.
(Pause)  I doubt that many will want to understand these things until their enchantment with self-importance and adulthood has passed. Just as a soldier who has thrown grenades and fended bayonets understands what fear is and what peace is, youth doesn't understand the Child until it has put it aside, buried it and lost all trace of it for a time—thence to miss it and need it—then, fortuitously, at a moment like this, come home to it again. Do you hear that? Come home to it again! Indeed, this is the purpose of adulthood, the struggling human experience and irrevocable move toward death in time. 

It's like the old man who went back to his home in the hills of Tennessee after working in a mill town during the hard days of the war.  When he returned to the mountains, he knew what blue sky really is and what a frisky thing a squirrel is and what beauty actually is. When he got back to his clean, unspoiled hills, his “was beautiful” of memory turned into an “is beautiful” now again, and he began living the beauty that had gone unrecognized until he lived the ugliness of war.

Well now, listen closely again. We've lived our adulthood to total frustration for nearly eleven thousand years of human time, time and time again, to no avail. So now, finally, we look within, find the Child still alive, uncover it, listen to it, follow it—and that Eternal Child of God within, the Christ of us, takes us straight up the mythical mountain to the peak where we become that Child beyond time, in living fact for all our world to see and understand and do likewise.

No. This is no Pollyanna tale being told here. This is a truth for everyone, old and young. These words sound one way to the intellect, but they feel quite another to the listening, non-judgmental heart within us—and then, sooner or later, perhaps this day, the feelings come to confirm that it's true and to make it alive and real, despite our sophistication and human importance, despite the gnarled finger, stiff joints, dimming vision and painful memories. Despite them and despite the world of time and space. Ah, then—a miracle for some of us who choose—instead of them.
You see, religion has missed the mark ever so slightly. It has us awaiting a linear Christ in time, but the Christ Light is closer than that. It is not only within us. It is us. (Pause) Did you hear that? It IS us. When we find that out, we comprehend clearly that the linear Christ of time CONFIRMS the Child we are.

  Metaphysics has said nothing about the Child whatever, has it? Subjectivism, (non-duality) for all its looking within, misses the Child entirely—and the Child's Equation. There is a good reason for this, as we shall see later.

From The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics 
By William Samuel  Available on Amazon

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Child Is The Guide

The Child is The Guide   by William Samuel 

Dear Laurel,

Yes, the Child is the Guide—ever available, closer than fingers and toes, our very Selfhood.

But all of us are humbled first. We are MADE to bow our arrogance and human dreams before Something Unseen. THEN, the Child comes alive, pulling us, pushing us, kicking us up the mountain, past every human mess, past all the old temptations, through the most amazing, intricate, narrow pathway which is one Child wide. You are on your way Laurel! The Christ Child of your very Selfhood will NEVER leave you nor forsake you—and it is a Mystery of Mysteries. 

There is Something Marvelous, and it all has to do with our WILLINGNESS to surrender the me-sense to God—and to accept SELF as subservient to Godhead.

I know why this perception comes so slowly to metaphysicians—and with such reluctant surprise: Because of the built-in metaphysical insistence that we, as the “real Identity,” ARE God. Not so, not so, simply not so. We would like for that to be so, and we rationalize that it is in the name of GOD AS ALL IN ALL. But exactly as the Carpenter said time and again, only God is God, and we are the Children of God. “My Father is greater than I.” Yet, “My Father and I are one.”

The Child is pure and perfect without sore knees or high blood pressure without a tribulation without a battle with age/time/space/world that It doesn't UNDERSTAND as GOOD going on—and then see confirmation of that good.

Ever since the “beginning,” the human problem has wavered between the same two ridiculous extremes: The attempt to be a separate self hood apart from God and the attempt to BE God. Both end in the prolongation of the Discipline, the world not understood.

“Lest ye become as children,” said the One who had it straight. It is hidden from the wise but revealed to the simple and childlike.

Laurel, along the way I found the Absolute which called God ALL. Then I worked very hard to make God all. Then I tried ever harder to make Bill God. Then, brought to my knees, I found how NOTHING in ITSELF Bill (and Bill's world) is—but how marvelous LIFE is. Then I learned that Life, Awareness, belongs to God—and that Awareness, Life ITSELF, is the CHILD, the Image of God! With the Child's help, I somehow managed to let go the me-sense who was trying so hard to understand God, and found myself already living as the Child of God, holding God's hand every step of the rugged discipline's way. Suddenly—or precept upon precept, here a little, there a little—the “world” was revealed for what the world IS—and I consciously became less Bill and more Child.

The absolute position of metaphysics is a step along the way—our most arrogant time. But the demand has ever been, to learn LIFE'S lessons and let go the imposter who believes he OWNS Life and its bodies. That word “surrender” is in all the holy books of the world, and it is an accurate word in my own experience which is all I can really tell about. 

Yes, as you said, we can let our human arrogance go, our pride of accomplishment, our human attainments, even the pride in our lessons learned, and do it ON THIS SIDE OF “THE GRAVE” if we really want to. But it takes the doing. In actual fact. More than profession. It takes a real “turn around” and return to the Child Heart within us—“in dust and ashes” humility. You've DONE that, my gentle Laurel, LOVE takes in a Stranger. The Stranger is the very Child of God we are. 

In the tangible sense of limit/world/measure/time and space, we (as a measuring mortal) are all brought to zero in this world or the next.

The surrender is traumatic but it is worth it!

Upon the surrender to the Ineffable Unknowable Beyond time and space, we are shown a marvel of marvels and given a subjective world to reign over. 

Every word of this is TRUE, as you are slowly and PERFECTLY learning, Laurel. You've learned it just as I did. We loose and unbind our world, DOING for it as we can. That doing is essential.

You will have the strength, the means and the ability to do what you are intended to do here in the linear world of time's unfolding. But we're brought to bow before God first—most of us in our extremity, and most of us unwillingly. This is true especially for those who have heard a different drummer and and have hewn their own pathway in the world. Even that is as nothing before God. But, becoming “nothing before God” becomes ALL POWER in the new world. You will see. It is amazing and wonderful.

Excerpt from "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" by William Samuel   Available on Amazon 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"I" Means Identity

"I" MEANS IDENTITY   By William Samuel

 Gentle Reader, "I" means IDENTITY, not a suffering, human concept of Self. See these words as your own: 

I let go the role of an awakening student. I end the identification of gendered mortal learning this or that. I am not a member of the human race, a one among many, working, striving, struggling, straining, arriving at Truth line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. I am an identity INFINITELY greater, grander than that, and I am not ashamed to say so to my world of appearances even when the charges are that of vaingloriousness and self-deluding insanity.  

I take the Divine Awareness of GOD to be "my" identity. I am THAT. THAT is "me" and I do not hesitate to SAY so to whomever may be interested.  

Furthermore, I live this identification to the best of my ability, despite the fact this appears to be running upstream, contrary to the world's way of doing things. And I maintain this position to the best of my ability, reminding myself as often as necessary that AWARENESS is the WHO I am, the WHAT I am, the WHY I am-and that identity is not a human one, not a worldly one, not a sick, sinning, ignorant or quarreling one but the HOLY WHOLE SINGLE ONLY ONE, and THAT am I!

-------We know what we have found. We know of the inner peace, the light, love, insight and wonder of Being we have found Truth to be. The Heart of the one who reads this knows what the Truth has meant over the years. All the hell-fire and damnation the "world" can muster cannot efface the Grace we have felt. The challenges we face, like lions in the Colosseum, may appear to tear the old nature apart, but all that is torn, or can be, is a concept that was never real. The Grace of IDENTITY stands untouched, untroubled, singing....

It has been said that the discernment of Identity is an uphill struggle but it isn't really. We are what we are whether it is seen or not and the simple knowledge of this fact is an immense aid in our discernment. Awareness is our identity and awareness functioning is ever effortless, ever going about its business of seeing, hearing, feeling and including thoughts all within itself just as it is about the business of seeing print on this page at the moment.

Much of the effort goes out of our daily affairs the instant we expand our sense of identity from the body-point from which "things" are observed, to awareness doing the observing. As this expanded identity the body-point is not excluded but seen as the central point within an infinite identification that includes all "body-points" within itself.  

This grander identity looks on human intellectuality and knows that it pertains only to the body-point and its relationships with all other images. It sees that the Intelligence beyond intellectuality is its own Self-knowledge of singleness, aloneness, wholeness, oneness. It sees that intellectuality can only know Isness indirectly, via qualities and attributes. But, identified as awareness, we know "God" directly as god's Self-awareness. As awareness, we know as God knows Himself to be. We see with the Eye by which we are seen.

So, we live this "child of God" that we are already, and we live it without effort, without struggle, and most wonderfully, without inhibitions. You see, this conscious awareness being "us" is Deity's Self-awareness in action, for which Deity alone is responsible. The weight of the world is lifted from our shoulders the instant we stop trying to be something of ourselves-a human personality, an ego, a phantom big cheese protecting his family from the outspoken teachings of this one or that one, intent on healing Perfection when Perfection stands tall and perfect, quite without need of healing.  To question the wisdom of this utter discard of personal, ego-responsibility is the natural reflex of the ego bent on self-preservation at all costs. But, in one way or another, we are finally brought to gird up the loins and LET God be the Alone One on the Scene-even as God really IS the all one. Right here. Right now.  Already!            

Excerpt from The Awareness Of Self Discovery By William Samuel  
 Available on Amazon   

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Living The Truth

There is an experience of direct Enlightenment that reveals the already harmony, perfection and singleness of God, man and the universe.
Every inclination of the human nature is to continue striving for goals, conditioned as it is to believe it must do something to maintain its position.
Every urge within the human breast is to resist the NOW, so it is natural to hear the human charge of lethargy brought down on every statement of an already perfection.
Jesus began his ministry with the statement that the kingdom of heaven was already at hand, but there was nothing lethargic about his life. Everyone who begins to examine and live these principles will find the experience anything but lethargic! See for yourself. New actions, new experiences, new revelations will burst through any fear of lethargy or non-action that you may be harboring still. You will find yourself living a new life of wonder after wonder after wonder. And you will wonder ever after.

Excerpt From The Awareness of Self-Discovery by William Samuel

Available on Amazon 

A Special Place

We should all have a special place. Let me tell you about mine.
Not far away is a rolling hill, a green pasture now, and down those smooth slopes at the bottom lies a square field, corn and cotton in the Summer, vetch and oats to re-kindle the soil in the Winter, surrounded with old, black hardwood posts and rusty wire, wild ivy wrapped around—and honeysuckle, blooming and sweet and droning with bees.
Along the west edge of the field and down to the river stretches a cool forest, not virgin, but many years since it was timbered, filled with shaggybark hickory, pine, scrub oak and those noble sycamores patched with pure white and crowned with thin silver leaves that flutter in the least wind.
My path takes an unnecessary turn from the straight way to pass a special cluster of those soft regals of the woodland. I have a friend among them, an elder statesman that stands a hundred years tall, has seen many an Alabama thunderstorm, and oversees a small opening in the woods marking who knows whose once-upon-a-time patch of melons and greens. If I’m not in a hurry to get down to the river I stop there and sit down and lean back against my sycamore and watch its shadow grow long across the opening while distant birds go soaring in the Summer wind. It is a warm place to dream and turn loose cares and let troubles go winging with the clouds from the south.
Everyone should have such a place when things seem oppressive. Everyone has such a place. Maybe not in a patch of wood along a river bank, but mayhap in the Tennessee hills or the mountains of the West, or a backyard garden or the shady corner of a porch. It may be a special chair alongside an apartment window overlooking a glistening wax-leaf privet and walkway grass, untrimmed and bending in the West wind. But wherever, all of us have a “place” wherein thoughts come forth of an especial feeling quite beyond the usual—clean thoughts of wistful grace and gentle uplift like a sycamore—warm, tender and powerful.
These “places” are not mere locations bound about in finiteness and time. Dear reader, I suspect you already know that they are the manifestations of the Heart’s Secret Place. They are the products of the Within.
This wondrous place of mine with its guardian sycamore is not bound to a dimensional woodland a few miles away. It is here right now, closer than breathing, closer than fingers and toes, a simple second’s silence from seeing and being. It is in the Mind’s eye and I may visit it in a twinkling!
Come with me and I will take you there.

Excerpt from The Awareness of Self-Discovery  by William Samuel

Available on Amazon

Friday, November 9, 2012


Excerpt from "A Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity" 
 by  William Samuel 

NOW   By William Samuel

Note: The following lecture is as good a place as any to begin. It has served countless times to call home the prodigal wandering in the pigsties of worry, frustration and fear. Just as much of the work in this volume, it serves well to be read aloud.

Now is the only "time" one is ever concerned with. Reader, consider this a moment, because here and now, a magnificent first fact of Truth begins to unfold. It has to do with now; the primacy of now; the allness of now; the absoluteness of now.

When do we see a flower? That is, what time does the seeing take place? I see the flower now, we say.

When do we see the picture of a flower in a book? Now. When do we smell the fragrance of a rose? When do we touch it, enjoy it, experience it? Now.

When does one hear a voice or a melody? When does one experience the occurrence of any event? Now!

Listen carefully: When do we remember the event? When do we reminisce about the event? When do we think about the past? Now; always now!

  When do we dream of a future event? When do we plan and calculate concerning future activities? Now. All experience, all activity. All memory of the past, dream of the future, thinking and thought taking are inevitably, invariably "happening" in the now. Isn't this so?

So you see, it becomes evident to anyone who stops long enough to acknowledge it, now is the only time we are ever concerned with. It is always now! We cannot escape it.

  Even so, what has humanity done to now? What has man done to this ubiquitous, all-inclusive, ever-present now? He has made it the most infinitesimal part of a great time system. He has sandwiched it between a past that stretches infinitely in one direction, and a future that extends forever in the other. He has relegated it to the merest razor's edge on a sliding scale between a past and a future. Is this not so? To humanity, now—this very moment of Awareness—is so fleeting, so ephemeral and transitory, that one cannot find it on the very device used to measure it. Try to point to now on your watch and it is instantly past, a memory.

Ah, but when do we recall the memory? Now. When do we see the watch? Now. When does one speculate about the fleeting nature of humanity's time? Now. When does one awaken to the fact that he is never concerned with a past or a future except right now? Now! When does one experience? Now. So, reader, when do you expect to discover Reality? When do you expect to experience a "healing" or a "demonstration"? When do you expect to experience completeness and happiness? Now!


Look at a flower. We see it now. We behold its form now. We are aware of the flower, right here, right now; but suppose we think about something else while looking at the flower. Think about that big bill that is past due and worry a little. What seems to happen to the awareness of the flower? We are not as aware of it as before, are we? We are looking at it with eyes that hardly see. It seems fuzzy, hardly noticed, but the same rose is there; the same beauty, the same form, the same grace and magnificent delicacy is right before us to be beheld and enjoyed, but we hardly see it. We are too busy worrying about the bill. We are too busy thinking.
The bill is not now. All that is now is the awareness of the rose. The rose in all its loveliness is now. The bill is nothing more than a memory that is not in this now-awareness unless we choose to put it there.
  We see that thinking is like a film spread over the eyes; like a mist that covers the whole face of the land; like a veil; like looking at the flower—and everything else—through a glass darkly.


We view the rose again. It is here, within Awareness which is aware now. The time of Awareness is always now. Right now, Awareness includes a rose. Look at it closely. See it with rapt and undivided attention. Behold with enthusiasm! This is beauty here and now! While so aware, can we be aware of worry, fear or grief in the same now? Are we? Absolutely not! The "return" to "now" is an automatic departure from the not-now, past and future.

As we shall point out in the coming pages, now is always all right! It is filled with beauty, grace and magnificence, containing no sight, sound nor sensation that is not absolutely harmless and altogether perfect. You shall very soon see and understand—even before you finish this volume—now is filled with peace, serenity, sassy and sparkling happiness. It is filled to running over with everything one thinks he needs.
So, as we turn from the memory of the past and dreams of the future—as we turn from thinking—we are neither ignoring Reality (as the world contends) nor burying our heads in the sand to escape the "press of circumstances." Contrariwise, we find ourselves returning to the perfection at hand, to discover anew that now is all that is real and all we ever need be concerned with!

Here "troubles" are not ignored, nor is a home or business neglected. Here we see with the clarity with which the rose is seen when we are not weighted down with fear and consternation. Here we see things as they are, and accordingly, know better what to do.
Have you heard these words?: "Behold, now! Now is the time. Now is the day of salvation. Now I am with you always. The kingdom is here and now. You can tell the signs in the sky but you do not know to test this now. Now are we the sons of God. Now! Now! Here and now! I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Reader, this now, here and now, is a basic fact of Isness, God, Reality. There is no need to be over-concerned with a past or future when the transcendent NOW exists to enjoy and be.

Excerpt from A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity by William Samuel

Available on Amazon

by William Samuel 



  I do not go out into the world with the intention of changing it. I am not attempting to take the facts of life to people with argument or contention involved. Where the Truth is (and there is no place where it is not), all is true and perfect already, consequently, Truth has no mission. It is motiveless. Perfection has no need of healing. There is nothing you or I can do to make it more perfect. It has been said, "The world is a perfect vessel and cannot be improved. Whoever tries to alter it, spoils it; whoever tries to direct it, misleads it."
Yet, Truth can and does change the appearances of everything for each of us individually. To the human way of looking at things, the Truth about which we are writing appears to be the most momentous power in the Universe. To those who have found the Heart, the secret place within, this same power is understood to be the very presence of God—an ever-powerful peace and tranquility beyond belief.

Truth is the power one is—not the power one uses.



QUESTION: When, where and how do we start to discover Reality? How do we begin our search for Truth, Wisdom, the Absolute?

ANSWER: This now-awareness is the starting place. We begin with this here-and-now consciousness of existence called Life, Awareness, Consciousness.

The consciousness reading this page is an undeniable and inescapable now-fact. We call it "Awareness" and Awareness is present for the simple, self-evident reason that we are conscious—even as we are conscious of these words.

Let us define Awareness and have our meaning carefully understood. This is not a mystical term and there is nothing difficult to understand about it. As we refer to it here, Awareness is the simple consciousness of being. We are speaking of the conscious awareness that smells flowers, hears sounds, sees trees, bees and dogs scratching fleas—the selfsame Awareness (awareness) reading the words on this page.

  This is the Awareness, Life, Consciousness of Being that is the starting place. Here is where we begin. Where else can we? And when else but now?

Excerpt from A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity by William Samuel

Available on Amazon

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tangible and Intangible All

(Pg. 20 The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics)

"Talking to the little group assembled at the mountain pond, Han said, "When the Ineffable asked 'What am I?' the tangible world came into being. When the Ineffable asked 'Who am I?' life appeared."

"What the hell does that mean?" the soldier asked, impatiently.

"Very simply, the tangible world is God's knowledge of What God is," the old man answered. "Life is God's knowledge of Who God is. The Child within that sparks the life of each of us is God's own Self-awareness in the process of happening. That spark is God's Self-image. The arrogant and frightened ego that surrounds the spark is the husk (mist) of man-made nothingness standing like a veil between Godhead (The Absolute) and Its Self-Image (Consciousness or Conscious Awareness). The Who includes the What and there is no division between Awareness (Aware of Itself as That) and the images that appear within it here."

"And what does that mean?" the soldier asked, shaking his head in frustration."


You can read a lovely Haiku and commentary on these ideas at Rich Hay's "Gather" blog: 

  Read more about  William Samuel 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On Human Governement

This paper was sent to me by William Samuel many years ago. One more of his unpublished letters and it was brilliant.   

 if you don't understand this piece, and would like further explanation, please feel free to ask me, Sandy Jones, about it. I can explain it. I understand this, and I'm willing to reiterate if you like -- . 


From unpublished papers written by  William Samuel, 1978 

The age old struggle between idealism and materialism continue with materialism making the most apparent gains. The genuine idealist is becoming rather difficult find.

Now we have reached the point, right here in America, when our two political parties are, in their very essence, embodiments of these two extremes. Idealism, the least popular, because the least understood, is the basis for the conservative view of government. On the other hand, materialism is the foundation for the liberal view of government.

It is my hope that someone will come along who is capable of pointing out so that all can clearly understand the basic difference is these two views. They are diametrically opposed one to the other. One says that “ideal society” can and must be regulated by laws; the other declares that the fewer laws the better an individual is able to operate to build the ideal society. The later group points out that "laws" are “regulations of human conduct” and that “freedom” is the “absence of regulations.” They maintain that we are removing our freedom by over regulating ourselves with laws at all levels of government and that we must reverse the trend lest one day we find all our personal freedom gone the way of government, rule, and regulation, for which we must pay the bill.

It is interesting to note that such a struggle between opposite points of view was waged in China 2500 years ago. Confucius advocated a powerful central government of law and regulations. Loatse, on the other hand, quietly maintained that the less law and less government the better. Confucius carried the day because the bulk of the people approved the idea of a great central caretaker and regulator of their problems. The Loatsen view called for personal humility in the face of Divine Law which was already perfectly established and which could be discerned and followed by men if they didn’t allow themselves to be carried away, distracted, inundated by human laws, rules an regulation.

History records that the strong governments eventually become corrupted in an era of gross materialism, void of religion, and fell apart. Yet the Laotsen ideas became the basis for one of the most magnificent religions the world has ever known—its idealism still a major influence in the world today.

Mayhap someone will also point out that communism can only thrive in an atmosphere of materialism. Whereas genuine religion thrives only in an atmosphere of idealism. Communism is a dead duck in the conservative society. Religion is a gonner in the liberal atmosphere. This is not to say that a liberal is a communist, but it is to say that most liberals are unaware that their own governmental regulation of human conduct is an equal and opposite remover of personal freedom, which, by definition is "the absence of regulation." Neither are they aware that their ideas are rooted in materialism, the belief that money, property, “things” et al, are more important than the overriding "Isness" which is being all "things." Many materialists I know pride themselves in the power of their ‘mind’ while all the while they hold that very mind in total subjection to their opinion of “things.”

The idealist, on the other hand, holds that "things" are secondary to mind, life, consciousness which he equates with God. The materialist must eventually equate his regulating government (who controls the “things” he considers so important) with God. This, of course, is precisely what communism preaches.

Humanity is prone to consider everything it thinks and does from the basis of the appearing. It recons reality from the seen and heard. Its aim and intention is to correct the errors of appearance. Suppose a mathematician did this. Suppose he did all his figuring and calculating from the standpoint of all the errors which appeared on the misworked paper. He wouldn't get much done. As a matter of fact, he wouldn’t get anything done. He wouldn’t solve the first error until he left the mistake long enough to check into the principle of arithmetic which would show him what was wrong about the problem and how to solve it.

So long as humanity is concerned only with the "things" of perception and pays no heed to the very perfect principle of Reality which is the basis for all ‘things’ ---and which, when understood, is the harmony and perfection of all experience---it will suffer the consequences of its own misinterpretation of “things.” Mankind must leave the errors of human experience in order to have done with them, just as the mathematician must "leave" the problem in order to entertain the “answer” to the problem. The answer to the problem is always, always, Reality, God.

William Samuel, 1978 -- Mountain Brook, Alabama

Read more by William Samuel books available on Amazon 

The Awareness of Self-Discovery   by William Samuel 
by William Samuel