William Samuel

William Samuel
William Samuel

Friday, September 27, 2013

I'm Home

By Sandy Jones 

The beauty of Reality is that every one will have his own unique words for It, because when you find It, you actually find yourself, so it is very personal. You know when you find it, there is no doubt about it. You were meant for you, so this Living Truth is made just for you. It is a match made in Heaven, truly! 

Seeing the Truth is like a custom made coat, designed in your colors, your style, your size, your most favorite fabrics and it fits only you. As if the taylor knew exactly who you are and how to get yourself to fit just right. 

There are no words to define Infinite Love, the Living Presence, Illimitable Being, the very Light of your soul, The very self of you.  And giving a definition of this unbound and ever flowing Love would be like giving everyone on earth the same name, and then wanting them all to be duplicates of one of another. 

When you find yourself you no longer go by the rules. You have broken free. No one to follow--You are you and that includes the whole world entire. You are alone with all that is. You are living as yourself, and that Light of you, is your Beloved. It was you, always you. This Is the only one you'll ever need. Oh yes, me, myself and I. That's it. what a lovely trio we are. 

For each of us, when we find this, we find our own unique Beauty and Way of Being. We find our own way of sharing it too. Like an artist, a real and true artist; untrained, untamed, unleashed, unrestricted, unindoctrinated, unconditioned, self taught, self-knowing, and free from what others say your art piece should look like.  Now you not concerned with what 'they say' you are supposed to be like, feel like when you become "enlightened."  No one, no one ever can tell you what you will be when you are fully and totally yourself. 

I rarely use the words "enlightened" or "awakened" to describe The Wondrous Love that has found me. Only because, for me, those words conjure up ideas that don't even come close to what I have found. I found my own sweet childlike joy, and it is enlightened indeed. I am  running wild with this holy Child of mine. The illumination and enlightenment I found is nothing like what I thought it would be. Nothing like it. It is a zillion times better, more wondrous and so real, authentic and it's mine.  This, I don't think, would be enlightened according to the 'enlightenment' book of statutes, standardizations, and regulations. I am on the run, I won't sit still, and I refuse to submit to a pedestal of preconceived ideas foisted on me by those who are still enmeshed in the struggle be free. 

For me, I have found an ongoing, ever flowing, moving, living, unfolding joy and wonder and delight of being who I am. The soul of myself is illimitable, intelligent, alive and free.  

What I have found and write about, speak of, is not bound to words that sound spiritual or metaphysical, or enlightened, but why do they have to? Of course not. The Truth isn't bound to meet human expectations. And thought God is still a mystery to me, this self I am, this self of me is made in the perfect image of God. And I grow clearer every day. I have become my very own  fountain that I drink from. 

Truth, Realty, Love, Peace, Illumination, is you, yourself, you are the one you were looking for. You are your one and only Love that you find. The one you have always known.  

For me I feel like I am 7 years old again, I have rediscovered the Child of My Self. Resurrected is a better word, born again, yes, come alive again is good--but "enlightened" -- not so much. 

People want to know if I am "enlightenment"---No, no, I'm not. I am free, but I am not enlightened.  That's an idea I cannot abide. It carries too much baggage for me. 

The Child I am carries nothing, I am loosened from all concepts of what enlightenment might look like or act like or say or do.  No, I let that whole idea go. And I don't sit still, I don't meditate and I am full of giggles and joy and laughter, vitality of both body and spirit, mind and soul. I am feeling untamed, unleashed, and I have no rules-- like a kid sneaking out of church to go to the beach on a sunny summer day---It's just so easy to be with My Self Now. Comfortable, safe, Home, Knowing Everything Is Alright. Yes, It is True. It happened, I came Home, I found My Self.

There are no teachers Here-as-I am, there are no absolutes as I live in this Absolute Infinite Light of My Self.

You are It, and It is Living, Alive, Vital, it is the Living Truth and You are Life Itself. 

To say you are enlightened is like trying to tame This Wild Beauty you are, or like getting this amazing gift that you have longed for all your life and when you get it, you try to push it back in the box and wrap it back up and pretend you never saw it. 

You'd never do that to Yourself. You unwrap the box and you see You in there, the Heart of your Life. You are the Living Beauty in there, You are the Light of Life, The Living One, the Gift, The Perfect One you longed for, the Love of your Life is Your Self.

Happy Trails to You,  Love,  Sandy