William Samuel

William Samuel
William Samuel

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Standing On My Own Feet

Standing On My Own Feet                               By     Sandy Jones 

Yes, Yes, here we have an amazing bit of wisdom and honesty in a few short words; a rare gift in this world today. 

William Samuel writes: 

"The statement that leaves one standing on his own feet, without saint or avatar external to himself, is the only statement worthy of the world."

That is just about the most prefect message I think I may have ever read.

The Joy and Freedom that comes when we find our self; that's It. If you are being pointed back to your Self, wherein you are able to stand on your own feet, free, fearless and balanced-- be assured, this is the Way.

This journey to find the Truth turns out to be a journey to find your self. The Truth is YOU. The true authority is not in the priest, the president, the guru, the government, the church, the 'teaching'. It is not in the limitations of doctrine or ideology---unless those teaching turn you around and send you right back to YOU, telling you to follow Your Heart always. Listen to Your Self.

You, the Child of You, your Identity sits right next to Reality/God. You cannot go wrong here.

Here we find the Pure Freedom from all 'other authority'. Here is your Power. Standing true and faithful is your Self-Knowing-Light which is Yours already and now.

If you are really interested in helping your world, help yourself first, find the Child. Clarity comes, the fog lifts and false systems, ideologies, authorities and lies become obvious.

You will stand on your own feet and you will understand and Live your Understanding. All the answers are right there in you, in your heart, mind and soul. How much closer is your heart, mind, and soul?

When you hear the words that lead you back to your own True Selfhood, which is as close to God as you can get --those words, that statement, will be worthy of you and your beloved world.

You are the Light, the Truth and The Way. The Living Light of Divine Intelligence is within you.

Once you know, then all the insanity of the world cannot lead you from Living in Honesty your own divine Equation in balance and stability and Intelligence. You won't be duped by the shadows and the powerless things.

You have found the door to a whole new world of perception as you live the Light within you fearlessly in the world. A new dimension is added.

Be brave, stand up, trust yourself. Shine your beautiful Light, so that others might find their own Self-knowing authority within them.

The Child is here within us and It is the only way now to find Real Freedom, not the kind of false 'freedom' doled out by laws, rules, governments and churches. But the Real, Immutable Freedom which is your Divine Heritage and your God given Divine Birth Right.

This Self you are is divine, holy, individual, strong, creative, vital, eager, a Child of God-- and in fact has all the answers-- It is being all you will need to survive.

There is nothing in life that can hurt, take, imprison or hold you from being who you are-- sweet one, dear one, love.

You will find the Self to be the Light of God’s Infinite, Immutable Awareness, right here, you can discover the immaculate Self you were before you were born into this world experience.

This Inner Guide, this Self-Knowing One, the Pristine Child is the Light and Life within each of us, now. It is pure, untouched by the world. You will find It, because it is closer than a dream, It is you right now and always.

Love, Sandy

I would suggest that anyone interested in their own Self discovery should read the book by William Samuel titled
"The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" This book is an honest and worthy statement that will leave you standing on your own feet.

Friday, February 21, 2014

I See It Now

 I See It Now        By Sandy Jones 

I have found the top of Da Shan, and I was so surprised by what I see now. 

From the Peak I see that the journey through the time spent trying to define what is not the Truth, and seeking to know what is, was completely unnecessary. Although, perhaps I’d not understand what I understand now if I had not wandered through the lands searching for the "right and proper" Truth, the ‘Real’ Reality. When all along the Real was right here, I was living It. 

 What part of Life is not Real any more? I understand it all now. Where is the line, the definition of Infinity? There is none.  The Light of the temporal is the same Light that rests behind it.  What Is includes all that is not-- Now I see this Life I am was always, really and truly, always All That Is, All that is, every bit of it Perfect, right here, right here.

We think we are traveling afar, we think we leave this world behind, but we never do, not really. This  world is our Beloved. We and It are in the act of Love, giving and receiving, breathing It in, deep and It takes me. 

It’s a lot easier than we have made it out to be. Sometimes everything comes clear when we just take a walk-- take a walk.  Yes, take a walk,  Take the back trails, feel the sunshine, breath the air, let it go, let it in. There is a quietness.

You know, the vision in the minds eye is as real as the very trail you walk in the dusty dirt of the hot afternoon. How close is a dream. Ah yes, instantly you can be there again. It is not far away. I am there again, in the twinkling of an eye, smelling the salty air, ocean sounds of gulls and waves washing the sand back and forth, the rhythm moves laps the shore.  I am there, right here, feeling the refreshing mist of memory.

I can be anywhere, while being right here. 

There is quietness in the midst of the cacophony of a city street. Beauty rests in me, I am the Beauty of Life. The secret of silence does not lie in some languid land of mystery away from humanity’s hustle. Silence lies in the stillness of the heart, it lies in the gentle peace of mind which has been our heritage from the beginning.  It lies in a living simplicity and an unencumbered being. It lies in our view of that soaring hawk and the pungent fragrance of the Eucalyptus trees.   It lies in the joy of giving to others and receiving from them.  The peace of Quietness and still Quietness of Peace is everywhere about. 

Much Love My Friends,  Sandy 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

There Is No Mystery In Christ


  If one hundred theologians were asked to define Christ, they would likely give a thousand different answers. Why are there so many opinions? Because theology echoes the myriad distortions that spring from the intellect.

  Once the intellect has been subdued sufficiently to allow the Heart to be heard, we begin to get the answers; and the Heart's messages are soothing and uncomplicated, nothing like the bedevilling bamboozlement of a befuddling intellect!

  So, how does the Heart interpret the Christ? As simple truth! As gentle, unpretentious truth. You can spell this word with a capital or not—it is the same truth which is the Christ! The Heart reveals that "Truth" and "Christ" are identical—meaning "the same one."

The dictionary defines truth as "fact; that which is; conformity to reality." "I am the truth," said Jesus Himself. "Identity-I (and not the possessor of it) am the Truth, the fact of Reality." Identity is the Christ-Truth itself.

 This is much too simple and unsophisticated for human theology, of course. Man has a penchant for complicating the simple. He would have the Christ range from a very literal, bleeding body named Jesus of Nazareth, to a metaphysical mystery of transcending Light and Illumination, or both. The simplicity of "Christ" and simple, lowly, unpretentious, gentle "Truth" as synonymous terms is too naive a concept for intellectual churchdom. Erudition is steeped in the esoteric, egobuilding disciplines of its man-hewn theological "mysteries."

  The world church makes Truth one thing and Christ another; but the fact is, simple Truth (truth) itself is everything meant by the term. The Christ proclaims: "I am the Truth. I, Truth, am come to take away the untruths of the world. Behold, I am with you always. I will never leave you nor forsake you." Indeed, the Christ-Truth is here—not far off, not something we must struggle up a long, rugged mountain to reach. Let us understand this here and now!

  If we can comprehend and admit that the alphabet is here or that the principle of arithmetic is here, that the harmonious principle of music is here, or that Life, this Now-Awareness-I-Am, is here—then we can surely rest, stop fighting it and admit, concede, surrender to the fact that the simple truth—the Christ-Truth—concerning our rightful Identity is right here, right now, present!

  Are you willing to make this simple admission? Or will you deny it? The only "second coming" Truth awaits is our individual acknowledgment of its presence as our very own Identity!


  The mathematical fact that two plus two is four is the Christ-Truth "come to heal" the hellish, devilish notion that two plus two is not four—which, as any student will tell you, is pure "sin" on an examination paper. The student laboring over a page of problems in which a mistake appears, uncovers and corrects that mistake with the simple truth of the problem. Christ is the tender within-ness that says, "This is correct; this is right; this is so; this is how it is!"

  Exactly as Jesus said, the truth does not come to destroy Reality's world of images, but to fulfill it; to point it out; to edify and clarify. Consequently, truth appears to destroy the impostor-ego and his misevaluations of Deity's Universe. (But who is that one? No one! No thing!)

  The truth of everything—even the small and inconsequential—is the Christ! It is this simple! The human mystery is gone out of it.



  Surely, the truth that is "with us always" and "withholds himself from no man" is not so arcane and difficult that only the Illumined Elect are "saved," as mysticism teaches! Surely, the truth that says "Come unto me all who are weary" doesn't withhold itself from all but those who have suffered long years of self-immolation or have died as intellectual churchdom has taught from its conception! The truth withholds itself from naught! It is not out there somewhere else, but here, ready and available to separate fact from fiction; present to awaken mankind from his prodigal-like peregrinations around his silly misjudgments of Identity. The Christ is here this instant to show us all truth.


QUESTION: Where is the truth first discovered?

ANSWER: With in oneself alone.

  When one turns within himself to this secret place and listens to the Heart, something is soon felt as a warmth and excitement, as a joyful Presence. This simple stirring-within is the Christ-experience. It has been called "Enlightenment" and "illumination." But, how many times this simple, tender stirring of the Heart has been overlooked, unheeded, unheralded, unappreciated, even denied, because Truth was believed to be a blinding road-to-Damascus illumination.

  It is no such thing. "I come when thou least expect, as a thief in the night," the Christ declares. "Behold, I stand at the door. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. I come quickly. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am with you always. Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead, Christ shall give thee light."



  Inevitably, the truth puts a new light on everything because Truth and Light are the same Christ. The truth of anything is the light that dispels the darkness (ignorance) concerning it.

 "I am the light," says the Christ-truth. Furthermore, "I am the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world." Does this sound as if the Christ were something far removed, nebulous and unattainable? Or that we must await its first or second coming?

Excerpt from "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity" 
By William Samuel   

Available on Amazon 

The Presence of Love

The Presence of Love                      By Sandy Jones

You asked me what this Presence of Love feels like,  you asked if it felt like a power or force.  

Yes, maybe a sort of powerful force. I could leave it at that, but as most folks around here know, I won't. 

Oh yes, always, it makes me weep. It is so beautiful and rich and full and palpable, honest, forthright and powerful. 

Although, this power I feel is not limited to love, but It includes love. Love is woven into the fabric of It, and it is holy and profound. My every day world of things has come alive, things seem more like they when I was a child. Like the fog lifted and the clear day broke through and strangest of all, I became real, it all became real, in the most marvelous way.

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you went to Disneyland and you rode on one of those "Mr.Toad Wild Rides" where the little cart goes through the dark and scary wonderland inside the tunnel? and then do you remember the feeling when you came to the end of ride and big doors swung open and it was all bright daylight again the whole "Toad Land" in the dark was gone, just gone and you skipped off all happy and excited. Well, maybe it's a bit like that for me. I hit the bright light of the day, and I know it was a great ride -- and well, what can I say,

But, as to your question: The exchange of this power is constant and the ordinary has become extraordinary--and yet within this pulse of power everything is so simple, sweet, so lovely, so gentle, so strong. It is daylight and the same as always, but everything feels so tender and vulnerable and kind; it goes both ways, an exchange. Like electric it is a giving and receiving current. 

Yes, it makes me weep, humbled in joy and wonder. 
The power of Life Itself has been awakened in me; the energy, delight, freedom-- and a fearlessness so mighty I must often hold back, pull in the reins.

I feel this powerful sensuous feeling, I am alive with a vibration through my body and alive with Life and my world. A divine union of Love. 

I am moved by just the simplest things, the sweet song in the deep of the night, cat sleeping at my feet, the morning breeze through the open window, I wake up in grace and thanksgiving, l feel love for the day and the amazing adventures it will bring. 

It is like I am a little girl of 7 years old again. Everything is real and delightful, everything exudes love and life. That’s the best way to say it for now. 

Much Love, Sandy Jones 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Power of Journal Tending

THE POWER OF THE JOURNAL                      By William Samuel 

When one makes contact with the Muse of Ideas or the Muse of Truth—even the naked muse of sensual gratification and emptiness—it is possible to hear Something INSIDE and write it for the world OUTSIDE. In my first days at journal tending, I would put myself down at the notebook and turn to a new page, or I would put a clean sheet of white paper in the typewriter, take a deep breath with eyes closed and vow to write “something worthy of God.”


Why keep a journal? It can become one of the most important activities in our life. There is a synergistic power in writing. For instance, twenty-five years ago I began talking about awareness, using that very word in my small experience. Now my external world hangs on “awareness” as if it were a flagword to all wisdom in the human sphere of things. That word and its significance arrived in my experience as I wrote in my journal. I began using it in conversation—and eventually wrote a book about it. Now, many years later, the ideas in that book are becoming common knowledge in the world, and it all started as I sat with pencil in hand. 

One will notice that a Glimpse comes and, if we COMPLETE the transaction, that Glimpse enters our world to enlighten it. That is how it works—as it has been proven to me time and time again. Our world is SUBJECTIVE. It is in our hands. If anything is to happen to help our view of the world, it begins right here with us. How? As we complete the INTERFACE. We get the Glimpse. We live it, tell it, give it, share it as quickly as seems sensible, and in the doing, we put ourselves in the position to RECEIVE more Glimpses to give—and our world is steadily “improved”—awakened—seen as it really is—as Life confirms our Glimpses.

I don't think one even begins to realize how much he can do for his world until the subjective nature of things is comprehended at least in part. This knowledge arrives slowly, “line upon line...” but now it rushes in as if a floodgate has been lifted, acknowledging and confirming my willingness to give what I have been given. Throughout the day—and at every turn—there is an event, a “happening,” that proves once again that “my” world is here in my hands, and if the Light of Life is to be seen in it, I am to BE the Light of Life for my world. It isn't false Light we try to be, as a satanic influence in the world trying to emulate the works of God, the action that brought the Angel of Light to be cast down. Rather, we await the Glimpses and tell of THEM. I let the human experience of years count as nothing, and tell only of the Glimpses, the REAL and the GOOD and the TRUE. That is, I'm GIVING my light, my Glimpses and Glimmers, to “my” world and watching the world take that Light and start LISTENING TO GOD! THIS is what journal tending is all about.

“Listening to God” is the MODE that writing in the journal puts one into! Therein lies the value of writing and journal tending. WHAT we write isn't half as important as the MODE which writing puts us into. In those moments we are not caught up in the world, but are quiet and receptive. In those moments we aren't frantically reacting to the scenes, but sitting still, expectantly anticipating Good even as we write a simple statement of tenderness or beauty we have already seen. THAT is the mood of the writing mode.


What I call “the journal mode” is nearly, but not quite, the same mental mode we get ourselves into when we are reading metaphysical papers and studying our books, searching for Light. The very mood that has us sitting back and pondering a statement, contemplating the meanings of things, is what does the good work of Light's arrival in our subjective metaphysical work—and that work, as often as not, has little if anything to do with what's written on the page there. It's the MODE, not the information. So, understand it is the journal mode that matters, not what we write—albeit, what we write often comes out of the mood. So, again: we tend the journal, not to inform anyone, not to inform ourselves, but to live in the Light from out of which our Glimpses come.

I can tell you, it is possible to get into this state of mind and stay there perpetually! THIS is to pray without ceasing! If one should wonder where “tranquillity” is—the peace that is beyond understanding—he will find it in the contemplative mode of mentation.


When one sees the world objectively and wishes to do something for that world, the best he can ordinarily do is to write a letter to the editor or write a book, and hope an individual here or there will read it and heed. The odds are a million to one against the world hearing and responding. Ah, when subjectivism dawns and one comes to perceive that all tangibility is within himself, the world is changed even as the words are written onto the paper of his journal. There, the mere knowledge that one is writing to his Selfhood propels his thoughts and ideas into the external world where their validity will be confirmed.

More about Journal Tending can be found in the book "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" 

Available on Amazon

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Letters To One Just Beginning

Excerpt From A Guide To Awareness And Tranquillity
By William Samuel
Dear David,
We "begin" with this now-awareness, but the beginning must be a new and genuine redetermination of Isness. We start from scratch, but this is not being done until our previous beliefs, ideas and cherished opinions are loosed and let go. The practice of humanity, the intellectual temptation, is to carry them with us to see if our new discoveries coincide with our old ideas.
No, we let go everything and start again like new babes, with the first and basic fact about which there is no uncertainty-the isness of this present now-awareness. All else must go. Without regard or regret, without fear or consternation, we stand in a void, naked, childlike, innocent. As this now-awareness, empty of the ego, we open our eyes and awaken!
David replies, "This sounds as if I will lose my identity. I certainly don't want to do that. As a matter of fact, I am searching for identity."
Dear David,
When we begin with Awareness we find we lose nothing that is real, most certainly not the Identity. Rather, we let go the notions of an identity we have never been. We lose the unhappiness, loneliness, lack, poor health and fear inevitably associated with a misidentification called "the old man," his intellect, his cherished common sense and his high opinions of himself.
So, we shuck the old ideas and let them go, David. We bring attention back to this real and present fact of Awareness. Awareness is a fact; we know it; we are it; nothing is outside of it. Here, we discover the true Identity!
When one looks at the television and sees things on the screen, he is not tempted to believe the screen is in one place and images in another. He knows they are one television screen. Exactly so, awareness and the images of perception are all one Awareness.
There are no words we can read that will convince us of the allness of this now-consciousness; there is no one to whom we may listen or talk who can do more than persuade us intellectually. We know-and we know we know - only when we find it and feel it within the Heart.
Reader, this will happen for you much sooner than you expect. Your "awakening" is inevitable, irresistible and certain, because the fact is-as you shall see and have been told many times-you are not sleeping to be awakened now. Despite the appearances on the world's stage, you are already all you could ever hope to become. You are already in the Father's house. The nearly unanimous pronouncements of classical theology and education to the contrary, your real Identity is neither sinful nor fallen; you are not a prodigal acting the profligate and wandering in the pigsties of a far country. The Identity you are this instant is Harmony's Now-Awareness being aware. Our heritage, effortless and divine, is to acknowledge this fact!
Right now, bring yourself from an over-concern with things within Awareness to Awareness itself. Here you will find that all bodies, all images, and everything Awareness includes, are aspects of your own Identity! Here you will find that you are happiness, completeness and joy itself.
Excerpt From "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity"  
Available on Amazon 

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work based on Self discovery - you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones --  sandy@ojaimail.com  --  - Ojai, California -   

Read more by William Samuel books available on Amazon 
The Awareness of Self-Discovery   by William Samuel
by William Samuel 
Two Plus Two Equals Reality -- by William Samuel 
by William Samuel 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Key To Tranquillity

Judgment—A Key to Tranquility


  All we have to do is open our eyes to see people everywhere allowing themselves to be upset by every untoward event that comes along. Truly, it is amazing how little it takes to upset humanity at large. The wrong tone of voice, the wrong look, the slightest twitch in the corner of the mouth, even the word that isn't spoken at all when we think something should be said, is enough to set off a quarrel. We read an "I don't like" into ten times ten thousand sights and sounds. The event that vexes, of course, is the event that is disliked and not wanted; so, when it happens (or appears to) people quickly become irritated, frustrated, and angered.

  Reader, it does not have to be this way for you; and it will NOT be, just as quickly as you come to comprehend what is said here. I tell you, this very instant it is within our capability to stand unmoved and unaffected by appearances, like a rock of stability in the face of circumstances we would have allowed to tear us apart before! It is our effortless capability—no, more than that—it is our divine heritage to stand and see beauty, gentleness and perfection everywhere, without end, even in the world's fiery furnaces and lion's dens where it may seem to others the universe is tumbling around their feet.

  The mark of a "successful" philosophy and way of life is just this ability! We may eat education's meager crumbs of comfort until we starve to death, but there is meat on the table, spread out before us, already served and waiting! When we sit down (get down) to Reality ITSELF, Peace is tangibly present—Peace, not a promise of it; not a transitory, drug-induced, medicine-abetted, ecstatic, orgiastic, fast-talking sample of it; not crumbs from the table, but the pure Peace spoken of by the Saints and Sages; the Christ's guarantee to those who come." This Peace is the Sabbath, the Shekinah, the Mantle. This is the Rest. "Come . . . and when you have found, then you will rest!" said (says) the One.

  When we begin to experience the permanent Peace beyond comprehension, it is a sure sign that Reality is our Foundation and we are beginning to know what it is about. It is our intention during the following pages (as in our talks) to persist in this matter of Tranquility until it becomes plain to the reader as his own experience. Let me begin by telling you an enlightening, door-opening experience of the Korean War.

  I was commanding a rifle company in the mountains, in close contact with the enemy. Late one afternoon, a machine gun began to fire directly over my command post bunker where I, and several others, lived. Every few minutes it fired another burst of bullets a few scant feet over our heads. Those who have heard such sounds are likely to remember the sharp cracks, their resounding echoes from the mist-enshrouded peaks, accentuated by the crisp mountain air. It is a sound and a feeling quite unlike any other.

  The bullets weren't doing a bit of actual harm, sailing overhead as they were and falling into an empty green-brown valley below; but the shooting of that single gun went on interminably, day after day, night after night, burst after burst, in exactly the same place, over the command post. We paid little attention for a day or so, but as might be expected, it fast became a source of annoyance, especially after several attempts to silence the gun had failed.

  By the end of the week it had become sport to gamble a dollar or two on the exact time and number of rounds (bullets) in the next burst, but, despite the diversionary tactics to make light of it, our annoyance was growing into monumental proportions. Soon we could tell when the enemy gunners changed, having learned the rhythm of their shooting; and when a firefight developed, I could easily distinguish that one gun cracking away, no matter where I happened to be along the line. It stood out above all the rest. Those of us who lived in the bunker, over which that gun fired without ceasing, gave way (to say the very least) to unrestrained irritability and frustration.

  During this time, my affairs as a commander did not prosper. I spent every available minute attempting to eliminate the source of that disturbing sound, but the Chinese had dug the gun into the rocks of the mountain in such a way that it seemed no power on earth could dislodge and silence it. My anger and frustration went from blue to black.

  One morning after a particularly anguishing night that had seen every attempt to rest shattered, I decided the machine gun would have to go or I would surely come apart at the seams. I called for the artillery liaison officer attached to my command; from him, I summarily demanded and received the fires of an entire battalion of artillery poured onto the offending gun emplacement. Oh, it was an awesome, thunderous event! As tons of shells crashed into the mountaintop, I gleefully imagined my nemesis hanging on for dear life, choking amidst the dust and debris of my revenge.

  The thunder of our exploding salvos was followed by a tingling silence—a beautiful, golden silence that lasted for about ten seconds; then, another strident, excruciating and particularly long, nose-thumbing burst of bullets cracked over our heads from that damnable gun! It was still in action and my spirit was crushed! Surely, I thought, the gunner on that hilltop must be a nine-lived cat, laughing, no doubt, and, though his bullets touched no one, they were more effective than if they had.

  There was no question about it; agony, despair, frustration and pure misery had taken me over completely and grown out of all proportion. I remember trying and failing to write a letter to my family that morning. Then, in quiet agony, my world came to an end and I gave up—simply gave up. In utter dejection, thinking I could not bear the grind in my stomach another instant, I surrendered within, not caring what happened. I was helpless. I wanted an end to the death and destruction and the end to my agony, but more than anything, I wanted inner peace; or, if not that, at least the "sleep that knits the ravell'd sleeve of care."

  This is when it happened, Reader; this is when the illuminative "lesson" came, when I had given up, completely, utterly, in hopelessness and helplessness. In an instant, the Light came with healing on its wings! As is always the case, it seems, help appears when the intellect surrenders, when the intellect gives up the ghost, when our concern for the Real is greater than our love for the old man. While no words were involved in this "Light," and though it seemed to arrive as an instantaneous "block of knowing" already finished, I can now only try to put it into the words which, in effect, it communicated.

  It was as if an inner and outer Presence absorbed me suddenly and violently to force my attention. It seemed to ask, "What is bothering you so much?"

  "The bullets from that ungodly gun," I answered.

  "But, those bullets didn't hit you or anyone else," the Voice within spoke. "Thousands of them have passed overhead, and not a one has touched you. The are falling harmlessly into the valley below."

  "It's the sound!" I almost shouted. "The incessant sound is cutting through me like a knife!"

  "Listen to me carefully," said the Light. "A sound is just a sound. What is the difference between the sound of thunder and the soft sound of rain? What is the difference between the sound of the gun and the sound of music? Aren't all of them simply sounds within the Consciousness you are?"

  "One is good and one is bad!" I answered vehemently.

  "The sound that has you at your wit's end is a bad sound?" the Light asked me.

  "Yes! My God, yes!"

  "Has the sound a power of its own?"

  For an instant I seemed supra-conscious of sounds of every tone and intensity. Then the Light asked again, "Has the sound a power of its own to make you call it good or bad? Tell me, has the sound the ability to make you detest it?—or love it?"
  "No," I nearly whispered.

  "Has someone twisted your arm and forced you to call that particular sound bad?"


  "Then tell me," the Voice asked, "if the sound has no power of its own and nothing external has forced you to make a judgment, who determines that what you hear within yourself—within consciousness—is good or bad to you, tranquilizing or upsetting to you? Who is the sole judge who has decided the sound of the gun is bad?"

  "I am," I answered.

  "Yes, but Awareness is your Identity; the Awareness-you-are simply 'hears' the sound, and Awareness is not a judge! Judgments are made by judges, and judges suffer from their likes and dislikes, from their 'good' and their 'bad.' That is the one who suffers, at his own hands from his own foolishness, but Awareness does not suffer. Dear Bill, you are Awareness voluntarily playing the role of judge, reaping all he has sown."

  After a time—I don't know how long—I admitted that this was so. "Why, this is true," I said. "Yes, this is a fact! Who says the sound has power to make me call it good or bad? Who says so if it is not me alone? A sound is only a sound! Who is causing me to feel so miserable if it isn't me myself?"

  Suddenly I knew! I alone make the decisions I like or dislike; I alone am the master of such notions of the sights and the sounds. The bond making me so miserable was my own judgment that powerless sounds were bad and I didn't like them!

  Here was a pearl of great price, revealed such that I heard, I saw, I knew! The Heart had spoken! For an instant I had entered my own Holy of Holies wherein "nothing maketh a lie"; I had entered the Secret Place, the Shekinah! The truth I discovered there was enough to solve the immediate problem and infinitely more beside. Vividly, I remember feeling as though a physical water of warm comfort poured over my head, washing away every vestige of tension. I remember the smiles of release, the laughter of peace. I recall telling myself that the pesky sound was certainly serving to show all of us how well we could hear.

  From that day, nothing about the war—sight, sound or feeling—bothered me again. No one was more amazed than I at the unshakable equanimity I carried with me up and down those mountains. Here, in an instant, the Heart taught me a lesson in tranquility that has stood me in good stead countless times since.

Excerpt from "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity"  available from Amazon