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William Samuel
William Samuel

Sunday, March 16, 2014

About China, Deific Solipsism, Helping People

I found this paper in William's unpublished journal notes.  I have been searching through all of his old journals, including copies of letters to others that he wrote over the years, finding things that will be added to his biography that I am slowly, very slowly, trying to put together.  Everything I have of his is amazing and wonderful. But, this one I found to be absolutely marvelous, as it includes some of his war history along with such a profound and important inspired, honest message.  Enjoy  -- Sandy Jones - Literary executor and editor. 

Feb. ’79

About China, Deific Solipsism, Helping Others                     By William Samuel 

During the Korea war the U.S. found itself fighting the Chinese. I was in the army at that time. I was also in the army during WWII when we had trained the combat against the Japanese where I observed the Oriental soldier in action, fighting along side him.

When the Korean “police action” began I fully expected to be brought forth where my knowledge of the Oriental could be utilized.  After all there were only a few hundred American infantry men who had lived with Chinese units and fought side by side with them against the Japanese. I lived in the field with the Chinese soldier for more than three years--and that’s a lot of experience most difficult to come by.

When the Chinese entered the Korean war against the United States, my experience was not made use of at all by the U.S.  Not on the scale it could have been.  Yes, I was called on to command troops against the Chinese, but in no time did our government query anyone I know of who really knew how the Chinese soldier fought in the field.  So, my expertise went unused except as I could use it on a small scale of an infantry company commander fighting in the bloody triangle of that war’s last days, Pork Chop Hill was part of the triangle of conflict.  The Korean veteran and the Korean war is forgotten today, except as the first war the United States couldn’t win. The men who fought in that conflict remember it very well.

I came home from that war and circumstances brought me off active duty and put me into the reserve where I was called back to active duty again for only a brief period when it looked as if an invasion of Cuba was in store. I was a Major by that time, or a Lt. Col.,  I don’t remember, but I was to be a Battalion commander --infantry man with fixed bayonets again. Someday I should write of those staging days in Orlando Florida--and the wonderful sense of calm I felt then---aware finally of what warfare is, and means, and accomplishes over the short period. 

Some years after that, after having lived its principles and proven their validity, I wrote and published A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity.  Young people and Metaphysical idealists have asked me the same question over and over; how could you be a soldier and abide by these principles?  My reply was always the same--It was difficult. Combat and family have been the two most difficult experiences in my life--and difficulty surely teaches wisdom in ways nothing else does.  Wisdom may come humanly via the touch of Grace for some--but it came the hard way for me---out of awful warfare, inner and outer, outer and inner.

Well now, as I say, what I learned came to be put in a book--and then another and another--and into essays--and into lectures and a few classes here and there--and into many personal visits folks have made here to Alabama. And by and large I have been able to communicate my gleening of my recognition of Selfhood so these “others” would be spared the combat, inner and outer, that seem otherwise necessary before the shell is cracked an the
chrysalis emerges. 

As the Seminal idea has emerged into conscious recognition, I became aware that what I  call my country is not a separate entity separate and apart from the functioning awareness I am.  “Out there” isn’t concerned about my expertise until I am concerned with “out there’s” meaning to me--because it is my picture of me so to speak--not separate from the living Awareness that sees it.  And this is the same for my government too--a fact that dawned so slowly for me. Despite Lao Tse’s many mentions of Tao’s influence not only within oneself, but in the family, the neighborhood, the village, the nation, the world and he didn’t even stop there--within the Universe said Lao Tse, my bright mirrored Self - image telling it to me honestly from out the wisdom of the East.  

Well, so what? What is this all about? Just a simple point that the government and its affaires are not outside Awareness either, therefore we can’t just become aware of Self from a single point of view--but as the Universe as it appears to the point of view as well. 

Let me explain what I mean. Once before I had much knowledge that would have been immensely helpful to this government of mine had they but taken the time to ask me about it.  Whatever efforts I made to offer my services fell on deaf ears--and to make matters worse I was back into physical combat again with everything appearing to indicate that I had really learned nothing at all for all my study and knowledge of the “absolute” and all that stuff.  It was surely the same feeling I presently hear from so many who have become confused by all the teaching everywhere, where each is calling his way the only way--or else it is all organized into a system that is so complicated and scientific as to be beyond the intellectual capacities of anyone, even the wizards who muttered and peeped them up in the first place. Why doesn’t my metaphysics work for me now? Where has my hope and enthusiasm gone now? Why is my body so old and alone in the world now? Why isn’t my government taking care of the sick and elderly now? Why are my savings of a life time losing their value everyday and nothing I do seems to help anymore?  Nothing seems to work...........

................Then, everyone’s last hope Samuel arrives on the scene 
and most
are able to hear through the threats of doom and gloom 
and find, actually FIND, the Self-secure One who is Life itself 
within which 
there is no shortage 
nor threat 
nor even shadow of turning.....

But, after I published, no longer concerned with the “out there” as anything but an indivisible scene within this single Awareness being I, lo, “out there” government came to me, asking my opinion of Chinese communism that appears so threateningly on the scene--and I was able to make the helpful statements to myself that were impossible when the inside/outside dualism existed. 

Have I said that so the gentle point is clear? It isn’t complicated.  Yes it is a meaningful point to everyone, because as appearances go, everyone looks to the outside for some part of his personal well being---people want other people to buy their product or supply their need.  People look to others for their leadership. And what we are saying here is that we find “others” tending the village and the universe capably when we end the foolishness of separating awareness into external and internal as though these two were actually two different things. We find our GOVERNMENT and our WORLD pursuing the same course we set for ourselves. Awareness includes both the singular point of view of one as well as many. It also surveys the government of the many and finds that government the property of Mind, not man.  

by William Samuel 

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