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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Letter About Love

"Morning Sunshine"  By Sandy Jones  

Another Personal Letter About Love 

From William Samuel  to Sandy Jones - Written 1986

Dear Sandy, 

There are many new things to write, Sandy. They all have to do with life and love enthusiasm and childlikeness. They have to do with simplicity and tenderness, gentleness and the fact of Already.  The new words have nothing to do with problems, or paradoxes, intellectualism or personality. 

Furthermore, they are difficult to write, they are difficult to say, because the old nature of us misconstrues, distorts and attempts to turn them into something ugly. So, I hesitate. 

The day is coming when these things will be listened to without so much askance  and without such violent reaction. The fact is Reality is real, Reality is perfect, Reality is all. Transcendent Reality being all there is to the consciousness presently reading these words.

One may say that at this moment consciousness seems to be filled with problems. But the believing that this is so merely gives authority to the seeming. We do not deny the seeming, we leave it, we let it alone and the power goes out of it.   If the bird appears to eat a cricket, so what? Isness still Is, Perfection is still Perfect, All is still All, this Identity being us is still God’s Self Identification and nothing we say or believe, or do not say, or fail to understand, an alter this Fact one iota.   

Strange as it may seem, there is a violent reaction within us when we finally get down to Reality Itself.  You see, the old nature struggles vehemently to maintain its position. For most of us it requires a good stiff kick to alter our old opinions. But new light comes from the altered view, never from the old position. 

Sandy, you are a monumental and perfect you. Because perfection Itself is being all you are.  There are many wonders in store for you and yours, as you go about the happy business of just being.

Now, you are an artist, and you will know the wisdom of running off with uninhibited, unbound feeling you see as Love. Now, it is tempered by the intellect, but Love is the leader. Hidden at the center of this feeling and barely noticed, is a sense of peace, tranquillity, serenity, a very gentle joy. It is the absence of elation the absence of discomfort. Oh but it is the transcendent presence of that which is being all sensation, all feeling.  Now when you find this center, you will be delighted, for you will know that you have found another aspect of the Infinite Identity you are. 

This is the happiness that nothing can take from us.  This is the Peace that does not ebb and flow between serenity and sadness.

When next you ride up the valley where your special place is, rest for a time under one of your oaks, sit loose and feel whatever comes to be felt.  Listen, listen to the heart and you will hear it and you will be refreshed.  

Who ever you think of at that time, think of love, and feel the love you feel, for that love is real and it is unbound and understands all things.  God the Simple Truth is Love.

Love is not fickle, love does not blow warm one day and cold the next, love is consistently Its Self.  Love, love looks and Lives.   Love understands because love is understanding, love doesn’t condemn itself or anyone else.   Love is not guilty, love is not restrictive, it’s not bound, it’s not confined or contained, love is not beholden to any institution.  All institutions exist by virtue of the fact that love Is, if indeed they exist at all. Love is not bound by the institution of marriage at all.  Its silly for any of us, whether we appear to be in that institution or out of it, or a part of it or not a part of it, it is silly to believe  that that institution is capable of providing us happiness or depriving  us of happiness  -- It simply can’t do it, not really, not when we see that Love, this Identity I am has the dominion.

Love, there is only one Love, Love is love, it has no opposite.  All Love is love, human love, personal love, sexual love, being in love, are all an aspect of infinite love which cannot be bound, cannot be circumscribed, cannot be confined, love, just simple love, whether we spell it with a capital letter or not, we mean the same Love, the very same Love, the very nature of being, the one that God is -- the God that is Love, the Love that is Identity, here as I, as all. 

Singleness reveals the gentle Simplicity of singleness, the mysteries answered.

I know what leads you, Sandy, and I trust you, you are important to us all. Bill  

  William Samuel  (1986)

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Lessons of Mr.Shieh The Taoist Master

Artwork by Sandy Jones 

What a Master is is one who recognizes God,
who can say “This is it”-- “This is it" THIS is IT -- That’s all a Master is.

William Samuel tells us this wonderful story about one of his teachers, a Taoist Master, who came to him during William's days as an Captain of Infantry in China WWII

You can watch the entire talk on the video
 Seminar in White, Georgia
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Transcribed from William Samuel Seminar DVD    
By William Samuel 

Lessons of Mr.Shieh The Taoist Master
 You Fool   

"Mr. Shieh asked me what is meant by “the same moon shines on ten thousand rivers” Well, it wasn’t long before I had several pages filled to answer “t
The same moon shines on ten thousand rivers.”

"When I went to see Mr.shieh I must have given the right answer because he kept me for his student, to study under the Taoist traditions, which is very hard-- you only see the Master once every thirty days, only once in 30 days, about 28 days, a moon-- "

"He gave me a discipline to do, that discipline was to walk down and go into this village and to see good in everybody, no matter what they looked like, no matter what they said, did, but to keep looking at them until I could see some good. I still do that, it’s the funnest difference there ever was--all of you try it, keep going until you can see something good about that one. now sometimes It aint‘ easy. It was really easy for me to see a pretty lady and see something good, isn’t so easy to see an old man. "

"On my last day in China with Mr. Shieh he didn’t come the way he was supposed to. He was supposed to come right down and greet me with the Chinese thing, like this, and he didn’t come, and he didn’t come and he didn’t come. Finally, late in the day, I sent the little tiny soldier that was there to ask for Mr.Shieh, to please come, I only got to see him once in 28 days, he was the only one in that part of the world that could speak English. Well, finally he showed up, he was wearing his slippers, and he looked very angry. He looked at me and he said, “you fool!” -- Haha -- I didn’t know what he meant -- I had done everything I was supposed to do -- He looked at me the second time and he said “you fool!” and then he spun around and he left. "

"And that was the last time I saw Mr. Shieh. Never ever saw him again."

"Some moths later, I’m home and there is a letter for me, and my dad with great anticipation said, there’s a letter from China for you-- in those days it was so very rare to get letters from so far away-- and I recognized the date on the letter, it was the date of the incident, I recalled that the incident, the day he called me a fool. I opened the letter and I read it, and it said approximately;"

"Dear Bill, I will, this day, call your attention to the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. This day I am going to tell you all that stands between you and self-fulfillment, between you and peace, between you and joy, between you and victory, all that stands between you and IT" -- the letter went on---"This day I am going to do the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I’m going to show you how two words, just sounds, a word can’t hurt you, you know, it’s just a sound, I’m going to show you how two words will step between a friendship of many years"-- I had to stop and think what the two words were, he had called me a fool,  "You fool" -  and walked out. "

"Mr. Shieh passed on a few moths later-- but he is a live now more than he ever was. (and in that letter) Mr. Shieh called me a Master.  And he said when I do understand this, when I do, I want you to know what a Master is, and never abuse it, you can’t teach it, but never abuse it. What a Master is is one who recognizes God, who can say “This is it”-- “This is it" THIS is IT -- That’s all a Master is. "

"Before our session is over with, I hope I can call everyone’s attention to all that stands between you and Joy, between you and the answer to every question, between you and wealth, between you and sufficiency, I hope I can do that--in this hour-and-half we have."

Transcribed from the DVD "William Samuel Seminar "

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work and your own Self-discovery, based on the subjective view, you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones --  samuelandfriends@gmail.com  --  - Ojai, California -   

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Imagination, Reality

Excerpt from The Awareness of Self-Discovery    
by William Samuel 


Imagination, Reality And Judglessness

When an oppressive situation is at hand and tranquillity appears to be threatened, there are many things we can do that will "heal" the situation—and quickly. For instance, we can open the doors of imagination to the real and beautiful.

This requires an act of strength because our every intellectual tendency is to NOT leave the scene of misery but to hang in there and do battle with it. Anything less is called intellectual cowardice and labeled "escapism" by the world. But we let go the apparent scene long enough to let imagination carry us back to the Principle wherein no inharmony exists. Soon we touch an area of gentle relief within ourself and we can be certain we will shortly be lifted up, out of gloom, into the atmosphere of the Absolute.

This journey of Awareness is helped considerably if we write it into words as we go along. The act of writing carries us more deeply into the Within where tranquillity is.

Here is an example of such a journey:


Once I lived beneath the massive oaks of the Mississippi coast. Those oaks are there yet. Even this instant when an oppressive situation is attempting to make me yield to it, I know those giant trees are there, mighty monarchs, massive and green, festooned with flowing moss.  Yellow flickers, wax wings and cardinals dart among them. Gray squirrels scamper along their high branches jumping with measured grace from limb to limb. This very instant that scene is one of peace and tranquillity. The air is moist and sweet there. A gentle peace holds the scene in silence.

Now I see a winding road that skirts a mountain cove. Hickory, sycamore and pine line the field below. Crisp mountain air bathes the scene and bees hum past in swift arcs carrying the day's pollen to the hive and home. A deer peers cautiously from the woodland and drinks from a cool stream at his feet. The scene is just a scene being a scene—tangibly "there" in that mountain glade; intangibly "here" as a sparkling pristine vision in the Mind's eye that Awareness is. "Here," I see, is merely the "place" the outside becomes the inside, the inside, outside.

Awareness is the Mind's eye, the Mind's ear. It is the whole (holy) gamut of perception. Awareness is Mind's function functioning—for which Mind is responsible.

Ah, but here is the point I have been so slow to perceive, so reluctant to admit. MIND is responsible, not the ego-me. For how many years have I played at being God, custodian of Awareness, manipulator of the sights and sounds that comprise this Identity-I-am? What wonders are mine each time I make the sacrifice and come out from the custodian's role to let Mind be this functioning I am. 

What does this have to do with the mountain cove or the trees along the Southern shore? It has to do with the consciousness of the trees and fields, the oceans, the Pleiades and the stars in far places. It has to do with this Identity-I-am, God's Self-cognizance.


We are wont to have a vague Spiritual universe to dream and talk about—a universe wherein no imperfection exists and one to which we may appeal to rectify the malappearances in our tangible world. We are eager to have a visionary heaven, yet the place where we expect to see Harmony's evidence is ever in the here and now of tangibility. All this while we are looking at Harmony's very trees, stones and desert places, calling them dreams, calling them unreal, trying to heal them. We would have a dualism despite ourselves—a real and an unreal, a heaven and an earth, a truth and an error, an above and a below. 

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear," said Jesus. "When you make the two one. When you make the above as below, the first as the last, the inside as the outside..."

We do not discard the scene at hand in some grand metaphysical sweep, calling it all unreal. We turn from it—but we turn only long enough to see it is not the scene that lies, but the judge of it, the liar we play when we separate ourselves from Awareness (the Identity we are) to play at being God, the director of Awareness. Images within the scene have neither the value nor the authority the liar gives them. 

I look out and see that Heaven is this very Scene at hand!

The agony that began the exercise of imagination turns out to be something else. Tranquillity lets me see what—and act accordingly.

There is much power in this message. If you will, you can feel it. How much MORE is the Life of YOU!

Excerpt from The Awareness of Self-Discovery   by William Samuel
Available on Amazon

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Time and Prophecy

"The Awareness of Self-Discovery"    By William Samuel 


Time And Prophecy In The Light Of Awareness

"Is it possible to know the future?"


"Doesn't this mean that the future exists?"


"How can this be so when the NOW is all we are concerned with?"

Because the NOW is being all there is to both past and future. It includes all that is called the future, consequently we are enabled to know it; this future we "know" is NOW. not afar off. Only to the conceptual, judgmental way of looking at things does it appear to be not-now and something distant.


Time is applicable only as a measure between the people, places, and things of the tangible universe. The absolutists are correct when they state that Infinity exists as a dimension "above and beyond" time. It is beyond time in the same way that the sphere is "beyond" the plane. It does not exclude the plane, however. Rather, an infinity of planes constitutes its being, and to be the sphere is to find oneself knowing all about the planes. We would not say, "There are no planes." Instead, we would see them in a new, expanded light. And so it is that unbound, uninhibited Awareness perceives time in a new light. This new light, as the prophets of old knew, is the basis for all that constitutes "prophecy" as it really is—not as we read about it in the newspapers nor as it has been popularized.

To toss out everything pertaining to "time" as "not absolute enough" is a stage we all go through in our study of Truth, but when we begin to find ourselves knowing certain things that "are going" to happen, we are then looking on time from a grander dimension, not merely disclaiming its reality. The Hebrews of old considered this to be the only legitimate mark of spiritual attainment.


Dear John, 

The prophecy "talk" was more novelty than Light, even though everything "happened" exactly so. I have stopped being surprised by such events. There is nothing unusual about what the world calls prophecy, as the ancient Hebrews knew, but what prophecy is, and what the world thinks it is, are two different things. That which it has been my delight to discover and be has to do with "broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis." I simply find myself knowing what will "happen" and it is as simple as that.


My morning-glories are deeper blue this year—and climbing higher.


Dear Steve,

If you were here (and in truth you are) I would have you comprehend and experience the singular authority of the following Action.

Like the kids of this day and age are begging, we stick to the sights, sounds and equanimity of this Now, as difficult as it may seem to be. We simply refuse to go wandering in the far country of a human past or future. The Now is now—and Now is the transcendent basis for all the judge would call his past or his future.

We give the lightest touch to plans and calculations. The old nature of us would have us dwell in doubt, confusion and great consternation about the "future." It would even rename that future and call it "My Future-Now-Awareness" in order to go on planning, calculating and worrying about events to come—events that are not now.

The now-awareness that presently reads these words is all right! The awareness that presently includes whatever images are at hand—chair, room, book, window, picture, tree, cloud, birdsong, whatever—is the Now which is quite all right this instant. We remain right here "to be passersby," In and as this passerby we find this Now-Awareness living Itself as us and is not a "we" who are living the Now. We end the "me" who says "my awareness" to simply be Awareness. Then, the time-bound me out of the way, we find ourselves knowing many things about the me's "future," and what he calls "prophecy." Chief among these discoveries is the knowledge that the Transcendent Now is being all there is to what is called time. As the Bible puts it, "...that which is to be hath already been...that which hath been is now."

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work and your own Self discovery, based on the subjective view, you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones --  samuelandfriends@gmail.com  --  - Ojai, California -   

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics  

by William Samuel   available on Amazon 

A Conversation About Guilt

CHAPTER 16   "The Awareness of Self-Discovery"  by William Samuel 

A Conversation about Guilt

"Mr Samuel, it seems to me that in the final analysis, the solipsistic metaphysics of the Absolute tells me that I am the cause of the discord on the scene. This means that I am taking on the sins of the world—that I am responsible for every heinous act ever committed that I have ever been aware of. I don't like this at all."

The Christian Christ has been pictured as one who was willing to accept this appearance of guilt, and then do something about it; but be that as it may, who says that the expanding view of a society in upheaval is a bad view or a guilty view to be disliked? Who says it is heinous to see our former landmarks being left behind?

We view without judgment because awareness doesn't judge. Society judges. As we look out into the world "tumult," we are merely seeing misconceptions tumbling or not tumbling into the piles of unimportant dust they are. We have seen fit not to continue giving them a power they do not have, but this doesn't mean it is bad or that we are guilty of the sights we see. As awareness, we are not responsible for any appearing. Awareness is the seeing of Deity, and it is our good pleasure to be the seeing that DEITY (ISNESS) is "responsible" for. Just as we come to stop holding others guilty for what it appears they are doing to themselves or society, neither do we hold ourselves guilty for being their creators. Awareness is no creator. Awareness beholds a kingdom which is forever finished. When did "Eternity" begin?  Really, even the use of the term "finished kingdom" can be misleading. What had no beginning cannot be finished.

"Well, as I understand it, Mr. Samuel, solipsism says that by my act of putting off the old man, the misidentification, I am looking out at my own opposites as they do battle with one another and this appears to be my world in turmoil for which I am guilty!"

Not so!  We would like to be the Creator, a Shakespeare who writes and enacts all the wondrous events appearing as history, but as AWARENESS-IDENTITY we cannot take credit for aught. We let the old man bury the old man—and he is certainly doing a thorough job of ending the fiction he began. But that one is not our identity. That one is not awareness. Awareness, here and now perceiving these words, is not guilty of personal judgments or fragmented purviews of Isness without the knowledge that they are only fragments.

"But we must put away the former concepts and it is this action that appears to be my world in turmoil and isn't this the most awful guilt of all?"

Listen carefully: The events of history as they are apparently unfolding in the arena of tangibility are both (1) the human dream ending and (2) perfect ISNESS disclosing Itself to Itself. The sights and sounds on an historic scale would be appearing whether we were engaged in this study or not. Events in the world will continue to go on unfolding as the appearances of people reacting to human pendulum swings one way of the other, but as WE put of the belief of misidentification, we are able to perceive events as they are and for what they represent. Furthermore, we are able to stop being personal reactors and become "passers-by." If events are the appearing of a personal dream ending, the dreamer is their cause and has the same control as the dream-identity in the dream has over the events of the dream. On the other hand, events that are the divine Isness unfolding to Itself are "going on" regardless of a dreamer's personal actions (or reactions) and his awakening appears as an ability to endure the events without judgment, without blinding involvement and without being disturbed.

"Now I see. All that has been accomplished by becoming so intellectually involved is the now I know why 'all things work together for good to them that love God.'"

Yes, and we can see that the appearance of a human awakening going on is only half the scene, for which we are not guilty!  There is a greater Scene being all scenes.


Listen with the Heart, John;
Considering the human scene alone, the "wages of sin is death."
"Sin" is "guilt".  Semanticists can rationalize until hell freezes over, but "sin" still winds up being "guilt" — and guilt, sin. Their "effect" appears to grind the spirit and body to dust-and "death".

The seekers of truth finally wind up facing the greatest guilt of all—the most heinous "sin" imaginable: What is it? The belief that, since nothing is external to awareness, then one is guilty of every botched appearance in his world—guilty of wars, pestilences, murders, governments, pollution, over-population—to infinity. 

Notice, I just said facing this greatest guilt of all—not guilty of it. In this particular aspect of experience (or "cycle" if you want to call it that) it is imperative to see the absurdity of this "final" onslaught of the old nature. It is the "equal and opposite" claim of the same ego which earlier tries to be God, using the same pretense—i.e., that everything is included WITHIN me! — that "me" still the old impostor.

This particular aspect of guilt presents itself via any avenue it is given to enter—it says many things:"My life is a failure—I am ignorant—my family doesn't love me—my friends are leaving— I have hurt this one or that one—I have broken up this or that..."—all of which is only the other end of the playing-at-being-God swing of the pendulum.


The extent of mortal guilt—that is, the belief and acceptance of it—is horrendous. The pressures of guilt are used in every way—even to teaching—even in our casual conversations. Indeed, guilt is the veritable food of the "old man."

The lids that are popping off throughout the world are mankind's attempts to find an escape from the constant pressures of imposed and accepted guilt. Why, even the television commercials teach, sell, make their points by way of adding to our guilt: "Why aren't you wearing your seat belt?"—"Are you giving your family orange juice every day?"

The body appears to break down in our attempts (subconscious) to justify the guilt we accept from every hand and ultimate "death" appears the consequence.

There is no guilt outside the acceptance of it! God is not guilty of doing God in. There is no Identity but the One and that One is not guilty. Guilt exists in the superimposed ego-world which has already served its purpose for you. (Its purpose is to bring us to perceive the ONE and "learn" via its contradistinctions just what the one is.) The ONE is not guilty of sin, sickness or death. The One is not lethargic. The One does not need to be boosted up by bourbon nor propped by pills—and does not develop a dependence on them. The guilt that would tear the body apart is the final "is not"—and now you do not need more contradistinctions to battle with.

So what to do? Look in the mirror and see that one INNOCENT. Look in the mirror and FORGIVE that one of everything. You can do it because that one is not guilty. That one has never had a mind of its own except in its own belief.  But "belief" is just belief—a powerless notion, incapable of doing anything to anything. What can two plus two equals five do to the perfect principle of arithmetic? What can "is not an oak tree" do to the pine tree? Not a blamed thing, and you know it! A lie is a zero. A big lie is the same zero. A belief in guilt is a zero, incapable of bundling up the nerves, incapable of preventing AWARENESS from doing whatever it seems sensible to do. 
Do you understand this?

You can, in the twinkling of an eye—and find the RELEASE, the PEACE that letting go the burden of guilt will bring.

We do "forgive sins"—by "forgiving" guilt—and you will find yourself quite able to take up your bed and walk wherever you want to!
Walk straight to the mirror first and forgive yourself. Thank the Ineffable HERENESS for its forgiveness of guilt by its preclusion of guilt.

...then, watch what happens in the minutes, days, weeks ahead!

Excerpt from "The Awareness of Self-Discovery"  By William Samuel 
Available on Amazon

"A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity" By William Samuel

Barefoot at Heart by Sandy Jones

Woodsong Journals 
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