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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Music, Metaphor and Magic

"Piano"  By Sandy Jones 

The beauty of this Self discovery is that we find ourself back in the world, 
renewed and full of youthful exuberance and joy. 
Music and God are divinely enwrapped within each other. 
The heart of us understands this deeply touching connection between spirit and matter. 
Here in the intangible feelings, 
this is where the interface between heaven and earth happens. 

Music, Metaphor and Magic 

 A Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity

By William Samuel

Music, Metaphor and Magic 

The musician begins with the principle of music, not the discord. The mathematician begins with the principle of his science, not the error. WE BEGIN AS THE IMMACULATE, PRISTINE, PURE AND PERFECT IDENTITY WE ARE ALREADY, not the personal sense of things, not the world’s ideas, opinions and judgement of things. We ‘begin’ with God, the ALL that Isness is, and rejoice at the wonders this ever new view reveals. We LET that Mind be us which IS the awareness of the Truth we are. 

Awareness is the common denominator which includes ALL.


There is no "real Spiritual universe" and an "unreal material universe!" Reality—all in all and all as all—is being everything to this universe, the only universe in existence!


Nor is Awareness separate from the images within it, any more than the television screen is separate from the cowboys and commercials there. Therefore, we can see that our identification as awareness ITSELF is not a withdrawal from the world, from people or from the adventure of living. It is a withdrawal from our own valued opinions, notions and prejudices of them. 


This leads us to another point that involves the "living" of this Truth. Once we have ascertained "felt" Tranquility as "real" Identity, we are able to comprehend this feeling in the light of another fact already known: the fact that Identity does not change and that Identity cannot be altered. We are able to stand on and as a concrete, here-and-now FELT Self-knowledge with the positive knowledge that "I cannot be changed into another identity and made to feel and act a different way every time the wind blows."


To the contrary, this work appears as revitalized interest in everything that appears as conscious identity (Awareness) – and that is everything! As we live childlike-awareness-being-effortlessly-aware, we find our daily experience expanding into undreamed of new action – plus the strength and means necessary for that action.

Music comes from the principle of music. Music has an unseen fact behind it behind it. That makes music a lot like God. God may just be the principle of music. That seems most likely. 

Music, like God is a principle that can never be diminished. No matter how many songs are played the principle never runs out. God is the never ending Principle. Like music. I can make as much music as I like, write as many songs as I like, play as many tunes as I want and there is always more. If the sheet of music is torn up the source, the principle is still perfectly whole. 

The music exists because there is an unseen, untouchable, illimitable principle behind the music. Music is beyond the chords and beyond the notes and beyond the instruments used to play the tune. But the music I hear is the tangible evidence of something I cannot see and something that is an absolute fact.


A Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity   by William Samuel  Available on Amazon 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Words Can Touch the Heart

"Rain" by Sandy Jones 

Excerpt from 
The Awareness of Self-Discovery 
By William Samuel 

The Secret Of Communication

This afternoon I held a smooth stone in my hand that existed before a single word had ever been uttered.

Which is more significant: the smooth stone or the words that describe it?


Dear Mary,

Very often we give too much importance to words. Those who are most devotedly looking for the Truth are frequently the ones most hung up on "This is relative or that is absolute."  How many times have you heard that? I was the world's worst. As a renegade metaphysician traveling over the universe from sage to Guru to Prince to Practitioner to apostate, no one ever became more entangled in the intellectual concern for words and their precision than I. 

Pretty soon I found myself with certain expressions I did not dare use in the presence of some people because I was sure my words indicated my level of comprehension. Bosh!
Subtle restrictions of expressions—thousands of them—abound within the judgmental framework of coming-to-comprehend the Light rather than being the Light.

In our studies here in Mountain Brook, the first thing we do is to look into the matter of words, thence to come down from that ridiculously lofty and arid plateau of "absolute" versus "relative." All words are relative. No word is absolute. The absolute that Isness is exists in a dimension as much beyond words as a melody is more than a sheet of music or the principle of arithmetic more than a numeral.

There is an intellectual aspect to Truth, of course, and words play their part in that but the Real contains an infinity of subtle essences that is more than words, greater than words. The awakening to these is often precluded in our wrestling matches with semantics.


Pondering the enigma of communication one day out in the back country of my hills, I witnessed the happy reunion of a father and his five-year-old son who had been lost in the woods for many hours. I knew the boy would be found—and I knew I knew—but despite the positive knowing, I was unable to allay the father's fears or bring him to understand the Truth I saw. Then, even as I wondered—even as I asked about this inability to communicate when it seemed so important to do it—I saw the little boy and the father find each other.

Oh, such a reunion! A barefoot ragamuffin came running out of the woods shouting with all his might, "Daddy! Daddy!" and I saw the father, unashamedly sobbing, sweep the child into his arms. All he could say was, "Hallelujah! Praise God!" again and again. "Hallelujah! Praise God!"  

Then and there, it was my joy to see the communication was ever so much more than fancy words, proper grammar and intellectual nuances; more than education and cultured sophistication. I saw uninhibited enthusiasm say more in an instant than all the words of the encyclopedia heaped upon all the words of the Bible. I saw uninhibited being, stripped of its world-be possessor. In the twinkling of a "Praise God" and a "Daddy, Daddy," I learned that words are just words. Too many are a clutter, and pompous ones a waste. Simple, unpretentious, tender childlikeness—honesty—stirs the Heart and overthrows the intellect, leaving the child-we-are in the Father's arms. 

Since those days, I have been a child again wandering along the back roads and river banks, enjoying, enjoying... Since that time I have known that the intellectual, philosophical presentation of words is not the all-fired important thing I had made of it before. Then and there I determined, as best I could, to end my own use of pompous metaphysical language and attempt to say whatever might be necessary to say in the tender, simple way so natural to us all.

This is a portion of the simplicity you and I have discovered, dear reader. It tells the Story to the first and the last alike.


"Ah, but what of our dignity if we act so simply?" someone asks.

There has never been more Dignity in all the world than the child who runs to his Father and whispers, "I am home again!  I am home again!"


We find a new measure of immediate peace when we end the excessive struggle with words—either ours or the other fellow's. How many time have we listened to the faltering words of children as the poured out their hearts? Didn't we understand all that was necessary to understand? Of course we did! We heard through the stutters, the wrong tenses, the misplaced syntax and the mispronounced words. We heard straight through to the simple, honest, tender HEART. It is the Heart that gives utterance to the words we see and hear in the first place, and it is the Heart that understands. 

So as you read these pages, sit easy and look at the paragraphs and chapters in their completeness, in their singleness, in their totality; then, listen to the Heart. It is the Heart that instructs, not the words. The Heart goes beyond words and cannot be fooled. "Behold, I give thee a wise and understanding heart."


Laotse, the grand old sage of the East wrote: "The Tao (Absolute) described in words is not the real Tao. Words cannot describe it. Nameless, it is the source of Creation; named, it is the mother of finite images. The Absolute is a vast immeasurable void. Looked for, it cannot be seen; listened for, it cannot be heard; reached for, it cannot be touched...  Tao is absolute and nameless—an endless circle ever returning. Serenity is its goal.

"The truly wise man accepts the dualisms of nature and words diligently without allegiance to words...Music and good food will stop the passing stranger, but the Absolute given by way of words seems tasteless and unappealing..."

Then the venerated sage makes what surely must be the understatement of the millennium: "Straight words can seem very crooked."


Some years ago I was honored to be the first American student of a renowned teacher in India. For fourteen days a group of us sat at the feet of this "Master," during which time he spoke not one word—not so much as a grunt—until the final day when he bade us farewell and assured us we had learned much. 

And to my surprise, I had. It took months before the seeds of those silent days began to sprout one by one, revealing that there are indeed many things for which the uptight, recondite babble of books and teachers is more hindrance than a help.

There is no one reading this book to whom the Truth has not been revealed many times and for whom the Truth needs only to be lived. Additional enlightenment and its tangible experience called "healing" come with the LIVING—that gentle meadow of soft grass just beyond the wailing wall of words.

Who built this wall?  The same impostor whose role we play as a self hood apart from Allness.

There is much power in this message. If you will, you can feel it. How much MORE is the Life of YOU!

The Awareness of Self-Discovery  by William Samuel  Available on Amazon 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Awareness of Self-Discovery

The Awareness of Self-Discovery 
By William Samuel 

Not Guilty 

A Conversation about Guilt

"Mr Samuel, it seems to me that in the final analysis, the solipsistic metaphysics of the Absolute tells me that I am the cause of the discord on the scene. This means that I am taking on the sins of the world—that I am responsible for every heinous act ever committed that I have ever been aware of. I don't like this at all."

The Christian Christ has been pictured as one who was willing to accept this appearance of guilt, and then do something about it; but be that as it may, who says that the expanding view of a society in upheaval is a bad view or a guilty view to be disliked? Who says it is heinous to see our former landmarks being left behind?

We view without judgment because awareness doesn't judge. Society judges. As we look out into the world "tumult," we are merely seeing misconceptions tumbling or not tumbling into the piles of unimportant dust they are. We have seen fit not to continue giving them a power they do not have, but this doesn't mean it is bad or that we are guilty of the sights we see. As awareness, we are not responsible for any appearing. Awareness is the seeing of Deity, and it is our good pleasure to be the seeing that DEITY (ISNESS) is "responsible" for. Just as we come to stop holding others guilty for what it appears they are doing to themselves or society, neither do we hold ourselves guilty for being their creators. Awareness is no creator. Awareness beholds a kingdom which is forever finished. When did "Eternity" begin?  Really, even the use of the term "finished kingdom" can be misleading. What had no beginning cannot be finished.

"Well, as I understand it, Mr. Samuel, solipsism says that by my act of putting off the old man, the misidentification, I am looking out at my own opposites as they do battle with one another and this appears to be my world in turmoil for which I am guilty!"

Not so!  We would like to be the Creator, a Shakespeare who writes and enacts all the wondrous events appearing as history, but as AWARENESS-IDENTITY we cannot take credit for aught. We let the old man bury the old man—and he is certainly doing a thorough job of ending the fiction he began. But that one is not our identity. That one is not awareness. Awareness, here and now perceiving these words, is not guilty of personal judgments or fragmented purviews of Isness without the knowledge that they are only fragments.

"But we must put away the former concepts and it is this action that appears to be my world in turmoil and isn't this the most awful guilt of all?"

Listen carefully: The events of history as they are apparently unfolding in the arena of tangibility are both (1) the human dream ending and (2) perfect ISNESS disclosing Itself to Itself. The sights and sounds on an historic scale would be appearing whether we were engaged in this study or not. Events in the world will continue to go on unfolding as the appearances of people reacting to human pendulum swings one way of the other, but as WE put of the belief of misidentification, we are able to perceive events as they are and for what they represent. Furthermore, we are able to stop being personal reactors and become "passers-by." If events are the appearing of a personal dream ending, the dreamer is their cause and has the same control as the dream-identity in the dream has over the events of the dream. On the other hand, events that are the divine Isness unfolding to Itself are "going on" regardless of a dreamer's personal actions (or reactions) and his awakening appears as an ability to endure the events without judgment, without blinding involvement and without being disturbed.

"Now I see. All that has been accomplished by becoming so intellectually involved is the now I know why 'all things work together for good to them that love God.'"

Yes, and we can see that the appearance of a human awakening going on is only half the scene, for which we are not guilty!  There is a greater Scene being all scenes.


Listen with the Heart, John;

Considering the human scene alone, the "wages of sin is death."
"Sin" is "guilt".  Semanticists can rationalize until hell freezes over, but "sin" still winds up being "guilt" — and guilt, sin. Their "effect" appears to grind the spirit and body to dust-and "death".

The seekers of truth finally wind up facing the greatest guilt of all—the most heinous "sin" imaginable: What is it? The belief that, since nothing is external to awareness, then one is guilty of every botched appearance in his world—guilty of wars, pestilences, murders, governments, pollution, over-population—to infinity. 

Notice, I just said facing this greatest guilt of all—not guilty of it. In this particular aspect of experience (or "cycle" if you want to call it that) it is imperative to see the absurdity of this "final" onslaught of the old nature. It is the "equal and opposite" claim of the same ego which earlier tries to be God, using the same pretense—i.e., that everything is included WITHIN me! — that "me" still the old impostor.

This particular aspect of guilt presents itself via any avenue it is given to enter—it says many things:"My life is a failure—I am ignorant—my family doesn't love me—my friends are leaving— I have hurt this one or that one—I have broken up this or that..."—all of which is only the other end of the playing-at-being-God swing of the pendulum.


The extent of mortal guilt—that is, the belief and acceptance of it—is horrendous. The pressures of guilt are used in every way—even to teaching—even in our casual conversations. Indeed, guilt is the veritable food of the "old man."

The lids that are popping off throughout the world are mankind's attempts to find an escape from the constant pressures of imposed and accepted guilt. Why, even the television commercials teach, sell, make their points by way of adding to our guilt: "Why aren't you wearing your seat belt?"—"Are you giving your family orange juice every day?"

The body appears to break down in our attempts (subconscious) to justify the guilt we accept from every hand and ultimate "death" appears the consequence.

There is no guilt outside the acceptance of it! God is not guilty of doing God in. There is no Identity but the One and that One is not guilty. Guilt exists in the superimposed ego-world which has already served its purpose for you. (Its purpose is to bring us to perceive the ONE and "learn" via its contradistinctions just what the one is.) The ONE is not guilty of sin, sickness or death. The One is not lethargic. The One does not need to be boosted up by bourbon nor propped by pills—and does not develop a dependence on them. The guilt that would tear the body apart is the final "is not"—and now you do not need more contradistinctions to battle with.

So what to do? Look in the mirror and see that one INNOCENT. Look in the mirror and FORGIVE that one of everything. You can do it because that one is not guilty. That one has never had a mind of its own except in its own belief.  But "belief" is just belief—a powerless notion, incapable of doing anything to anything. What can two plus two equals five do to the perfect principle of arithmetic? What can "is not an oak tree" do to the pine tree? Not a blamed thing, and you know it! A lie is a zero. A big lie is the same zero. A belief in guilt is a zero, incapable of bundling up the nerves, incapable of preventing AWARENESS from doing whatever it seems sensible to do. 

Do you understand this?

You can, in the twinkling of an eye—and find the RELEASE, the PEACE that letting go the burden of guilt will bring.

We do "forgive sins"—by "forgiving" guilt—and you will find yourself quite able to take up your bed and walk wherever you want to!

Walk straight to the mirror first and forgive yourself. Thank the Ineffable HERENESS for its forgiveness of guilt by its preclusion of guilt.

...then, watch what happens in the minutes, days, weeks ahead!

  The Awareness of Self-Discovery   by William Samuel  Available on Amazon


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Awareness itself is our Identity

A Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity
By William Samuel  

“Awareness itself is our Identity. Awareness is being aware. Awareness is beholding. We are this Awareness aware whether we take thought or not. As Awareness only (not the possessor of it), we simply view things without judgment; without planning and calculating; without comparison and criticism; without dividing and subdividing and without making a critical analysis of everything. As Awareness we behold! We muse wholeheartedly. We enjoy color and form. We examine the infinite detail of Deity. Effortlessly, we see the precision and perfection of the ALL that NOW is!

“In so acting, I assure you we are not worrying about the blunders of yesterday or of what might happen tomorrow. As Awareness, one is active NOW, and — listen carefully — NOW is all right! NOW is always all right!

“Life is unencumbered NOW. Awareness is free NOW; but the very minute one starts labored thinking, the instant he begins planning, calculating, reasoning, judging, criticizing, condemning and worrying, the NOW seems covered with a veil, and we have plunked ourselves right back into the middle of the cause-effect area of human activity called ‘the seeming dream.’ The start of that dream is personal thinking, thinking that is not the great necessity the world makes of it. The time for thinkers is coming to an end.

“NOW is now already. It needs nothing to help it along. ‘The world is a perfect vessel,’ wrote the sage. ‘Perfection is spread over the whole face of the land,’ says the Christ.”

I knew then that this was the teacher for me. 


“Those who study this ‘philosophy’ with us on Lollygog are always amazed to find a return of youthfulness, not only in outlook but in action and appearance. Why should there be surprise? To be this NOW of UNJUDGING Awareness is to let go the great weight of opinions, notions, prejudices, quirks and idiosyncrasies which, added to personal memory, are all there is to ‘age.’ It is the one who acts as though he possesses life who ages and seems to suffer the decline and death of the deceiver.

“ ‘Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God (who is Being all there is to the Awareness reading these words) fainteth not, neither is weary? He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength . . . but they that wait upon the Lord [they who will simply be the unjudging, motiveless Awareness we be] shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.’

“When one lets go the worried plans intended to improve the already perfect NOW, he discovers the Self that ‘turneth the shadow of death into the morning.’ ‘The former things are passed away . . . and there shall be no more death.’

“ ‘If there be a messenger . . . an interpreter, one among a thousand, to show unto man his uprightness . . . his flesh shall be fresher than a child’s; he shall return to the days of his youth . . . and his life shall see the light!”

A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity   by William Samuel 


Facebook: William Samuel Awareness and Tranquillity  


The Child Within Us Lives! 
A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics 
By William Samuel 



Living subjectively in an Objective World

( Excerpt Chapter Nine ) 


Young people hear of the wonders of subjective ALREADYNESS and it appeals to them. They want their dominion NOW, but for the most part are not willing to do what is necessary for realizing it. They talk much, but they surrender nothing. Subjectivism, half-taught, half-understood, caters to their greed by telling them they can have whatever they wish.


The old people hear of the wonders of Alreadyness and are willing to do anything to attain it—provided that action meets the standards of their belief system and includes a separate Savior outside themselves. They talk much, but they surrender nothing. Objectivism caters to their belief of personality and separation. 

Solution? We live the subjective Truth on the objective mountain. We surrender the old ways FIRST and take on the New Ways as the Child gives them to us. We find the BALANCE of the middle ground. 

The BEING of the subjectivist and the DOING of the objectivist are not two separate entities. It is ONE ACTION, LIFE AUTHENTICATING ITSELF. It is BEING appearing as BECOMING. Which equals: 1. Sue coming to understand. 2. Sue seeing the Child Self. 3. Sue sitting before the campfire and tending the fire just like everyone else sitting before the fire. It is Sue being in the world but not of it. It is Sue doing something for her world.

As the Awareness of Mind, I see my Sue as Me, living her Childlikeness. As William in the world, I confidently anticipate the CONFIRMATION of that singleness and see it, my subjective Selfhood, lifted up.


If one isn't faithful to the appearing, then that appearing never appears as BECOMING—that is, as our getting farther up the mountain. The seeker who turns his back on the appearing, disclaiming its reality, is half right, but the part that's half wrong diminishes it all.

If one is faithful to the appearing as if it were the only Reality, that appearing never appears as a BECOMING. The religionist who never disclaims the power and reality of matter, is half wrong, and the part that's half wrong diminishes the rest.

Solution? We find the balance between the inside and the outside and live that balance wherever we seem to be so long as we seem to be there. That balance takes one beyond his metaphysics and religion, yet he never has to leave them to live the Balance. He doesn't have to leave his job or his world. He doesn't have to claim a dominion he hasn't earned. 

He doesn't have to leave the world's warfare to be untouched by it. He doesn't have to do anything BUT BE FAITHFUL TO THE APPEARING. Faithful to the appearing, he finds the appearings anguish leaving him bit by bit and leaving the world as well.

I am faithful to the appearing when I deny its apparent authority—because nothing has real authority but Good. (Why doesn't the religionist see this? It is a mystery.)

I am faithful to the appearing when I do for the appearing WHATEVER seems to be the best course of action for the GOOD of mankind. Why do I act so? Because, so long as it “seems” I'm in the world, I strive to help my world. (Why doesn't the subjectivist see this? It is a mystery.)

When I have acted in such a way here in the world of people, places and events, I have been given a course of action that blesses all mankind.

When I have acted and been victorious here in the world of appearances, and told of my victory to those who wanted to know of it, I have been given greater victories. I conclude, therefore, that I am not finished with the living of Balance until I've ACTED in the world by helping my others find it equally.


Intellectualism gets very close to the truth of things, but doesn't quite make it without the heart. 

The heart gets very close to the truth of things, but doesn't quite make it in the world without the intellect—as anyone knows who, upon the discovery of the Child-heart, has tried to throw intellectualism out the window. Intellectualism's inadequacy is evident. Civilization “out there” nears gridlock and death.

Yet, clearly the only way the heart can accept intellectualism—the world in ridiculous argument before the campfire—is with love. So, as the Apostle wrote, without love everything is lost. 

Here we come again to the importance of love—non-rejection. We stop rejecting the scene at hand. There is no escaping it for any length of time as long as it appears. We do as we were admonished—watch it, understand it, and tend it faithfully. “Be a faithful witness.” We do that to the best of our ability until the end of our days in front of the fire. Metadelphians know precious little about this, just as religionist know precious less about subjectivism. 

If we remain faithful to this limited scene of contradistinction and argument, what wonder might be in store for us where the illimitable Light doesn't waver or cast a shadow?

Unfaithful to it, we find our suffering goes on.

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics 
By William Samuel  Available on Amazon