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William Samuel
William Samuel

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Way To Begin The Day

"Whipped Cream"  by Sandy Jones 

The Awareness of Self-Discovery  By William Samuel 


A Practical Philosophy

The world is full of philosophies that are neither practical nor relevant to the daily experience incapable of being put to practice and their honesty proven. THIS philosophy of ABSOLUTE AWARENESS is eminently practical and immediately provable. It begs to be taken out of the arena of speculation and comparison and put to the test that its fruits may become tangible in the apparent world of our daily affairs. "Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it...All nations shall call you blessed, for ye shall be a delightsome land."

Now, for those like myself who have searched for the "something to DO" I offer the following which has been helpful. It is only an outline—to be put to use in your own way.


First, consider the way an ordinary day begins: One stirs. There is an awakening consciousness of pillow and bed—finite "things." Slowly, one thinks of window, chair, door, dog, shower, breakfast, coffee—all limited, finite things. Thought wanders to the coming events of the day: business, perhaps, or family, or special chores—again limited images, finite forms, events in time.

As you see, thought begins by moving out of quietness into the arena of people, places and things; out of an undelineated stillness into the frantic tangle of limitation, measure, action and reaction. It is as though the conscious experience were forever heading into increasing numbers; into multiplicity. We awaken in the morning and, if we follow the patterns of old, thought moves immediately where generally unpredictable reactions spawn unexpected consequences and we find ourselves the fallen victims of finiteness.

Now, reader, consider this beginning day in another light. We awaken. Again there is a consciousness of pillow and bed. And again, out of old habit we see the window to be closed, the door to be opened and think of the coffee to be started—all finite things. Ah, but this time, right here, right now, we determine to turn thought in the other direction, 180 degrees away from the rush toward finiteness. For a brief time we lie still and consciously bring ourselves to consider single Infinity, the allness of Isness. We lie still and think of the infinity that Being is. This time we ponder wholeness, singleness, completeness, oneness, harmony, perfection.

During these moments we may ask, "How infinite is Infinity? What can circumscribe Infinity? What can bind or limit infinity? How all is ALL?" We ask and answer these questions for ourselves.

We consider the oneness of Being.  How total it is!  How complete!  No limitation here.  No finiteness here.  UNBOUND Being being all.

Mayhap we ask, "What is being this consciousness that appears to be lying here and contemplating?  BEING, GOD, PERFECTION is being this awareness, isn't it?  Indeed. Therefore, PERFECTION is conscious. PERFECTION is awake. Perfection is LIFE, perfectly alive and vital!

What does infinity know of Itself? Is not the knowing of unbound Infinity unbound also? Of course. Its unbound, unlimited "knowing" is infinitely operative as this consciousness-I-am, right here, right now.

What is wisdom? Is it not Infinity's knowledge of Itself? Deity's SELF-knowledge? This conscious awareness is that knowledge in action. Consciousness, unbound, unlimited, infinite. This consciousness presently considering these things is infinite Wisdom in eternal operation.

We ask, "What does Infinity know of Itself?" It knows It's own qualities and characteristics. How? Specifically (as well as universally)—each distinctly delineated from all others, the consequent appearing of "form."

So it is, we find the morning's contemplation of Infinity soon leads us to perceive the same "things" as before—home, family, business and affairs; but now these "things" are no longer disorganized obstacles lying in wait to trip us or spring an unexpected disaster. Instead, they are the clearly delineated and discerned qualities and characteristics that Harmony, God, Isness is being—AND THIS LIFE WE ARE IS GOD'S AWARENESS OF IT ALL!

Notice, it is the same morning, the same bed, the same home. It is the same conscious awareness, the same"Identity" but the views are different.  The old view, out of pure habit and without a thought of Isness, moves immediately into a world of disorganized images primary to it. It moves relentlessly, inexorably toward multiplicity and complexity into an ever proliferating concern with a jungle through which one, if he is to survive, must tread a cautious, defensive path.

But the view that breaks the old habit and begins the day with a gentle, happy consideration of a perfect INFINITY is like the prodigals rush to his Father's Kingdom—like coming home where the basis for harmony lies; where ISNESS is put first and found to be the ordered substance of "things" and those "things" of perception seen in their proper perspective.

This is the view that comes in from the threatening storm of intellectuality and rests with the calm assurance in the shelter of Simplicity all the day long—all the day long. This is the view that sees the pitfalls for what they are and does not have to fall in them to learn their lessons. But, if we should stumble and fall, this is the view that allows us to be quickly on our way again, blessed by the experience; blessed by the experience!


Try this, reader. Try this and see what new sparkle it will begin to add to your day. Then, when you have proven it (and you can prove it this very day) tell others!

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