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William Samuel
William Samuel

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Letter About Love

"Morning Sunshine"  By Sandy Jones  

A Personal Letter about Love 

From William Samuel  to Sandy Jones  - Written 1986

This letter, along with many other personal letters sent to me from William Samuel, can be found in my book "Barefoot at Heart-The Alchemy of Love and the Power of Light"  by Sandy Jones

Dear Sandy, 

There are many new things to write, Sandy. They all have to do with life and love, enthusiasm and childlikeness. They have to do with simplicity and tenderness, gentleness and the fact of Already.  The new words have nothing to do with problems, or paradoxes, intellectualism or personality. 

Furthermore, they are difficult to write, they are difficult to say, because the old nature of us misconstrues, distorts and attempts to turn them into something ugly. So, I hesitate. 

The day is coming when these things will be listened to without so much askance  and without such violent reaction. The fact is Reality is real, Reality is perfect, Reality is all. Transcendent Reality being all there is to the consciousness presently reading these words.

One may say that at this moment consciousness seems to be filled with problems. But the believing that this is so merely gives authority to the seeming. We do not deny the seeming, we leave it, we let it alone and the power goes out of it.   If the bird appears to eat a cricket, so what? Isness still Is, Perfection is still Perfect, All is still All, this Identity being us is still God’s Self Identification and nothing we say or believe, or do not say, or fail to understand, can alter this Fact one iota. 

Strange as it may seem, there is a violent reaction within us when we finally get down to Reality Itself.  You see, the old nature struggles vehemently to maintain its position. For most of us it requires a good stiff kick to alter our old opinions. But new light comes from the altered view, never from the old position.

Sandy, you are a monumental and perfect you. Because perfection Itself is being all you are.  There are many wonders in store for you and yours, as you go about the happy business of just being.

Now, you are an artist, and you will know the wisdom of running off with uninhibited, unbound feeling you see as Love. Now, it is tempered by the intellect, but Love is the leader. Hidden at the center of this feeling and barely noticed, is a sense of peace, tranquillity, serenity, a very gentle joy. It is the absence of elation the absence of discomfort. Oh but it is the transcendent presence of that which is being all sensation, all feeling.  Now when you find this center, you will be delighted, for you will know that you have found another aspect of the Infinite Identity you are.

This is the happiness that nothing can take from us.  This is the Peace that does not ebb and flow between serenity and sadness.

When next you ride up the valley where your special place is, rest for a time under one of your oaks, sit loose and feel whatever comes to be felt.  Listen, listen to the heart and you will hear it and you will be refreshed.  

Who ever you think of at that time, think of love and feel the love you feel for that love is real and it is unbound and understands all things.  God the Simple Truth is Love. 

Love is not fickle, love does not blow warm one day and cold the next, love is consistently Its Self.  Love, love looks and Lives.   Love understands because love is understanding, love doesn’t condemn itself or anyone else.   Love is not guilty, love is not restrictive, it’s not bound, it’s not confined or contained, love is not beholden to any institution.  All institutions exist by virtue of the fact that love Is, if indeed they exist at all. Love is not bound by the institution of marriage at all.  Its silly for any of us, whether we appear to be in that institution or out of it, or a part of it or not a part of it, it is silly to believe  that that institution is capable of providing us happiness or depriving us of happiness  -- It simply can’t do it, not really, not when we see that Love, this Identity I am has the dominion.

Love, there is only one Love, Love is love, it has no opposite.  All Love is love, human love, personal love, sexual love, are all an aspect of infinite love which cannot be bound, cannot be circumscribed, cannot be confined, love, just simple love, whether we spell it with a capital letter or not, we mean the same Love, the very same Love, the very nature of being, the one that God is -- the God that is Love, the Love that is Identity, here as I, as all. 

Singleness reveals the gentle Simplicity of singleness, the mysteries answered.

I know what leads you, Sandy, and I trust you, you are important to us all. Bill  

  William Samuel  (1986)

If you would like further understanding of William Samuel's work and your own Self discovery, you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones - sandy@ojaimail.com  -- Sandy Jones - Ojai, Ca.  

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Identity- Reality- Liberation

Two Plus Two Equals Reality  

A short excerpt from the book Two Plus Two Equals Reality 

Everyone, every single person on this earth can arrive at a precise understanding of God! How can this be so? Because God is uncomplicated and easily understood! When one lets go all the things they say about God and stops accepting them blindly as his own beliefs, God becomes remarkably apparent. And why not? What sort of God would it be that withholds Himself from all those who have not suffered enough, studied hard enough, searched diligently enough or prayed earnestly enough in just the right way? What sort of God would it be who absents Himself from those who have not been baptized in this or that fashion, or have not joined this organization or that one?  What sort of Love would it be that withholds itself from half the population of the world because it is not Christian or Muslim, because it is not acquainted with this or that arcane, unprofaned wisdom; what sort of Love withholds itself from those not subscribing to this or that set of dogmas and beliefs, not honoring this or that ritual and that ceremony? 

     Well, be assured, God does not withhold Himself from aught. God is right here, right now, closer than fingers and toes, closer than breathing. There is no distance nor separation between oneself and God, mentally or otherwise. You will find that God is all that is here, and “They shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest, saith the Lord.” 

     God's simplicity is astounding. It is this very simplicity that the pompous intellect of mankind can neither see nor understand while struggling through its jungle of erudite beliefs. 

     Let the beliefs go. Let what “they say” go. Drop all the old personal opinions no matter how near and dear they seem. You start anew, turning within to the heart. Then when you arrive at your own meaning of God, you happily find you are also discovering your own real Identity and its childlike simplicity. 

     This is not a slow process of spiritual refinement over a hot fire of personal ordeals. You do not have to wade through thousands of volumes of ancient and occult lore, to join various and sundry organizations or practice their precepts with fanatical diligence. No need to spend years doing good deeds, here a little, there a little. You might very well DO some of these things; good works are not disparaged here. But you do them, ultimately, because you enjoy them and want to—indeed, because you cannot keep from it—not because some special favor is supposed to accrue from doing them, and not because you are afraid of what might happen if you do not. 

     One simply does not have to delay his awakening from agony. He does not have to “put off the old man” bit by bit or “die to the self” a little every day or laboriously educate himself. One does not have to delay for any reason at all. He may drop the “old man” with all his trials and tribulations here and now if he chooses and immediately experience a joy and tranquillity beyond belief—all of this as easily and quickly as awakening from a daydream. 

     Reader, how easily can you withdraw from your own mental fantasy in a land of make-believe? Who snaps you out of your wool-gathering but you yourself? 

     When one begins to answer these questions for himself, extraordinary things start happening in his experience. Trials and tribulations slip away, one after the other. Even the most persistent pressures lose their power to disturb. One finds oneself seeing old concepts in a new and lovelier light. Suddenly, health, wealth, and happiness appear where they seemed absent before. Freedom and tranquillity blossom forth in business; love permeates every nook and cranny of experience; untoward conditions of every kind vanish like the morning mist—all because you have begun a personal determination of exactly what Truth means to you. 

     But let me pause a moment, lest this be misleading. The joyful occurrences in one's experience are not the GOALS at all. They are the “added things” that come from a personal determination of what God is—and they all have to do with Reality, with one’s real Identity, with who, and what God is, with who and what “I” am. Answer the question “What is Truth?” for yourself; let the attention remain here, and then, as the answer begins to occur, you will enjoy the seeming changes that take place in your day to day living quite as something “extra,” as “signs following”--yet not half so wonderful as the recognition of your honest Identity. 

Read more of this most amazing little book, full of wondrous analogies and helpful guidance to understanding and fearless joy: Purchase the book here: Two Plus Two Equals Reality   by William Samuel 

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work based on Self discovery - you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones --  sandy@ojaimail.com  --  - Ojai, California -