William Samuel

William Samuel
William Samuel

Monday, June 26, 2017

Something Special

by William Samuel 

The Light of Truth Breaking Through   


  (Middle of a conversation by the campfire. Samuel speaking.)

  A marvel happens in our affairs—a healing, say. Haven't you wondered what does the good work? Haven't you wondered exactly what happened or what caused it? Oh, we know that God is the source of all such good things, but exactly how? If we knew precisely what to look for, wouldn't that be a help? Of course. But we are usually looking for the specific healing, the answer to our perceived need of the moment, and if THAT need is met, we feel we've been successful in our study and prayer. It comes as a surprise to all of us, but the healing isn't the point.

  Listen, listen. It is the Glimpse that does the work. I don't know why that fact dawns on us so slowly. We seem to take forever to understand that the glimpses of Light inevitably come with healing on their wings. It is the glimpse itself that does the work in this space-time sense of things. More, the Glimpse is the work! It doesn't come merely to do for us, but to be us.

  Why are we seekers of Truth so slow to put our finger directly on the agent? We know God does the good work, but the specific agent, the specific event, goes unnoticed until something special happens. This very moment in our experience is a “something special” happening, so keep listening carefully. 

  For years I worked and struggled, pondered and pined to “know the truth.” I read voraciously to catch the glimpses and glimmers, but the vital connection that was absolutely essential eluded me. That is, I didn't understand it was the Glimpse itself that came through as Godhead's own Truth entering this scene I am, to brighten and enliven it.

  Once upon a time I wanted the glimpse to bring information to this old sense of myself and work a wonder for it. Hear this softly now: The Glimpse doesn't just bring the truth like a messenger; the Glimpse is the Truth; the Glimpse is the Light; the Glimpse is our genuine Selfhood emerging!

  The value of the Glimpse itself eludes everyone until precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, slowly it dawns. Many never make the connection—not even ministers and practitioners who are working to teach and heal their worlds. Most remain unaware that it is the Glimpse of Light that matters and does the work in the phenomenal world.

  So what is the big deal here? We have intuitively known something good happens as we search and study our Bibles and books. That's why we study so expectantly. Yet, somehow, a veil hangs between the Glimpse and the inner knowledge that it is the Glimpse itself that matters and has come to us for a specific, healing purpose of its own.

  “What are you saying, Bill? All day we have been talking about the Child within. Now you seem to have changed course.”

  We haven't left the Child at all. Tonight we are examining the Child in even more detail. Let me try again. The GLIMPSE of Light does the work; the glimpse has the value, and nothing else in all this human experience is half so real as that instant of insight. That's what I mean here. That Glimpse is the Light of Godhead breaking into this consciousness of tangibility, into this awareness of space and time. The Glimpse is the Child stirring within. The Glimpse doesn't merely come from the Child, it is the Child of us.

  Perhaps my initial inability to fully understand this had to do with the methods of instruction in my school days—or the way I was taught to comprehend things sequentially in a three-dimensional world. Maybe it was the way intellectual comprehension follows spiritual revelation, the revelation precedes understanding. The Glimpse of Light precedes the tangible scene even though we are not conscious of that. Most definitely my inability to understand had much to do with my linear sense of time.

  People often say they have some sense of the Truth “intellectually straight” but haven't felt it in their hearts yet. This usually means that they are, as I was then, trying to catch a Glimpse along some specific line of heart's desire of the moment—about money or health or something. Well, I don't know that we can determine exactly what the Glimpse is to be about, but I am absolutely certain the Glimpse itself is the Real breaking into this limited dimension of human thought—and here in this tangible sense of things we need a continuing flow of Glimpses. Never mind whether they concern one's current questions or clear up intellectual points about religion and metaphysics or “heal” a problem of the moment. Never mind that! Go for the Glimpse! The Glimpse is the Child of ourself coming through! The Child comes with feelings, yes, but as insights of Light we can confirm in the world. 

  Yes, the Glimpse is the REAL coming into our affairs and it is the Glimpse that counts, not our human experience. 

(Pause to stir the fire and watch the sparks fly upward.)

“Yes, I'm seeing and hearing something!”

  Good. Now listen gently. What needs are to be met by the Glimpse or what happens to us because of the Glimpse is not as important as the Glimpse itself. The Glimpse is IT. It is the Child Identity coming through. Light comes as infinitely more than human thinking imagines.

Excerpt From The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics 

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Love Is Love

Celestial Song 

Excerpt from
The Awareness of Self-Discovery  
 by William Samuel 


The "final days" (and this is all that is significantly meant by those ominous words) is the arrival of the world's final enlightenment. These days are in progress already. The light is dawning because it is already here. New ideas are coming into focus and old landmarks are passing away. Cherished notions, some of them the very pillars of society, are being shaken to the roots. We are finding most of them built on foundations of sand. Many institutions charged with the revelation of God, Truth, Reality, are found not to be giving freedom to their charges but withholding it; not dispensing Light, but darkness; not unbinding men, but shackling them; not seeking out the new Rays of Light and investigating them impartially, but, for conscious or unconscious reasons of self-preservation, doing everything in their power to keep new Light from being seen—for fear, say they, their present Light will be adulterated. As if the Truth need protecting! 

Oh, but let it be understood, these very institutions are a blessing and they are serving a most necessary purpose. How would we know that Identity is Omniscience itself without first attempting to place that omniscience "out there" in a bible or institution or philosophy? How would we learn beyond all doubt that Light itself is being our Identity without first living the futility and impossibility of a weary traveler trying to reach the Light?


So now, to make this statement from still another direction: We come to see the Light which reveals that we are the Light. I have found that acting this Identity "on faith" first helped disclose the Light-I-am that removes every doubt. and this Light of Self-discovery blooms in illumination and insight—fragile, fragrant, a flowery display of beauty and love divine. Sparks!  Enthusiasm!  Zest!  Strength and youth flooding back!  The bloom of Light divine—the simple Love that is Identity, revealed.

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A Return To Sensitivity


Dear Mary;

As for being "shocked" by your friend as you mentioned in your letter: The ego persists so long as it is coddled. An actress playing the role of Lady Macbeth—should she become so enthralled with her part that she forgets her real identity—may have to be shocked into an "awakening". In any event, the Truth of Being only appears brutal to the personal sense of self, to which it is brutal because it destroys it completely. Jesus said, "I have not come to throw peace upon the world, but fire!"

The "real" Identity (and there is no other) cannot really be disturbed by a rebuking—public, private or otherwise. Identity is Identity. All the hell-fire and damnation this side of the Pleiades will never change Tranqullity Itself into non-tranquillity! If ever we are disturbed by any sight, sound or feeling it is because we voluntarily play the role of non-tranquillity, believing that to be our Identity.
Agony is self-induced, self-acted and self-enjoyed; but this is not the Self we are any more than Lady Macbeth is the actual identity of the actress. Tranquillity (Awareness) itself is the Identity we are, and Tranquillity does not cause itself grief. Is it possible for all to be not-all? For Truth to be not-truth? For God to be not-God? Never! Neither can Tranquillity-am-I ever be "I-am-unhappy.

The instruction of the world appears intended to lift one up to the Light. This work is comprehendedas a step by step study—here a little, there a little, line upon line, "growing consciousness" of Truth—but it is not a lifting up to the Light at all. It is much more a rapid stripping away of the mortal shell, leaving the Real exposed. It is an uncovering of the Light of Identity which has been here as "us" all the while. It is the return of sensitivity in all of its aspects. It is the CHILD uncovered again, stripped of all the intellectual veneers, its worldly vestures ripped away. Without question, this work appears to uncover the Child we are and we stand naked, exposed, defenseless, hyper-sensitive, our perception extremely acute again.
But lo, many, aghast at the old-new sensitivity, pull the covers up again, put the veneer on again. Then, the intellect, by reason of its own ten thousand reasons for wanting to perpetuate itself, attacks that which would make it so vulnerable and exposed. This appears especially true of the ego grown proud of its accomplishments. I have seen many who could stand the pure Light of "reborn" innocence for only the shortest time, thence to return to the blanket heap and greasepaint—and then throw rocks at the mirror of themselves; at those who would "tell it to them as it is."
I would tell those who have found the Child within, that pure pristine, holy Child you are, to maintain your simple credulousness and sensitivity by living your Child likeness and Simplicity. Hold this grand awareness close to the Heart because, in Truth, it is the Heart. Love this love you have found yourself to be. See it in everyone and everything, because the everyone and everything are but mirrored images of your Self. Do not worry about Identity being raw and sensitive in the face of the world. Its defenselessness is its strength. Who would harm a child? Those who have the courage to remain the newly revealed Child find that this is so.
And to be the child does not mean forsaking a job or an organization necessarily, because the Child's view of those activities is sharp and perceptive. The Child we are cannot be fooled. We see and enjoy the real, leaving the rest alone. 

Ego shed is Identity discovered.

And this is so!


It is inevitable that there will appear to be the dissolution of all that stands between ourselves and a full knowledge of the Truth. Inasmuch as the world appears to reside within the awareness-we-are, the dissolution that began within appears outwardly as the world's search for freedom and the upheaval it brings. Our inner turmoil never ends until we reckon Identity as already arrived and then end our attempt to lift an incorrect self-concept up to the real.

If we are to see the world scene disclose the underlying, overlying Harmony "that is even now spread over the whole face of the land," we must make this re-identification in fact and end the nonsense of acting out from the position of a sponge trying to soak up wisdom. To do what? To steadfastly reckon Self from the standpoint of Perfection. No other view will bring Peace so quickly to the human scene.

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work based on Self discovery - you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones  -- sandy@ojaimail.com  - Ojai, California -