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William Samuel
William Samuel

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Role of the Child within Us

Excerpt from
by William Samuel 


We are watching television, and an unexpected scene brings a tear to the eye. The emotion we feel is the Child stirring within. Subtly, unnoticed thoughts inward toward the Child and outward to the scene at hand combine in stillness to elicit a movement of the Child within—and we feel it. What hasn't been common knowledge is that the Child lies at the seat of simple, honest emotions that have to do with the tender things, the true things, the good things of the human condition.

We see the enthusiasm of a puppy whose whole body wiggles in tail-wagging excitement, its head nuzzling the hands and feet of a friend. The response we feel from the center of us is the Child within confirming that the joy outside IS the within, one joy. What hasn't been common knowledge is that our empathy comes from the Original Child of us, the Good of us, eager to prove it is ever here as the Real.

We see something as we round a turn of the pathway and are tinged with some distant nostalgia, a statement within reminding us of a pleasant time in our affairs or a happy place we know. What hasn't been common knowledge is that the seat of feeling within us is the Child's domain and that our response to the unfolding view, in fact or in memory, is the Child's reminder that we are that Child, not merely the body that walks the pathway or thunders hell-bent and unthinking through a human experience. 

We see the sight of dolphins and porpoises playing alongside the ship of life. Suddenly we feel their joy and freedom, their uninhibited playfulness, and we are relieved. What hasn't been common knowledge is that their joy and zest is our joy and zest. If we had not learned what joy is, we would not recognize it in the world—and it is the Child of us that responds, feeling the same joy and zest. Our body is renewed. What hasn't been common knowledge until now is that it is the living Identity of us, the immortal Child who is stirring within, telling us It is willing to be up and out and into our affairs, bringing us up and out of the old nature to take us home to the Real again. 

We see two old folks walking slowly, hand in hand, for their evening stroll.  Suddenly something within us responds—goodness knows what we feel, but it is very good. It is warm. It is refreshing and delightful. It is in response to the Child's lessons learned somewhere along our old man's line of life. But the Child is the responder to the scene at hand, telling us that we are not the unfeeling, dispassionate aging person we thought we were. Rather, we are the Child within that doesn't grow old. We live and we know we live. We are coming back to our senses again. What hasn't been common knowledge before is that we are not the old person looking on the scene at hand, but we are the Child, the Awareness of God, looking at the subjectivity of Godhead.

Sometimes it is the Child that dreams our dreams for us—dreams to be thought about a little. It seems to me that some of my dreams do not come from the inmost Child of Me but out of my old worldly imbalances, hinting at something for me to unbind in the world I am. Something to forgive and forget. But on the mornings when I awaken to freshness and eagerness, I can be sure the Child has been at Its work during sleep, being instructed by the Father of Life.

Now, ever so slowly, line upon line, in these days at hand we are becoming aware that the Child within is the REAL of us, the IDENTITY that walks hand in hand with God, and we are beginning to let that trustworthy Child lead us. The Child I am speaks to me and writes these words. Nothing I can write of myself will be worthy of that Inner One made in the Image of God, but with the Child's help I try. The response one feels to these thoughts and ideas comes certainly from the Heart, the Child, not at all from the dying nature of the unreal man of Life. The Child laughs, too—oh, how he laughs and claps his hands!—but not in derision or hurtfulness. The Child laughs in honest confirmation that the Heart of us lives and is eternally about the Father's business. 

And I shall write my law in their inward parts and write it in their heart; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. They shall teach no more everyman his neighbor and every man his brother, saying “Know the Lord” for they shall all know me from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord, and I will remember their sin no more. (Jeremiah)

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. (Isaiah)

Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. (Jesus)

While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. (Jesus)

Ye are all the children of light and the children of day. (Paul)

Suffer little children to come unto me ... for such is the kingdom of God. (Jesus)

It is the Child that sees the primordial secret in Nature and it is the child of ourself we return to. The child within us is simple and daring enough to live the Secret. (Chungtse)

For where the beginning is, there shall be the end. (Jesus)

The children of the promise are counted for the seed. (Paul)

We are the children of the promise. (Paul)

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. (Jesus)

Who is that Child, my friend, if it isn't the one buried beneath the adulthood of yourself? We look for the Child and the Child stirs to tell us It lives. We reach for the Child and the Child comes running into our gut to respond and say, “I am come!” We begin to see small wonders again, the way we saw them as children. We acknowledge these wonders as gifts from God and lo, they come more frequently. We gird up our loins and dare tell others of the gentle Child within them, and our wonders increase and grow apace. We thank God for the Child of Life by telling our subjective selfhood of the Child they are. 

Imperceptibly, bit by bit, we let the inner Child lead us to the right hand and to the left. Imperceptibly, our reliance on external authority gives way to the Light of Life within ourselves, and we quarrel no longer with any man. Then we see the Child in all men, even the arrogant and scornful, even the feeble and sick. As we look for the Child in ourselves, we see It in all men and see them coming alive as well. THIS is to give God what is God's. 

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Identity is the Center of Being

Excerpt from 
by William Samuel 

Identity Is the Center of Being

Imagine the awe-struck wonder of the cicada when finally it climbs up and out of its two-dimensional, earthbound darkness where it has spent seventeen years in confinement. Fancy the marvel as it wrests itself free of its old shell, opens eyes it did not know it had, and then, in an instant, perceives a new, three-dimensional universe of color, sound, sunlight and love!

If you can imagine the miracle this would seem to the cicada, and multiply it a hundred thousand times, you may comprehend the wonder of the power of this "new" Identity come to bloom, power beyond the comprehension of an earth-bound, two-dimensional misperception of Identity. And this is only the beginning, reader, of countless wonders!
As we have pointed out, there appears to be a "center" being the Reality of every intellectual dualism. The "center" is often quite different in nature from either end of the duality. For instance, NOW transcends the judge's intellectual split of it. NOW is the "beginning" from which the past and future spring and to which they return. The NOW is the "two become one"; it is the "rest," the Sabbath, after the effort of swinging back and forth like a pendulum; it is the "solitary"; it is the "tree that stands unmoved in winter and summer."
We do not find the "white-light-centers" of appearances by looking for them. They are discovered unexpectedly and effortlessly in the course of living as opinionless being. Their real import cannot be comprehended intellectually. Though I may tell you that Sufficiency is the "center" from which poverty and wealth spring by way of personal opinion and judgment, and though you may be certain you understand what is meant by this, it remains for you to feel the transcendent significance for yourself. To do this, you pay a price; you surrender the old identity that makes judgments and holds opinions.

Our Identity as Awareness is the totality of the eternal qualities and attributes of the Godhead, Isness. The Deific qualities, every one, are aspects of "our" Identity, of this Awareness, present right here, right now. When we have discovered the "center" of an apparent dualism, we have comprehended an inviolable fact of the Self-I-am. The judgmental dualisms that appear to confound the intellect are the consequences of the pseudo-ego's judgments and evaluations of the eternal Center. They are the arena within which the Judge must operate; but the Center itself ever remains the transcendent Identity-being-I. (Much of the early Christian literature speaks of the "immovable trees" which reside "in the midst of the garden"; these are the Deific qualities and attributes we have been writing about.)
Is not conscious Awareness directly "between" seer and seen, as seeing in action? Who will deny it? Generally, the world is unaware of the Balance that pervades everything, permeating the events of nature and the activities of men. Balance is more than a simple presence, however; it is the basis for the way images appear—animate and inanimate, tangible and intangible, etc. More than that, it is the foundation for all that is seen as movement and action.
Words are insufficient to picture this Balance adequately. The Balance, the Whole-Center, is not Isness itself, but the totality of that which Isness knows Itself to be; it is the Self, the Identity-I. The Balance appears to our opinion-making, "thing"-evaluating, self-misidentification as a constant contention between all the dualities judgment creates-open-closed, male-female, hot-cold, good-evil, life-death, first-last, old-young, and on to infinity.
Now listen: To experience an end to all contention with "duality" (not in lip service nor in "Absolute" theory, but in fact) experienced Tranquility, the end of experienced emotional duality, hinges on our mindfulness of Tranquility as a balanced center between "feeling good" and "feeling bad." If we are to enjoy the vistas of Peace lived, if we are to enjoy the Sabbatical Rest that comes from no longer swinging back and forth, we must stop the judgmental pendulum. The Kingdom of Identity "is a movement and a rest," exactly as the one called Jesus said!

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tangible Comes After The Fact

The events of our daily affairs are much more malleable than most of us realize. In many respects “experience” is the following confirmation of our beliefs and dreams, fears and illusions. Like all tangibility, it flows behind, so to speak—like the wake of a ship. Tangibility is after the Fact, as the photograph follows after the image that is photographed; as sound follows explosion; as the tree we see flows behind That which is being the tree.

With this in mind, consider the following analogy: The daily world experience is no more than the wake of the REAL Ship which precedes it. The wake is CONFIRMATION that a very good Ship has passed along. Isn't it interesting how we get all caught up in the boiling, bubbling froth and foam, afraid of the waves, when all the while, the wake, in its totality, proves that a ship has passed this way? It is also a wonder that we are forever attempting to effect changes in the WAKE rather than looking to the perfect Ship that Life is.

“Mr. Samuel, my difficulty lies in the fact that I can't see the Ship, but I certainly see the wake of my daily experience. How can I see the Ship?”

The answer to this question, beyond the scope of reason and logic, lies in ending the fractured look at the world experience and seeing the totality of it. The whole arena of scientific endeavor is an attempt of the me-sense to understand what Mind knows Mind to be—and what Mind knows Awareness (life/knowing) to be. The human sense of things seems unaware that this is what science is all about. Man refuses to reckon Ineffability to be the basis of the matter he examines. Or, like some metaphysicians, Eastern and Western, he calls everything a dream that isn't even happening. So, unmindful of Godhead, or, God outside our calculations entirely, we weigh and measure the whirling vortexes of the Ship's wake, believing them to be the real and true. 

Reader, we begin with God. That is, we begin with the Perfect Ship and, to the best of our ability, walk lightly on the waters of the wake. All that is ever happening in the world is grand and good CONFIRMATION that God is HERE right NOW! The heart of us, the real of us—the Child-Identity Itself—sails aboard the Ship. Indeed, some have said the Child within us, the heart, IS the Ship of State. Good/evil, right/wrong, sickness/health, poverty/wealth are the right or left dualistic extremes of the wake. But the wake in its wholeness is “very good,” because it confirms the Presence of Godhead. 

Hopefully, these words will suggest how the confirmation of Good is infinitely superior to the demonstration of human desire. We find Goodness confirmed at every turn of the road and are not inundated by the threatening wave we feared when we first began “knowing the Truth.” Our real Home is not in the tangible arena of effect from prior causes, but ahead of cause—on the Ship.

Reader, I well remember the many wonderful confirmations that happened for me when I first came to understand what this Ship/wake illustrations suggests. Since then, my daily experience has grown into a constant expectancy of Good, confirmed again and again every day with healings and more. It will be exactly so for you. It is really very simple. Just as Jesus said, we get what we expect, and what we expect is what we get. We expect GOOD every minute because nothing but good is really going on. 


There is an especial Joy awaiting those who overcome. It is something mysterious and it has no name but it is Ours; it is Us; I know it is attainable because It has found me. If I can see It here, after the life I have lived, anyone willing to pay the price will be found by It, too! Part of the price is marvelously easy—doing as much to help others as we can.


The old nature of us, caught in the swirl of its little world, moves irrevocably toward oblivion. The Child of us moves straightaway to Source and finds the mysterious Joy. The Heart, like the prophets of old, is forward looking. It anticipates GOOD at every turning and perceives It. It does good for others and delights in it. Moses wrote, “...He is a prophet, and he shall pray for thee, and thou shalt live.” We look for confirmation of Good. We find it. We are the prophet. We sing the song of Joy and extend a helping hand to our world while the spiritually blind wonder at the darkness in theirs.


The receptive Heart intuits a divine (super-sensible) inversion of things. Plotinus and Eckhart called it just that: The Divine Inversion. It is the Preface to the tangible world and it is very difficult to either write or speak of because it has no recognizable frame of reference. Whatever has been said of it sounds mystical and arcane until we listen to our own heart in the matter. Then it is, for each of us, sublimely simple—a strange excitement and deep Joy. It is the goal of all honest disciplines, but the most distant and undeliverable dream of charlatans. It is an immediate and expanding gift for the self-surrendered who take God to be all in all. Yes, it is a Mystery that comes with healing on its wings—and so much more!


For where the beginning is, there shall be the end. Blessed is he who shall stand at the beginning, and he shall know the end and he shall not taste death. (Jesus)

The top-down messages that begin with Godhead—and stay there—are like golden arrows pointing to the Ship. They are like the Ship's undistorted Image glimpsed now and then midst the turmoil of the world's wake. The top-down message is a small, but potent, voice in the world awash with many, many voices.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Child is the Guide

Excerpt from

by William Samuel 

The Child is the Guide 
The feeling within, the Child my friend is finding, is the Guide to Life. It is the Christos, Gnosis—and when accepted as one's Identity—the Logos Itself.
Unfortunately, as it seems, we manage to insert an imposter between the Child and Godhead (inside) and between the Child and the world (outside). We surround the Child with that shell of identity, the old man, who has his ideas about things, and that is where our trouble lies. To try to get rid of the old nature first, as religion and metaphysical instruction has us doing, is to enter a void without vision of the Child. We find the Child first, then the old nature falls away as the morning mist along the river vanishes in the sunshine of a new day. To find the Child is to end the domination of the old man—and there is no other way.
Ah, but the world-finding is soon to begin. Man has grown in time's field, the original seed forgotten. Now the new seed is forming inside the bolls and it is nearly time for the Awakening harvest.
Along the slopes of Da Shan, we identify as a mortal, an ego, and are faced with all the problems inherent in that limited belief. On the world's slopes, we struggle with opposites assailing us from all directions. Atop Da Shan, where the Child takes us (and becomes us) quickly, we stand with the entire world under our feet, having dominion over every “thing” we understand. Our way to that promised dominion is to let the Eternal Child, which is there, and everywhere in time and space already, come to us, confirm our rightful Identity and prove that we are, indeed, the Child of God, atop the Mountain.
That confirmation appears to the old nature of us as a speeding up of the climb to understanding, even as you may sense already as you read these words. Then it comes as wonder upon wonder happening in our affairs, not all of them easy, until the old nature vanishes like the nothing it is, leaving us atop Da Shan, our head in Reality, our feet upon Reality's confirmation.

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