William Samuel

William Samuel
William Samuel

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Child is the Guide

Excerpt from

by William Samuel 

The Child is the Guide 
The feeling within, the Child my friend is finding, is the Guide to Life. It is the Christos, Gnosis—and when accepted as one's Identity—the Logos Itself.
Unfortunately, as it seems, we manage to insert an imposter between the Child and Godhead (inside) and between the Child and the world (outside). We surround the Child with that shell of identity, the old man, who has his ideas about things, and that is where our trouble lies. To try to get rid of the old nature first, as religion and metaphysical instruction has us doing, is to enter a void without vision of the Child. We find the Child first, then the old nature falls away as the morning mist along the river vanishes in the sunshine of a new day. To find the Child is to end the domination of the old man—and there is no other way.
Ah, but the world-finding is soon to begin. Man has grown in time's field, the original seed forgotten. Now the new seed is forming inside the bolls and it is nearly time for the Awakening harvest.
Along the slopes of Da Shan, we identify as a mortal, an ego, and are faced with all the problems inherent in that limited belief. On the world's slopes, we struggle with opposites assailing us from all directions. Atop Da Shan, where the Child takes us (and becomes us) quickly, we stand with the entire world under our feet, having dominion over every “thing” we understand. Our way to that promised dominion is to let the Eternal Child, which is there, and everywhere in time and space already, come to us, confirm our rightful Identity and prove that we are, indeed, the Child of God, atop the Mountain.
That confirmation appears to the old nature of us as a speeding up of the climb to understanding, even as you may sense already as you read these words. Then it comes as wonder upon wonder happening in our affairs, not all of them easy, until the old nature vanishes like the nothing it is, leaving us atop Da Shan, our head in Reality, our feet upon Reality's confirmation.

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