William Samuel

William Samuel
William Samuel

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Three Simultaneous Positions

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  There is a little understood Zen saying that goes “First, it is a mountain; then, it is not a mountain; and then, finally, it is a mountain again.”
The first, “It is a mountain,” is the objective level of things. We begin as children observing an objective world, learning about people, places and things. Our training and schooling come to us from the objective position: I am here, identified as this body; the mountain is over there. The mountain is real. The world is real, the body is real. Space and time are real. Sin, sickness, and death are not only real, but inevitable. One is prone to stop at this position and stay there. 

Somewhere, for the evolving and fortunate, and usually out of some trauma along the way, one learns of idealism, of metaphysics and its subjectivism. At this level of discernment—the metaphysical—we experience (and hear about) proof after proof that “matter” is not what it appears to be, but is “mental,” that “things” are within awareness, that matter and its space and time are not real, that we are not actually identified as the body but as the Awareness that observes the body, and so on.  At this point in our ongoingness, and as the Zen Master put it very well, “The mountain is not a mountain.” 

Let me emphasize that both the objective and subjective perspectives are happening in all of us simultaneously, here a little, there a little. The metaphysician who hasn't actually understood his subjectivism, and put it to work, might be declaring with all his intellectual might that “God is All and there is no matter,” but the religionist who has no conscious knowledge of metaphysics and has felt the “Spirit” while reading his Bible or looking at a flower may very well be more conscious of Truth than THAT metaphysician. The step from objectivism to subjectivism is claimed long before it is taken. 

Finally, there is the third level of awakening of which we are capable, every one of us: Rediscovery of Identity, the Child within. This is the sublime level of perception, and it doesn't take a metaphysical education (or any other kind) to get there. The Child within has been with us since our time began in tangible space. The inner Child has a perfectly balanced View from atop Da Shan and knows how to act subjectively in an objective world.
The Child teaches us correctly about the ephemeral nature of matter and the allness of God; showing us how to LIVE a perfect balance all the way to the end of the temporal span. The Child teaches us how to live subjectively in an objective world and in so doing, shows us that “It is a mountain again,” a tangible world that doesn't fool us and that we understand. 

The Child within leads us to the Balance, and the Balance allows us to begin the dominion and “reign,” the heritage of those who understand. The Child takes us quickly to the top of the mountain right here in the world. The Child of us is the real of us. Reader, there is a way to find that Child, and this book is about that.


“The top-down view,” the subjective view, is a way to think, a mode of mind. The top-down view “begins” its thoughts (about anything and everything) with Ineffability, God. Then, from THAT position, one reasons his way toward the scene at hand. 

The top-down mode of mentation begins with God as all in all, pure and perfect. The awareness of the reader presently reading these words is God's Self-awareness in the process of comprehension. This mode of thinking is the very foundation of subjectivism. 

The top-down mode of mentation finally becomes essential for our every thought and calculation. The top-down view knows the “real” of us is the Life of us—and is the very Awareness that perceives these words. 

This awareness was never born. It doesn't wither and die. It was never born into matter and can't go out of matter—rather, matter exists as the knowing, the wisdom, of God. The “real” of us knows in some marvelous way that only GOD is going on. The “real” of us knows that the reality of this human experience is God's activity. 

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