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William Samuel
William Samuel

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Walking With The Child


    Here is a personal letter sent to me, Sandy Jones, from William Samuel. I have shared many of his wonderful letters that he wrote to me, in my book "Barefoot at Heart - The Alchemy of Love and the Power of Light"  - I trusted his words to me and i listened to my own heart. It took some time, but I did find this childlike carefree, honest, real, living soul of myself.  I found the Light the transcends the battles in the world. And I know you can do it too - I think you will find this to be as much an inspiration and special treasure as I have always felt it to be.  With love, Sandy Jones 

      Dear Sandy,

      Sit easy as you read this.

      Clearly you are a lovely lady. Clean and decent and pure. “Worthy of my secrets.” I cannot wave a wand and make all pain and anguish go away—but they will go away! Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. 

      If anyone has ever attained to the Secret of the Child within without human anguish, I have never seen or heard of him. “Blessed is the man who has suffered, he has found the life.” Sandy, be assured that your inner turmoil is not in vain; it is not for nothing; it is not anything you are guilty for. Rather, it has been as necessary for you as it was for me—as it is to every small and large creature emerging from its self-spun darkness.  

      Here is a mystery:

      The little girl of yourself is still present within you. 

      In the world's belief, the child of us gives way to adulthood with all the anguish of growing up, growing older, marriage (or non marriage), family and all the rest of the world's tribulation. But the little girl of you is still very much alive, Sandy. I ask you to DO the following which will prove it:

      If you will take a quiet walk this evening, the Child of you will go with you. If you let her, she will see the pathway, the grass, the trees and mountains for you, just as you remember her seeing them when you were an absolutely carefree child. Anticipate that as you go for your walk.

      If you walk quietly tonight, mindful of the Child of yourself, she will let you hear the distant sounds and smell the evening fragrances exactly as she let you hear them and enjoy them when you were that wonderful seven years old.

      Gentle Sandy, that little girl you were doesn't feel the anguish of the world nor anything wayward. The pure, simple, credulous pristine Child of us doesn't give two hoots about religion or mysticism or human problems. She holds God's hand eternally, fearlessly, joyfully, calmly, filled with awe and wonder, excitement and surging love. 

      That is the Child I send this letter to. That is the Child I know you were Originally—and are now. That is the Child YOU know you are as well. She is the one I saw from the first time I met you those years ago. She hasn't gone anywhere She hasn't been destroyed by time, guilt, mistakes, age nor anything else. The Child of us seems to leave us in human time. It is supposed to—hidden for a long time in time—thence to be rediscovered and reborn right out here in time's sequential unfolding. She is the Original Christ Child of us, closer than fingers and toes, closer than breathing, waiting to be re-acknowledged, called forth and rediscovered.

      Walk with her tonight, Sandy. Look at the stars as you did those years ago. Be still and patient. Something will stir within. You will feel Something deep within yourself. That greater than sensual marvel stirring within is the Christ Child of Yourself telling you that you are coming alive again and coming home again; that your longings can be fulfilled; that you have important things to do here in this arena of time and space.

      Hear me once again, Sandy with the strawberry hair: Your own Child Selfhood is still alive! You will be looking at the world through those True Eyes again. I promise you that because I know what I have found for myself. The Child of you is the Child of me is the Child of Everyman. “Lest we become as children...” it is said.

      Tonight, in the quiet of your walk, feel that grand Marvel within yourself—nothing less than the kingdom of Heaven itself. That marvel we feel can grow into Something a hundred times more marvelous than anything we have ever imagined before. You and I are holding hands there, Sandy. We are One with God and with all children. We joy uninhibitedly with a holy delight within. 

      Religion knows a little about the Child, but has rather misdirected attention to a figure “out there” in linear history. Metaphysics knows nothing of the Child at all! Isn't that interesting? But, don't misunderstand; metaphysics is subjectively correct. It is a PART of the Mystery. Religion's misdirection is correctly part of the Mystery, too.

      I have more to tell you as you find the Child! Your time will come, lady who laughs and cries and worries about her children. The first Child to concern yourself with is the one within. That one takes care of the others.

      Walk through the Door tonight, Sandy. Walk on beyond your fears. See how very much alive you are still. Something Wonderful will walk with you tonight. Watch and see.

    Love from Woodsong on a misty morning, birds singing extra special for you and me—and everyone.  Billy - 

    If you would like further guidance in understanding William's work and his message of Identity and Self discovery and the honest living of your own unbound Joy, you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones - Ojai, Ca -

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