William Samuel

William Samuel
William Samuel

Friday, November 10, 2017


Excerpt from
 by William Samuel 



Note: The following lecture is as good a place as any to begin. It has served countless times to call home the prodigal wandering in the pigsties of worry, frustration and fear. Just as much of the work in this volume, it serves well to be read aloud.


  Now is the only "time" one is ever concerned with. Reader, consider this a moment, because here and now, a magnificent first fact of Truth begins to unfold. It has to do with now; the primacy of now; the allness of now; the absoluteness of now.

  When do we see a flower? That is, what time does the seeing take place? I see the flower now, we say.

  When do we see the picture of a flower in a book? Now. When do we smell the fragrance of a rose? When do we touch it, enjoy it, experience it? Now.
  When does one hear a voice or a melody? When does one experience the occurrence of any event? Now!

Listen carefully: When do we remember the event? When do we reminisce about the event? When do we think about the past? Now; always now!

  When do we dream of a future event? When do we plan and calculate concerning future activities? Now. All experience, all activity. All memory of the past, dream of the future, thinking and thought taking are inevitably, invariably "happening" in the now. Isn't this so?

  So you see, it becomes evident to anyone who stops long enough to acknowledge it, now is the only time we are ever concerned with. It is always now! We cannot escape it.

  Even so, what has humanity done to now? What has man done to this ubiquitous, all-inclusive, ever-present now? He has made it the most infinitesimal part of a great time system. He has sandwiched it between a past that stretches infinitely in one direction, and a future that extends forever in the other. He has relegated it to the merest razor's edge on a sliding scale between a past and a future. Is this not so? To humanity, now—this very moment of Awareness—is so fleeting, so ephemeral and transitory, that one cannot find it on the very device used to measure it. Try to point to now on your watch and it is instantly past, a memory.

  Ah, but when do we recall the memory? Now. When do we see the watch? Now. When does one speculate about the fleeting nature of humanity's time? Now. When does one awaken to the fact that he is never concerned with a past or a future except right now? Now! When does one experience? Now. So, reader, when do you expect to discover Reality? When do you expect to experience a "healing" or a "demonstration"? When do you expect to experience completeness and happiness? Now!


  Look at a flower. We see it now. We behold its form now. We are aware of the flower, right here, right now; but suppose we think about something else while looking at the flower. Think about that big bill that is past due and worry a little. What seems to happen to the awareness of the flower? We are not as aware of it as before, are we? We are looking at it with eyes that hardly see. It seems fuzzy, hardly noticed, but the same rose is there; the same beauty, the same form, the same grace and magnificent delicacy is right before us to be beheld and enjoyed, but we hardly see it. We are too busy worrying about the bill. We are too busy thinking.

  The bill is not now. All that is now is the awareness of the rose. The rose in all its loveliness is now. The bill is nothing more than a memory that is not in this now-awareness unless we choose to put it there.

  We see that thinking is like a film spread over the eyes; like a mist that covers the whole face of the land; like a veil; like looking at the flower—and everything else—through a glass darkly.


  We view the rose again. It is here, within Awareness which is aware now. The time of Awareness is always now. Right now, Awareness includes a rose. Look at it closely. See it with rapt and undivided attention. Behold with enthusiasm! This is beauty here and now! While so aware, can we be aware of worry, fear or grief in the same now? Are we? Absolutely not! The "return" to "now" is an automatic departure from the not-now, past and future.

  As we shall point out in the coming pages, now is always all right! It is filled with beauty, grace and magnificence, containing no sight, sound nor sensation that is not absolutely harmless and altogether perfect. You shall very soon see and understand—even before you finish this volume—now is filled with peace, serenity, sassy and sparkling happiness. It is filled to running over with everything one thinks he needs.

  So, as we turn from the memory of the past and dreams of the future—as we turn from thinking—we are neither ignoring Reality (as the world contends) nor burying our heads in the sand to escape the "press of circumstances." Contrariwise, we find ourselves returning to the perfection at hand, to discover anew that now is all that is real and all we ever need be concerned with!

  Here "troubles" are not ignored, nor is a home or business neglected. Here we see with the clarity with which the rose is seen when we are not weighted down with fear and consternation. Here we see things as they are, and accordingly, know better what to do.

  Have you heard these words?: "Behold, now! Now is the time. Now is the day of salvation. Now I am with you always. The kingdom is here and now. You can tell the signs in the sky but you do not know to test this now. Now are we the sons of God. Now! Now! Here and now! I will never leave you nor forsake you."

  Reader, this now, here and now, is a basic fact of Isness, God, Reality. There is no need to be over-concerned with a past or future when the transcendent NOW exists to enjoy and be.


"BUT WHAT IF ... ?"

  Those who have just begun to hear about and ponder the transcendent nature of now are ever anxious to create hypothetical situations and present them to us in the gravest tones to see how "this new way of looking at things" will take care of it. "But, what if such and so . . . ?" they ask, picturing something they think most awful. "Suppose you should see this or that horrible mess, what would you do then?" they ask, to see how we will rationalize or explain away a situation that is not even a part of this now in the first place—except as a harmless dream! 

  Over-concern with the not-now is a portion of the farcical foolishness that has us so in the habit of overlooking the beauty, wonder and perfection of the moment. Jesus admonished those who questioned Him along these lines to "look on the living One (the now-awareness) as long as you live . . . " He likened their concern about the not-now to a corpse.

  Reader, before I found Tranquility, I had to concede honestly that I was ever concerned with the present now-awareness, alone and only. I had to see that all speculation about a not-now was a silly waste, tending to hide the beauty of the moment. It is the business of dreaming, wondering and worrying, so to speak, that appears to present a confused now in need of correction. To stick to the now is to find it perfect, without need of correction—and containing nothing to fear!

  When these hypothetical situations are tossed into my lap, I can only ask where is any of it happening in this here-and-now? To those who persist in struggling with the not-now, I say again as it was said before, "You have dismissed the living One—Now—that is before you and have spoken about a corpse." (Thomas, Log. 52.)

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On Balance


We hear little on the subject of balance in our religious or metaphysical study, which is something of a surprise considering the absolute necessity of finding and maintaining it. One doesn't have to look far in the scientific, religious or metaphysical scene to find evidence of woeful imbalances among people. 

We must conclude that since our return to a conscious knowledge of Identity is much like a mountain climb wherein we're busy confirming the Truth of Identity, then the climbing is integrally concerned with balance. If we lose it, we fall away from the Center of Identity into the chaos of imbalance. But there is more than one balance to find and maintain in our search for Truth. There are several of them, each necessary in various places in our climb to confirmation.

The first balance is the karmaic teeter totter between cause and effect, good and evil—just as much the province of science as religion. This, the first balance we really become aware of, is like walking a plank across a chasm. Living morally and honestly, one maintains his balance and doesn't topple into the reactive world of negative effects of punishment. It is the “go and sin no more” balance—and is absolutely basic. It is part of the “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” ethic.

Beyond this linear, karmaic balance is another, “higher” on the scale of things. It is the balance we begin to maintain between the inner and outer world—the inside/outside equation. We see the “image/thing” and strike a balance between the thing and the thought or feeling, the subjective basis for the image. This is the province of metaphysics. 

Prior to (or simultaneous with) the metaphysical inner/outer balance is the hierarchical or cosmological equation. This is established consciously when the “below” of human authority is surrendered, precept upon precept, to the divine Authority “above,” to which is given all power and importance until such time as the Above—the Ineffable—becomes all in all to us and the “below” of us lives self-surrendered. When the surrender is made in actual fact, the new balance of things eventually brings us to DO what is demanded of us. This, the reader knows, is the discovery that Awareness is God's, not man's. It is the discovery of the real Identity—and the actions that accompany that revelation. This balance is also part of the “Golden Rule.”

I hastily mention the male/female balance here. The discovery of awareness as Identity mandates the acceptance of male and female equally. Awareness is as much female as male, as much male as female. We stop thinking of ourselves in terms of gendered man or woman, but as Life, Awareness—which is being all there is to the appearances of either gender. This balance is lived in the world as an equal appreciation for men and women. The Lights of the world have been as thorough in their instruction of women as of men; it has been the organizations that followed them that began the discrimination and lower status of women.

Overspreading all these balances, and going on continually everywhere in nature, is the divine Balance and its Equation—the very living process by which tangible life gives and receives, receives and gives, in-breathing and out-breathing, passing the Light of Life onward to those within and without—and receiving from the “outside” and allowing it to pass along to the Within. This is the divine Balance and its Equation—spoken of with such simple eloquence by LaoTse, Buddha and Jesus, among other—and misspoken in countless words of lesser truth by half-prophets who have never heard of the mystic's Equation, nor dreamed it existed. The Equation comes with the Child, the Comforter that leads to all peace. Our living It, consciously or otherwise, is the open door to the Kingdom. The Equation lived is the forgiveness of sins (imbalances).

It is not the imbalance of too much action (like one who oversteps himself on the karmaic plank and falls into sin) that is half so fatal to the metaphysician as the non-action of doing nothing. Intellectual and spiritual pride evoke a catatonia, a state of non-action in the world which assails one in later life. I see old seekers hanging onto their plateaus of understanding (Absoluteness being one of the stickier wickets) where one grows thick, opaque and stubborn, unable to break free, wondering what happened to his Truth when he needs it most. On these wickets one finds himself assailed by depression, ennui, hopelessness and/or mental imbalances capable of dragging him to his tangible, human finish. There is no escape from this deadliness by making positive affirmations of by declaring that “God is all!” The escape comes with LIVING the Equation again—the balancing Child-ACTION of GIVING and RECEIVING once more as we did when we were children and when we were new students of Truth. We allow the Equation to work its magic in our affairs again; we pass the Glimpses along to others (giving God what's God's)—to receive therefrom. We give our tangible goods to those who need them (giving the world whatever we can give of our substance) to receive therefrom.

The idea grows so quickly (and devilishly) that, as seekers of truth, we know something that others don't. Just as quickly comes the vainglorious idea that there is no one with whom we can discuss these ideas. El poo poo! The match struck in the dark corner of Da Shan's face has sufficient darkness to dispel. How the darkness is dissipated dawns slowly for us until we find one who has been given the Equation, along with the means and courage to tell us of it. These living persons are rare, but there is a written record of many of them. 

Listen, listen. WE ARE ADMONISHED TO PASS ALONG THE LIGHT we've grown to perceive TO OUR ENTIRE SUBJECTIVE SELFHOOD! (“Preach ye the gospel to all the world!” said the One.) Our work isn't finished until we do. “When you make the two one ... the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner ... then shall you enter the Kingdom,” has been the admonition from the first. We LIVE the Primal Balance consciously in our daily affairs and see it tangibly reestablished (for our confirmation) in our personal experience, the world. This is to see “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” 

Of all people within this experience-I-am, my metaphysical selfhood appears to understand least of the great responsibility that comes with the Truth. We have a mighty work to accomplish before we are done with the human drama and leave the slopes of Da Shan. These ideas haven't been given to us for nothing. Every one who reads these words is capable of living The Equation. 


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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Three Simultaneous Positions

Excerpt from


  There is a little understood Zen saying that goes “First, it is a mountain; then, it is not a mountain; and then, finally, it is a mountain again.”
The first, “It is a mountain,” is the objective level of things. We begin as children observing an objective world, learning about people, places and things. Our training and schooling come to us from the objective position: I am here, identified as this body; the mountain is over there. The mountain is real. The world is real, the body is real. Space and time are real. Sin, sickness, and death are not only real, but inevitable. One is prone to stop at this position and stay there. 

Somewhere, for the evolving and fortunate, and usually out of some trauma along the way, one learns of idealism, of metaphysics and its subjectivism. At this level of discernment—the metaphysical—we experience (and hear about) proof after proof that “matter” is not what it appears to be, but is “mental,” that “things” are within awareness, that matter and its space and time are not real, that we are not actually identified as the body but as the Awareness that observes the body, and so on.  At this point in our ongoingness, and as the Zen Master put it very well, “The mountain is not a mountain.” 

Let me emphasize that both the objective and subjective perspectives are happening in all of us simultaneously, here a little, there a little. The metaphysician who hasn't actually understood his subjectivism, and put it to work, might be declaring with all his intellectual might that “God is All and there is no matter,” but the religionist who has no conscious knowledge of metaphysics and has felt the “Spirit” while reading his Bible or looking at a flower may very well be more conscious of Truth than THAT metaphysician. The step from objectivism to subjectivism is claimed long before it is taken. 

Finally, there is the third level of awakening of which we are capable, every one of us: Rediscovery of Identity, the Child within. This is the sublime level of perception, and it doesn't take a metaphysical education (or any other kind) to get there. The Child within has been with us since our time began in tangible space. The inner Child has a perfectly balanced View from atop Da Shan and knows how to act subjectively in an objective world.
The Child teaches us correctly about the ephemeral nature of matter and the allness of God; showing us how to LIVE a perfect balance all the way to the end of the temporal span. The Child teaches us how to live subjectively in an objective world and in so doing, shows us that “It is a mountain again,” a tangible world that doesn't fool us and that we understand. 

The Child within leads us to the Balance, and the Balance allows us to begin the dominion and “reign,” the heritage of those who understand. The Child takes us quickly to the top of the mountain right here in the world. The Child of us is the real of us. Reader, there is a way to find that Child, and this book is about that.


“The top-down view,” the subjective view, is a way to think, a mode of mind. The top-down view “begins” its thoughts (about anything and everything) with Ineffability, God. Then, from THAT position, one reasons his way toward the scene at hand. 

The top-down mode of mentation begins with God as all in all, pure and perfect. The awareness of the reader presently reading these words is God's Self-awareness in the process of comprehension. This mode of thinking is the very foundation of subjectivism. 

The top-down mode of mentation finally becomes essential for our every thought and calculation. The top-down view knows the “real” of us is the Life of us—and is the very Awareness that perceives these words. 

This awareness was never born. It doesn't wither and die. It was never born into matter and can't go out of matter—rather, matter exists as the knowing, the wisdom, of God. The “real” of us knows in some marvelous way that only GOD is going on. The “real” of us knows that the reality of this human experience is God's activity. 

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work based on Self discovery - you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones  -- sandy@ojaimail.com  - Ojai, California -