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William Samuel
William Samuel

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Heart Blooms in Light


I would like to make clear a wondrous fact concerning this matter of judglessness. Many have found it already and have written in great excitement to tell me of it, but it seems to be a point difficult to understand by those who have only given the action of living judglessly a half-hearted try.  Many a puzzlement can be cleared up when we understand this: To the extent that we stop placing good-bad values on our images of awareness, OUR ABILITY TO DISTINGUISH INCREASES, and increases enormously.

There is a great difference between value-judgments and distinctions—a difference not easily understood until we actually get underway and begin ending our judgments. Then the great difference becomes apparent and, as it does, our actions follow suit, often to the wonder (and criticism) of the world.

To make this point crystal clear, let it be said again: The ability to distinguish increases as judgment ends. Distinguish what? New sights we have been unconscious of before; feelings we long since thought had vanished with the years. But more, we find an ever growing ability to distinguish new things in areas not recognized as containing new things—somewhat as if we had long been familiar with a bowl of glass marbles, heretofore seen simply as "marbles" but now, bit by bit, seen to be marbles of different sizes, colors and designs—all these apparent distinctions that others seem not to see at all!  Yes, perception "becomes" clear and acute. An intuitive alertness of a new kind develops. Inevitably, the wonder is how we could have been so stupid as to miss these things before.


But, lo, with this positive phenomenon in one direction, come another in the opposite. (Contradistinction! The "means" by which Singleness is tangibly known). This new ability to perceive distinctions (arriving as the natural consequence of subduing judgmental living) is often viewed as a judgmental action by "others"! — in particular, by those of us who have intellectually arrived at the advantages of judglessness but have not given it a real try. "The less judgmental or critical I am,"  someone writes, "the more I am accused of it! Why?" Another question comes: "Why should I expect mental clarity and feelings of youth to increase as I stop living judgmentally? If I could believe that, I would give it a try."

When the intellect understands a point, it is occasionally willing to concede it. The following illustration has proven helpful to "make clear upon the tables" the why and how of the tangible "results" that come from hanging the apple back on the tree. At the same time it will point out the differences between judgment and distinction—and why our new found ability to distinguish appears as judgment to "others."

Reader, put yourself INTO this illustration. Take your present lingering likes, dislikes, wants and wishes into this analogy and see how and why they are, everyone, monumentally more than you suspect.


Suppose we have been raised since youth to be frightened of the forest on the other side of the field. Because we believed what we were told of the forest (by parents or school, church or society) we have never gone near it and, in the distance, that forest appears to be a dark foreboding fringe at the edge of the field. We have judged the forest to be bad. We are afraid of it and stay away. Keep this picture in mind as we proceed.

See how fear limits our action. We do not go in that direction.
Is family or society to blame for our fear? Are they guilty? They may tell us incorrectly that the forest is bad but it is we who accept what "they say" as true. Our acceptance of the value-judgment is our doing and it is our own belief in the lie that has us suffering.

Our first consideration should be what WE-AS-IDENTITY-HERE accept as Fact; what Identity-HERE believes, and not what should or should not come forth from the sundry sand-foundationed teachers out there.  We cannot know what to do constructively about the authorities and governments of the world until we have gotten things straight as Identity HERE first.

Note, especially: our living the belief (and "suffering" from it) has surely served as the means to KNOW beyond intellectually that Authority exists HERE AS I, not there as that. (Are we going to forever condemn the events that have served us so well?)


Now we take the illustration another step. Some aspect of our ever new and "expanding" Self comes along and tells us that the dark fringe at the edge of the field is neither good nor bad but that an unnecessary value-judgment makes it seem so. Something within us responds and whispers, "It is so! It is only a forest being a forest!" What happens now?

Whenever the Heart blooms in Light, there is a lessening of illusory fear. The dark fringe seems less ominous and we are not quite so afraid to walk in that direction. Former restrictions are vanishing but (notice) old patterns of reaction remain. The habit of not going near the forest remains until we put our new Light and freedom into action. Reader, for me, facing former judgments has been a matter of girding up the loins, flouting former ways and walking across the entire field, row by row, to remind myself anew and again that the Power is not there with that, but here as Identity, thence finally to know beyond doubt that the fear was actually without foundation.


Listen: Herein lie the reasons why judgless living so wondrously sharpens us, increasing our sensibilities beyond all we have ever known: What happens to the dark fringe as we live judglessly, walk across the field and insist on our freedom? (That is, what happens when we face up to our old fears without our former beliefs of them?) The forest becomes more distinct. It changes color. Soon we are aware of many things we did not see before—individual trees, shrubs, flowers. We hear sounds of nature we did not know existed. And in time we see that some trees are tall and some short, some old and some young. Some bend like the willow; others are unyielding like the oak. What was once a single, unqualified "bad" is seen to be a transcendent infinity.

There are not judgments hoving into view, reader. These are distinctions that our fearless living of judglessness has allowed us to become aware of. There is a vast difference between distinctions and judgments—distinctions being qualities and attributes (of Isness) precluded from conscious (tangible) view by judgment and apparent only when that judgment ends and the former fear faced. Distinctions are the reasons that lie behind the appearances.

What was once a miserable dark fringe is now seen to be a forest composed of oak, hickory, pine, and sassafras, each different, each beautiful, each doing its part to make a perfect forest a perfect forest. We see varieties of things we never knew existed. Our ability to distinguish has increased enormously. The absence of fear (or desire) has allowed us to experience what seems to the old point of view to be an expanding of awareness, an increasing sensibility, a proliferating capability to distinguish—see, hear, feel—things as they are, rather than as they seem. And they inevitably transcend anything the fearful view could have dreamed.

What once seemed to be the fearful forest of a retarded child is perhaps seen to be a faithful teacher at who's feet we sit in awe and wonder, WE the student, the child a very faithful and wonderful teacher! What once seemed to be a dark forest of family friction or marital inharmony is seen to be a new aspect of Light and Love coming to be acknowledged. What once seemed to be the woodland of penury, poverty, woe and want is recognized as the perfect condition which brought us to the very enlightenment going on right HERE, right NOW. The reasons for the fringe begin to appear. Enigmas that had been painful before begin to vanish quietly, imperceptibly, as the morning mist along the river vanishes before the sunshine and gentle wind out of the West. We hold hands and sing. We hear angels laughing.


Suppose "two" of us have been looking at the dark fringe at the edge of the field and each has heard of the advantages of ending incessant criticism and value-judgment, but only one girds up the loins to walk across the field. What happens? The brave one tells of his ever increasing ability to distinguish oak from elm only to find that his distinctions appear as judgments to the one still on the sideline who cannot see them. He is likely to hear himself asked why he doesn't practice what he preaches about judglessness—and this is the abuse nearly always suffered by those who dare put their Light into action. There are many, for one reason or another, who are determined to defend their particular theory of the forest—even as we did before our theory gave way to Fact. But, "Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely..." what comes as criticism of our action can in no way gainsay the JOY of freedom we FEEL and KNOW about beyond guess-work. Unless we choose to let it!

In the end, we have no alternative but to stop worrying about what "they say" and concern ourselves with naught but this HERE and NOW Identity, our own SELF-experience and the integrity thereof. When we are seen entering and leaving the forest, we will surely be asked about our views by those who are sincerely interested—the only ones who listen anyway. Most often, the old nature of us only wants its cherished opinions verified and strengthened.  It is very fast to lower the boom on anything that doesn't.

But even this is just part of the fun of walking across the field. As we actually begin to subdue the old habit of making judgments and as we recede from the old views of our former beliefs (the world's view), we see those old beliefs in a new light too. Finally, at the edge of the once feared forest, we TURN AROUND and see the whole human scene in ITS singleness, amazed to discover that even that is transcendentally more than we ever dreamed it could, couldn't, should or shouldn't be.


Reader, the way "across the field" is to see Identity as all there is to both field and forest. It is to see that there is not a real judgmental "me" who continues in the need to be fearful of some aspect of himself in order to "learn" thereby. We see ourselves as Infinite Wisdom who knows, not an ignorant tub of trembling jelly who needs to learn.

There is no way there but to be there. There is no way there but to be there!
But we do not use this knowledge as an excuse to continue condemning the forest nor rail at others who appear to.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017



Illumination is a Fact. We have, however, grown accustomed to thinking it must always be the other fellow, the saint or the avatar, who experiences it, not ourself. Then, we wonder why those who have awakened have gone from the scene. We think of their withdrawal to lofty ivory towers where they sit in lonely solitude.
“Illumination,” like all things sublime, creeps into the conscious awareness of the willing and childlike. It enters on kitten's feet, unannounced. It comes as the prophet said, “...here a little, there a little.”

“But how do we know when we KNOW?”

We find ourselves with the Answer.
“What is the answer?” The answers to the problems that perplex us—and others.
“Do you know the answers?”
Those that, by God's grace, I have been shown, come to know, have proven and am finally given the courage to tell about.
“How can I know you know?”
You can look for yourself at the words that are written. You can ask and see if the answer you get is applicable in your affairs—and works in your heart.
If the religionist's religion isn't doing all it has promised to do, that one hasn't found the Light behind religion.
If the subjectivist's metaphysics isn't working in his affairs, that one hasn't found the Light that underlies his subjective studies.
The fact is, in Western metaphysic's subjective textbooks, there is no general inclusion of the subject of Illumination at all. Why? The answer is painful.


(A summary)

Dear Mary who writes of her search for Truth,

  Yes! You have been there all the while—standing on the very peak of the mountain of recognition! Since before Abraham was, Identity has been right here. Now you know for yourself that the “climb” to the mountain top of Understanding, Intelligence, Wisdom and Identity is actually confirmation. Human events are happening in reverse, so to speak, CONFIRMING the Fact of perfect Alreadyness. Those events happen “precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.”

Yes, exactly as your letter states, “Our fastest way to the top of the mountain of nearly endless seeking is to understand Identity is there in Truth ALREADY”. (“The only Way there is to BE there!”), and then our human experience begins to CONFIRM that fact. Our confirmation is inverse and comes sequentially, step by step. We see things marvelous in a twinkle, but it may take a lifetime to confirm them. On the human scene where time holds sway, this confirmation seems like the ascent of a mountain, the flow of the river to the sea, the growth of a tree from seed to seed and a return to our Original freedom. The Authority of God is confirmed for us, “line upon line,” just as you write. Originally, this is what “confirmation” meant in the eyes of the enlightened.

Mary, I delight in your letter, remembering all the times you growled at the absurdity of the world, its injustices and enigmas. Now, it is good to know you understand some of them for yourself and “have returned to the non-self atop Da Shan.” You didn't need to remind me of your “incredulous disbelief” of those early days—nor of your “endless arguments.” How could I forget them? But, as you have seen, your Self-discovery was inevitable. “At last I see It for mySelf,” you write. “Self-discovery in time is inevitable because it has already happened in timelessness.” Exactly. You state the sequence precisely. The wonder is that we could have overlooked the obvious for so long. But it didn't seem obvious at first, did it? Now we find ourselves wondering exactly as Jesus did, why the spiritual leaders and metaphysicians of the world are the last to see this mystery rather than the first.

 Mary, now that the things I told you have proven themselves to be true, please listen carefully once more. Your work has just begun! There is much for you to DO in this world of appearances! For every person I have helped around the bends of the river or along the slopes of Da Shan, you will help a thousand.   Inasmuch as “those other people” are within THIS consciousness of sequentiality (time), we have arrived at the ability and obligation to address them ALL and tell them of their birthright. We do it now that we know it. We help others find it and do it, now that we can. We don't stop until everyone within us has had the opportunity to walk through the Door we find ourselves to be.

You will be given “yours” who will hear your Voice, and you will be faithful to them, giving them your Glimpses and substance, and they to you, even as you have been faithful to me and I to you. This is what we are here for, Mary, lady of the New Covenant within.

I love you!

Mary has found a measure of herself, called “Identity.” It didn't happen as she expected. It didn't happen because she did the things outlined in the textbooks and teachings of the churches and philosophic schools. Nor did Mary do it alone as seekers are wont to believe is necessary.

by William Samuel 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Home Again

Excerpt from "The Child Within Us Lives!" by William Samuel 


Pollyanna must come to mind as one hears words such as these, as if this were her final stand in our affairs. This time let's grab her. If she's the Child, catch her quickly. “The wise man will not hesitate to ask a small child seven days old about the place of life....” Those were the words of Jesus. Isaiah told of the Child; Jesus identified as the Child he found himself to be. We are to do the same.
I doubt that many will want to understand these things until their enchantment with self-importance and adulthood has passed. Just as a soldier who has thrown grenades and fended bayonets understands what fear is and what peace is, youth doesn't understand the Child until it has put it aside, buried it and lost all trace of it for a time—thence to miss it and need it—then, fortuitously, at a moment like this, come home to it again. Do you hear that? Come home to it again! Indeed, this is the purpose of adulthood, the struggling human experience and irrevocable move toward death in time.
It's like the old man who went back to his home in the hills of Tennessee after working in a mill town during the hard days of the war. When he returned to the mountains, he knew what blue sky really is and what a frisky thing a squirrel is and what beauty actually is. When he got back to his clean, unspoiled hills, his “was beautiful” of memory turned into an “is beautiful” now again, and he began living the beauty that had gone unrecognized until he lived the ugliness of war.
Well now, listen closely again. We've lived our adulthood to total frustration for nearly eleven thousand years of human time, time and time again, to no avail. So now, finally, we look within, find the Child still alive, uncover it, listen to it, follow it—and that Eternal Child of God within, the Christ of us, takes us straight up the mythical mountain to the peak where we become that Child beyond time, in living fact for all our world to see and understand and do likewise.
No. This is no Pollyanna tale being told here. This is a truth for everyone, old and young. These words sound one way to the intellect, but they feel quite another to the listening, non-judgmental heart within us—and then, sooner or later, perhaps this day, the feelings come to confirm that it's true and to make it alive and real, despite our sophistication and human importance, despite the gnarled finger, stiff joints, dimming vision and painful memories. Despite them and despite the world of time and space. Ah, then—a miracle for some of us who choose—instead of them.
You see, religion has missed the mark ever so slightly. It has us awaiting a linear Christ in time, but the Christ Light is closer than that. It is not only within us. It is us. Did you hear that? It IS us. When we find that out, we comprehend clearly that the linear Christ of time CONFIRMS the Child we are.
Metaphysics has said nothing about the Child whatever, has it? Subjectivism, for all its looking within, misses the Child entirely—and the Child's Equation. There is a good reason for this, as we shall see later.
From the book available on Amzon "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"
 By William Samuel

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sublime Level of Perception

Finally, there is the third level of awakening of which we are capable, every one of us, metaphysician and religionist alike: Rediscovery of Identity, the Child within. This is the sublime level of perception, and it doesn't take a metaphysical education (or any other kind) to get there. The Child within has been with us since our time began in tangible space. The inner Child has a perfectly balanced View from atop Da Shan and knows how to act subjectively in an objective world.

No, the Child within us doesn't throw away its metaphysics as the metaphysician has mistakenly thrown away “old theology.” The Child teaches us correctly about the ephemeral nature of matter and the allness of God. The Child doesn't insist that we leave our wonderful subjectivity (or objective world either), but shows us how to LIVE a perfect balance all the way to the end of the temporal span.
Nor does the Child throw out every old concept of religion, especially mankind's love of humanity. Rather, the Child of us comes to discover religion again, this time with a knowledge of what it is and what it was originally—and why it appears on the scene as a confusing melange of doctrines. The Child teaches us how to live subjectively in an objective world and in so doing, shows us that “It is a mountain again,” a tangible world that doesn't fool us and that we understand.
The Child within leads us to the Balance, and the Balance allows us to begin the dominion and “reign,” the heritage of those who understand. The Child takes us quickly to the top of the mountain right here in the world. The Child of us is the real of us. Reader, there is a way to find that Child, and this book is about that.
William Samuel "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"

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The Crux of the Matter

Excerpt from "A Guide to Awareness and Tranquility" 
by William Samuel 

We have examined Awareness to discover it includes all things. Awareness is the function, the activity, of Mind, Consciousness—but whose Mind? Whose Consciousness? Here is the crux of the matter! Whose Awareness is this? Who owns the Awareness that is presently reading these words? Is it yours? Mine?
Ask these questions and answer them for yourself before reading another word. Stop; put the book aside and consider this Awareness. Have you been considering it "yours"? Have you been acting on the assumption—perhaps unconsciously—that this consciousness is "mine"? Have you been thinking of it as the activity of your own mind? Be completely honest.
The perception of this point was basic in my comprehension of Reality, so I want to make it very clear to the reader. I ask you to look at the table across the room or at the blue sky outside your window. This "seeing" is Awareness in action. By now we surely understand that the blue sky and the table, like images on the television screen, are "within" this Awareness that is aware; but listen closely; have we not thought of this consciousness as a personal possession?—as "mine," "yours," ours," "his"? Reader, this is precisely what mankind believes; this is the position from which he has acted since the beginning of time; this is what religion, philosophy and education have taught to this very moment, but it is not true! Such a concept is entirely false, and it is upon this false premise that the trials and tribulations of humanity are constructed.
Understand this: this Now-awareness is neither yours nor mine. It does not belong to someone called "me" or "us." It does not "belong," period! Awareness (Life) IS!
But who are we?
Awareness is who we are! Awareness itself! We are not the ego, the personality or body, who says Awareness is "mine." THAT is the incorrect identity, the "old man," the "liar from the beginning" the "deceiver," the devil himself. THAT is the one to be "put off." That is the one to "come out from . . . and be ye separate."
Listen carefully: The basic building block for our entire personal belief in an inharmonious human experience is the incorrect assumption that our present identity is one who owns-possesses-contains-the Awareness of these words; The belief that Awareness is the function of "our" personal mind; That we are the custodians of Consciousness; That we are the recipients of Life.
As long as we believe we are the container of Awareness, we identify ourselves, not as Awareness itself, but as an empty ego; as the one who attempts to have Awareness show us the things we want, the way we want them. As long as we believe this, we are acting a role outside the realm of the Real, attempting to make a servant, a slave, a lackey of God's own consciousness of being!
Ponder this basic fact. Once the Truth of it is felt, we do not long continue to identify ourselves as the "old man" who must be put off or as the mortal who must die. Rather, we claim Awareness itself—Life, Reality, Truth, Infinite Intelligence itself—as the sole and only Identity.
The Awareness that sees these words is this Identity! The Awareness-being-I includes the Universe entire! We can never actually be the one who claims to possess, contain, imprison, enslave and make a servant of Awareness. When we believe ourselves to be that one, we live as "a house divided," in bondage to our own false sense of Self.
Reader, you are not one who is aware. You are Awareness!
From "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity" 
By William Samuel

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