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William Samuel
William Samuel

Monday, November 4, 2019

About Idealism and Materialism

This following paper was included in a personal letter William Samuel had sent me years ago. It was an unpublished paper from his private journal. It's truly profound, and as often is with William's words, prophetic. Here is something to really understand with the heart of you. There is a light within these words that will help guide you through the idealogical and political turmoil and upheaval going on in the world today. Steady and true - I share it again with you now.


From unpublished papers written by  William Samuel, 1978 

The age old struggle between idealism and materialism continue with materialism making the most apparent gains. The genuine idealist is becoming rather difficult find.

Now we have reached the point, right here in America, when our two political parties are, in their very essence, embodiments of these two extremes. Idealism, the least popular, because the least understood, is the basis for the conservative view of government. On the other hand, materialism is the foundation for the liberal view of government.

It is my hope that someone will come along who is capable of pointing out so that all can clearly understand the basic difference is these two views. They are diametrically opposed one to the other. One says that “ideal society” can and must be regulated by laws; the other declares that the fewer laws the better an individual is able to operate to build the ideal society. The later group points out that "laws" are “regulations of human conduct” and that “freedom” is the “absence of regulations.” They maintain that we are removing our freedom by over regulating ourselves with laws at all levels of government and that we must reverse the trend lest one day we find all our personal freedom gone the way of government, rule, and regulation, for which we must pay the bill.

It is interesting to note that such a struggle between opposite points of view was waged in China 2500 years ago. Confucius advocated a powerful central government of law and regulations. Loatse, on the other hand, quietly maintained that the less law and less government the better. Confucius carried the day because the bulk of the people approved the idea of a great central caretaker and regulator of their problems. The Loatsen view called for personal humility in the face of Divine Law which was already perfectly established and which could be discerned and followed by men if they didn’t allow themselves to be carried away, distracted, inundated by human laws, rules an regulation.

History records that the strong governments eventually become corrupted in an era of gross materialism, void of religion, and fell apart. Yet the Laotsen ideas became the basis for one of the most magnificent religions the world has ever known—its idealism still a major influence in the world today.

Mayhap someone will also point out that communism can only thrive in an atmosphere of materialism. Whereas genuine religion thrives only in an atmosphere of idealism. Communism is a dead duck in the conservative society. Religion is a gonner in the liberal atmosphere. This is not to say that a liberal is a communist, but it is to say that most liberals are unaware that their own governmental regulation of human conduct is an equal and opposite remover of personal freedom, which, by definition is "the absence of regulation." Neither are they aware that their ideas are rooted in materialism, the belief that money, property, “things” et al, are more important than the overriding "Isness" which is being all "things." Many materialists I know pride themselves in the power of their ‘mind’ while all the while they hold that very mind in total subjection to their opinion of “things.”

The idealist, on the other hand, holds that "things" are secondary to mind, life, consciousness which he equates with God. The materialist must eventually equate his regulating government (who controls the “things” he considers so important) with God. This, of course, is precisely what communism preaches.

Humanity is prone to consider everything it thinks and does from the basis of the appearing. It recons reality from the seen and heard. Its aim and intention is to correct the errors of appearance. Suppose a mathematician did this. Suppose he did all his figuring and calculating from the standpoint of all the errors which appeared on the misworked paper. He wouldn't get much done. As a matter of fact, he wouldn’t get anything done. He wouldn’t solve the first error until he left the mistake long enough to check into the principle of arithmetic which would show him what was wrong about the problem and how to solve it.

So long as humanity is concerned only with the "things" of perception and pays no heed to the very perfect principle of Reality which is the basis for all ‘things’ ---and which, when understood, is the harmony and perfection of all experience---it will suffer the consequences of its own misinterpretation of “things.” Mankind must leave the errors of human experience in order to have done with them, just as the mathematician must "leave" the problem in order to entertain the “answer” to the problem. The answer to the problem is always, always, Reality, God.

William Samuel, 1978 -- Mountain Brook, Alabama

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Adventure of Living

Excerpt from
"A Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity" by William Samuel 

 Identity  and Awareness                 By William Samuel

The musician begins with the principle of music, not the discord.  The mathematician begins with the principle of his science, not the error.  WE BEIGN AS THE IM-MACUALTE, PRISTINE, PURE AND PERFECT IDENTITY WE ARE ALREADY, not the personal sense of things, not the world’s ideas, opinions and judgement of things.  We ‘begin’ with God, the ALL that Isness is, and rejoice at the wonders this ever new view reveals.  We LET that Mind be us which IS the awareness of the Truth we are.
Awareness is the common denominator which includes ALL.  

Nor is Awareness separate from the images within it, any more than the television screen is separate from the cowboys and commercials there.  Therefore, we can see that our identification as awareness ITSELF is not a withdrawal from the world, from people or from the adventure of living.  It is a withdrawal from our own valued opinions, notions and prejudices of them.  

To the contrary, this work appears as revitalized interest in everything that appears as conscious identity (Awareness) – and that is everything!  As we live childlike-awareness-being-effortlessly-aware, we find our daily experience expanding into undreamed of new action – plus the strength and means necessary for that action.  

This Identity we are is AWARENESS, the action of Mind, God. Its purpose (Our reason for being!) is to delineate itself.  Deity’s SELF-Awareness in action.  And this is our heritage!  This is our inescapable.  Identity, already the only fact of Allness.  All is already infinite.  Infinity is already all.  We look on ‘others’ as awareness simply being very much aware. 

 We are not about the business of determining how images are supposed to look, walk or talk.  Rather, we are in the business of seeing images-out-there as what they are: perfect images, doing what they are supposed to be doing – and that perfectly!

Excerpt  from A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity   

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Words About the Child

There ia a delightful love song, an old song by the Bee Gees, that says "Words, words are all I have to take your heart away" -   

 Jesus said, "Blessed are those who are solitary and elect, for you will find the kingdom; for since you came from it you shall return to it."

The Child is our Original pristine Selfhood. We came from It, and we will return to It. But we can rediscover It while we are here in this world. The original Self our Soul, the pristine Child, to live as the solitary and elect. This is the holy Light that dwells within us and everywhere at once.  

When we find this holy Child, we find we never feel lonely. Quite the opposite, when we find the Child, we find ourself feeling the sweet bliss of wholeness. We find we are engaged with all kinds of wonderful people, places and things. We are touching this deep and abiding peace that includes all our loved ones, everyone of them, no matter where they are. We know clearly that Love is not altered by death, time, space or material changes.       

We are the solitary, sovereign and only, living the Presence of This All Inclusive Light of Life. This Unseen, Illimitable Light is All that ever was and will be.  We cannot be ‘outside’ of this Living Light of our Self. We are this Light of Awareness and It includes All That Is and all those we love.

We include the past and the future, all here, right now, we include all time and space and we include even other life times and all those whom we have loved and treasured in this life and in others.

The Beauty and Wonder of this Truth is that Reality gives us a fearless freedom to love and embrace all that is, whatever it is.    

 Life is filled with adventure and an outpouring of abundance of Love, unfolding it's magic and beauty every day in all ways. Our Heart is tender, open, alive, watching as the sweet surprises as the ongoing wonders lead the way.   


To help you find your own True Selfhood and Balance r
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A Special Letter

Excerpt from 
There are three difficult stages for our breakout into Light:
1. It is difficult to recognize that the Child within is the same Child we were when we were child-children. That is, it seems unbelievable that the way we saw things as a six- or seven-year-old is the way we are actually capable of seeing things again, here and now, no matter what our human age or that now we can go still further and see the infinite Original of Ourself! A necessary-for-a-time veil hangs before the eyes and the heart, which precludes the easy ability to think of the Child as anything but a fantasy, a dream of Pollyanna.
2. Equally slow and difficult is the understanding that the Child within us is the actual Christ Light of us. They are the same One and they are WE, I, Us, Identity.
3. The third area of personal difficulty comes in our moving from theory and mental speculation about the Child, to action here in the world. Understandable mountains of human intransigence and disbelief stand between our recognition within and the world outside. It is only line upon line that our actions in the world are recognized in the world. Then, one by one those around us begin to see the Child of us, and the Child of themselves. Bit by bit, here a little, there a little, our credibility grows, the wonders are seen and recognized. Finally, our entire subjective world (internal and external) responds!
Without the child, first and foremost, the subjective view is nothing more than a personal attempt to manipulate the scene to one's advantage: without the Child, the equation can't be fully comprehended; without the Child, one is dead. Without the Child and the Child's Equation, science founders, without direction.
Excerpt from 
By William Samuel
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The Little Joys

Excerpt from William Samuel's unpublished private journals

The Little Joys

   What I have said about savoring the little joy and being faithful to the little illumination is truly a diamond beyond, to me, over the years, this is more valuable, more gold than Fort Knox and in South Africa and in these hills of California as yet unfound...more valuable. 

Let me say it again if I can, approaching it from the other direction. For years, I looked for illumination. I read all the fanciful books about what illumination is supposed to be, some great, dynamic, grandiose explosion, a popping explosion that would allow one to see the world in new light. 

Oh, at one point in my affairs I had one but it was long after this and I could see that the long long look for the big explosion was all that precluded my awareness of the little ones going on continually all over the place. And incidentally, the adversity of metaphysics, the inside is the outside, so the little is really the big and the big is the infinitesimal, the great grandiose is not so marvelous as the beauty right here, right here, the little joys. 

Give me the little ones, give me the small swirl of blossoms blowing in the wind, or light shining from a short leafed beetle pine as it glistens or the light through the wings of one of your monarch butterflies, or the lovely smile of someone who smiles in friendship, or someone touching our shoulder to say thank you. Those are the little ones, they are the big ones and all that you have to do to see that this is true is, the next time something comes up that puts a lump in your throat and allows the anguish to subside for a minute, all you’ve got to do to see that it's true is to cherish it for a minute. Stop for a minute. Look at it and thank it and watch it grow...

I tell you, we come back home to simplicity, to a gentle childlike simplicity.   It is already spread over the whole face of the earth.   We come back home to a gentleness of God presence that doesn’t have to be consciously known, that doesn’t have to be articulated with a lot of words and doesn’t have to be lived in any special set way, no pattern of praying, no pattern of going to church, no pattern of meditating, it’s a simplicity infinitely more simple than that, it’s a listening, a listening, of being, a listening to the still small voice within, to the divine imprint within which is present right here, right now to this awareness that listens, that is present here as surely as it’s present to the little birdlings out there that are ricocheting around on this April day and making nests every year, intuitively making nests, instinctively doing it, listening to the divine imprint with no knowledge whatever of what the nest is for.   But ultimately, it will hold an egg.   The divine imprint is already here as the awareness we are.   The God imprint is all that’s real here and the Child is here right now doing nothing wrong, guilty as nothing, having made no mistakes.   And that Child is the awareness, the awareness that listens to these words, not the possessor of the awareness of these words, not the owner of awareness but the awareness itself that listens, the life that listens. 

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