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William Samuel
William Samuel

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Artwork "Floral in Blue" by Sandy Jones

Excerpt from 
The Awareness of Self-Discovery   
by William Samuel 


I would tell those who have found the Child within, that pure pristine, holy Child you are, to maintain your simple credulousness and sensitivity by living your Child likeness and Simplicity. Hold this grand awareness close to the Heart because, in Truth, it is the Heart. Love this love you have found yourself to be. See it in everyone and everything, because the everyone and everything are but mirrored images of your Self. Do not worry about Identity being raw and sensitive in the face of the world. Its defenselessness is its strength. Who would harm a child? Those who have the courage to remain the newly revealed Child find that this is so.


And to be the child does not mean forsaking a job or an organization necessarily, because the Child's view of those activities is sharp and perceptive. The Child we are cannot be fooled. We see and enjoy the real, leaving the rest alone. 

Ego shed is Identity discovered.

And this is so!


It is inevitable that there will appear to be the dissolution of all that stands between ourselves and a full knowledge of the Truth. Inasmuch as the world appears to reside within the awareness-we-are, the dissolution that began within appears outwardly as the world's search for freedom and the upheaval it brings. Our inner turmoil never ends until we reckon Identity as already arrived and then end our attempt to lift an incorrect self-concept up to the real.

If we are to see the world scene disclose the underlying, overlying Harmony "that is even now spread over the whole face of the land," we must make this re-identification in fact and end the nonsense of acting out from the position of a sponge trying to soak up wisdom. To do what? To steadfastly reckon Self from the standpoint of Perfection. No other view will bring Peace so quickly to the human scene.


The "final days" (and this is all that is significantly meant by those ominous words) is the arrival of the world's final enlightenment. These days are in progress already. The light is dawning because it is already here. New ideas are coming into focus and old landmarks are passing away. Cherished notions, some of them the very pillars of society, are being shaken to the roots. We are finding most of them built on foundations of sand. Many institutions charged with the revelation of God, Truth, Reality, are found not to be giving freedom to their charges but withholding it; not dispensing Light, but darkness; not unbinding men, but shackling them; not seeking out the new Rays of Light and investigating them impartially, but, for conscious or unconscious reasons of self-preservation, doing everything in their power to keep new Light from being seen—for fear, say they, their present Light will be adulterated. As if the Truth need protecting! 

Oh, but let it be understood, these very institutions are a blessing and they are serving a most necessary purpose. How would we know that Identity is Omniscience itself without first attempting to place that omniscience "out there" in a bible or institution or philosophy? How would we learn beyond all doubt that Light itself is being our Identity without first living the futility and impossibility of a weary traveler trying to reach the Light?


So now, to make this statement from still another direction: We come to see the Light which reveals that we are the Light. I have found that acting this Identity "on faith" first helped disclose the Light-I-am that removes every doubt. and this Light of Self-discovery blooms in illumination and insight—fragile, fragrant, a flowery display of beauty and love divine. Sparks!  Enthusiasm!  Zest!  Strength and youth flooding back!  The bloom of Light divine—the simple Love that is Identity, revealed.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Sweet Naive Pollyanna

by William Samuel 


  Pollyanna must come to mind as one hears words such as these, as if this were her final stand in our affairs. This time let's grab her. If she's the Child, catch her quickly. “The wise man will not hesitate to ask a small child seven days old about the place of life....” Those were the words of Jesus. Isaiah told of the Child; Jesus identified as the Child he found himself to be. We are to do the same.

  (Pause)  I doubt that many will want to understand these things until their enchantment with self-importance and adulthood has passed. Just as a soldier who has thrown grenades and fended bayonets understands what fear is and what peace is, youth doesn't understand the Child until it has put it aside, buried it and lost all trace of it for a time—thence to miss it and need it—then, fortuitously, at a moment like this, come home to it again. Do you hear that? Come home to it again! Indeed, this is the purpose of adulthood, the struggling human experience and irrevocable move toward death in time. 

  It's like the old man who went back to his home in the hills of Tennessee after working in a mill town during the hard days of the war.  When he returned to the mountains, he knew what blue sky really is and what a frisky thing a squirrel is and what beauty actually is. When he got back to his clean, unspoiled hills, his “was beautiful” of memory turned into an “is beautiful” now again, and he began living the beauty that had gone unrecognized until he lived the ugliness of war.

  Well now, listen closely again. We've lived our adulthood to total frustration for nearly eleven thousand years of human time, time and time again, to no avail. So now, finally, we look within, find the Child still alive, uncover it, listen to it, follow it—and that Eternal Child of God within, the Christ of us, takes us straight up the mythical mountain to the peak where we become that Child beyond time, in living fact for all our world to see and understand and do likewise.

  No. This is no Pollyanna tale being told here. This is a truth for everyone, old and young. These words sound one way to the intellect, but they feel quite another to the listening, non-judgmental heart within us—and then, sooner or later, perhaps this day, the feelings come to confirm that it's true and to make it alive and real, despite our sophistication and human importance, despite the gnarled finger, stiff joints, dimming vision and painful memories. Despite them and despite the world of time and space. Ah, then—a miracle for some of us who choose—instead of them.

  You see, religion has missed the mark ever so slightly. It has us awaiting a linear Christ in time, but the Christ Light is closer than that. It is not only within us. It is us. (Pause) Did you hear that? It IS us. When we find that out, we comprehend clearly that the linear Christ of time CONFIRMS the Child we are.

  Metaphysics has said nothing about the Child whatever, has it? Subjectivism, for all its looking within, misses the Child entirely—and the Child's Equation. There is a good reason for this, as we shall see later.

If you would like to read more, you can purchase the book "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  By William Samuel - Available on Amazon

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by William Samuel 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Child and the Heart


The Child hears the hard teachings and knows they are true: the old man of us rails in discomfort. The more uncomfortable the old nature, the more likely the Child to be delivered from the ashes of adulthood.

It is the Child who stirs within us in the light of the glorious glimpses. It is the Child who, having stirred, revives us, and then we become the Child. The Child and the Heart are the same. The Child is in touch with the Eternal, our absolute interface with the Ineffable, the One, the Mountain Beyond Name. 

So, we are not disheartened by the prophet's hard words. He comes to us in the final days, tangibly or intangibly to take us by the shoulders and shake us out of our ruts. We may rail at his pronouncements and dislike his effrontery. We may not like having our sophisticated and cultivated facade torn away, our carefully hidden nastiness exposed. But beneath our discomforts and behind our inclination to turn away, the Child of us, the heart of us, knows his hard words are true. 

The nations who dismissed their prophets have been destroyed, their inhabitants dispersed. We hear their words and the Child comes alive again. A new nation is born.

The prophets have, nearly every one, spoken of a mysterious Child and childlikeness to prevail in the end days of linear time. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder; and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, the everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. (Isaiah)

If you would like to read more, you can purchase the book "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  By William Samuel - Available on Amazon

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work and your own Self discovery - you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones --  samuelandfriends@gmail.com  --  - Ojai, California -   

by William Samuel 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Line Upon Line




  Thank you for the call, dear friend, Zeke.

  Jeremiah spoke of the Mystery as arriving “Line upon line,” a reference to the last letter of the old Hebrew alphabet, which came to be believed to have special power. He added “precept upon precept.” It has come that way for me, Zeke. I do not believe it comes to anyone otherwise. There may be “road to Damascus” enlightenments, but those events are not UNDERSTOOD or CONFIRMED quickly. Understanding comes “precept upon precept.” Yours will come more quickly now because you are willing to get the veil out of the way—and to Do what you will be given to do. 

  Listen carefully: Get yourself a notebook and begin a journal. There is a “flow” from the Ineffable Beyond Name into our 

conscious/unconscious awareness, and from there into tangibility. We move into that flow as we clothe our Glimpse with words. That flow is continual, constant, ever-flowing—from non-Movement into tangibility and the world's movement.

  The purpose of the journal is to consciously become the very point where the Ineffable becomes tangible in the world, that is, to unblock the Flow and allow it to move through our CONSCIOUS awareness again—just as it did when we were children. 

  This is not a religious approach, Zeke, because because the flow of Glimpses from Godhead pertains to EVERYTHING good, true and wonderful. Beauty, wonder, form, color, tenderness, the fragrances of flowers, the beauty of children and mountains and June bugs, excitement, enthusiasm, FEELINGS of love and awe, and especially memories of the grand events of our lives are all part of the Flow.

  Mark a section of your journal “GLIMPSES” and begin making a list of the notable Glimpses you have had in your life.

  Glimpses of what? Nothing complex here. Just THINK BACK and remember the joyful, moving, significant moments. When you first fell in love. When you got your first bicycle. Any of the special, meaningful events you remember. LIST them. It isn't necessary to write in detail about them. At this time, just LIST THEM. Such as (some of mine):

  1. Military school and homesickness.
  2. The little girl, Barbara.
  3. The picnic and the cow's soulful eyes.
  4. The man screaming in the church.
  5. Walking to meet Mom in the evening.

  Go back to your childhood, Zeke, and recall all the events that stick in your mind for ANY reason, painful or otherwise, because their sticking in memory is evidence they taught you something. You may omit the most painful ones if you like, but be certain to list the GOOD ones. What they taught isn't important right now. You are just making a list of the powerful MOMENTS in your earlier days.

  At the moment, it seems I'm asking you to recall memories, and in a way, I am, but we'll call them GLIMPSES later, as you will see. This is a meaningful exercise, Zeke. Just do it. Pay particular attention to the sensations, feelings, moods and memories that come, AND KNOW THIS: As those things “come into consciousness,” Something very healing to the BODY is coming with them. 

  Will you do this, Zeke? Set up a specific time, early in the morning and again in the afternoon or evening, each day. Not long. You set the time. Ten or fifteen minutes MINIMUM. Some days, when the Flow is really coming, STAY WITH IT. In a year or two (for you, how about a month or two?) you will be surprised and delighted to find that the Flow is CONSTANT and that you can actually do what the prophet said: “Whatsoever things are good and true .... think on these things.”

  You have just begun. I assure you, that Child LIVES, Zeke. Everything you felt as a kid, you can and WILL feel again! “Prove me now, herewith...!” the Child within will lead you to all things else. Then, you will have the opportunity to do the same for many others, even as now I do for you. 

  Hang in there, man. We have a lot to do for our world!

If you would like to read more, you can purchase the book "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"  By William Samuel - Available on Amazon

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work and your own Self discovery - you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones --  samuelandfriends@gmail.com  --  - Ojai, California -   

by William Samuel 

Friday, December 14, 2018

What Christmas Is All About


By William Samuel

Asked directly "When will the New World come?" the Light of Christmas replied to his disciples, "What you expect has come but you know it not." Our prosperous and fearless life is HERE, awaiting simple, childlike acknowledgment. This "Illumination" of our life is sure and certain. We cannot escape it. King David said, "If I say the darkness shall cover me, even the night shall be a light around me….if I make my bed in hell…even there shall thy hand lead and thy right hand shall hold me." The Christmas Season ever marks the birth of--the personal recognition and acknowledgment of-God as all, God as only. The Christ is the Truth and the Truth is here, ALREADY bestowing its gifts. To the human sense of things it only awaits our recognition and acceptance. We DO it and the "new world" appears.

Only the Truth is true. Only the Real is real. Whatever the evidence of poverty, unemployment and fear, there is no reality to it. To the real of us, to the Truth of us, to the Child of us, Deific Allness-God-is still at the helm. In Truth our welfare does not lie in the hands of government and its people but lives securely, prosperously, harmoniously and fearlessly in the Truth of Being, in the Light of Life. The Lights of the world have told us this for generations and every student of Truth must admit it is true.


If the joy of this season has lessened over the years for us, it is the consequence of old-world weariness-the intellectual struggle to measure up to human demands and the weight of guilt we bury ourselves beneath: the guilt of age, the guilt of failing health and diminishing vigor, the guilt of fear, the guilt of GUILT.

If one wishes to joy in the holidays again as in those days of yore when the child-heart of us nearly exploded with anticipation-if we would enjoy those Christmas pleasures again with enthusiasm unabated by years-we can. We can! We need only uncover the HEART again. We need only put intellectualism aside for a time and let the child-heart sing.

We really ARE children at heart and remain so eternally. No matter how one's world may seem this day, the Child of us still lives! Our years past are the adult lived in vain-that we might RECOGNIZE the Child we are again! The WHOLE Child, the Christ Child, right here, right now!

The tender heart, in moments of honesty and childlikeness, will at special moments allow one to become aware of a new heaven and earth; a new land of perfection and well-being, already present here and now, spread over the whole face of the land--and a perfect harmony that has always been here as our very own Life and Being. It is as though, in these moments of inner clarity, the resistless Child of us allows something to flow from the peripheral unconscious into the conscious; as if, for a moment, the ego-playing mask is put aside and in an instant we see, hear, feel and know some small aspect of Being unseen before. This knowing comes with its own grace and absolute certainty- -----for a moment.

For a moment? Why just a moment?

Listen gently: However unregenerate, scarlet and guilty we may think we are, these special moments are not uncommon to any of us. They happen often but are so quickly under attack. While they arrive like a cooling, healing rain on parched land, though they come like a breath of fresh air, like sunshine, like a smile, like a gentle touch, like laughter, like the song of a nigh bird in the midst of a dark and sleepless night, they come also like a swinging, sundering sword, like a sharp spike that shakes, shatters, slaps and sickens the old nature of us and sends the fearful of us back to the ego-defences again-that puts the old mask in place again.

For me-and I can speak of no other experience with authority-each new glimmer of Light has come from my anguish, helplessness and childlikeness. Yet, it was only a matter of days, hours, minutes until that very glimmer had so aroused and angered the intellect of me, the adult of me, the great "common sense" and smartness of me, that I would shove the New Light back into the darkness of intellectualism. "I was just carried away. It was the emotion of the moment." I would say, attempting to limit the Illimitable to an explanation, as the intellect ever insists!

But, Reader, now I know-I KNOW without doubt or reservation, "without purpose of evasion"-that the immaculate Child is everpresent to disclose the utter simplicity of Being and its ALL-rightness! Yes.

Yes, this is so! The Child of us LIVES!

Who sees the sparkling stars? Who enjoys the brighted Christmas tree, hears the carol, smells the yule log and scented candle? Whose Life is there but God-Life-I?

Where is the bell tower that heralds the season? Where falls the soft snow? Where is the laughing face, the ribboned gift, the mistletoe and the vision of sugar- plums? Here! Here as Identity-I! Here as the Child-awareness that God-Life is! Here as the very one WE are.

Yes! The One WE are.

Joyful Season from Woodsong, William Samuel (1986)

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