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William Samuel
William Samuel

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Tangibles and Intangibles

by William Samuel
Tangibles and Intangibles

I look outside my window and see a squirrel scampering up a loblolly pine, bits of bark cascading behind as he goes. In plain terms, that view is "here," "now," "tangible" and "out there" from "Bill". The entire scene is contained within conscious awareness, however. The scene IS conscious awareness in action. Neither the tree nor the squirrel is separate from the awareness within which they have form and substance. The Identity-I-am is the awareness within which the old loblolly and the frisky gray squirrel are befriending one another.
Now I look down and see the arms and feet of one called Bill who is watching the scene. That form is likewise included within (as) awareness, but the Identity I steadfastly view "me" as (if ever it seems significant to consider the matter of "me") is AWARENESS and not the body-form named Bill"

Awareness (life,Life) is the I that I am and never am I really contained, bound, restricted nor enslaved by any of the substantial images(forms) that exist within this awareness (or Awareness) I am—not even that body form that goes by "my" name. (That form is merely the point in time and space from which Awareness perceives tangibles.)

Now, Bill goes outside and sits under a tree—something he is woefully proficient at. (Why do we act? Always, we do whatever seems to be the sensible thing to do at the moment. And right now, it seems a darned good idea to go outside and sit in the sunshine.) Two chipmunks scamper after one another, disdainful of the squirrel. A little yellow flicker flashes through the scene and stops for a moment in the hedge. I look down and see Bill's hands as they write these words. Once again: the Identity-being-I is awareness wherein the forms of chipmunks, flickers, hands and happiness are discerned. The whole of Identity is not the body-form that appears to be doing the looking from a point in space. I am AWARENESS, not just the body-named-Bill who writes these words.
This awareness is the warp and woof of every grain of sand, twig, leaf, pine needle and cone in the INFINITY that awareness is. In poetic words, I might write that it truly has been "the Father's pleasure to give me the kingdom" by being this consciousness wherein the kingdom is seen, loved, enjoyed and lived.
Generally, this is the solipsistic view with which one "begins"—but only begins. It is a view that expands, develops apace "and rises higher and higher from a boundless basis."

It has been my experience that this profound (but simple) re-identification from the limited body-form call Bill to illimitable, ceaseless, unchanging awareness ITSELF, quickly reveals the singleness and togetherness of all "things." Then, then—after a common time of personal self-aggrandizement wherein the temptation comes to "command these stones" and has us playing at being God, rearranging the world, all in the name of holy ONENESS, comes the grand Light, the ineffable "awakening," the "mystical union" wherein it is clearly revealed that awareness is the activity of DEITY, the "That which is," and it is the "That which is" which is being awareness, not awareness being the "That which is."
It is known without doubt of equivocation that the That which is and its Self-awareness-I-am are not two, but one. "He who has seen me has seen the Father," said the enlightened carpenter. "My Father and I are one, but my Father is greater than I. He doeth the works. I bear witness to that which the Father has shown me." Consciousness (life) is the action of That-which-is. It is not the volitionally personal, directed action of a recipient-director of life as the director-created theologies of the world proclaim. Nor is it all there is to God as proclaimed by communism, most of the existentialism and that portion of the metaphysical world that writes from the solipsistic standpoint WITHOUT LETTING GO the old man, the liar, the mortal sense of self, the would-be director of everyone's affairs.

It is the awful attempt to maintain this ego vaunting position that PRECLUDES the Union, the Wedding, the Marriage of Light and Love, the Holy Communion, the final Light, as the poets, mystics, sages and saints have rightfully called it. We awaken to the absurdity of preachments and systems evolved from the possessor's position—from the "this is MY awareness" position.
Notice: This "new" view of Identity does not alter the scene at hand, you see. The squirrel is still searching for seed among the pine cones. Awareness still includes the one called "Bill" with chipmunks scampering at his feet, but it renders an unbound and eternal Identity free to soar and sing, free to see and be the living of the Eternal Light that Love is, enjoying "tangibles" but not bound by them nor encased within them.

Humanly speaking, tangibility has to do with the loblolly pine viewed from the body-form's point in space. That one looks "outside" his concept of self and sees the tree a measurable distance away. For that one, space is the measure of distance between distinct images. His "time" is the measure of movement from one image to another. Time is valid for the body-image called Bill, but awareness itself "transcends" time in that it has no distance to travel. What can Omnipresence view (and awareness is omnipresent!) that is not already included within itself? To live as awareness only is to find ourselves discovering precisely what the appearances of space and time are—and they are not at all what is generally believed.


"But what of the intangible pine?" someone asks."What of those great ponderosas that are not here even though I can see them in the mind's eye?"
To the body-leaning-against-the-tree identification, the ponderosa is an intangible image, within awareness, while the loblolly "here" is a tangible tree "outside" himself. Awareness sees both pines within itself and recognizes tangibility as applicable only to the body-leaning-against-the-tree-position, and that only a portion of its province.

While intangibles may be inaccessible dream stuff to the body-against-the-tree identification, they are neither dream nor inaccessible to Awareness. The not-here of space (there) and the not-now of time (past and future) is the body-against-the-tree's TANGIBLE view of the infinite Eternal.

There is nothing wrong with the body-view of tangibles ("matter") but it is only half a view. There is the universal (or intangible) view as well. That which is called "enlightenment" has appeared to me to be a wedding of the two, yielding quite more—a monumental, transcendental more—than either separately.
Incidentally, the body-against-the-tree-view, being less than the whole view, is all there is to the big human mystery of "gender". If the limited (incomplete) identity must call itself something, it says I am male, or female, and looks outside itself for its completion. We find that only the purview of tangibles is gendered, while awareness in toto is neither male nor female, yet being all there is to the appearance of both.

What are the "things" we see? They are the tangible (hence, limited) view of the infinite "That which is" or "God". Things are the finite appearing of the qualities and attributes of God. They are that which God knows God to be, viewed by unbound, unlimited, ungendered Awareness, God's Self-consciousness. And that awareness, gentle reader, is the very one you are, right here, right now, reading these words.


Finally, we come to perceive that there is so much more to be seen than the world of images, as those who make this study and live as simple, childlike awareness learn. There is the "Light that is above them all." This Light has dominion "over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth." That includes this body-form which exists as the "means" by which tangibles are discerned—a body incapable of leading us around by the nose.
So, these things considered, which do we choose to identify as: a sack full of writhing "innards," polluted water and struggling pumps, beset by everything on the face of the earth—or as Love's Awareness, the ineffable Light of Life that has dominion over a universe so wonderful that even the body-against-the-loblolly catches glimpses of it in the movement of a tree or the scamper of nature at play?

A little girl stops and asks, "Whatcha doin'?" I tell her I'm just sittin' here and loving my chipmunks and my universe. Asks she, "do you love me, too?" and I answer yes. Then, with very bright eyes and a big, big smile she says, "I love you, too, very much," as she scampers away with my chipmunks.

She scampered with my heart, too, but her gentle smile is here somewhere among these words.

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Two Plus Two Equals Reality

I am quick to agree that the popular idea of God is incorrect and that such a God does not exist—and never has. But God, as God is, does exist as a very present Reality and as the undeniable basis of Existence. Truth, Reality, Fact exists. This is all that really does exist right here, right now - William Samuel 

 Two Plus Two Equals Reality by William Samuel is a gift to you.

 Years ago, William owned a bakery in Birmingham, Alabama. He tells us that there was an atheist group that would travel from California to Florida a few times a year. Coming though Birmingham on their way, they'd stop by William's bakery to talk about God and the meaning of Life. Many of the young students from the University would also come by to participate in these philosophical discussions. William wrote this booklet for them, as the honest insights and clear analogies therein allowed the discussions to joyfully flourish. This new way of seeing was illuminating and liberating to the many travelers and students.  I am sure it will do the same for you. You will find the message  to be timeless, profound, simple, honest, true and immediately enlightening and uplifting. This book can be purchased in paper back or Kindle on Amazon. - Sandy Jones

William Samuel
First printed 1958, Birmingham, Alabama

There is a simple and gentle Light within these pages that will change your life and make all things new. It can! It will! But it is a message only the Heart can find. Search with the Heart and you will find it.

With honest and straightforward simplicity, I am here to tell you that you can never be free of personal trials and tribulations until you make your own discovery of Reality, God. You will never find more than the most temporal, ephemeral happiness until you make a personal discovery of God, Isness —until you get off your soft sofa and actually make your own determination of Reality, of Truth, of Fact. You will never permanently rid yourself of the grind and grate in the pit of the stomach nor find yourself free of that feeling of impending doom until you make your own, individual determination of exactly what God is to you!

Just what does the term 'God' mean to you, Reader? Prior conditioning need not deter you nor anyone else from making this personal determination. Often the mere mention of God brings the disillusioned dismissal, “Here's another of those God messages. I already know what it's going to say.” Similarly, the highly educated and sophisticated slam mental doors, having already erected countless defenses to protect their old and cherished opinions as to what God is. Yet, both those who disregard and those who build the most elaborate defenses are usually those suffering the greatest personal agonies. To plunk mental fingers into mental ears at the mere mention of God cannot alter Truth, but it does a superb job of gluing one to unnecessary fears, frustrations and anxieties.

Let me say it another way: If you have tried everything else and are still periodically miserable, if you still contend with one problem after another, if you still have not yet solved the problem of fear and increasing pressure, and if you are really ready to stop suffering, it is time to do yourself a favor. Start now, this minute, to begin your own determination of what God, Reality, Truth is. One can never be happy nor self-satisfied until he does. One can never be free of trials and tribulations until he does. One can have no permanent sense of health or wealth until he does. No one will ever be free of personal fear or insecurity until he makes a determination for himself of just what God is to him.

Who am I; who are you? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Who or what is God? What is absolute reality?

Reality is the most real thing in a person's life. The term, the very word itself, should, therefore, mean something real and tangible to one—more so than any other word. Obviously one's determination of Reality embraces much more than words; it includes the infinity of non-verbal feelings, sense perceptions and intuitive knowings. The word itself, then, brings to mind this vast meaning that is considerably greater than a mere definition. Thus, the academic sockdolager stating it is not possible to define infinite God by means of finite words becomes little more than a lame excuse to go on sleeping, to make no personal effort to define Reality at all.

2+2=Reality By William Samuel 
Reader, what do you know about Reality? Do you know what is real and what is not? Can you separate fact from fiction? Can you answer Pilate's old question, “What is truth?” Can you define God? These terms must mean something specific to you, Something concrete and understandable that expands as the light of understanding grows brighter.

Well, the time has come to stop fooling around. It's time to get the answer—not from someone else, not someone else's version of the answer—your own answer, arrived at yourself from the depth of YOUR very own being.

Here and now, you can begin this personal effort to determine just what Fact, Principle, Reality, Truth ITSELF is. In spite of all that mankind has been told for centuries, this is not an impossible task. It is not hard to do. It is not even an uphill struggle. It is the happiest thing you will ever undertake. As one divests himself of former beliefs and opinions and begins to arrive at his very own concept of God, through his own effort, from out the wisdom of his own heart, then God, Reality, Truth reveals Itself to that one—just as it has been said, “Seek and ye shall find.”

Everyone, every single person on this earth can arrive at a precise understanding of God! How can this be so? Because God is uncomplicated and easily understood! When one lets go all the things theysay about God and stops accepting them blindly as his own beliefs, God becomes remarkably apparent. And why not? What sort of God would it be that withholds Himself from all those who have not suffered enough, studied hard enough, searched diligently enough or prayed earnestly enough in just the right way? What sort of God would it be who absents Himself from those who have not been baptized in this or that fashion, or have not joined this organization or that one? What sort of Love would it be that withholds itself from half the population of the world because it is not Christian or Muslim, because it is not acquainted with this or that arcane, unprofaned wisdom; what sort of Love withholds itself from those not subscribing to this or that set of dogmas and beliefs, not honoring this or that ritual and that ceremony?

Well, be assured, God does not withhold Himself from aught. God is right here, right now, closer than fingers and toes, closer than breathing. There is no distance nor separation between oneself and God, mentally or otherwise. You will find that God is all that is here, and “They shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest, saith the Lord.”

God's simplicity is astounding. It is this very simplicity that the pompous intellect of mankind can neither see nor understand while struggling through its jungle of erudite beliefs.

Let the beliefs go. Let what “they say” go. Drop all the old personal opinions no matter how near and dear they seem. You start anew, turning within to the heart. Then when you arrive at your ownmeaning of God, you happily find you are also discovering your own real Identity and its childlike simplicity.

This is not a slow process of spiritual refinement over a hot fire of personal ordeals. You do not have to wade through thousands of volumes of ancient and occult lore, to join various and sundry organizations or practice their precepts with fanatical diligence. No need to spend years doing good deeds, here a little, there a little. You might very well DO some of these things; good works are not disparaged here. But you do them, ultimately, because you enjoy them and want to—indeed, because you cannot keep from it—not because some special favor is supposed to accrue from doing them, and not because you are afraid of what might happen if you do not.

One simply does not have to delay his awakening from agony. He does not have to “put off the old man” bit by bit or “die to the self” a little every day or laboriously educate himself. One does not have to delay for any reason at all. He may drop the “old man” with all his trials and tribulations here and now if he chooses and immediately experience a joy and tranquillity beyond belief—all of this as easily and quickly as awakening from a daydream.

2+2=Reality By William Samuel 

Reader, how easily can you withdraw from your own mental fantasy in a land of make-believe? Who snaps you out of your wool-gathering but you yourself?

When one begins to answer these questions for himself, extraordinary things start happening in his experience. Trials and tribulations slip away, one after the other. Even the most persistent pressures lose their power to disturb. One finds oneself seeing old concepts in a new and lovelier light. Suddenly, health, wealth, and happiness appear where they seemed absent before. Freedom and tranquillity blossom forth in business; love permeates every nook and cranny of experience; untoward conditions of every kind vanish like the morning mist—all because you have begun a personal determination of exactly what Truth means to you.

But let me pause a moment, lest this be misleading. The joyful occurrences in one's experience are not the GOALS at all. They are the “added things” that come from a personal determination of what God is—and they all have to do with Reality, with one’s real Identity, with who, and what God is, with who and what “I” am. Answer the question “What is Truth?” for yourself; let the attention remain here, and then, as the answer begins to occur, you will enjoy the seeming changes that take place in your day to day living quite as something “extra,” as “signs following”--yet not half so wonderful as the recognition of your honest Identity.


Recently I met a young man who called himself an agnostic. He said, “I am completely disinterested in God. I have no proof that a God exists, and the idea of some super-Being watching over me and the world is somehow rather ludicrous in light of the world situation. Besides that,” he continued, “the blatant hypocrisy of 'religious men' is enough to turn my stomach.”

This statement rather sums up the opinions of many frustrated people, young and old alike.

“And another thing,” he added, “how can anything ever be understood when even the oldest religious leaders, with years of study behind them, are at loggerheads with one another and apparently unable to solve the world's problems? All these things suggest to me that God is the invention of frustrated people wishing for something above and beyond themselves to solve all their problems. “

Many hold these ideas in this day and time. The ranks of the disillusioned are growing in number, and they come especially from the disenchanted within the religious organizations of the world. People are wondering increasingly about the correctness of their particular brands of religion. Old ideas once accepted as fact seem foolish and superstitious in light of the world's new technological dimension. The break with old theological concepts seems, to these people, to be a break with God. The arguments against old practices become their arguments against the existence of what they term 'God'.

It must be pointed out that these are not valid arguments against the existence of God but are, rather, arguments against old concepts of God, old ideas about God and old practices that pervade all organized religions today.

I am yet to meet an agnostic or atheist who cannot accept the existence and presence of God once we agree on just what Reality is. Usually, atheists deny and agnostics doubt the actuality of God asthey understand and define God. They are quite right, because God as they define Him could not possibly exist. But God as God is, is neither doubted nor denied by a single man on this earth and never has been. God, as God is, is accepted without question, even without resistance, by everyone because God is the very basis of being, the fact of real existence. Why, God is Life itself. Show me an atheist who will deny he is alive!

The doubters and deniers are invariably throwing rocks at their own misconceptions of God, at the usual definitions of God, or at the generally accepted idea of what God can do. I am quick to agree that the popular idea of God is incorrect and that such a God does not exist—and never has. But God, as God is, does exist as a very present Reality and as the undeniable basis of Existence. Truth, Reality, Fact exists. This is all that really does exist right here, right now.

The agnostic is not questioning Fact; he is questioning a misstatement about Fact. The misstatement has nothing to do with Fact at all, just as the incorrect statement 2 plus 2 is 5 has nothing to do with the fact of arithmetic. A man is blind who breaks with Fact itself and doubts its existence just because an individual or an organization makes a misstatement in the name of Fact.
You no longer need be concerned with the many misstatements of others. You can determine what Fact is to yourself and stay there. As you do this you find yourself less concerned about what is notFact and much more concerned with the Infinite Fact of Perfect Being ITSELF.

2+2=Reality By William Samuel 


Much has been said about the incompatibility of science and religion. While there may often be a difference between science and the beliefs about God as they are professed by the many human organizations, there is no argument between God as God is and anything. Absolute Reality is the basis for the existence of 'things'—and science is the study of 'things'. Science now remarkably indicates the holistic singleness and absolute perfection of existence. Scientists are finally discovering the truths that some philosophies have expounded for thousands of years. This lag exists simply because science starts with the appearance of 'things' and works back to the reality which is their basis. The scientist is somewhat like a mathematician who starts with a group of numbers on a piece of paper. While they are only numbers at first, the astute mathematician eventually comes to understand the underlying perfect principle which the numbers are manifestations of. Obviously, the fastest discoveries concerning numbers are made by those who start first with the principle itself. Knowledge of the principle is automatic knowledge of the numbers, which exist only to manifest the principle.

In this so-called human experience, those who concern themselves with reality as reality is find themselves with a magnificently all-embracing knowledge of 'things'. On the other hand, starting with the multitude of 'things', one can hope for only a smattering of knowledge in a few fields of human concern. Commencing with the Principle of all Being and living out from there, one finds oneself with knowledge basic to every 'thing' in all fields of human endeavor he needs to know about. This knowledge comes without years of study in the universities and without pondering innumerable tomes of human erudition.

History is filled with instances of those who almost overnight acquired the wisdom and perspicacity their contemporaries spent years struggling for.

“Jesus went up into the temple and taught. And the Jews marveled, saying, How knoweth this man letters, having never learned? Jesus answered them and said, My doctrine IS not mine, but HIS that sent me. If any man do His will he shall know of the doctrine....” (John 7:14-17). The American translation says: “How is it that this man knows his letters when he has never gone to school?”

In effect Jesus says knowledge does not come from the man and his attempts to arrive at truth. Rather it belongs to Truth (the Father) itself, which is the basis for all knowledge.

2+2=Reality By William Samuel 

A young woman I know was concerned about her lack of formal education. Because her activities required close contact with people of extensive formal education and training, she frequently felt ill at ease and unable to converse as well as she thought was acceptable or expected.

She attended a lecture on Reality one evening during which time the little 'click' of honest understanding occurred (which always happens when the personal sense of self is lost sight of for a moment). Since that time, even her closest associates have been astonished at her new poise, grace and acumen. She cannot be fooled! She knows what IS and what ISN'T! She knows the Reality that is herIdentity. Indeed she knows who and what she is! With this new understanding came, quite as an “added thing,” a joy of living that is an inspiration to see. Happiness follows her around like a puppy at her feet.


Still concerning science and its observation of 'things', the following is an interesting point to ponder. Suppose a lump of gold sits on the table before you. What do you see? Do you see gold itselfor do you see a group of qualities and attributes which you have chosen to name 'gold'? You see 'yellow', but is there any gold in 'yellow'? No. 'Yellow' appears because gold is, and instead of there being any gold in 'yellow', 'yellow' is 'in' gold—or, more accurately, 'yellow' exists because gold itself is.

You also see the 'form', of gold, but there is no gold in 'form' either. 'Form' exists because gold is. So it is with all the qualities and attributes of the lump of gold on the table. What you see existsbecause something called gold is, but you do not see the basic, primordial isness itself. The qualities, characteristics, and attributes, in toto, are the grouping named gold—and they are all of gold you ever see and feel, measure and weigh—yet, they are not gold itself. They exist because gold itself is.

Using Biblical language, one might say that yellow “lives and moves and has its being” because gold is. Yellow will exist just as long as gold is; it is as perfect in every way as gold is in being gold. Gold might very well say, “Yellow is my color in which I am well pleased.” And gold, speaking as yellow, might say, “I and my basis in being are one, yet gold is greater than I.” Gold is the substance and the being of all the qualities and attributes of gold. “Gold doeth the works.” Gold is the 'value'.

So it is that awareness never sees primordial Being itself but sees qualities and attributes thereof. Likewise, one never sees the principle of arithmetic itself; rather, one sees the signs and symbols which are the principle made manifest, but are not the principle. There is no audible sound in the principle of music, yet we hear its melody through the application of its laws. The melody is not the principle itself, yet the melody exists because there is a principle. Principle is first as all. It is alone, single and pure.

Obviously, so long as science is concerned with the tangible 'thing', it is not concerned with Beingitself, but only with measurable qualities and attributes of Being. But Being (Isness Itself) is the Reality, the Fact. It is the Alone One beside which there is none other, outside of which nothing exists, and because of which all its qualities and attributes have their being.
Everyone hopes to experience the absence of lack, limitation, pressure and fear. Everyone wants to experience an inner peace and tranquillity. There is a way to do it, dear reader, but there is only one door to enter by. It has all to do with determining what is Fact and what is fiction about oneself and Realty.

2+2=Reality By William Samuel 

Vague ideas are not enough. It is innate and natural to want to know Fact from fiction, but for too long someone else's word has been considered Fact and the determination of ultimate Reality has been left to the physicists and philosophers.

For centuries mankind has been accepting mankind's answers to these questions. “My minister says this—my church says that—the Bible, as interpreted by someone else, says—the university says—they say...” The keystone question is, Who am I?—MY identity. Only that one who asks, “Who am I?” can answer it. No one can take someone else's answer. No one can take humanity's answer or theology's answer or philosophy's answer or the universities' answer alone. No one can take the churches' answer nor even the Bible's answer alone. One must arrive at this understanding for oneself from within oneself, from the 'secret place' within consciousness, from the Holy of Holies within one's own heart to which he alone has the key.

An old teacher from the Orient said to his students, “I can point to the moon and describe it to you in minute detail, but you must see it for yourself and look at it with your own eyes.”

A teacher explains the alphabet but the student alone must comprehend it. For a time he learns mechanically and academically; then suddenly something clicks, something blossoms within and the student really knows the alphabet and what it is. It is an awakening, a breaking through, a deep within thing. Suddenly he knows it and he knows that he knows it. This awakening is very personal. When it happens one often says, “Why, that's crystal clear! Now I understand!”

The softer sound of poetry records such an illumination as follows:

It is true! It is true!
I am the King!
I am!
the very words I whispered
as tinkling cymbals from the slopes, the same sounds I prattled

in pious self-righteousness
from the plateaus,
and droned as far-off dreams along the pathways of desire

ah, but spoken finally from
the Mountain that Childlikeness is.

It is so! I am the King!
I have heard of Thee
by the hearing of the ear
but now it is the Eye that seeth Thee, oh Mind being Me!

This is MY Kingdom! My Kingdom is ME!
My very Self I see, all perfect infinity !

Just as you learned the alphabet for yourself while a teacher only pointed the way, now you must discern and understand Reality for yourself; otherwise Truth, Reality, That which Is, will remain an academic, impersonal, abstruse and nebulous nothing to you; fact will forever remain just what a teacher, preacher, leader, church or book tells you. This is not enough to experience the peace of heart you hope for, nor see that perfection you are already.

2+2=Reality By William Samuel 

Ask yourself this basic question right now: WHO AM I? Do you know? If you do, you know you know it and those around you know you know it too. Your experience is a tranquillity into which “nothing that worketh or maketh a lie ever enters.”

These words are intended to help one discover the heaven, the peace and tranquillity that are right here on earth—to find that all he could ever hope to have is right here, right now where he is—to know that it all has to do with determining what fiction is and what fact is concerning God and oneself.


There is a remarkable and magnificent similarity between what is termed God (Fact, Reality, Truth) and the principle of mathematics. Entire philosophic systems have been built around this likeness. Nearly 2,600 years ago the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras said that no concept more nearly approached Divinity then the principle of arithmetic. He pointed out that early every quality attributed to God was clearly expressed for all to see and understand in the simplest fact of arithmetic. Indeed, there is inherent in nature a revealed as well as a hidden harmony that reflects itself under the image of simple mathematical laws.

This similarity aids in understanding more clearly who and what God actually is. It paints a picture considerably more accurate than humanity's anthropomorphic concept. Reader, the arithmetic illustration will help you understand Absolute Reality in such a manner as to free you from all your troubles which are the seeming consequence of ignorance concerning Reality, God.

Examine these parallels. God is spiritual and not material. The principle of arithmetic is not material either. It cannot be seen or weighed on a scale. It cannot be felt or picked up by the hand.

God is omnipresent. You can understand the all-presence of God by contemplating the omnipresence of arithmetic. The principle of arithmetic is everywhere, isn't it? Two plus two is four right where you are this minute. So is everything concerning the principle of arithmetic. It is all at the top of Mount Everest and under the waters of the sea. If one were on the moon or at the bottom of a well, the principle of arithmetic would be there too. There is no place in the universe one can go to escape the principle. It is everywhere, every bit, perfectly present; nowhere is it the least bit absent.

I am sure you cannot imagine a place where addition is present but subtraction is absent or where everything is present except the number five or where two plus two is four and a half. Just as one can easily understand that the entire principle of arithmetic is perfectly present everywhere, so can one comprehend the omnipresent perfection of God.

Can you imagine a personal situation so frustrating that two plus two is four would not be present there? God, Reality, Fact, Principle is present too, no matter where you are nor how terrible the seeming situation.

“Whither shall I go from thy spirit? Or wither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there; if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.” 

(Psalms 139:7-10).

The arithmetic illustration is a means by which one is able to comprehend the continuing PRSENCE OF PERFECTION everywhere.

2+2=Reality By William Samuel 

Consider a few more interesting parallels. Two plus two is four; this is a simple fact of arithmetic. Two plus two is four—not five, not three, not four and one-tenth, not three and ninety-nine one- hundredths. Two plus two is four and nothing else. The perfect fact exists. The principle proclaims only the correct statement that two plus two equals four. Any other answer, no matter how close, is not the correct answer nor is it contained within the principle and has no existence at all so far as this perfect principle is concerned.

Now can anyone doubt the accuracy of the principle? The schoolboy who finds a mistake on his school paper knows the mistake is not in the principle itself. He does not blame arithmetic for the error. The error exists outside the principle; yet the principle, when understood as it is, serves to correct the mis-worked problem. It is because principle exists as an immutably perfect fact that one is able to enjoy the facts it embodies.

Exactly so, Reality is what Reality is, absolute Truth. It is perfect, harmonious Fact in which there is nothing “that worketh or maketh a lie.” The schoolboy does not blame arithmetic for the errors on his paper, nor does the pianist blame Beethoven if she errs at the piano. So why blame God, the perfect Principle of Being, for the untoward events of life?

Consider Eternity in the light of arithmetic. When did the principle of arithmetic begin? Ponder this a moment and you will see clearly that it had no beginning at all. It has always existed as itself. It is as eternal as existence. And when will it end? What can happen to alter or destroy the principle of arithmetic? Does it get sick? Can it be maimed or crippled? Can it be killed in a war? Can an atom bomb destroy it? If this entire planet were blown to dust by hydrogen weapons, would the principle of arithmetic be affected at all? No. It would still exist untouched and perfect as ever. Two plus two would still be four. It would not be bent in the least.

In exactly this way the Principle of all existence (called God) is eternal, without beginning and without end, indestructible and continuous in being, no matter what the tortured meanderings of human activity. And since the principle continues, so continues all that principle is. As long as there is a principle of arithmetic, addition, subtraction and everything else arithmetic is, continues.

Well, God (Divine Principle, Reality) continues also; hence, all that God is continues. God, the substance and essence of all that is, remains perfect, unabated and untouched—everywhere present, nowhere absent.

Arithmetic is perfect, single, completeness. It is shown forth, made tangible or apparent, by the various signs and symbols of arithmetic.

Consider numbers for a minute. They exist because the principle of arithmetic exists. If there were no principle there would be no numbers. Because the principle is infinite, there is an infinity of numbers. We might say that numbers “live and move and have their being” in the principle of arithmetic because the principle is. The numbers are as eternal and immaterial, as indestructible and perfect as the principle. They are because principle is and for no other reason. So long as there is a principle, there will be the perfect signs and symbols that manifest it.

Even though there is an infinity of numbers, each of them is separate and distinct from the others. 3 is 3 and not 4. 4 is 4, distinctly individual and separate from 5. Yet the numbers in and of themselves are nothing. The value is the principle itself. The importance is principle itself. The primordial substance is principle, and the numbers are principle manifest as numbers. In or of themselves, numbers are just numbers being principle's self-evidence.

No number can exist outside the perfect principle. No number has a mind or will of its own to do what it chooses. No single number or group of them can be anything other than exactly what they are, which is Principle manifest as that particular aspect of principle. There is no life, truth, intelligence and substance in the numeral itself. The principle is all the life, truth, intelligence and substance there is. The numerals are what they are already, without having to do anything to get that way... without having to worry about sustenance and supply, food or money to stay that way. There is no separation at all between principle and numbers. It is all principle being itself.

Well, so what? How does this illustration relate practically to this daily experience? “What good does all this business do me?” you ask.

All the people, places and things one sees, including the body called mine, me, Bill, or Anne, are all, like numbers, being what they are (actually) because a principle of Reality exists—call it a Principle of Existence, Being, Consciousness, God or whatever you like. The name is not important, but the fact of Being is.

It is not possible to deny that Being is. The mere fact that one is aware of existing is obvious proof that something exists; so, if something, anything, exists, then there is Existence—there is Being—there is the fact of Being. Since there is something being, there is reality concerning what is being. It is this Reality, this Principle of Being that is called God.

Reality is God. God is what is. God is the Principle of all being. Now, (note the following carefully, for it is the very heart of this presentation) awareness is being aware of these words, hence awarenessis being. Just as God is the principle of all being, even so God is the principle of this very awareness aware of these words, right here, right now—this very awareness called Bill, Rachel, John or Betty.

Consider Awareness at this very instant. This same Awareness that reads these words may also look about and see a table or a chair, a bouquet there, or a little boy. If might look across the way and see a tree, a mountain, a star or a galaxy. Indeed, this Awareness, right here, right now, just might look up and see the Universe! Now I ask you, have you ever been separate from this Awareness? No indeed. Everything you see, have ever seen or ever will see comes as this very Awareness that sees these words. Is this not so? Why, this Awareness is life itself. When one says, “I am alive,” does he not mean, “I am aware”?

Reader, do you see that you live forever alone with this Awareness? Have you ever been outside this Awareness? Every sight you have ever seen, every sound you have ever heard, every touch, every fragrance, every thought has always come to you as this awareness that is aware here and now. You have never seen a sight but your own sight which Awareness indicates is a book or a boy or a little blue flower. You have never heard a sound but your very own Awareness—and (listen carefully) you alonehave decided for yourself whether you liked it or did not like it, whether it was good or evil. Indeed, you have never judged a thing 'out there' at all. You have been sitting in judgment of this total, all- inclusive alone and only Awareness which is your life itself.

No, you have never been outside Awareness at all. The book, the bouquet, the tree, the soaring swallow are within this Awareness, not outside it. Just as the principle of arithmetic is the power, importance, and substance of all the numbers, exactly so this very awareness is the common denominator, the substance of all it perceives.

The day will soon come when this Fact of Being smites all mankind with its beauty and truth. The perception of this single, simple Truth leaves one never again at the mercy of 'external' things. The objects of perception are seen and clearly understood to live and move and have their being, not as a power or importance of themselves—not as something out there—but as PRINCIPLE, REALITY, LIFE, BEING, GOD ITSELF manifest as what is seen. This recognition gives the glory to God where it rightfully belongs.

The oneness and allness of God is self-evidently the fact of this Awareness which has forever beenalone and All to everyone. Yes, the key is the singleness and all-inclusiveness of this very Awareness.This Awareness of existence, that is right here, right now, is divine! It is God's Awareness, not 'mine'.

A man fraught with fear and consternation came to the author with a terrible tale of tribulation. He wanted someone to do something about all his troubles. After a few moments of simple, light-hearted conversation relative to the Reality that is rather than the sorrow that seems, the man said, “I see! I understand! God is all that is here. God is this very Awareness I am.”

He left and fearlessly set about doing all that was necessary to appear happy and prosperous. Many months later he told me that nothing had upset his equanimity since the day of that conversation.

The tangible 'universe' is the total of the objects of perception, and they are all perceived within this Awareness. One of these objects is this body called 'me' and 'mine'. Just who is this 'me'? This body is no more than any other object of perception within Infinite Awareness, yet the claim is that this particular body called 'me' contains Awareness within it. Is this not what mankind believes? “I am aware,” he says. “I have a mind of my own that is aware. This is my awareness and I want it to show me abundant dollars, happiness, or something else.”

This 'me' who contains awareness is an impossible impostor and a liar from the beginning. It is no more possible to imprison the Divine Awareness of Infinite Being and confine it within an object of its perception than it is possible to confine the alphabet to the letter A or jam the infinity of arithmetic into one number. All there is to 'mankind', to the old man who needs to be put off, is the belief that this Awareness here and now reading these words is confined within a body—that is beholden to a body— that it is the servant of a body—that it is the function of the body's brain or a personal mind.

To accept such a state of affairs as fact is the cause of mankind's troubles. It is like attempting to look at Infinity through a knot-hole, like looking at the infinity of arithmetic through a single number called 'me'. To accept such a state of affairs as fact would seemingly reverse Reality; it makes a multiplicity of singleness and brings space and time into being with beginning, end, birth, death and duality ad infinitum.

Suppose the infinity of arithmetic could be confined within one number, say the number 7. Suddenly number 7 says, “I am aware. I am alive. I have a mind of my own. I am 'here', located in a 'place' that follows number 6 and precedes number 8. Rank, sequence, beginning and end are established. I look about me, outside and around me, and see an infinite universe. To all appearances, since I consider myself only a number, I am just one of countless numbers. Some are greater than I and some are less than I. Limited in space, I am finite and measurable. All I see is likewise measurable, limited and finite with a beginning and end. But I see magnificent order in my universe and that is what I call God. God certainly seems 'out there' and far from me way down here. Since I am just this one number, limited in time and space, I am separate and apart from all I see. I am here and 'things' are there, a measurable distance away, and I am always stuck to 'here' and 'now'. I 'need' this or that to help me sustain my place in existence or to go here and there. I am incomplete. I am 'more' or 'less' than that. This is 'good'. That is 'bad'. I'm really quite miserable and wish God would do something about it.”

Well now, isn't this ridiculous? The principle of arithmetic cannot be stuffed into a number. The number is 'in' the principle. The number has no mind of its own and only the principle is beinganything at all. There is no beginning or end to any of the numerals because a beginingless and endless principle is continually being ALL it is, including an infinity of perfect numbers.

Just as the confined or limited view of arithmetic is a distortion, exactly so the confined and limited view of Reality is a distortion. Just as it is impossible to put the principle of arithmetic into a single number (or into all of them together), it is not actually possible to confine this alone Awareness to a single finite body. The view of the universe via a possessed, imprisoned Awareness is called the 'human experience' and it is fraught with endless perplexities. To end the perplexities, one stops believing himself a separate ego who is aware. One identifies as AWARENESS ITSELF. This one will discover himself unconfined, uncontaminated, unfettered and free. This one will discover that the only Awareness going on is God's Awareness of being all God is.

As time goes, some years ago I talked to a man who said he was terribly depressed about his personal affairs. He had tried everything he knew to help himself, including psychoanalysis and drugs. Despite everything, he had fallen such a victim of despair he could go on no longer. He told me there was nothing left but to give God a chance. It was his last resort.

He was visibly shocked when told God could not correct a problem, because so far as God was concerned there was no problem to correct. He was even more shaken when informed that the only place the problem and its depression existed was in his own belief that God was some sort of a servant intended to do his personal bidding. “If you want to get rid of your problem,” he was told, “then get rid of the belief that you are a personality who could have a problem.”

This struck him exactly as it always strikes the pompous 'old man' with a problem—as sheer idiocy, as absolute insanity, as nothing but unadulterated escapism! But his heart told him otherwise. Deep within, the “still small voice” whispered, “It is so! It is true!”

So, he set about as his heart told him and determined to forget the problem as best he could and ascertain for himself just what Reality really is. Reality very quickly excluded his despondency and his problem. It always does.

Another fact that lies at the root of the world's major religions, as they were originally conceived, is the allness of God. Indeed, the allness, hence oneness of God was the heart and soul of original Christianity before mankind began to interpret it for himself—before the 'separate mind' rearranged things to continue a place for itself.

The fact is that God (Principle) is all that is. God is the only reality. God is the only power and presence. Beside God there is nothing else at all. God is total and alone. God is one. There is not God and 'me'. There is not God and the world, universe, heaven, hell, devil, or anything else. There is God alone!

Mankind is willing to agree that God's sphere of influence includes the universe entire. He will even concede intellectually that God is everywhere, but he is not so ready to admit that God, Fact, Reality, Principle is all of all—that God is the being of existence itself—that Divine Principle itself is being all there is to this universe—that people and things, as objects of perception, are nothing in and of themselves, but God is being all there is to people and things—that the value and importance is not in the object perceived but is in God, the reality, the fact which is being all there is to the object and to the perception of it.
The reason for mankind's hesitancy is obvious. “If I give God ALL the power and the glory, there is none left for ME,” he says. “If God is everything, I am NOTHING. This is self-destruction. It eliminates ME.”

Yes, it eliminates the seeming 'me'. It puts off the 'old man', the “liar from the beginning.”  It gets rid of the 'me' who suffers all the agonies mankind is heir to, including limitation and lack, sickness and sin, fear, loneliness, old age and death. It gets rid of the 'me' who judges everything Awareness beholds, but (Listen, Listen) it does not get rid of this Awareness that beholds. It does not stop the consciousness of the rose, the mountain, the little boy nor the perception of these words right here. It does not get rid of the Awareness that is being all I am, nor does it get rid of the objects of perception. It only eliminates the 'me' and the distorting lens through which I see darkly.

These are hard statements says the 'me', fighting for its very existence. The arithmetic illustration can make them crystal clear.

Everything within the sphere of the principle of arithmetic is the principle itself. Addition and subtraction are nothing in or of themselves. They are what they are because principle is. The numbers, signs and symbols of arithmetic are nothing in or of themselves. They are what they are because principle IS. The numbers, signs and symbols exist because the principle Is. More correctly, principle is being all there is to addition and subtraction, digits and numbers. Anyone can readily understand that principle is the primordial substance throughout the totality of arithmetic. Exactly so, God is the substance of the universe!

How prone one is to look at 'things' and attach values to them: “I like this and I do not like that. This is worth more or less than that.” So far as Fact is concerned, (and there is nothing but Fact, remember) there is no real value, power, nor importance in any 'thing'. GOD is the Reality. God, Fact, Reality, Truth is the value, power and importance. 'Things' are just what they are—'things', ideas and objects within Awareness—but without power to help or harm.

Most surely, this action of making your own personal discovery of God, Truth, the I-Identity, renders an astounding experience the very day it begins. Dear Reader, you will find yourself amazed from hour to hour, even from minute to minute. Your trials and tribulations begin to fall away in clusters. What seemed an ominous, even insurmountable problem is seen to be no problem at all. Health is found where sickness seemed—love where loneliness lingered—tranquillity and tenderness where temptation and tears had seemed. It is somewhat like becoming aware of the perfect principle of life in which there are no mistakes at all, thereby, effortlessly leaving the panic of the problems and joying in (and as) the consciousness of principle itself, wherein one is totally aware the 'answers' exist. It seems a little like turning from the problem to Fact, in which there is nothing to turn from nor be afraid of.

A businessman of my close acquaintance was informed by a representative of the government that he had been (inadvertently) violating a federal law for quite some time. The payments and penalties due the government amounted to several thousand dollars, enough to bring about the dissolution of his business and the loss of his home as well. In the face of what certainly seemed a problem of major proportions, the businessman steadfastly stood his ground.
“This single Awareness, is self-evidently all I am,” he said. “This Awareness is all to me. God is being all there is to this very Awareness. All that can be seen is God's own perception of God. Reality perceives Reality. It seems a little silly to think Perfection can disturb Perfection. The government representative is within this Awareness I am, just as everything else that is seen. The government and its representatives are within Awareness like the letters are 'in' the alphabet. The letters can do nothing to destroy the tranquillity of the alphabet. How can this man do anything to harm the Awareness I am?”

He stood his ground in the face of the hydra-headed monster to find out shortly that the amount of the money involved was only half as much—then a fourth as much—then, low and behold, the government had made a mistake and there had been no violation at all!

2+2=Reality By William Samuel 

There is actually no imperfection on this earth. There is actually no problem to be solved. There is actually nothing to be overcome or healed. There is actually no separate little ego with a mind of its own to be awakened, eliminated or put off.

It cannot be denied there seems to be much to contend with and correct. But to whom does it seem this way? Always to the one who thinks he is something of himself, to the one who thinks he has a mind of his own and that Awareness belongs to his personal mind, to the one who would make a servant of Awareness and have it report just what he wants to see and hear and feel. Then, that imprisoner of Awareness, called 'mortal man', is either happy or unhappy depending on how nearly 'his' Awareness shows 'him' what 'he' wants to see. All the while Awareness goes right on being aware. All the while Awareness goes right on just being what it is, consciousness being perfectly aware of existence. All the while Awareness constantly beholds the perfection of Existence and nothing else. The one in such great misery is that one to whom Awareness reports and who judges the reports of Awareness that come to 'him'. The one who is elated or despondent, well supplied or in poverty, is the one who, judging the reports of 'his senses', either likes them or dislikes them. The one with the problem is always the one who considers himself a personality with a mind of his own that is aware— that is, who consciously or unconsciously believes himself to be the grand custodian and possessor of Awareness (Life).

Well, I have news for you. Awareness cannot be possessed. Awareness does not belong to a single man or woman. Awareness is not the servant of anybody or anything. Awareness 'belongs' to the Divine Mind, Infinite Consciousness, Reality, God, just as 'yellow' belongs to gold, just as the numerals belong to arithmetic. You are this very Awareness itself. You are not a mortal being who contains an awareness. You are the Divine Awareness, itself!

Can you imagine what this means? You no longer have any responsibility as a person to see this or experience that! You no longer have to judge anything that you see or hear as Awareness! You have no personal responsibility at all. You have but to be a faithful witness, a faithful Awareness, and not the enslaved Awareness of Bill or John or Mary. In fact, you are this already, without effort, because Awareness is God's activity, God's own knowledge of Itself, Reality's Awareness of being what It is. All there is to Bill or Mary or John is the belief that they are something that can contain, possess, imprison, or make a servant and slave of God's Awareness of being, of God's knowledge of existing. Since the Awareness of Being is God's activity, Awareness cannot be possessed, made a servant, or contained within a body, an object of perception. This eliminates the possibility that something exists that can contain Awareness, even in belief. Does this not put Bill and Mary and John in their proper perspective? They have no power, importance, nor authority of their own at all. GOD, REALITY, TRUTH is being exactly what they are. God's Awareness of being God includes what is called Bill or Mary or John, just as it includes 'beauty' and 'love'—just as gold includes yellow—just as arithmetic includes numbers.

Are you not aware of being right now? Of course you are. You are aware of these words. Is not this very Awareness all inclusive to you? Have you ever been outside it? Have you ever seen a sight that did not come to you as this very Awareness? Certainly not. Does not this Awareness include the mountains, the oceans, the microcosm and the macrocosm, the Pleiades and all the galaxies? This Awareness really is alone and all to you, is it not? Honesty, total honesty, will not allow you to answer otherwise. The Awareness that reads this book is infinite. It is alone. It is all. It is the Divine Awareness of Existence. It is God's knowledge of Himself. It is God's knowledge of being God. It does not belong to 'another'. It is not contained nor possessed by 'another'. It is not beholden to 'another' called Bill or Mary or John. This Awareness, this very Awareness, that is aware right here, right now, isGod's Awareness of being all that God is. The 'responsibility' is God's. The 'burden' is God's. This Awareness is free. Awareness has never really been bound to a body called Bill, Mary of John, nor judged by any of their judgments, nor limited by these limitations. Awareness says to those who are weary and heavy laden, “Leave the separate sense of self and return to me and I will give you rest.” Awareness has just gone right on being aware. You, dear Reader, are AWARENESS. You are not a big tub of ego with a personal name that has had Awareness reporting to it!

The “Awareness” spoken of here is Life, the very activity that is reading these words. It is now seen and understood as God's Awareness of God, That Which Is.

And is it not true that this Awareness has never reported anything that was good or bad? Sit easy for a moment and mull this over. Awareness Itself passes no judgment on the things seen or on the situations experienced. Awareness is just being aware, is it not? Awareness sees the mountains, the stars, the trees. It is Bill, Mary or John (who profess to possess Awareness) who makes the judgment. It is always Bill, Mary or John who likes or dislikes what Awareness reports. And it is always Bill, Mary and John who suffer the agony of hell when things do nothing to please them—and nothing pleases for long.

Reader, your 'salvation' is simple and easy. It is to come out and be separate from Bill, Mary or whatever you call yourself. It is to cease identifying as an enslaver of God, as a possessor of Infinite Awareness. It is to start right now and identify correctly as Awareness itself. There is no yourself, myself or any other self but God. God is being this Awareness. This is who and what you are. You arenot a miserable, suffering mortal, so you can stop acting like one. God, Perfection Itself, is being 'you.'

I have known those who have seen and understood this Light instantaneously. Their problems, consternations and fears were shed as quickly and easily as one takes off his coat. These were the ones who were humbly ready, willing and eager to let God be all that God already is, leaving no place for an ego that puffs itself up and claims to have an awareness of its own.

Likewise, I have known those who were reluctant to give up the 'old man', the imprisoner of Awareness. They were the ones who attempted to use Principle that they might 'heal' this, 'correct' that, or to see more 'good' things. All the while they still had Awareness reporting to the mortal mess they identified themselves as. Such as these, like Jacob of old, fight an awful battle with themselves. The personal sense of self, called Bill, Mary or John, is the 'old bottle', and 'old man' who must be 'put off' but who does not want to be put off. He fights furiously and leaves no stone unturned to prove he is a reality; he fights until he is honestly lost sight of in the allness of God, there to be seen as an impossibility. Thus ends the dream as the old man and “the place thereof shall know him no more.

No untoward or miserable situation can present itself to God. Misery appears to the one who attempts to make a slave of God's own Awareness of Being. Such a slave-master is not possible. You can, therefore, stop attempting to play a dream role and end the karmic suffering that seems to result from such foolishness.

How quickly? Right now! Awareness itself is what you are. It is all you are. It includes all you have ever been aware of from the countless grains of sand to the galaxies, from the most abstruse philosophical speculation to the simple sparrow on the sidewalk. This Awareness (Life) cannot be possessed by a 'body' it includes. You do not attempt to jam the whole of arithmetic into one of its numbers nor cram the alphabet into one of its letters, because it is not possible. Neither is it possible to stuff the totality of Life into a particular body the 'old man' is identified as.

Awareness itself goes right on being aware of the happiness and resplendent joy of Being. GOD, REALITY, is being this Being! Let the old man go. That is not your Identity. Be Awareness, the faithful witness ONLY! Relax and let GOD be what you are already! It has been your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom entire—Your very Being!

2+2=Reality By William Samuel 


There is a saying in the East that nothing has been read once until it has been read twelve times. May I suggest that you begin to reread this booklet at once. Do not put it aside until you have captured its message. There is a simple and gentle Light within these pages that will change your life and make all things new. It can! It will! But it is a message only the Heart can find. Search with the Heart and you will find it.

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