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William Samuel
William Samuel

Friday, September 23, 2016

Being Is.

Two Plus Two Equals Reality 
also known as 2+2=Realty   
By William Samuel 

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This following excerpt begins on page 29 of 2+2=Reality 


     There is a remarkable and magnificent similarity between what is termed God (Fact, Reality, Truth) and the principle of mathematics. Entire philosophic systems have been built around this likeness. Nearly 2,600 years ago the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras said that no concept more nearly approached Divinity then the principle of arithmetic. He pointed out that nearly every quality attributed to God was clearly expressed for all to see and understand in the simplest fact of arithmetic. Indeed, there is inherent in nature a revealed as well as a hidden harmony that reflects itself under the image of simple mathematical laws.

     This similarity aids in understanding more clearly who and what God actually is. It paints a picture considerably more accurate than humanity's anthropomorphic concept. Reader, the arithmetic illustration will help you understand Absolute Reality in such a manner as to free you from all your troubles which are the seeming consequence of ignorance concerning Reality, God.

     Examine these parallels. God is spiritual and not material. The principle of arithmetic is not material either. It cannot be seen or weighed on a scale. It cannot be felt or picked up by the hand.

     God is omnipresent. You can understand the all-presence of God by contemplating the omnipresence of arithmetic. The principle of arithmetic is everywhere, isn't it? Two plus two is four right where you are this minute. So is everything concerning the principle of arithmetic. It is all at the top of Mount Everest and under the waters of the sea. If one were on the moon or at the bottom of a well, the principle of arithmetic would be there too. There is no place in the universe one can go to escape the principle. It is everywhere, every bit, perfectly present; nowhere is it the least bit absent.

     I am sure you cannot imagine a place where addition is present but subtraction is absent or where everything is present except the number five or where two plus two is four and a half. Just as one can easily understand that the entire principle of arithmetic is perfectly present everywhere, so can one comprehend the omnipresent perfection of God.

     Can you imagine a personal situation so frustrating that two plus two is four would not be present there? God, Reality, Fact, Principle is present too, no matter where you are nor how terrible the seeming situation.

“Whither shall I go from thy spirit? Or wither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there; if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.” (Psalms 139:7-10).

     The arithmetic illustration is a means by which one is able to comprehend the continuing PRSENCE OF PERFECTION everywhere.

     Consider a few more interesting parallels. Two plus two is four; this is a simple fact of arithmetic. Two plus two is four—not five, not three, not four and one-tenth, not three and ninety-nine one-hundredths. Two plus two is four and nothing else. The perfect fact exists. The principle proclaims only the correct statement that two plus two equals four. Any other answer, no matter how close, is not the correct answer nor is it contained within the principle and has no existence at all so far as this perfect principle is concerned.

     Now can anyone doubt the accuracy of the principle? The schoolboy who finds a mistake on his school paper knows the mistake is not in the principle itself. He does not blame arithmetic for the error. The error exists outside the principle; yet the principle, when understood as it is, serves to correct the mis-worked problem. It is because principle exists as an immutably perfect fact that one is able to enjoy the facts it embodies.

     Exactly so, Reality is what Reality is, absolute Truth. It is perfect, harmonious Fact in which there is nothing “that worketh or maketh a lie.” The schoolboy does not blame arithmetic for the errors on his paper, nor does the pianist blame Beethoven if she errs at the piano. So why blame God, the perfect Principle of Being, for the untoward events of life?

     Consider Eternity in the light of arithmetic. When did the principle of arithmetic begin? Ponder this a moment and you will see clearly that it had no beginning at all. It has always existed as itself. It is as eternal as existence. And when will it end? What can happen to alter or destroy the principle of arithmetic? Does it get sick? Can it be maimed or crippled? Can it be killed in a war? Can an atom bomb destroy it? If this entire planet were blown to dust by hydrogen weapons, would the principle of arithmetic be affected at all? No. It would still exist untouched and perfect as ever. Two plus two would still be four. It would not be bent in the least.

     In exactly this way the Principle of all existence (called God) is eternal, without beginning and without end, indestructible and continuous in being, no matter what the tortured meanderings of human activity. And since the principle continues, so continues all that principle is. As long as there is a principle of arithmetic, addition, subtraction and everything else arithmetic is, continues.

     Well, God (Divine Principle, Reality) continues also; hence, all that God is continues. God, the substance and essence of all that is, remains perfect, unabated and untouched—everywhere present, nowhere absent.

     Arithmetic is perfect, single, completeness. It is shown forth, made tangible or apparent, by the various signs and symbols of arithmetic.

     Consider numbers for a minute. They exist because the principle of arithmetic exists. If there were no principle there would be no numbers. Because the principle is infinite, there is an infinity of numbers. We might say that numbers “live and move and have their being” in the principle of arithmetic because the principle is. The numbers are as eternal and immaterial, as indestructible and perfect as the principle. They are because principle is and for no other reason. So long as there is a principle, there will be the perfect signs and symbols that manifest it.

  Even though there is an infinity of numbers, each of them is separate and distinct from the others. 3 is 3 and not 4. 4 is 4, distinctly individual and separate from 5. Yet the numbers in and of themselves are nothing. The value is the principle itself. The importance is principle itself. The primordial substance is principle, and the numbers are principle manifest as numbers. In or of themselves, numbers are just numbers being principle's self-evidence.

     No number can exist outside the perfect principle. No number has a mind or will of its own to do what it chooses. No single number or group of them can be anything other than exactly what they are, which is Principle manifest as that particular aspect of principle. There is no life, truth, intelligence and substance in the numeral itself. The principle is all the life, truth, intelligence and substance there is. The numerals are what they are already, without having to do anything to get that way... without having to worry about sustenance and supply, food or money to stay that way. There is no separation at all between principle and numbers. It is all principle being itself.

Well, so what? How does this illustration relate practically to this daily experience? “What good does all this business do me?” you ask.

     All the people, places and things one sees, including the body called mine, me, Bill, or Anne, are all, like numbers, being what they are (actually) because a principle of Reality exists—call it a Principle of Existence, Being, Consciousness, God or whatever you like. The name is not important, but the fact of Being is.

     It is not possible to deny that Being is. The mere fact that one is aware of existing is obvious proof that something exists; so, if something, anything, exists, then there is Existence—there is Being—there is the fact of Being. Since there is something being, there is reality concerning what is being. It is this Reality, this Principle of Being that is called God.

     Reality is God. God is what is. God is the Principle of all being. Now, (note the following carefully, for it is the very heart of this presentation) awareness is being aware of these words, hence awareness is being. Just as God is the principle of all being, even so God is the principle of this very awareness aware of these words, right here, right now—this very awareness called Bill, Rachel, John or Betty. 

     Consider Awareness at this very instant. This same Awareness that reads these words may also look about and see a table or a chair, a bouquet there, or a little boy. If might look across the way and see a tree, a mountain, a star or a galaxy. Indeed, this Awareness, right here, right now, just might look up and see the Universe! Now I ask you, have you ever been separate from this Awareness? No indeed. Everything you see, have ever seen or ever will see comes as this very Awareness that sees these words. Is this not so? Why, this Awareness is life itself. When one says, “I am alive,” does he not mean, “I am aware”?

     Reader, do you see that you live forever alone with this Awareness? Have you ever been outsidethis Awareness? Every sight you have ever seen, every sound you have ever heard, every touch, every fragrance, every thought has always come to you as this awareness that is aware here and now. You have never seen a sight but your own sight which Awareness indicates is a book or a boy or a little blue flower. You have never heard a sound but your very own Awareness—and (listen carefully) you alone have decided for yourself whether you liked it or did not like it, whether it was good or evil. Indeed, you have never judged a thing 'out there' at all. You have been sitting in judgment of this total, all-inclusive alone and only Awareness which is your life itself.

   No, you have never been outside Awareness at all. The book, the bouquet, the tree, the soaring swallow are within this Awareness, not outside it. Just as the principle of arithmetic is the power, importance, and substance of all the numbers, exactly so this very awareness is the common denominator, the substance of all it perceives.

     The day will soon come when this Fact of Being smites all mankind with its beauty and truth. The perception of this single, simple Truth leaves one never again at the mercy of 'external' things. The objects of perception are seen and clearly understood to live and move and have their being, not as a power or importance of themselves—not as something out there—but as PRINCIPLE, REALITY, LIFE, BEING, GOD ITSELF manifest as what is seen. This recognition gives the glory to God where it rightfully belongs.

     The oneness and allness of God is self-evidently the fact of this Awareness which has forever been alone and All to everyone. Yes, the key is the singleness and all-inclusiveness of this very Awareness. This Awareness of existence, that is right here, right now, is divine! It is God's Awareness, not 'mine'. 

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

About Religion and Science

Excerpt from "A Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity"
By William Samuel 


About Religion and Science


  Most of us begin an investigation and study of Reality because we are dissatisfied with the half-truths we hear pouring out of the world's institutions, or because we fail to understand the Truth they may be talking about. Something within drives us on if we are sincere, and we progress through the sundry phases of one or more conventional denominations, usually religious, ever searching and finding. Those who persevere may move into (and through) some of the stages of mysticism. This may be a personal philosophy, but it is usually the accumulated thinking of an organized body held together by the particular literature of an enlightened leader.

  Throughout this literary evolution (how else can we speak of it?) there is an accompanying experience appearing as "states and stages," as levels, each one, in its own view, more arcane, more profound and more absolute than all others. At the same time, however, each is more complex and more difficult to understand. Finally, despite the bewitching, egobuilding satisfaction we enjoy from a rare knowledge of the "Absolute" (unknown by those unfortunate unenlightened, of course!), the glaring absence of Tranquility forces us to the simple admission that there is nothing permanently satisfying in these highest orders of religion, or "non-religion" as some are termed. Furthermore, it becomes apparent that whatever morsels of peace we have found along the way become more ephemeral by the day. Ultimately (if not here, then "hereafter") we awaken to find the whole business is, and ever has been, human intellectualism carried to its fullest development—an art form even its perpetrator knows is an empty facade, a worthless misperception of Reality.

  Today, a growing portion of intellectualism's burlesque resides within the "metaphysics of the Absolute" wherein even the use of the term God may be anathema. Within this "highest" strata of human intellectual achievement exists the growing New Theology which says "Humanity is God" at its one extreme and "The individual-I-am is God" at the other extreme—both as far from the complete truth as a personal idea can get. This is the sundering dualism already manifesting itself as a human society divided and at loggerheads, either proclaiming or disclaiming the actuality of God—while the god either side speaks of is not God at all, but its own misinterpretation.

  Most of us appear to reach one or the other of these pompous extremes (wittingly or unwittingly) only to discover the emptiness of it all in the agony of the effort and the bitter vomit of the attempt. In retrospect, however, we discover that everything has happened as it should have happened and all has been as it should have been; because, out of that dark agony of intellectualism (if not before) comes the Christ-birth of the Truth that leads us to the actual surrender of that devilish intellect! And out of this surrender comes Tranquility, fabled Peace beyond belief! Still remaining on the new scene, however, is this simple, childlike Awareness-being-us, very busy being aware. Personal judgments and opinions have vanished; the significance of religion and all other intellectualism is seen in perspective, and God, as God is, appears, leaving neither sight, sound, nor feeling as anathema.



  Religious intellectualism is bound to fail us and thereby appear to fail the world. It does not touch the hem of Reality.

  Even though most of us go through its processes to see for ourselves, we ultimately discover that no metaphysical ladder reaches the knowledge of Truth; that systems intended to help the climber, teach the climber, heal the climber, or even to help the climber climb out of himself, are all absurd. The only legitimate "system" is one that disavows the possibility of a real climber at all, one that proclaims the already—perfection of Isness to be the only fact, right now. Even that is meaningful only if the evidence of this fact is actually beheld, understood and experienced, here and now, without ceasing! The totality of Reality—the allness of Isness—does not allow the presence of an unreal ("seeming") is-notness, a separate phantom-ego who must struggle to be bound back to a perfect Only.

  But these are just so many words, even to the most sincere, until the time we are willing, or forced, to make the surrender of the ego. The simple ones who love Reality enough to do it, quickly find themselves in the presence of landscape, flower, child, teacher, book, morning sun, birdsong, stillness or turmoil proclaiming in clear and unmistakable terms the whys and wherefores of ISNESS as ALL OF ISNESS being the wonder of the Awareness-reading-this!



  Arrogant intellectualism reaches its peak with the highest states of mysticism and metaphysics. During the time one's status is determined by his works, by his imagined ability to heal or correct the human picture—such metaphysical mastership breeds the deadliest of all personal misidentifications, the opinionated self-righteous. These high priests and practitioners of scholasticism's full bloom are blindest to the tender simplicity and all-inclusiveness of Reality.

  Ah, but with the breakaway from the ego, with the surrender of the pompous personality (ours, not the other fellow's), the bonds of intellectualism begin effortlessly to fall away, to fade away like the morning mist along the river bank. The educated mess of the pseudo-personal mind is left behind, let go, lost. Then commences the inspirational instruction of the Heart. This still small voice teaches us directly and honestly. It tells a simple story, a tender story, a warm and gentle story of present health and sufficiency. It tells of unebbing strength and power; of happiness here and now; of tranquility, peace and deathless life.



QUESTI0N: Mr. Samuel, if these ideas about Identity are so revolutionary and capable of doing so many magnificent things for us as you say, why haven't they been recognized by the sciences and by the churches whose business it is to explore such ideas?

ANSWER: The fact is, they are being discovered and explored in the fields of science and religion, and many changes are being wrought within the appearances of these institutions. (But so what? Our mission is not to make changes in the world's institutions. Our's is to be what we be, then see what this allows us to see concerning "institutions" or anything else that comes to be seen.)

QUESTION:  But why is the scientific world so slow to accept this Identity as Awareness?

ANSWER:  Suppose one who is not an astronomer happens to discover a new principle of astronomy with which he is able to solve many enigmas, and thereby do wondrous things within his own view of the heavens. Then suppose he sets out to tell the world so it may solve these problems, too. Who does the world listen to in astronomical matters—astronomers or non-astronomers? Astronomers, of course. But how likely are the astronomers to listen to someone unknown in their science and unschooled in their way? There is only the least likelihood that they will pay heed to a stranger. The stranger, therefore, must first be discovered, happily undisturbed by the enigmas disturbing others. He must be found plotting an effortless course through the ponderous mazes so bewildering to those following the programs of officialdom. In short, the stranger must make his mark by living his discovery.

  Ah, but then—when finally the astronomers come to the stranger to hear what he has to say, how quickly do they comprehend and accept his message? Not until they check every idea against the great mass of detail they already cherish, detail that stands as the time-honored foundation of the science that gives them their positions of judgmental authority. Their vast erudition stands in the way—a veritable wall against which every new idea is tested!

  Now, when an idea happens to come along that tears at the very foundation of the institution, there is an understandable reluctance to accept it, most especially by those who have grown to love their institutional positions of judgmental authority or by those who place confidence in those authorities. So, considering humanity's trust in what happens to be a slow-moving and reluctant institution, is it any wonder the educational foundations and the world at large are so slow to accept the Isness they fear will put them both out of business? One day our over-honored institutions will stop passing out crumbs and get down to the business of illustrating meat.

  Jesus used a graphic illustration in this regard. Human officialdom, said he, is "like a dog in the stable; it neither eats the oats nor lets the oxen eat."



QUESTION: Is this philosophy a form of Pantheism?

ANSWER: No. We do not say that the universe is God. We say that the universe is the total of Deific qualities and attributes perceived within Deity's Self-knowing. Deity is infinitely more than the universe and the Awareness that perceives it.

  Now understand this: The Identity about which this book speaks is no philosophy. Awareness, this Identity-being-us, is not a philosophy. I suppose an intellectual tag on our words about Awareness might be called such, and the means by which we awaken to the actual Identity and relinquish the pseudo-identity could be construed as a "philosophic system"; but Identity, this Amness-I-am, this consciousness-we-are, is not a philosophy. It is a fact!

  There was a time when philosophers called nature God. It seemed to them as if all the power of man was as nothing in the face of the eternal seasons, the great cycles and tides. Now man stands on the earth's surface willing and able to change the seasons to suit himself. He has the capacity to alter the course of the earth around the sun. He can make the earth wobble on its axis if he chooses, and alter the length of its days and nights. In the face of humanity's burgeoning technology, it is evident that nature is no longer inviolate. Nature, therefore, is not Isness, not unchanging, unalterable Reality. The pantheist is forced to forsake his view—or have a non-absolute Absolute.

  The astronomer searching for clues about the origin of the universe looks ever further back in time by looking farther into space. He once reasoned that if he could see far enough, he would see the creation of the universe actually taking place.

  Then it was discovered that the most remote galaxies are rushing away from his viewing telescopes at velocities approaching the speed of light; so it has been concluded, apparently, that the view of the "beginning" of the universe is traveling away from the earth at the speed of light, hence will never be humanly perceived, even by the most powerful instruments.
  Inevitably, we find every human footstep toward an already present Absolute uncovers ten more steps for the human being to take.

  Technology doesn't disprove the existence of God. It merely demands that false gods be forsaken.

  Over and above the natural order of being, beyond the mundane, exists Existence, Isness, the Godhead. Advancing technology, spiraling human power and ability, are unable to touch the fount of Being. Rather, Isness is the warp and woof of technology—if technology is anything at all.

  The appearance of escalating human capability (positive and negative, constructive and destructive) is the inevitable culmination of the human drive to acquire Reality, God; it is the attempt to reach Perfection and conquer the limitations of humanhood.

  The greater our concern with this struggle, the less disposed we are to discover and acknowledge the Fact of the Godhead—already here and now.

If you would like further guidance in understanding and Self discovery, based on the subjective view, you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones --  samuelandfriends@gmail.com  --  - Ojai, California -   

The Heart's Message

Excerpt from "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity"
 By William Samuel 


Selections from a Lollygog Lecture About the Christ and the "Virgin Birth"


  If one hundred theologians were asked to define Christ, they would likely give a thousand different answers. Why are there so many opinions? Because theology echoes the myriad distortions that spring from the intellect.

  Once the intellect has been subdued sufficiently to allow the Heart to be heard, we begin to get the answers; and the Heart's messages are soothing and uncomplicated, nothing like the bedevilling bamboozlement of a befuddling intellect!

  So, how does the Heart interpret the Christ? As simple truth! As gentle, unpretentious truth. You can spell this word with a capital or not—it is the same truth which is the Christ! The Heart reveals that "Truth" and "Christ" are identical—meaning "the same one."

  The dictionary defines truth as "fact; that which is; conformity to reality." "I am the truth," said Jesus Himself. "Identity-I (and not the possessor of it) am the Truth, the fact of Reality." Identity is the Christ-Truth itself.

 This is much too simple and unsophisticated for human theology, of course. Man has a penchant for complicating the simple. He would have the Christ range from a very literal, bleeding body named Jesus of Nazareth, to a metaphysical mystery of transcending Light and Illumination, or both. The simplicity of "Christ" and simple, lowly, unpretentious, gentle "Truth" as synonymous terms is too naive a concept for intellectual churchdom. Erudition is steeped in the esoteric, egobuilding disciplines of its man-hewn theological "mysteries."

  The world church makes Truth one thing and Christ another; but the fact is, simple Truth (truth) itself is everything meant by the term. The Christ proclaims: "I am the Truth. I, Truth, am come to take away the untruths of the world. Behold, I am with you always. I will never leave you nor forsake you." Indeed, the Christ-Truth is here—not far off, not something we must struggle up a long, rugged mountain to reach. Let us understand this here and now!

  If we can comprehend and admit that the alphabet is here or that the principle of arithmetic is here, that the harmonious principle of music is here, or that Life, this Now-Awareness-I-Am, is here—then we can surely rest, stop fighting it and admit, concede, surrender to the fact that the simple truth—the Christ-Truth—concerning our rightful Identity is right here, right now, present!

  Are you willing to make this simple admission? Or will you deny it? The only "second coming" Truth awaits is our individual acknowledgment of its presence as our very own Identity!


  The mathematical fact that two plus two is four is the Christ-Truth "come to heal" the hellish, devilish notion that two plus two is not four—which, as any student will tell you, is pure "sin" on an examination paper. The student laboring over a page of problems in which a mistake appears, uncovers and corrects that mistake with the simple truth of the problem. Christ is the tender within-ness that says, "This is correct; this is right; this is so; this is how it is!"

  Exactly as Jesus said, the truth does not come to destroy Reality's world of images, but to fulfill it; to point it out; to edify and clarify. Consequently, truth appears to destroy the impostor-ego and his misevaluations of Deity's Universe. (But who is that one? No one! No thing!)

  The truth of everything—even the small and inconsequential—is the Christ! It is this simple! The human mystery is gone out of it.



  Surely, the truth that is "with us always" and "withholds himself from no man" is not so arcane and difficult that only the Illumined Elect are "saved," as mysticism teaches! Surely, the truth that says "Come unto me all who are weary" doesn't withhold itself from all but those who have suffered long years of self-immolation or have died as intellectual churchdom has taught from its conception! The truth withholds itself from naught! It is not out there somewhere else, but here, ready and available to separate fact from fiction; present to awaken mankind from his prodigal-like peregrinations around his silly misjudgments of Identity. The Christ is here this instant to show us all truth.


QUESTION: Where is the truth first discovered?

ANSWER: With in oneself alone.

  When one turns within himself to this secret place and listens to the Heart, something is soon felt as a warmth and excitement, as a joyful Presence. This simple stirring-within is the Christ-experience. It has been called "Enlightenment" and "illumination." But, how many times this simple, tender stirring of the Heart has been overlooked, unheeded, unheralded, unappreciated, even denied, because Truth was believed to be a blinding road-to-Damascus illumination.

  It is no such thing. "I come when thou least expect, as a thief in the night," the Christ declares. "Behold, I stand at the door. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. I come quickly. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am with you always. Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead, Christ shall give thee light."



  Inevitably, the truth puts a new light on everything because Truth and Light are the same Christ. The truth of anything is the light that dispels the darkness (ignorance) concerning it.

 "I am the light," says the Christ-truth. Furthermore, "I am the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world." Does this sound as if the Christ were something far removed, nebulous and unattainable? Or that we must await its first or second coming?



  At the time of this writing, the theological concepts of the "Immaculate Conception" and "virgin birth" are under growing attack by those who can no longer stomach the faltering explanations of churchdom. The pity is that intellectuality believes nothing less than intellectual answers, and this is what the churches are attempting to give; the blind leading the blind, so to speak, unable to explain something they cannot understand. How lucid and understandable are the immaculate conception and virgin birth in the light of the Christ as truth!

  The Christ-truth is perceived within—a personal and intimate experience; an event untouched, untainted by anything out there. When one feels the truth stirring within himself, the experience is pristine, pure and unblemished. It is immaculate. This intimate and solitary singing of the Heart is the fabled immaculate conception; the virgin birth of the Christ; the coming of Truth that ultimately "waxes strong," "tells us all things" and "overcomes the world" of personal misperception and illusion!

  This feeling-within is the "babe wrapped in swaddling clothes." The manger, the secret place, the Holy of Holies, the Bridal Chamber wherein nothing enters that "maketh a lie" is the Heart!

  The time has come to let go the theological history of Jesus of Nazareth, historical Christ. Now is the time to be concerned with the present Christ. It is the same Christ, the one and only Truth ever destined to be known. More than that, this is the Christ-truth we be. We are free to feel its warmth and excitement welling up within us here and now! The very moment one turns to the Heart within, acknowledging Deific Truth itself to be the Christ, one has done all that is necessary to do! 

  "I come quickly," says the Comforter. Sooner or later, in contemplation or meditation, while reading, writing or working; maybe while doing the dishes or having a romp with the children; or while looking at the beauty of a little flower or into the vastness of the night; mayhap even as you read these words—sooner than you expect, the Heart will speak with a feeling of warmth and well being, with a soothing, tender touch of love! You feel a sense of soft excitement, wonderment and awe. THIS is the immaculate conception, dear reader! THIS is the one "not born of woman"! This is the Christ! This is the Truth! Acknowledge it! Adore it! Worship it! It will change your experience completely. It has come to declare Reality, to set everything aright and to show forth the wonders of the Infinite Being you are. Joy in it! This is the alone Identity-I-Am!

If you would like further guidance in understanding and Self discovery, based on the subjective view, you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones --  samuelandfriends@gmail.com  --  - Ojai, California -