William Samuel

William Samuel
William Samuel

Sunday, October 4, 2020

A New Community


Pomegranate Tree - Ojai, California 

Excerpt from The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics

by William Samuel 


Now it is, in these late days in the ongoingness of mortal life, that the attention of the one who survives will be turned to the Child within himself. He will be comforted and profited in his worldly affairs, and in his heart he will grow wealthy. As this Child-consciousness grows in the world and as these renewing people communicate with one another around the earth, writing and telling their own glimpses and glimmers of the Child's joy—no longer reciting the words of others as proof of their own wisdom—there will be a remarkable synergistic assembly of feeling within humanity beyond the grandest hope of anyone. Out of this unexpected synergism of Light, like a plant sending up a tall stem with a great flower on it, so the world will send up a newness of Child-people, blooming as a flower of Renewed Life—just like a fall flower finally coming to bloom in the late days before the frost. After nearly eleven thousand years of human time, God's Tree of Life is coming into bloom. There will be a special Joy beyond joy felt by those who are part of this Flower of Life, the offspring of Godhead, seed from the Original Seed.

         But listen, listen. It is the Tree that blooms, not we ourselves. Those who are led by the Child become the Living Blossom of Life here on earth—a new brotherhood, a new Community without leaders or temples, subservient to naught but the Child and its Source. This flower may be shaken by the laughter, envy and scorn of the incredulous, and assaulted by pseudo-authorities whose power appears to be threatened. But the Child is a threat to no one. Before us lies a brief and severe time when the flower is shaken by the wind and the petals seem to be scattered again and when those who are not holding fast to the inner Child's hand will wonder who the real prophets are. But from the Flower will come the Seed that will be taken up for the reseeding and ongoingness of tangible life. The tree will perish, but the seed will live. 

How do I know this is so? Because it has been shown to me by the Child I am—and I see confirmation of the Divine Process and Its Equation in all nature. All one must do to know these things are happening already, is to look and see that they are happening. Line upon line now, but soon precept upon precept, more than a little here and a little there, the New Community already begins to flower and be seen by Everyman, first fruits of the Tree of Life—from out of which comes the Seed eternal. 

All tangibility, all Da Shan and the life teeming on its slopes, is the subjectivity of God, not man. The Life that reads these words is the Awareness of God, not man. The synergism we feel in the community of our families and most meaningful groups is only a fraction of the Divine Energy and Light of Godhead's Life soon to be felt by those who summon forth the Child within and dare to become that Child. The downward human spiral of energy that culminates in selfness and the reproduction of human life will turn around to spiral upward and out, bringing with it the incomparable Energy of Life in its wholeness, joined with the Groom—and this joy is yet to be experienced by men and women. It is reserved for the final flowering of Life. It begins with the Child within. We get busy and find It. We live the Equation, giving and receiving, receiving and giving to all mankind. We write and tell of the Child's Glimpses because we are ourselves the only ones who can tell our own Glimpses of Light—they come to us immaculately and individually and to no one else. We are charged to give them to our others. The Glimpse contains the pollen of Life and we give it freely. We accept it an pass it along. We live God's Equation with joy. 

As it might be said in the East, the night of Brahman falls as soon as the harvest of the Seed is accomplished. The Morning of the New Day comes quickly.

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Holy War

by William Samuel. 
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Totalitarian governments, right or left, disparage God. Why? Because their control over church people is not complete. Exactly so, churchdom in the world unwittingly disparages the subjective idea because the people who truly find subjectivism cannot be controlled very well either. The subjectivist is as weird to the common man as the quantum physicist is to the ordinary scientist. Yet, subjectivism discovered and lived will eventually be as catalytic in the human experience and all of its institutions, and do as much for them, as the subjectivism of quantum has done (and will do) for the sciences.
Unchallenged religion, like unchallenged government, has led to racism, concentration camps and sycophantic, half-sleeping followers pushed into one holy war after another. Now, another Holy War looms, perhaps the last. Only the Child within us escapes the final oppression of exclusive externalism. "I alone am escaped to tell thee" are the words the suffering Job heard. (We might note that the marvel of the American system is the citizen's right to challenge external authority when it seems wrong to him-and this right is guaranteed to him in writing by his government!)
Church government, which generally considers itself superior to human government, would do well to let its lowly members challenge a few of their leaders and some of the church's ancient creeds and dogmas that have been clearly outgrown. The humanly ungovernable Child within us will be up and out one day very soon as linear time goes, and, when it is, every organization will be reorganized.
I doubt if words that tell of the Child within us could be published in the Soviet Union where external authority is supreme. I know these words I write could not be published by the individual in the Roman Catholic Church or the Christian Science Church without that individual being taken to task. But the Child within us is already free of human government, living and moving and having Its being in our heart of hearts!
Now, the knowledge of the Child doesn't mean that we-as the rediscovered Child-don't vote or support our church and country. We don't withdraw from anything. It means more nearly that we are viewed as a peculiar people, not quite so governable by external authorities and their institutions. We will be taken to task by everyone who hears and fears our Self-discovery. The prophets saw this coming-as did Jesus. "Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely" (for the Child's sake).
The point being made here? That church governments anywhere in the world, including the United States, are just as dictatorial and demeaning, when they feel threatened, as any secular government has ever been. The recognition of the Child within us is coming soon to challenge all exclusively objective modes of mind. The egocentric turf protectors, the priests, rabbis and ministers clutching their numbers, will bellow and shout and bring their houses down on their heads because the people they lead like sheep will perceive that the Child is indeed alive within themselves as it is in us. And exactly as the prophets said, "... great will be (the Child's) reward in heaven, for so persecuted they the prophets before you."
Bottom line: It is natural for the objective world to try to hold to the status quo and to subdue the subjective idea if it can. Subjectivism has been put down successfully by churchdom many times before. It was a subjective uprising within Judaism that gave birth to Christianity. But what do the rabbis teach about the subjective idea today? That it is dangerous! Judaism warns the rabbis who would like to explore the deep things of God that subjectivism can safely be studied only with a proven prophet. And what do the organized Christian sects teach of subjectivism? See for yourself. Virtually nothing.
Now that the physical sciences are in the process of rediscovering metaphysics once more, in quantum mechanics, it remains to be seen what they will do with it; but if the past forty years are an indication, there seems little reason to doubt the prophets' predictions. Perhaps it is poetic justice that it may very well be the concretized egotism of mankind, led by its organizational leaders-ministers, rabbis, mullahs and priests who know nothing of subjectivism whatever-who, with their frightened, uneducated flocks, will appear to do the "devil's" final work of tearing down the houses whose foundations lie on objective sand.
Quantum information is arriving now. The world is being flooded with information that is certain to induce new modes of thought, if mankind is to survive the upheaval. The old things will certainly pass away. There will be a new heaven and earth to be seen with the eyes because it is here already, unseen.
The Child within us survives. Those of us who have found that Child will be non-judgmental onlookers, doing what we have been given to do to help our new world. And we will do it against great odds-successfully.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Reasons For The Illusion

Excerpt from 
By William Samuel 


The view that there is no world to heal and no persons to instruct is a perfect view—almost. But there is a View beyond that view, as the real master have told, including LaoTse, Jesus and many others. The greater view simply hasn't been widely “seen” yet.

“Oh, yes? What?” the minister, metaphysician and philosopher ask in unison.

There is a world to be understanding rather than denied. When it is understood, we understand the reasons for the illusion of a world in need of healing.

Nothing is done for this world of illusion by the view that there is no world to heal nor persons to illumine. (If the absolute view of metaphysics really “worked,” the illusive world would not appear to be on the brink of a common disaster in every field of human experience.) To arrive at the near-final conclusion that the world is all right (despite the tenacious claims and holds of world-belief to the contrary) is a wonderful and necessary second step, but Truth is an ongoing revelation that ultimately tells us why the appearing appears. Subjectivism without the Child within is a dead thing, even as religion is. Without the Child, religion and metaphysics are like stillbirths in the world. The final light from the third step (the step beyond metaphysics) tells us what we are to do for the illusion. When we know this, we set out to do it. And until we do that, we haven't done anything.

To paraphrase the enlightened Zen saying once more (Mountain; not a Mountain; Mountain again); First there is a world to heal and many ignorant people to be instructed; then we see there is no world to heal nor persons to be illumine; finally, the world is understood for why it appears, and our real action begins, with much for us to do in each position.

These are the apparent steps along the way up the mountain of Da Shan. The minister often bogs down in the first step, the absolutist most certainly in the second. The illumined are those who have continued to move on and have found the Child within themselves. The Child is the third step, and those who have found It are already gathering into a joyful new community preparing the way for mankind's recognition of the Child-within-Everyman. Messiah! This Community spans the universe in a sweet camaraderie of simplicity and childlikeness.

But, let the reader understand: The child within us can be acknowledged and found anywhere along the objective or subjective way. Within religion or outside it. We do not leave or forsake either science, religion, metaphysics or “the world.” Rather we understand them and include them to infinity, perceiving whatever is real of their activities and truth. The Child within does this for us! Wherever and whenever the Child enters our conscious recognition, That One takes us quickly through the objective, subjective, male, female, first, last, above and below “steps,” without ignoring or ridiculing them—and brings us to a marvelous Balance and a unitive knowledge of Godhead. In that balance, where the marvelous Equation is learned and lived, we live our subjectivism in the objective experience, accomplishing wonders—and mankind doesn't even see us doing it!

The first step laughs at the second. The second step holds itself mighty and superior, doing nothing in the world that it calls an illusion. The second step deceives the elect and denies both the first and third steps with all the vigor it possess. Religion and metaphysics without the Child neither eat the oats they profess nor allow the world to. But the Child IS the third step—and includes the lesser steps to infinity. The Child within us leads the way to Godhead here at hand.

Excerpt from 

By William Samuel
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Excerpt From 
by William Samuel 

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When the subjective idea is clearly in hand, one is able to complete the interface with the world. During the time the subjective idea is developing, one is curled up within himself like a caterpillar in a cocoon. He is living in the world, working in the world, but growing spiritually by leaps and bounds. That is understood. We can't complain about the stasis apparent in the religious, scientific and metaphysical community provided we finally perceive movement and progress on the parts of those who are getting their subjectivism straight.

I submit that, with subjectivism clearly understood, one perceives for himself how to live it effectively on the objective scene of things. He lives his subjectivism objectively and remarkably in the world and becomes as  light that cannot be hidden.

Then the third step arrives. “The Mountain becomes a Mountain again.” After a time of balanced living, the ongoing of us are brought to make the surrender of everything. This is part of “the time of trouble” the Messianic Avatar carefully announced.

The final Secrets are to be revealed to those few who are willing to surrender even their vaunted religion and subjectivism to know GOD, Truth, aright. This is the final surrender—and may very well already have historic as well as subjective confirmation as Judaism's choice to deny the Messiahship of the historic Jesus. History records that Christianity indeed views the tangible (and intangible) Jesus as the living son of God. Perhaps Judaism, by divine Plan, rejected the Son, opting for the Father FIRST and ONLY. There is an objective reward for such a metaphysical position when the final trump is sounded—perhaps as the first group who will accept MESSIAH within the heart of themselves to be the Original Christ-Child of God, the New Covenant, for whom the prophet Jesus represents the historic evidence in confirmation—the Man who made that surrender.

Certainly Isaiah foresaw the Child of God. Certainly Jesus identified as that Child. It fits metaphysically that the discovery of the Child within will very well represent Messiah to Judaism when the Child within Everyman is found—and may even be found by the Christian community as well. But more likely, Jewish and Christian churchdom will fear for their dogmas, buildings and numbers—especially worry about deceivers—and refuse to listen to the Child Itself right in the heart of them. If so, the ministry of Jesus would be confirmed positively and subjectively. The prophets, including the confirming Christ of history, could be right once more. The Child IS the savior. A child shall lead a remnant of “children” to New Jerusalem, a new dimension. 

I state as a fact of my own Self-discovery, I walked the objective ground first; I walked the subjective discovery second; I lived my subjectivism in the world, discovering the remarkable Balance about which I've written. Then I was pushed into total willingness of self-surrender. That surrender wasn't finished until I was willing to give up my most cherished self-beliefs, even the teaching of Jesus seen to be subservient before Godhead. Then I was given the keys to the Kingdom, the Secrets of the Child and the Equation with which I proved the truth of the Self-revelations and the teachings of the historic Christ.

The point here (and I repeat it endlessly) is I was given nothing of the Child and the Child's Equation until I was proven willing, after many years, to surrender even my joys of subjectivism—everything—even God, in obeisance to Godhead. What I have been shown since has been lived and proven, every step of the Equation confirmed—attesting the primacy of GOD first, not the messenger of God, even when that messenger is the Son of God Himself. I was finally made WILLING to surrender the Christ Idea for God, perhaps a little like Abraham—and then the Secret was given to me so that rather than lose that Christly Ideal I could become it. 

Since those days, all but a few things I was shown have come to pass—and what has not happened, will, if the pattern remains as certain at its conclusion as it has been thus far in time. I see no reason it won't.

In the world, resistance to Truth is individual, then group wide, then nation wide, then worldwide. Objectively, the groups will be shattered and shaken as the individual has been—then the nation, then the world.

One does not have to be shaken if he moves ON with God—but he will be destroyed if he doesn't.

These words do not sound very metaphysical, but why do they have to? The Truth isn't bound to meet human expectations. God is still a mystery to me, but the Self-I-am, made in the perfect IMAGE of God, grows clearer every day—and those who heed these words will find what I have found. We become like the fountains we drink from. Religionists and metaphysicians drink from many fountains and have become a dilute nothing. There is a single Fountainhead, God, for whom Jesus speaks. The words of Jesus (in Thomas and elsewhere) are true and faithful. Whatever I have had to say can be found in those words or in the words of LaoTse who addressed nature as himself. The man Jesus drank from the Prophet's fountain and I drink from His. Jesus came as the historic, linear confirmation of the Child within—the first willing to BE that Child of God. I announce the Same Child of God, present in the hearts of Everyman. I hail Godhead first; I hail God's Original Image—the Child within the Elect of God.

Excerpt from 

By William Samuel
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