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William Samuel
William Samuel

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas is the Child I Am


The Christmas Season is more than the matter of a few days.  Christmas is the Heart’s Season and the Heart is forever.  Christmas is Love’s Season and Love is without end.  Christmas is the season that belongs to children and there is no time when we are not children.

What is meant by the Christmas Story of “the coming of the Christ"?  The Christ is the Truth.  The Truth is the Christ.  Truth ‘comes’ as a dawning.  The Christ is our discovery of the Truth we are.  The yearned-for Messiah is none other than the here and now awareness awakened to the meaning of these words.  Does not the Christ say, “I am the truth”?  We declare without doubt or hesitation that we are the Presence of the living Comforter come to “set all things straight.”  We take this Identity unto the Self and live it.  We gird up the loins and live it. 

Somewhere along the line comes the truthful (Christ-full) discovery that we are not a finite body containing life, awareness, within it, but that we are awareness, Life, Love, containing all bodies within “us”.  Reader, for me that awakening is the Christmas of the Christ-I-am—a pure and pristine Light out of a new day, immaculately conceived, untouched by the world—a holy Child born in a manger.  But a child beset quickly by the intellectual Herod I fancied myself to be.

The child we are survives, however.  The child of Light “grows strong” and dares, with simple honesty and actions that coincide, to challenge the fiction for the fraud it is.  This is your Season, Reader.  This season commemorates your Self-discovery.  This Christmas is YOU.  The pealing bells, the carols, the holly leaves, the laughter, red noses, plum pudding, tinsel and happy tears are yours.  These things, every one, are ours.  They are us.  They are Identity.  This holy season is the merriment that Love is and it commemorates our own Identity discovered.

The discovery may seem to do with time, but the Discovered and the Discoverer are eternal, quite beyond the clock, above the measure of months, more than can be circumscribed by strings of twinkling lights or the jingle of bells.  Love is the measure of this Season.  Love tells its story.  Unbound, honest, simple, gentle and childlike LOVE is the gift we open and the gift we are.


At this moment it seems to me that we have a most important “mission”.  It is to discover and live the Christ-Love we are that we may be found to be the comforter of this world of images

that appears within the Selfhood that Awareness is.  As I be lifted up,” says the Christ, “all mankind shall be lifted likewise and drawn unto Me.”

We give the gift of Childlikeness to our world.  We give the gift of unbounded joy.  We give the gift of tenderness that warms the Heart and brings the soft breath of happiness, the tender touch and the unrestrained tear of gratitude.

We tell the story of Identity.  We tell the weary who they are.  We show them the Kingdom of their heritage.  We hand them their scepter and point to the limitless Light of Love which is their dominion.  We look up and out and “show unto mankind his uprightness.  This is the Father’s business, so let us be at it.

Dear Mary and John, 

Happy Christmas to you folks!  This Christmas Season finds a New Star in the Heavens—this one to tell those with ears to hear of the New Jerusalem wherein there is neither sorrow nor darkness, nor age nor death.  

The Holy City is already the fact, you know.  Isness is the totality of all Being within which there is nothing that makes a lie.  In all singleness there is nothing to make it dual, and we do not have to wait to see this fact!  While there presently appear to be an inside and an outside, a here and a not-here, a now and a not-now, all these things are only aspects of the Whole, the All—for which this Awareness “we” are is the activity.

Mind (1) aware (2) of Itself (3) is a Holy Trinity Itself.  “Itself” knows these three are One Mind, one Love.

Well, this started out to be a simple Christmas greeting.

Don’t you forget that all the carols and bright lights, decorations and happy children are for you!  Who else is the Christ?


The Christmas Season commemorates our own awakening, birth of the Christ Truth within, arrival of our own Identity.  The Christmas Season marks the prodigal’s return from the land of husks.  This is the time when the fires of the hearth are rekindled—the time for coming home.

Coming home to what?  To consciousness, to Identity, to the heritage promised us from the beginning, to the Love we are, to the carefree Child we are, to warmth and tenderness, simplicity and gentleness—to the happiness that REALITY is!

Reader, if I could give you the gift of childlikeness, I would.  But this is our nature already—and this is the only nature that comes to see, accept and live the Real.  Intellectuality decries the season, anxious to explain it and then to have it over.  But childlikeness sees the sparkle of silver tassels all year.  Childlikeness listens to the laughter of angels every minute.  Childlikeness tastes the sweet sugarplums of Simplicity right here, right now—and feels the gentle Love of Christmas forever!  

If you would like further guidance in understanding William's work and his message of Identity and Self discovery and the honest living of your own unbound Joy, you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones - Ojai, Ca -

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Grandest Gift of All

WOODSONG NOTES 1986    By William Samuel


Words are waiting to be strung in a new order, a new rhythm, a new sequence never written exactly this way before.  Something soft and wonderful sings in the heart of us.  Something NEW and inwardly different is happening this season.

Read the words that follow and listen to them softly. Something marvelous will happen for you.  Why not?

This is the season of It.  Everyone wants to know about It, but only It can tell of It.  It is the authority.  Everyone wants It and has been searching for It but we all overshoot the mark until we are ready to appreciate It.  At first, we didn’t know It when we had it.  We still have It and don’t know it—because, to the undisciplined intellect, that limiting and arrogant half of us, It doesn’t seem big enough or good enough.  It doesn’t fulfill the lofty intellect’s expectations.  Oh, but It is it anyway.

Something happens and It walks onto the tangible Stage.  It is a Wonder.  It has been called many things, but names only disguise It.  What is this Something that happens?  We’ve all had intimations of It.  We were born with It.  We’ve everyone experienced It somewhere along the line.  We may not have recognized It when It happened, but in retrospect, we remember the exhilaration and the softness.  We remember It.  It shaped our lives whether we were conscious of it or not.  It came when we were children, perhaps reading or listening to stories. We have been searching for It again, ever since.  It happened at our mother’s side as she worked in the garden, and we still find comfort in gardens.  It happened in the mountains, and the mountains forever hold us in their arms.  It happened while we frolicked with playful animals and we love animals to this day.  This marvelous experience of It, early in our lives, has us searching for It again, the rest of our days.

When IT happened, the Child of us was alive and well.  The Child within us was lively, nimble and alert, clapping hands and laughing.  Now, here we are, reaching out for that Same One IT again.

What is It?  Listen, listen: It is a tiny moment of sweet inner lightness and delight.  It is a moment of relief from the world’s heaviness.  It is an instant of recognition and weightless surveillance of the scene.  It is a flawless moment that lets us say, “Hey, this is a fine minute!  I feel all right!  I feel good!  I feel joy!  Everything is all right!” That’s It. That goodness and lightness is IT!  That’s what It is.  Unfortunately, It’s no big event to the intellect of us, yet its recognition and acknowledgment is the most brimming inner understanding anyone will ever acquire—and the heart of us knows this is so.  It’s the grandest thing one can imagine, because, in the midst of It, suddenly everything IS all right—including the universe and all therein, including our own most personal experiences and our interface with everyone.  That’s all right too.

The Marvel of Marvels begins as a tiny, mustard-seed of sweet, innocent peace.  The conscious perception of this is the Big Bang of the Future, awaiting the world.  When we recognize It, and acknowledge It, It grows and grows.  It comes back again, large, and more apparent.  It returns, again and again, at other unexpected moments, still larger—until it grows into the Tree of Paradise wherein the angels play.

We have all needed someone in our personal life who recognizes It and says, “That’s it!  This is IT!”  The It I write about is the purpose of all the human disciplines.  It is the objective of the philosophies, all the religions and secret societies intended to bring us to Light.  When they are successful, they bring us to this tiny moment wherein we finally recognize It for what it is—peace, simple peace.

The inner delight we feel, even as we read this, is It.  Here It is!  Right here as the awareness reading these words.  It hasn’t gone away, you see.  It never left us nor forsook us.  We are It.  It is us.  It is me and thee and everyone.  And, It is still right here, a tiny moment of peace in the world, ready to explode into the New World and make all things new.

Now, Woodsong friends, we can stop overshooting the mark.  The mark has always been a simple peace within, a feeling of quietness, a moment of lucid light wherein we finally stop missing It and say aloud, in exultation, “This is it!  This is really It, this moment of peace.  Everything right now is all right.  No bill collectors now.  No sons and daughters fussing now.  No one giving us the devil right now; no on berating us; nothing intruding on this holy moment.  No guilt right now.”

Ah so, when visitors came to Woodsong looking for the mystical conclusion of a lifetime of searching, they found It, right here as themselves.  Here It is.  If I could write It, I’d give It to the world for an eternal Gift.  But It can’t be given.  It can’t be taken.  It just is.  It is the Pearl of great price.  It is all that is real.  It’s here available and acceptable to everyone equally.  When we are ready, finally ready to appreciate and acknowledge It, we let go a little, we realize a little, and in a moment of giving up, in a moment of surrender of old ideas, in a moment of letting go some of the silly preconceived notions about What It is and where It is, here It is, pouring in on us and out of us with infinite blessings!

Was It here all the while?  Yes, yes.  Why didn’t we see It?  What matter!  It is here now!  What a wonder It is, so close, so present, yet, unseen, unaccepted, but looked for and longed for, available in the twinkling of an eye, by letting go a moment, and acknowledging It with childlike gratitude.  It is a realizing, a soft and gentle look around the scene.  It is a smile and a sigh of relief.  It comes with healing and Peace on Its wings.  Not a peace the world understands, but we understand because we feel it.  We know it.  We acknowledge it.  We clap hands in a moment of freedom and thanksgiving—and Something synergistic happens.

Hey, you didn’t know It was this simple did you?  Here It is.  The heart of us already knows the truth in these words.  The heart inside feels something stirring.  That stirring is IT!

You thought it was religious?  You thought it was metaphysical?  You thought it came with a knowledge of all wisdom?  You thought everything would change and be healed?  You thought it would be something else, but It is more likely what we don’t expect.  It is always MORE THAN WE COULD HAVE IMAGINED!  Intellectual expectations are good, but clinging to a personal idea of it caused us to miss the mark.  We wanted the blinding Road to Damascus experience.  Now, we are ready!

It is a the joy of all-rightness.  It is the recognition that Life is Good and that Good is God.  That God is good and that good is everywhere, whether we stop to see it or not.  It is hidden in simplicity and clothed in childlikeness. It isn’t recognized by the pompous and mighty.  It isn’t seen by worldly merchants, the greedy, the envious, the rich, famous or powerful.  It is seen by the child-heart of us—the heart that has had enough of the distorted world and is ready for better things.  It is seen by the simple, the meek and mild-mannered.  It is seen by the troubled because they are ready to put their troubles down.  It is seen by any and all who are willing to admit Its presence, Its simplicity and nearness.  It is with us right now, only awaiting our acknowledgment.  If we bring It forth, we live.

                                            Joyful Living!
                                                                                 William Samuel
                                                                    Woodsong on the Hill December 1988

Jesus observed:  “Heaven is even now spread over the whole face of the earth but men perceive it not.”

There IS an incredible beauty and perfection “spread over” the whole face of everything—an astonishing beauty BEING ever “thing”—over all that’s seen, all that’s heard, all that’s thought.  Yet, nearly as incredible, this monumental Beauty is virtually unseen, barely recognized, seldom acknowledged.

Oh, but it is here!  It is here this moment, awaiting the merest acceptance, awaiting the shedding of intellectual skepticism, awaiting acknowledgement without condition—without intellectual thought about how it is SUPPOSED  to appear.                      

Season’s JOY from William Samuel

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work and your own Self discovery, you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones --  sandy@ojaimail.com  --  - Ojai, California -   

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Holy Gamut of Perception

Excerpt from The Awareness of Self-Discovery    
by William Samuel 


Imagination, Reality And Judglessness

When an oppressive situation is at hand and tranquillity appears to be threatened, there are many things we can do that will "heal" the situation—and quickly. For instance, we can open the doors of imagination to the real and beautiful.

This requires an act of strength because our every intellectual tendency is to NOT leave the scene of misery but to hang in there and do battle with it. Anything less is called intellectual cowardice and labeled "escapism" by the world. But we let go the apparent scene long enough to let imagination carry us back to the Principle wherein no inharmony exists. Soon we touch an area of gentle relief within ourself and we can be certain we will shortly be lifted up, out of gloom, into the atmosphere of the Absolute.

This journey of Awareness is helped considerably if we write it into words as we go along. The act of writing carries us more deeply into the Within where tranquillity is.

Here is an example of such a journey:


Once I lived beneath the massive oaks of the Mississippi coast. Those oaks are there yet. Even this instant when an oppressive situation is attempting to make me yield to it, I know those giant trees are there, mighty monarchs, massive and green, festooned with flowing moss.  Yellow flickers, wax wings and cardinals dart among them. Gray squirrels scamper along their high branches jumping with measured grace from limb to limb. This very instant that scene is one of peace and tranquillity. The air is moist and sweet there. A gentle peace holds the scene in silence.

Now I see a winding road that skirts a mountain cove. Hickory, sycamore and pine line the field below. Crisp mountain air bathes the scene and bees hum past in swift arcs carrying the day's pollen to the hive and home. A deer peers cautiously from the woodland and drinks from a cool stream at his feet. The scene is just a scene being a scene—tangibly "there" in that mountain glade; intangibly "here" as a sparkling pristine vision in the Mind's eye that Awareness is. "Here," I see, is merely the "place" the outside becomes the inside, the inside, outside.

Awareness is the Mind's eye, the Mind's ear. It is the whole (holy) gamut of perception. Awareness is Mind's function functioning—for which Mind is responsible.

Ah, but here is the point I have been so slow to perceive, so reluctant to admit. MIND is responsible, not the ego-me. For how many years have I played at being God, custodian of Awareness, manipulator of the sights and sounds that comprise this Identity-I-am? What wonders are mine each time I make the sacrifice and come out from the custodian's role to let Mind be this functioning I am. 

What does this have to do with the mountain cove or the trees along the Southern shore? It has to do with the consciousness of the trees and fields, the oceans, the Pleiades and the stars in far places. It has to do with this Identity-I-am, God's Self-cognizance.


We are wont to have a vague Spiritual universe to dream and talk about—a universe wherein no imperfection exists and one to which we may appeal to rectify the malappearances in our tangible world. We are eager to have a visionary heaven, yet the place where we expect to see Harmony's evidence is ever in the here and now of tangibility. All this while we are looking at Harmony's very trees, stones and desert places, calling them dreams, calling them unreal, trying to heal them. We would have a dualism despite ourselves—a real and an unreal, a heaven and an earth, a truth and an error, an above and a below. 

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear," said Jesus. "When you make the two one. When you make the above as below, the first as the last, the inside as the outside..."

We do not discard the scene at hand in some grand metaphysical sweep, calling it all unreal. We turn from it—but we turn only long enough to see it is not the scene that lies, but the judge of it, the liar we play when we separate ourselves from Awareness (the Identity we are) to play at being God, the director of Awareness. Images within the scene have neither the value nor the authority the liar gives them. 

look out and see that Heaven is this very Scene at hand!

The agony that began the exercise of imagination turns out to be something else. Tranquillity lets me see what—and act accordingly.
There is much power in this message. If you will, you can feel it. How much MORE is the Life of YOU!

Excerpt from The Awareness of Self-Discovery   by William Samuel
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Objective - Subjective- Omnijective

Nothing About This
Metaphysics has said nothing about the Child whatever, has it? Subjectivism, for all its looking within, misses the Child entirely—and the Child's Equation. There is a good reason for this, as we shall see later.

To the objective view, there is God and a sinful mankind struggling to return to God's grace. To the subjective view, there is God and God's Self-Awareness appearing as all possible individual states. The “return” is leaving the bonds of objectivism to re-embrace the Original Child, the subjective “Mind of God”—to let the Awareness be us which is also the Christ Truth. Then, if we are willing to continue, we find and live the balance. Here, the objective world is understood, not denied. The balance is a step beyond subjectivism, just as the subjective idea is a step beyond the objective view of things. But, listen, listen: The Child within can be found anywhere along the line at any moment! When the Child is found, we go quickly to the balance of things.

The blind caterpillar has one opinion about a particular leaf on which it walks. But how much more expansive that view becomes when the caterpillar is a sighted butterfly! Exactly so, the subjectivist has an expanded view of the Bible, considerably beyond the confining, restricting, legalistic interpretation given it by fundamentalist, objective churchdom. The winging butterfly's statements and actions relative to the Bible-leaf may seem an abomination to the caterpillars still digesting the letter of the leaf. Just as quantum mechanics seems to make a mockery of objective physics (but doesn't, really), exactly so, dawning subjectivism seems an insane mockery of religion to some religionist, especially those who think they are seeing and interpreting the Bible with the only possible view.
But just as the subjective states of mind seem superior to the limited views of objectivism, so does the view of the rediscovered and resurrected Child within (This is the third position, the “It is a mountain again” position) come as an infinitely superior view to those held by the churchman, scientist or metaphysician!
My metaphysical friends have always been nonplussed by the thought that there could be a position beyond the GOD IS ALL position. Indeed, there is. God is beyond all concepts and all “positions.” Later, we will cover this ground in detail. Meanwhile we remember that there is the third position, quite beyond metaphysics as it presently appears in the world. “finally, it is a mountain again.” Here we know what to DO concerning the mountains of life—and find ourselves capable of moving them.
Excerpt from "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics"
By William Samuel

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Limitless Wonders

by William Samuel 

The Glimpses that come to us in our human struggle on the slopes of the world are the ever-present Child of Light-beyond-light breaking through, disclosing an unsuspected wonder of Reality. In truth, these Glimpses are all that's really important in the human experience, all else being the contradistinctory lessons that LEAD to them.

Our prayers, meditations, yearnings, longings, and spiritual leadings are ever directed by Godhead through the Child Us, the Original of Us who resides atop Da Shan in the bosom of God. That Child, like the photon, is everywhere at once in space and time—available instantly to guide us through the necessary “ascent from tangibility.”

“Necessary? The descent isn't real. It never happened!” says the metaphysician only half-correctly, More about this in later pages.

Even now the Child of Us stands atop Da Shan in the very heart of Godhead, the entire world under his foot, free of the imbalances of the slope, free of the human conditions that propel us in one direction or another on the face of Da Shan.

The Child is ever the Christ Light, Soul of OurSelf, capable of hearing our every needful desire along the slopes and absolutely willing to help us make the upward propelling decision and movement on the slope of Da Shan, unavoidable image world of The Discipline. The “discipline of the world” continues until we are atop the mountain in living fact, not mystical or metaphysical profession.

Understand, from the center of the great X where the two mountains touch, downward, there is another light of the world, the limited light of tangibility (appearing to be) claiming to be the reality for the tangible scene. This appearance of limited light is spoken of as the Mist that arose to deceive. That deception is not without God's perfect purpose, as you will perceive for yourself. The limited light we are writing about here is the same light that science says is moving at 186,300 miles per second and illuminates this page as you read.

Even the body that walks the slopes of Da Shan is but a microcosm of Identity, image of the Child-Image of God. The Child is a microcosm of the Real. The physical body of the present reader is quite capable of reaching the top of the mountain of understanding within its lifespan, no matter its age or condition, and in doing so brings attention ever more to the Child-Real, and ever less to the body of flesh. More, we find the physical body's purpose in the tangible world is to do the “will of Godhead.” There are things for the Self-realized to do in the days ahead, and quickly.

For those who attain the peak during this discipline, this lifetime, there comes a moment in time to speak of the Equation—Life's flow into life, Intangibility's flow into the image forms of Tangibility and back again. For a time the Child of us speaks to the entire world, and the world, having become the subjective world of our attainments and learnings, has also become our imaged Selfhood.

Atop Da Shan in living fact, not querulous metaphysical abstraction and profession, we have shrunk egoistically from nothingness to nothingness to consciously be again the Son of God, the Logos to Life. We have ended our descent into the images of tangibility as though they were the reality of Life. Finally, our vision transcends the world's mist and we have realized our Original State, never fallen from grace, never guilty of human atrocities and sin.

Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little, we have come to comprehend all the events of our linear lives in time as the Good necessary to bring us consciously into the fullness of the Godhead, bodily.

Does this writer claim to stand atop the might mountain of illusion? Dear
God, I make no such claim, having no idea the extent of Limitlessness's Image, but write as I have been taken and proven.

From "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" By William Samuel

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work based on Self discovery - you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones  samuelandfriends@gmail.com -  Ojai, California -