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William Samuel
William Samuel

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Textbook Thinking

Excerpt from

by William Samuel 


The way of non-contention with the world was given to me. It doesn't struggle to reform things. Enlightened non-judgmentalism permits one to see the good in the world, perfect as it already is.
But there is something inside that shouts for me to shout. The rebellious boy-cadet—the soldier—would have me beat the drum. But at WHAT?
The Heart knows, yet it isn't likely that a drum roll thundered by Jeremiah himself would be heard by my deaf self-hood—that part of me that worships people and their books. So, to what shall I shout?
To the narrowness of textbook thinking. Yes, yes. I rail about the narrowness of textbook thinking. Mind you, this is not to have the textbooks rewritten nor to have their organizations reformed. It is a plea that my “others” (not outside myself) stop limiting themselves to the boundaries of books—even the holy books, even to this group's or that group's interpretation of the Bible. Oh, books are wonderful and the world is blessed to have them. I ask those who study with me to begin a journal at once—and many of those journals have become more books and papers that circumnavigate the world. Oh no, it isn't books I rail at, but our disposition to give them values they do not have of themselves. 
I would roll my drum only to call attention to certain tendencies of the unenlightened nature of us. Our revered scriptures and textbooks already do that, but to little avail! Chief among those tendencies is that deadening inclination to establish the words of our treasured books as immutable, eternal law—especially a law to those areas of the heart that we haven't fully understood yet and wherein we still need an honest guide. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with this tendency to put faith in books! We had better believe the automobile manual until we are familiar with the machine. But that manual isn't immutable law for all eternity. There comes a day when we drive another automobile. There comes a day when we fly a spaceship. To hold tenaciously to original words as though they were eternally sacrosanct, is to be doomed. How so? That action forces us to return to the same ignorance from which those very words assisted our escape. This is what I'm inclined to shout about. 
Are the words of the Bible holy? Or, is it the Lord God and His Principle which are more holy than the human words that tell of them? We know the answer to that without thinking. Then, why the great veneration of sacred texts? Again, we know the answer. “But now they are drunk,” said Jesus. “When they have shaken off their wine, then...”

There is a definite and essential ongoingness within the bedrock stability of spiritual Essence. Movement within non-movement; wheels within wheels, so to speak. There is no way for the human community to view the dynamism of Spirit, of Essence, of Godhead as immobile and stagnant. But the nature of the old ego man is to hang onto comfortable beliefs and familiar traditions. Spirit reveals Itself as eternal newness. The textbooks sometimes speak to that newness, but “textbook thinking” precludes the living of newness because there are no specifics of that newness written about in the textbook. Textbook thinking leads to stagnation, as one can plainly see from the many closed societies of churchdom, all in argumentative disagreement with others over their interpretations of the Bible or Whatever. 
Religious metaphysics is a clear case in point. It entered the scene asking mankind to look to a new Idea “whose time had come.” People did. That old/new Idea of subjectivism was off and running. Since those days, the world pace has quickened. In its one hundred years, that new Idea—a restatement of subjectivism in an objective world—has seen more confirming movement on earth than in all the eons preceding. The transcendentalist's push at the door of understanding was surely responsible for much of that movement. Now, that Idea's organizations themselves stand with blinders on and ears closed to the very ongoing spiritual revolution they helped spawn. Present era metaphysicians are afraid to examine the fruits of their own once fertile field—their own progeny. Why? No one wants to be cast as “disloyal.” “They left the field.” “They have not given due credit to So and So” who gave no credit to her sources other than the Bible. And it all happened exactly the same way before when Christian churchdom broke away from the objectivism of Judaism.

In a human way this is sad to see. But, in retrospect I see how absolutely right it all is. From the present calcification of religion worldwide, is soon to come the final blossom for which the Tree of Life was intended. That flower will be the rediscovery of the Child within. A new Community is being readied.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Genuine Joy

Excerpt from
by William Samuel 

Everything pertaining to the Mystery has to do with looking for good everywhere. The ability to do this is all so very simple and childlike that the old nature of us doesn't want to believe it is even possible. What a wonderful Mystery it is—hidden all these years in simplicity and clothed with childlikeness.
The child looks out to the world for its instruction. The adult turns within and struggles there until, when the Child is found, he looks outward again in new and constant anticipation of GOOD.
It is a strange demand, the intellect insists, to look for good when there is so little good to be seen anywhere. “The world is about to explode. Civilization teeters on the brink of annihilation. Where is good in any of this? I look about and see horror, not good. Look at the news papers and the news casts on television. Is there any good there?”
There is that wonderful statement of Jesus found in The Gospel According To Thomas where he speaks to the ANTICIPATION of good. “The angels and the prophets will come to you and they will give you what is yours.” At first thought, the metaphysician or theologian might argue that the anticipation of good is to deny its presence right before our eyes. It is just the opposite of such denial. It is to look at everything and search for the grand good there.
That good is sometimes obvious. We see it quickly in the long-lost gold ring lying in the garden. It isn't as easy to see it in the gray stone we've just bumped our foot on. The pitfalls and stumbling blocks—the angry politicians, the shouting demonstrators and terrorists—occlude the perception of good there. Or so it seems at first—until we make the breakthrough. After a time of looking for good in the world, we begin to see it everywhere, everywhere. Good comes to confirm itself for those who look for it and seek the wisdom in God's creation roundabout.
Haven't we been proclaiming all these years that God/good is everywhere? And hasn't the mystic been whispering that God is all? All means what it says. If God is all and God is good, there is good in everything—and there is, there is! Make me prove it. I have very nearly found it in everything.
This experience “I” am living has grown into something quite beyond words. No hyperbole here. Exactly the way it is. Simply an explosion of inner Joy and a continuing confirmation of that Joy beyond anything I had ever known except for the briefest moments. Oh, how to say this? And why? I answer the “why” quickly: I write as a marker for my “others” who dream of such joy. It is true! It happens! It isn't just a “dream of desire along the way.” I do not know how lasting in the world's time it will seem to be, but “my” life has been made full.
The other evening at a lovely lady's house one of the guests spoke of going to a concert and suddenly getting caught up in a glorious tingling thrill of joy and delight. Her eyes sparkled as she told of it. Everyone could see her tears of reminiscence and knew what a genuine joy she spoke of. Then she fell silent, her eyes closed, and I heard myself saying, “That's it! That is the joy of the experience everyone calls enlightenment.” Some speak of it as illumination—sparks from the Child within. First we recognize those fleeting moments and acknowledge them for being the Light of Life they are. In so acknowledging them, we are faithful to the pennies of such moments and eventually find ourselves trusted with the dollars of them. Greater moments come. And greater. We look around one day to find we are living in the continual confirmation of the Joy we have faithfully anticipated.
These words are true and faithful. They tell of a great Joy beyond words. What must surely be one of the wonders of wonders: I have not seen a person who cannot prove the honesty of these concepts for himself and begin to live a New Life and a new marvelous experience.
“The joy of that moment at the concert will expand and expand,” I told the lady, “so that the 'thrill' continues.”
“I don't know if I could stand that!” she said.
We are the children of God, so joy is our heritage! Why should we deprive ourselves of the Inheritance by thinking one must perish in the flesh before God's Kingdom becomes God's Kingdom? “And God saw everything he had made and, behold, it was very good”! That good is right here, right now—even as I struggle to write about it. Good is ours for the anticipation! But that's not the end of the matter; the anticipation and receipt of Truth is only half the joy. There is much to be done with that Truth once we've received it. That is the subject we'll be into soon.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

States of Mind

Excerpt from 
The Child Within Us Lives 
by William Samuel 

How we feel about things influences what we see in the world, no question of that. Envy, jealousy, anger, hatred, greed, lust, fear, insecurity and “love” are some of the occluding states of mind. Who can see the garden's morning blossom when he is frightened for his life? Who can enjoy a birdsong when he's angry?
Well now. We aren't so quick to recognize what these states of mind do to us. There are countless other occluding mental states as well. The engineer's bent for orderliness; the religionist's and metaphysician's predilection for study; the psychic's concern with things psychic; the scientist's examination of cause and effect, all tend to overlook the uncaused and mysterious. They overlook the obvious. The metaphysician's search for meaning behind words overlooks the reasons for the words themselves. The religionist's concern for his organization holds him to that sense of things—which might be out on the edge of things. The organizational metaphysician's loyalty to his group prevents his discovery of balance—if the group isn't the center of things.

Human science has discovered evidence of a fifth “force” in nature, but to this point makes little connection between the perception of those forces and the human condition itself. Religious subjectivists generally ignore the connection, trying mightily to deny dualism, still unaware of the good reason for its appearance in the scheme of things. He calls half of himself unreal, pretending to ignore tangibility rather than understand it. Human science very nearly touches the limits of microcosm and macrocosm but fails to connect its findings to life itself, unaware that scientific search is an examination of living Consciousness.
This is the general rule I'm writing here, and there are certainly many individual exceptions to it. Whoever finds the Child of himself becomes an immediate exception. The Child is the Guide, unafraid to move on with his seeking and finding. The Child looks both ways, so to speak, and sees the principles of the objective studies as clearly as those of the subjective. The Child takes us back to the beginnings of the scheme of Life, through the reasons for theology, onward to the reasons for (and examination of) subjective thinking, still onward to a lived, experienced balance for ourselves in the world—thence to confirmation. Confirmation is the provable “link” between tangibility and Ineffability. Much of that link lies beyond the limits of sense, but not beyond the Heart-Child within us. The Child brings us to the victorious end of the human struggle for wealth, health, dominion and power.
The Child leads us straight to Itself. The Child is the Self of us, the soul. The Child is Life itself. The Child is identity made in the image of God. The Child is precisely what the avatars discovered, marveled at and identified AS—none more beautifully than the historic Jesus.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Just Beginning

Excerpt From A Guide To Awareness And Tranquillity
By William Samuel
Dear David,
We "begin" with this now-awareness, but the beginning must be a new and genuine redetermination of Isness. We start from scratch, but this is not being done until our previous beliefs, ideas and cherished opinions are loosed and let go. The practice of humanity, the intellectual temptation, is to carry them with us to see if our new discoveries coincide with our old ideas.
No, we let go everything and start again like new babes, with the first and basic fact about which there is no uncertainty-the isness of this present now-awareness. All else must go. Without regard or regret, without fear or consternation, we stand in a void, naked, childlike, innocent. As this now-awareness, empty of the ego, we open our eyes and awaken!
David replies, "This sounds as if I will lose my identity. I certainly don't want to do that. As a matter of fact, I am searching for identity."
Dear David,
When we begin with Awareness we find we lose nothing that is real, most certainly not the Identity. Rather, we let go the notions of an identity we have never been. We lose the unhappiness, loneliness, lack, poor health and fear inevitably associated with a misidentification called "the old man," his intellect, his cherished common sense and his high opinions of himself.
So, we shuck the old ideas and let them go, David. We bring attention back to this real and present fact of Awareness. Awareness is a fact; we know it; we are it; nothing is outside of it. Here, we discover the true Identity!
When one looks at the television and sees things on the screen, he is not tempted to believe the screen is in one place and images in another. He knows they are one television screen. Exactly so, awareness and the images of perception are all one Awareness.
There are no words we can read that will convince us of the allness of this now-consciousness; there is no one to whom we may listen or talk who can do more than persuade us intellectually. We know-and we know we know - only when we find it and feel it within the Heart.
Reader, this will happen for you much sooner than you expect. Your "awakening" is inevitable, irresistible and certain, because the fact is-as you shall see and have been told many times-you are not sleeping to be awakened now. Despite the appearances on the world's stage, you are already all you could ever hope to become. You are already in the Father's house. The nearly unanimous pronouncements of classical theology and education to the contrary, your real Identity is neither sinful nor fallen; you are not a prodigal acting the profligate and wandering in the pigsties of a far country. The Identity you are this instant is Harmony's Now-Awareness being aware. Our heritage, effortless and divine, is to acknowledge this fact!
Right now, bring yourself from an over-concern with things within Awareness to Awareness itself. Here you will find that all bodies, all images, and everything Awareness includes, are aspects of your own Identity! Here you will find that you are happiness, completeness and joy itself.
Excerpt From "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity"  
Available on Amazon 

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Awareness and Identity

Awareness and Identity 

We have examined Awareness to discover it includes all things. Awareness is the function, the activity, of Mind, Consciousness—but whose Mind? Whose Consciousness? Here is the crux of the matter! Whose Awareness is this? Who owns the Awareness that is presently reading these words? Is it yours? Mine?
Ask these questions and answer them for yourself before reading another word. Stop; put the book aside and consider this Awareness. Have you been considering it "yours"? Have you been acting on the assumption—perhaps unconsciously—that this consciousness is "mine"? Have you been thinking of it as the activity of your own mind? Be completely honest.
The perception of this point was basic in my comprehension of Reality, so I want to make it very clear to the reader. I ask you to look at the table across the room or at the blue sky outside your window. This "seeing" is Awareness in action. By now we surely understand that the blue sky and the table, like images on the television screen, are "within" this Awareness that is aware; but listen closely; have we not thought of this consciousness as a personal possession?—as "mine," "yours," ours," "his"? Reader, this is precisely what mankind believes; this is the position from which he has acted since the beginning of time; this is what religion, philosophy and education have taught to this very moment, but it is not true! Such a concept is entirely false, and it is upon this false premise that the trials and tribulations of humanity are constructed.
Understand this: this Now-awareness is neither yours nor mine. It does not belong to someone called "me" or "us." It does not "belong," period! Awareness (Life) IS!
But who are we?
Awareness is who we are! Awareness itself! We are not the ego, the personality or body, who says Awareness is "mine." THAT is the incorrect identity, the "old man," the "liar from the beginning" the "deceiver," the devil himself. THAT is the one to be "put off." That is the one to "come out from . . . and be ye separate."
Listen carefully: The basic building block for our entire personal belief in an inharmonious human experience is the incorrect assumption that our present identity is one who owns-possesses-contains-the Awareness of these words; The belief that Awareness is the function of "our" personal mind; That we are the custodians of Consciousness; That we are the recipients of Life.
As long as we believe we are the container of Awareness, we identify ourselves, not as Awareness itself, but as an empty ego; as the one who attempts to have Awareness show us the things we want, the way we want them. As long as we believe this, we are acting a role outside the realm of the Real, attempting to make a servant, a slave, a lackey of God's own consciousness of being!
Ponder this basic fact. Once the Truth of it is felt, we do not long continue to identify ourselves as the "old man" who must be put off or as the mortal who must die. Rather, we claim Awareness itself—Life, Reality, Truth, Infinite Intelligence itself—as the sole and only Identity.
The Awareness that sees these words is this Identity! The Awareness-being-I includes the Universe entire! We can never actually be the one who claims to possess, contain, imprison, enslave and make a servant of Awareness. When we believe ourselves to be that one, we live as "a house divided," in bondage to our own false sense of Self.
Reader, you are not one who is aware. You are Awareness!
From "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity"
By William Samuel

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

About Positive and Negative Thinking

Excerpt from
 "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity" 
By William Samuel

Available on Amazon 

It is a well-known worldly fact that man sees what he looks for and confidently expects to see, whether it be "good" or "bad,” “success" or "failure." We have seen the results of "positive" expectations and have watched the apparent failures that negativity brings. Within the human picture of things, those who look for certain "effects," confidently expecting to see them, generally get to see what they are looking for.
From out of this phenomenon has grown the cause-effect metaphysics of the Western world, generally an expansion of the Eastern idea of "karma." It teaches, in part, that one's personal experience will be greatly improved if he will turn his thinking from the negative into the more positive expectation of "good." There is an expanding assortment of books along this line of "positive thinking," as the Eastern idea gains in popularity around the world.
But, reader, listen carefully. Is this expectation and realization of "positive good" what one really wants? Undoubtedly, for a time it seems so to us all, but is there any lasting freedom in such action? None at all! On the contrary, this "positive thinking" is to take the weight of the entire world on one's shoulders, endlessly having to determine what is positive and what is negative, what is "good" and what is "evil," and then to make positive calculations and eliminate negative thoughts, expecting positive results and refusing to anticipate negative effects. This has us attempting to judge, heal and make over the universe to fit a personal judgment of positiveness.
This, of course, is what the world is doing, but such action is widening, not lessening the apparent dualisms of "good and evil," "real and unreal," "truth and error," etc.
"Positive thinking" is only the humanly judged "good" aspect of thinking, planning, calculating and evaluating. All personal thinking, every bit of it, positive or negative, glosses over the transcendent NOW and leaves us trying to manufacture a personal idea of another perfection; it places this Now-awareness in another time and in another place.
"Who by taking thought can add one inch to his stature?" Jesus asked. "Take no thought . . ." said He. We have done with all personal thinking, positive and negative alike!
How? The big question, how? Of himself, the personal thinker can never stop thinking. Thinking is his entire activity, his happiness and sadness from birth 'til death. Like Macbeth, thinking is his role on the stage and is all there is to him. "I can't stop thinking," says he. "Neither can you," he adds. "Thought goes on even while we are sleeping."
This is true; the personal thinker, the great possessor of mind, cannot concentrate himself out of thinking, cannot meditate or ponder himself out of thinking. Then how? Listen softly: One ceases thinking as a personal thinker just as quickly—and only—as he stops believing himself to BE a personal thinker. At that instant, in the twinkling of an eye, he is the thinking of the Divine Mind; he is Awareness itself, filled with joy-full thoughts—not the plans and calculations of the manipulator, but wonderful thoughts of a beautiful and complete NOW! Indeed, as thought-full Awareness itself, he becomes aware of thoughts that are a continuous surprise and delight, thoughts that are spontaneous, automatic, effortless—so wide, so all-inclusive as to astound the old judgmental sense of self. This is "the Mind by which the prophets spoke"; this is "the Mind which is in Christ"; this is the Mind being the Awareness I am—this Awareness right here, right now.
Excerpt from "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity"
By William Samuel
Available on Amazon
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