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William Samuel
William Samuel

Monday, February 6, 2023


Book Cover - Artwork - by Alexa B. Jones


If someone were to come here today, and if by some marvel I could communicate so completely I could give him every secret I knew, it would do him very little immediate good in the world. How so? Because he must first build the self-confidence that he is indeed what has been revealed to him. This happens for us precept upon precept, and it takes time in the world. When that confidence is established, he alone builds his credibility in his world—a credibility he has in hand before he can set out to do for his subjective world what he knows is finally necessary to do. I am certain this is why I was given mysteries forty years before I was told that “my time had come.” It will not take so much time for those who come to me now.


Discovering the Child; living the Equation; subjectivism. These three constitute the living life of love.

When the child is first discovered, one can barely believe what he has found. Then, when the Equation is disclosed, he ever so slowly gets the courage to live it. When the subjective idea finally and fully arrives and he learns that He is the Christ Itself to his own newly discovered subjective world, he is troubled mightily at the magnitude of the work; he stands in utter amazement at what he is called upon to do for everyone. But, with God's Grace, he persists—here a little, there a little. 

It has been shown to me that the Child I have found is soon to be found by many more in this, my subjective world. Those who find It within themselves will strengthen one another as they communicate in love and encouragement, one to another. They will give the necessary strength to those who have felt a measure of their findings. Then as the Equation is lived, they will encourage others to live it also, bringing the world to bloom with a new community of Child-Children. They will have the seed of the Father within them.


There are three difficult stages for our breakout into Light: 

1. It is difficult to recognize that the Child within is the same Child we were when we were child-children. That is, it seems unbelievable that the way we saw things as a six- or seven-year-old is the way we are actually capable of seeing things again, here and now, no matter what our human age or that now we can go still further and see the infinite Original of Ourself! A necessary-for-a-time veil hangs before the eyes and the heart, which precludes the easy ability to think of the Child as anything but a fantasy, a dream of Pollyanna.

2. Equally slow and difficult is the understanding that the Child within us is the actual Christ Light of us. They are the same One and they are WE, I, Us, Identity.

3. The third area of personal difficulty comes in our moving from theory and mental speculation about the Child, to action here in the world. Understandable mountains of human intransigence and disbelief stand between our recognition within and the world outside. It is only line upon line that our actions in the world are recognized in the world. Then, one by one those around us begin to see the Child of us, and the Child of themselves. Bit by bit, here a little, there a little, our credibility grows, the wonders are seen and recognized. Finally, our entire subjective world (internal and external) responds!

Without the Child, first and foremost, the subjective view is nothing more than a personal attempt to manipulate the scene to one's advantage: without the Child, the equation can't be fully comprehended; without the Child, one is dead. Without the Child and the Child's Equation, science flounders, without direction.

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"Lilly Pond" by Sandy Jones

Excerpt from

 "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" 

 by William Samuel 


A story of discontent and discernment.

Old Croak lived in a mill pond with ten thousand other frogs. Each night he sang in the chorus and their melody could be heard for miles.

Upon reaching manhood, Croak felt a disquiet grow within himself and he decided there was more to life than singing songs from lily pads. “this incessant peeping and croaking is driving me mad,” he said. “What I need is quiet!”  Bidding his friends goodbye one night, Croak made a gigantic leap into the darkness of Anywhere But Here.

As it happened, a carnival which had closed for the night was located in the field beside the pond. Croak's mighty leap carried him up and over the pond and through a small opening into the very center of the House of Mirrors. Not knowing where he had landed, Croak sat huddled in the inky darkness of the closed hall of mirrors, awaiting the morning light. Everything was silent and, strangely, Croak missed the chorus that evening. 

“Croak,” said Old Croak. His voice was louder than usual and it echoed weirdly. It was more resonant as well—but there was no reply. “That's funny,” said Croak. He was alone in his silence, and for the first time, his disquiet included a sense of loneliness.

The next morning, Croak opened his eyes to find himself in the center of ten thousand frogs. His loneliness disappeared immediately.

“Aha!” he said. “You decided to follow me here. Why didn't you answer me last night when I croaked?”

Ten thousand mouths moved, but no sound came from any of them. Croak was puzzled. 

“Why don't you answer me?” he asked. Ten thousand mouths moved, but there was still no answer. Croak frowned. 

“What kind of silly game is this?” Ten thousand frogs frowned and moved their mouths, but there was only silence.

“Is this the kind of punishment I get for complaining about singing in the chorus every night?” he asked. Ten thousand mouths moved in silence. Croak stamped the floor in anger ad threw himself into a double backward flip. Ten thousand angry frogs stamped the floor and threw themselves into double backward flips.

“What is this?” the surprised Croak wondered. “I thought I was the only one at the pond who could do a double backward flip,” mumbled the humbled Croak. “They've been holding out on me,” he said, sulking to the floor. Ten thousand frogs mumbled silently. Ten thousand frogs sulked to the floor.

As the days went by, Croak came to several conclusions—almost metaphysical conclusions. “I've gone deaf,” he thought. “Somehow the might leap from the lily pad has damaged my hearing.” Then, more seriously, in the way of a good thinker who thinks a lot, he thought, “I'm being punished by God or the other frogs. They are mocking every move I make.” But after a few more days Croak's metaphysics turned deeper. He decided there was surely greater meaning behind the appearances than he first believed. “Aha,” he croaked, “There is real metaphysical significance here! Definitely. Yes, definitely. In the first place, I notice that no one moves unless I move. That's a hint. If I hop a short distance, they hop a short distance. If I do a mighty backward double flip, they do precisely the same. It seems to me that what is being made plain here is that I am the power of this scene. Yes, yes. I am the power here. Everyone does what I do, yes. Now, there must be another step. Aha! Now I shall teach them to do what I SAY to do!”

“All right, you guys,” said the reinvigorated Croak. “Enough of this togetherness stuff. I want to be alone; therefore, I want all of you to get the hell out of here!”

Ten thousand mouths moved, but that was all.

“O.K. Now,” Croak began again, “all of you idiots pay attention to me. I am your teacher!” He had their attention.”Leave the room!” Croak ordered. Ten thousand mouths moved, but no one left the room.

“Well,” thought Croak, “apparently I must lead the way and show them how to do what I say to do because I want them to do what I want them to do.” He ordered them to leave the room again, and, this time, as he spoke, he jumped behind a piece of brickabrack on the floor. From behind the brickabrack, Croak could see only half the frogs in room. “Good!” he shouted. “Good! Half of you crazy croakers have left the room just as I ordered. All right now, guys, all of you that are out of the room, stay out, and all of you that are still in the room, leave the room like THIS.” As he said this, Croak leaped from behind the brickabrack. Promptly, half the frogs jumped from Croak's view, but the other half jumped back into the room. 

“Oh, come on, fellow! Come on, now!” Ten thousand frog mouths moved in insolent silence. “All right. Let's try that again,” said Croak. But wherever he hopped and whatever he did, he could never get all the frogs to leave the room. At one point he leaped into a box and thought for a moment he was alone. Then, looking directly overhead, he saw ten thousand frogs peering down at him from identical boxes.

“Smart asses!” shouted Croak, leaping back into the center of the room, followed by ten thousand mocking frogs.

“I have learned to read lips and you jerks have just called me a smart ass,” he moaned. “Oh, this is too much for me. I must be alone. I simply must get away from here!”

That night Croak sat on the floor sobbing silently. He thought of the old days when darkness was a time for singing and sunshine a time for playing. “In those days I wasn't leading the world of frogs, trying to make them do the things that were pleasing to me,” he thought. “Oh my. The world does everything I do but nothing I tell it to do.”

Then, in anguish he said, “I give up. I surrender. Whatever the Scheme of things in this world, it is too much for me to fathom.” At that moment, through his tears, Croak beheld a shaft of moonlight streaking through a hole in the wall.

Without hesitation and with no thought whatever for the consequence, Croak mustered every ounce of strength he could find and leaped through the hole toward the moonlight above. It was a mighty, mighty leap. A backward, triple somersault, full gainer; double twist with a jackknife that put him over the House of Mirrors onto a lily pad in the middle of the pond. “Hallelujah!” thought the relieved frog. 

The moonlight was very bright that night. Croak looked around and not one of the ten thousand frogs was in sight. “At last I am alone!” he rejoiced in delight—to be answered by ten thousand voices celebrating his return.

Croak was sort of glad. “They are saying what they want to say,” he thought. “I'm not alone with myself anymore, or am I?”

Meanwhile, back at the house of mirrors, one mirror asked another, “Have you ever seen ten thousand frogs jump out of a room all at once, like that?”

“Goodness no,” the other mirror answered. “They sure died in a hurry, didn't they?”

“They didn't die,” said the first mirror. “They simply moved on to another plane of consciousness.”

“Plane, schplane. What does that mean? They're dead and gone,” said the corner mirror. “I saw them all leap into the fire at once.”

“They're still alive,” another mirror said. “Hold my hand and I'll contact them.”

“Baloney. I tell you there are ten thousand dead frogs.”

Overhead, the moon, hearing the argument among the mirrors, whispered in moon talk which is understandable only to mirrors, children and whoever sits in the moonlight, “There was no life in the images, my friends; therefore, life cannot leave the images. Isn't that so?”

The mirrors whispered, “Yes. That makes sense, yes, indeed,” But they still didn't know there was only one frog.

On his lily pad in the pond, Old Croak heard the moon, too. He looked into the water beside his lily pad and saw the moon's reflection there. Suddenly he understood who the ten thousand frogs were. More importantly, he began to suspect who he was.

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Friday, October 8, 2021

The Mysical Experience


Sea Breeze - Sandy Jones

by William Samuel 


  The experience of "illumination" is a genuine event awaiting most of us. Exactly what this much touted and nebulous event is, among other things, is the subjective nature of consciousness breaking through our ordinarily objective thought patterns. These "solipsistic" experiences are moments when we catch a conscious glimpse of our own (or God's) subjective nature as it relates to the world. Most of us desire these happenings mightily—and have them long before they are recognized or understood.

  So much has been written about illumination that no thinking person still questions its existence, albeit, many have searched for it without success, and many more have wandered into anguish, confusion and metaphysical gridlock trying to make a preconceived concept happen for themselves. Many more have been led astray by the fanciful accounts of those in high places who would like us to believe they know what they are talking about. The experience of gnosis is not uncommon—but it is often misunderstood or ignored by organized, dogmatic Christianity and Judaism. In Western metaphysics it is ignored, spoken of in hushed circles and frequently distorted. Illumination is better understood in the East, but misconceptions abound there as well. This quiet event actually happens often for everyone in unrecognized ways, much more frequently than it is understood. Light is our birthright. That experience has taught me that my Experience is everyone's experience; that what is true for me is true for the rest of myself—including those who read these words.


  After half a lifetime, I began to understand that every breakthrough and breakout was accompanied by a personal move toward simplicity and childlikeness. Again and again, when my affairs had grown complex, a glimpse of Light arrived, reducing earlier frustrations to new simplicities, and revealing a underlying unity. Somewhere along the line of our inner development, simplicity and childlikeness become primary. Science has perceived this move toward simplicity, but neither science, religion nor metaphysics has seen the equation between simplicity and childlikeness—the untouched Child within us. The recognition of this will be part of the explosion soon to come.

  In a marvelous and mysterious way, an Overtruth takes care of our affairs. But, until I was convinced of this, the inner workings of science, religion, mind and metaphysics were disconnected and confusing. As each glimpse of Light arrived, the complexity was understood and seen beyond, and a new simplicity came into view; then the process began again and still another simplicity arrived to explain itself within another view more basic than the last.

  I call these simplifying insights "Glimpses," and we will have much to say of them later in the book. They are extremely important. Surely, for all of us, the study of truth becomes a knot of intellectualism until Something bursts through to help.


  The new sciences, embracing metaphysics to a degree, are making breakthroughs into a comprehensive simplicity. Each breakthrough produces questions that proliferate into areas of confusion, and then comes another Glimpse and a sudden turn toward an underlying, more fundamental unity.

  When the final answers are known in this world, the Divine Simplicity of the Primal One (Godhead) will be "all there is,' and human intellectualism will not only have reached its limit, but will have run its course as well. The intuitive knowledge of a primal Simplicity behind everything sparks the scientist's search as surely as the metaphysician's.

  Now, as the twentieth century winds down, one can see that human searching has nearly reached the limits of human measure, but woe, the heart of us, the soul of us, remains where it was, just beyond the reach of the intellect. Neither religion nor metaphysics has performed as it promised. The "heart and soul"? Yes. The real of us, the Christlike truth of us, the Child of us, the ultimate Identity seems as far from our grasp as ever. Clearly, the fullness of Godhead remains beyond the limits of intellectualism and its organizations, but the wisdom about God that can be understood lies rooted in a knowledge of Identity, the Self made in the image of God. Certainly, Identity includes the heart and soul.

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Thursday, September 16, 2021



Sketch - Lily Pond - Sandy Jones

Excerpt from  "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" 
by William Samuel. 
 Available on Amazon -  

Totalitarian governments, right or left, disparage God. Why? Because their control over church people is not complete. Exactly so, churchdom in the world unwittingly disparages the subjective idea because the people who truly find subjectivism cannot be controlled very well either. The subjectivist is as weird to the common man as the quantum physicist is to the ordinary scientist. Yet, subjectivism discovered and lived will eventually be as catalytic in the human experience and all of its institutions, and do as much for them, as the subjectivism of quantum has done (and will do) for the sciences.
Unchallenged religion, like unchallenged government, has led to racism, concentration camps and sycophantic, half-sleeping followers pushed into one holy war after another. Now, another Holy War looms, perhaps the last. Only the Child within us escapes the final oppression of exclusive externalism. "I alone am escaped to tell thee" are the words the suffering Job heard. (We might note that the marvel of the American system is the citizen's right to challenge external authority when it seems wrong to him-and this right is guaranteed to him in writing by his government!)
Church government, which generally considers itself superior to human government, would do well to let its lowly members challenge a few of their leaders and some of the church's ancient creeds and dogmas that have been clearly outgrown. The humanly ungovernable Child within us will be up and out one day very soon as linear time goes, and, when it is, every organization will be reorganized.
I doubt if words that tell of the Child within us could be published in the Soviet Union where external authority is supreme. I know these words I write could not be published by the individual in the Roman Catholic Church or the Christian Science Church without that individual being taken to task. But the Child within us is already free of human government, living and moving and having Its being in our heart of hearts!
Now, the knowledge of the Child doesn't mean that we-as the rediscovered Child-don't vote or support our church and country. We don't withdraw from anything. It means more nearly that we are viewed as a peculiar people, not quite so governable by external authorities and their institutions. We will be taken to task by everyone who hears and fears our Self-discovery. The prophets saw this coming-as did Jesus. "Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely" (for the Child's sake).
The point being made here? That church governments anywhere in the world, including the United States, are just as dictatorial and demeaning, when they feel threatened, as any secular government has ever been. The recognition of the Child within us is coming soon to challenge all exclusively objective modes of mind. The egocentric turf protectors, the priests, rabbis and ministers clutching their numbers, will bellow and shout and bring their houses down on their heads because the people they lead like sheep will perceive that the Child is indeed alive within themselves as it is in us. And exactly as the prophets said, "... great will be (the Child's) reward in heaven, for so persecuted they the prophets before you."
Bottom line: It is natural for the objective world to try to hold to the status quo and to subdue the subjective idea if it can. Subjectivism has been put down successfully by churchdom many times before. It was a subjective uprising within Judaism that gave birth to Christianity. But what do the rabbis teach about the subjective idea today? That it is dangerous! Judaism warns the rabbis who would like to explore the deep things of God that subjectivism can safely be studied only with a proven prophet. And what do the organized Christian sects teach of subjectivism? See for yourself. Virtually nothing.
Now that the physical sciences are in the process of rediscovering metaphysics once more, in quantum mechanics, it remains to be seen what they will do with it; but if the past forty years are an indication, there seems little reason to doubt the prophets' predictions. Perhaps it is poetic justice that it may very well be the concretized egotism of mankind, led by its organizational leaders-ministers, rabbis, mullahs and priests who know nothing of subjectivism whatever-who, with their frightened, uneducated flocks, will appear to do the "devil's" final work of tearing down the houses whose foundations lie on objective sand.
Quantum information is arriving now. The world is being flooded with information that is certain to induce new modes of thought, if mankind is to survive the upheaval. The old things will certainly pass away. There will be a new heaven and earth to be seen with the eyes because it is here already, unseen.
The Child within us survives. Those of us who have found that Child will be non-judgmental onlookers, doing what we have been given to do to help our new world. And we will do it against great odds-successfully.

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