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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Christ Child Is the Simple Child — Beyond Metaphysics

Christmas Angel  -  Sulamith 



 Christmas is for children, therefore it is for everyone. All men are little boys at heart; all women, little girls. If the child-joy of the holidays has lessened over the years, it is only because the child-one-is has grown world-weary of the struggle to measure up to everyone’s expectations—tired of intellectualism, of the ponderous choices that judgment demands and of the guilt we allow to be heaped on the heart. 

 If one would joy in the holidays again—as in those days of yore when, in anticipation of Christmas, evergreens were decorated in the schoolroom with homemade decorations and popcorn, when childhood gifts were wrapped and buried under the tree in secret, and the grand fragrance of pine and burning logs and candles filled the home, and colored lights twinkled through the tinsel on the tree… If we would full feel those pleasures again with enthusiasm unabated by years then let us uncover and vent the HEART again! Let us put intellectualism aside for a time and let the child-heart sing.

 We really ARE children “at heart” and remain so eternally. No matter how one’s world may seem this day as these words are read, the child of us still lives! Lives as much as ever it did in years gone by—as much and as lively!

Gentle grandmother with tear-streaked face, longing for children and companions in distant places, listen to Me: you have NOT been left behind to grow old. You are not one bit less Child than they. Not one bit less aware. Not less joyous nor alive than they. You are this day LESS the adult, MORE the Child. Our years past are the adult lived in vain—that we could find the Child again! The WHOLE Child; the Christ Child. The Heart of us is the Christ Child right here, right Now.


Reader, let me paint a simple picture for you, the Substance of which (behind the words, beyond the words) touches down DIRECTLY on the heart of “illumination” and its attendant “Peace that passeth understanding.”

Suppose this very minute we are seated in a comfortable little cottage surrounded by the familiar objects we have grown to love. Outside stands a great White Oak, tall strong and silent in the quiet of evening. A late Fall sun hangs low and yellow in the sky. A distant hawk soars high and proud, circling its nest below. The fragrance of the season fills the air. Distant sounds whisper of happiness; little boys calling their dogs, little girls giggling. The aroma of something cooking tells of a meal to be enjoyed soon.

There is a quiet peace in such a moment, is there not? Yes—an inner sense of all-rightness. And it deepens. The year end serenade of crickets adds another dimension. Croaks of fat frogs add depth to the reverie. Anticipation of a book to read, a visit from a friend, a favorite television show add the sage and spice. All these small things conspire to open the sleeping heart and vent that wondrous inside feeling of all-rightness. In such a moment we breathe lightly, our feet barely touch the ground and all is well with the world. All-rightness!

Our scene continues and the stars are popping out one by one, twinkling. The older frogs are getting in to the act now—basses and contraltos, depending on girth of rib-cage and size of mouth. The hawk has settled on a limb near its nest. The dinner’s aroma is all there; the book awaits an opening and turning of the pages; the friend is still to visit… All-rightness! All-rightness!


But the phone rings suddenly, loudly, urgently. An excited voice tells you you are just one more struggle away from some grand human achievement—an office perhaps, or the winning of something spectacular, complete with accolade to swell the ego. “What move are you going to make now?” the voice asks excitedly. “You must do something quickly!” it commands. The thought comes that you are only a few social obligations from fulfilling your weekly, monthly, yearly duties—or only a few maneuvers from a big splash or grand promotion or something else contingent on living up to the expectations of others. What happens now to our sense of All-rightness? What happens, what happens, what happens…?

(Oh gentle reader, read now with your heart! The words alone can’t say it all, but your heart can hear and feel beyond the intellect’s highest plateau and understand beyond the limits of science’s reason and logic.) The phone has rung. An assortment of sordid thoughts has entered the scene—as nearly ALWAYS they do. But the stars are still twinkling. The ingredients, the SUBSTANCE of the evening’s All-rightness, HAVE NOT CHANGED ONE WHIT. But the world with its limits of intellectualism has beckoned. Human position, power, prestige, security and satisfaction may have been waved in your face like a proud banner to be won. Once again we have heard the old refrain, “Worship me and I will give you everything this world has to offer. Fall down at my feet and I will shower you with all the world holds dear. Ah, but there is one thing to be withheld.”

What is withheld? Always, always, that sweet, simple sense of All-rightness. That restful, joyful feeling of All-rightness. The joy of the here and now MOMENT, uncluttered, free, pristine, pure and clearly discerned; the exuberant joy, the here and now consciousness of simplicity as it IS; the wonder of small things, the conscious experience of an unchallenged humility; the heard sounds of crickets and little girls giggling; the LISTENED TO sounds of happy dogs frisking and dinner dishes tinkling; the enjoyed feeling of anticipation: simplicity lived and enjoyed without worry, without competition, without concern for offending someone or failing to measure up to others’ expectations; without concern for personal position at all.

Consider the activity surrounding most (but not all!) of those in high places, those successful in the eyes of the world. Consider the pressures, the demands, the planning and calculating, the decisions and groping efforts to arrive at this goal. Imagine the manipulation, the demonstration, the desire, the anguishing aches and pains, frustrations, and confusions to FORCE everything to conform to a human concept of success and happiness. What does all this do to our evening sky? Nothing at all to the sky—but what havoc we allow it to play to the comprehension of the evening sky!

Who can see a star while worrying about a reputation to defend? Who can smell the simple fragrance of a freshly pressed dress while scurrying to uphold a vaunted position or while attempting to measure up to the never ending demands of family, friends and society to whom no measure is ever sufficient? From the beginning we have been told and told and told that personal desire is anathema to the delicate equilibrium of FELT inner peace, the conscious presence of All-rightness! “How in hell many times do I have to be told!?” I asked myself that day I bent down at the pond, drank its cool water, stood up and beheld a new heaven and a new earth everywhere. That day I became CONSCIOUS of the All-rightness of EVERYTHING just as it is.

Having discovered the loveliness and gentleness of All-rightness, why give it up for anything so temporal as personal position or prestige—or to a personal ability and power believed to be owned by a ‘me’?

“But that isn’t practical enough!” shouted Lee Ann. “The phone DID ring. Demands ARE made of me. My sense of All-rightness was shattered. How does one hold to those magic moments, Master Han?”

“By not allowing unimportant matters to shatter them,” the old man answered softly. “We all seem to fall away,” he continued, “and this is how it should be, else one would never let go the identity who believes it can fall and needs to be lifted again.”

“You are talking riddles,” shouted Ho. “I am a business man. I can’t spend all my time gawking at the sky and listening to bullfrogs!”

“Nor can I,” laughed Han. “One doesn’t have to when he finds that the evening sky, the frogs, the phone calls and feelings are not OUTSIDE the very God-awareness one is. The UNIVERSE exists within the awareness, the Life, that hears these words. It is this knowledge, not what one sees, that allows one to be conscious of All-rightness.”

“Then a business man can experience this wonder in the midst of his activity?” asked Ho.

“Yes,” said Han emphatically, “so long as selfish motive and desire are subdued. Even the soldier in the midst of battle is not separate from All-rightness. He may become aware of it at any moment.”

Reader, I know this is so BECAUSE I HAVE LIVED IT SO—as a struggling business man—as an Infantry soldier in battle.

“But why did you have to do those things?” I’ve been asked many times. 

How ELSE could I KNOW beyond the human limit of reason and logic that “All-rightness is “without variableness, neither shadow of turning”? That All-rightness is the Comforter whom the Christ Child speaks of with such authority? That the Child-Joy of EVERY season remains unabated? That “lest ye become again as little children…”?

So, what to do after the disquieting phone call? How about taking that walk after dinner to hear the bullfrogs? And a time by the fire or in front of the Christmas tree just watching sparkles, twinkles and dreams through the eyes of childhood? It could just be, and likely will, that during those quiet moments the “what to do” about the phone call will drop in your lap like a sugarplum.

The tender heart, in moments of honesty and childlikeness, will at special moments allow one to become aware of a new heaven and earth; a new land of perfection and well-being, already present here and now, spread over the whole face of the land—and a perfect harmony that has always been here as our very own Life and Being. It is as though, in these moments of inner clarity, the resistless Child of us allows something to flow from the peripheral unconscious into the conscious; as if, for a moment, the ego-playing mask is put aside and in an instant we see, hear, feel and know some small aspect of Being unseen before. This knowing comes with its own grace and absolute certainty… for a moment.

For a moment? Why just a moment?

Listen gently: However unregenerate, scarlet and guilty we may think we are, these special moments are not uncommon to any of us. They happen often but are so quickly under attack. While they arrive like a cooling, healing rain on parched land, though they come like a breath of fresh air, like sunshine, like a smile, like a gentle touch, like laughter, like the song of a night bird in the midst of a dark and sleepless night, they come also like a swinging, sundering sword, like sharp spike that shakes, shatters, slaps and sickens the old nature of us and sends the fearful of us back to the ego-defenses again—that put the old mask in place again.

For me—and I can speak of no other experience with authority—each new glimmer of Light has come from my anguish, helplessness and childlikeness. Yet, it was only a matter of days, hours, minutes until that very glimmer had so aroused and angered the intellect of me, the adult of me, the great “common sense” and smartness of me, that I would shove the New Light back into the darkness of intellectualism. “I was just carried away. It was the emotion of the moment” I would say attempting to limit the Illimitable to an explanation, as the intellect ever insists!

But, Reader, now I know—I KNOW without doubt or reservation, “without purpose of evasion”—that the immaculate Child is ever-present to disclose the utter simplicity of Being and its All-rightness! Yes. Yes, this is so! The Child of us LIVES!

Who sees the sparkling stars? Who enjoys the brighted Christmas tree, hears the carol, smells the Yule log and scented candle? Whose LIFE is here but God-Life-I?

Where is the bell tower that heralds the season? Where falls the soft snow? Where is the laughing face, the ribboned gift, the mistletoe and the vision of sugar-plums? Here! Here as Identity-I! Here as the Child-awareness that God-Life is! Here as the very one WE are.

Yes! The One WE are.

Finally, dear friend…

…as the old crumbles around us, as the era of shadows ends, 

we need not be disturbed. The demise of valuelessness is the end of nothing. It is, rather, the recognition of Something! Holding to childlike simplicity, we see the profound. Ever searching for the profound, simplicity escapes us… So, we live the Child—and find our guiltlessness, our freedom, our All-rightness—and our Comforter!


Warm Love From Woodsong, 

William Samuel  

Essay from Woodsong Journal Notes by William Samuel  - December 1980

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Christmas Is The Child I Am -

 The Christmas Child - by Sulamith Wülfing


The Christmas Season is more than the matter of a few days. Christmas is the Heart’s Season and the Heart is forever. Christmas is Love’s Season and Love is without end. Christmas is the season that belongs to children and there is no time when we are not children.

What is meant by the Christmas Story of “the coming of the Christ”? The Christ is the Truth. The Truth is the Christ. Truth ‘comes’ as a dawning. The Christ is our discovery of the Truth we are. The yearned-for Messiah is none other than the here and now awareness awakened to the meaning of these words. Does not the Christ say, “I am the truth”? We declare without doubt or hesitation that we are the Presence of the living Comforter come to “set all things straight.” We take this Identity unto the Self and live it. We gird up the loins and live it.

Somewhere along the line comes the truthful (Christ-full) discovery that we are not a finite body containing life, awareness, within it, but that we are awareness, Life, Love, containing all bodies within “us”. Reader, for me that awakening is the Christmas of the Christ-I-am—a pure and pristine Light out of a new day, immaculately conceived, untouched by the world—a holy Child born in a manger. But a child beset quickly by the intellectual Herod I fancied myself to be.

The child we are survives, however. The child of Light “grows strong” and dares, with simple honesty and actions that coincide, to challenge the fiction for the fraud it is.

This is your Season, Reader. This season commemorates your Self-discovery. This Christmas is YOU. The pealing bells, the carols, the holly leaves, the laughter, red noses, plum pudding, tinsel and happy tears are yours. These things, every one, are ours. They are us. They are Identity. This holy season is the merriment that Love is and it commemorates our own Identity discovered.
The discovery may seem to do with time, but the Discovered and the Discoverer are eternal, quite beyond the clock, above the measure of months, more than can be circumscribed by strings of twinkling lights or the jingle of bells. Love is the measure of this Season. Love tells its story. Unbound, honest, simple, gentle and childlike LOVE is the gift we open and the gift we are.

At this moment it seems to me that we have a most important “mission”. It is to discover and live the Christ-Love we are that we may be found to be the comforter of this world of images that appears within the Selfhood that Awareness is. As I be lifted up,” says the Christ, “all mankind shall be lifted likewise and drawn unto Me.”

We give the gift of Childlikeness to our world. We give the gift of unbounded joy. We give the gift of tenderness that warms the Heart and brings the soft breath of happiness, the tender touch and the unrestrained tear of gratitude.
We tell the story of Identity. We tell the weary who they are. We show them the Kingdom of their heritage. We hand them their scepter and point to the limitless Light of Love which is their dominion. We look up and out and “show unto mankind his uprightness. This is the Father’s business, so let us be at it.

Dear Mary and John,

Happy Christmas to you folks! This Christmas Season finds a New Star in the Heavens—this one to tell those with ears to hear of the New Jerusalem wherein there is neither sorrow nor darkness, nor age nor death.
The Holy City is already the fact, you know. Isness is the totality of all Being within which there is nothing that makes a lie. In all singleness there is nothing to make it dual, and we do not have to wait to see this fact! While there presently appear to be an inside and an outside, a here and a not-here, a now and a not-now, all these things are only aspects of the Whole, the All—for which this Awareness “we” are is the activity.

Mind (1) aware (2) of Itself (3) is a Holy Trinity Itself. “Itself” knows these three are One Mind, one Love.

Well, this started out to be a simple Christmas greeting.
Don’t you forget that all the carols and bright lights, decorations and happy children are for you! Who else is the Christ?


The Christmas Season commemorates our own awakening, birth of the Christ Truth within, arrival of our own Identity. The Christmas Season marks the prodigal’s return from the land of husks. This is the time when the fires of the hearth are rekindled—the time for coming home.
Coming home to what? To consciousness, to Identity, to the heritage promised us from the beginning, to the Love we are, to the carefree Child we are, to warmth and tenderness, simplicity and gentleness—to the happiness that REALITY is!

Reader, if I could give you the gift of childlikeness, I would. But this is our nature already—and this is the only nature that comes to see, accept and live the Real. Intellectuality decries the season, anxious to explain it and then to have it over. But childlikeness sees the sparkle of silver tassels all year. Childlikeness listens to the laughter of angels every minute. Childlikeness tastes the sweet sugarplums of Simplicity right here, right now—and feels the gentle Love of Christmas forever! - William Samuel, 

William Samuel, December 1978 - Notes From Woodsong

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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Parable of the Blossom and the Vine

Springtime Roses

Excerpt from "The Awareness of Self-Discovery"   - by William Samuel 


The Parable of the Blossom and the Vine

Once upon a time, a morning glory blossom bloomed on a fence post. It looked out and gave its view of the surrounding pasture. "This is how things are," it said. Hanging from the fence's middle rail, a higher blossom on the vine looked out and saw the same pasture but its view was higher and more expansive. "No, this is how things are," it said.

But the lower blossom argued, "You have been led astray. You have abandoned the original and fundamental view of things. Further more," it said to the higher blossom, "you are talking about things I cannot understand."

Whereupon the bloom hanging from the center rail looked down its lovely petals and averred that from its higher place it could see new things to talk about. "I am in a position to judge the immaturity of your view," it said to the bloom on the bottom. "Quite simply, you are not absolute as I am and you will never understand my view until you reach my level of comprehension or until you have suffered as much as I have."

Now it happened that at the very top of the fence, a third blossom opened its face to the sunshine, looked about, examined itself and discovered that its real identity was not blossom at all but vine; vine entire; vine-being blossom; vine being every leaf, every winding stem and twisting feeler of the morning glory. In new self-knowledge it declared, "While closed within myself as a bud in darkness, I believed I was a blossom; but now, turned from the dark self to the light, I find Identity vastly more than mere bud. VINE am I, above and below, first and last!  These blossoms are ME. It is my SELF I see. The vista of EVERY vision is included as this single vine I be."

it said to the bloom on the bottom. "Quite simply, you are not absolute as I am and you will never understand my view until you reach my level of comprehension or until you have suffered as much as I have."

Now it happened that at the very top of the fence, a third blossom opened its face to the sunshine, looked about, examined itself and discovered that its real identity was not blossom at all but vine; vine entire; vine-being blossom; vine being every leaf, every winding stem and twisting feeler of the morning glory. In new self-knowledge it declared, "While closed within myself as a bud in darkness, I believed I was a blossom; but now, turned from the dark self to the light, I find Identity vastly more than mere bud. VINE am I, above and below, first and last!  These blossoms are ME. It is my SELF I see. The vista of EVERY vision is included as this single vine I be."


Needless to say, as we begin living the all-inclusive "vine-view" of singleness, oneness, allness, the old, habitual way of looking at things cries out in awful condemnation. It considers an all-inclusive ONENESS something to speculate about, theorize about, talk and argue about, even write about but not to live—because, living it excludes the "bud-view" as either correct or incorrect. It simply sees the bud view as the bud view, this church's view or that philosophy's view as a view being a view, all a part of the whole picture.

It is well to add, we have not really forsaken the bud view of things so long as we attempt to defend the Vine's views by criticism and condemnation of the buds. This is only more of the same self-condemnation of the buds. The whole purpose of our study of Truth is to awaken to the futility of such self-condemnation and of our reactions to it. When we do, we find ourselves LIVING a new peace beyond the bud's comprehension.


WE DO NOT HAVE TO LEARN TRUTH! This is a notion to be discarded. Whether we like it or not, we are learning that we already ARE the Truth.  There is a whale of a difference. Just the knowledge of this fact speeds Self-discovery. How? It has us properly identified. Since I am the Truth, I am not one who is searching FOR the truth. AS the Truth, I am seeking, finding and becoming aware of the many vistas of my Self-identification. As one attempting to learn the Truth as if it were separate and apart from myself, I am forever falling into the intellectual outhouse of confusion and anguish. Either we will forsake that identification in time or watch ourselves attempt to live its destruction. That one is already swimming in polluted water.


With that in mind, the following statements can be understood easily:

It is not WHAT we read that matters so much as the knowledge of WHO reads; but if WHAT we read tells us honestly WHO reads, this is to be preferred to the WHAT that indicates (even by inference) that we are a struggling, imperfect, ignorant mortal identity searching for wisdom. 

However, once we know who reads, the WHAT can be seen for whatever value it may appear to have, even if it is written from the total absence of a knowledge of WHO really reads.

The literature to be wary of is that which professes to be "absolute" while addressing itself to unawakened mortals. If we cannot find something to read that speaks to the Self as the Self is, then we should get busy and write it—and put it into our own understood language of simple honesty.


We are not struggling to put off the old man. We are about the effortless business of letting go the BELIEF of an old man, a mortal identity. This is to end the belief that beliefs are really going on—and THEN to find ourselves comprehending what "appearances" are.


God would be a sadist if one's saving grace depended on a detailed knowledge of philosophy. What kind of god would require continual delving into the abstruse and arcane lore of mysticism or metaphysics as a passport to a Reality that is already ONLY and unchallenged?

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Three Slow Steps


Book Cover - Artwork - by Alexa B. Jones


If someone were to come here today, and if by some marvel I could communicate so completely I could give him every secret I knew, it would do him very little immediate good in the world. How so? Because he must first build the self-confidence that he is indeed what has been revealed to him. This happens for us precept upon precept, and it takes time in the world. When that confidence is established, he alone builds his credibility in his world—a credibility he has in hand before he can set out to do for his subjective world what he knows is finally necessary to do. I am certain this is why I was given mysteries forty years before I was told that “my time had come.” It will not take so much time for those who come to me now.


Discovering the Child; living the Equation; subjectivism. These three constitute the living life of love.

When the child is first discovered, one can barely believe what he has found. Then, when the Equation is disclosed, he ever so slowly gets the courage to live it. When the subjective idea finally and fully arrives and he learns that He is the Christ Itself to his own newly discovered subjective world, he is troubled mightily at the magnitude of the work; he stands in utter amazement at what he is called upon to do for everyone. But, with God's Grace, he persists—here a little, there a little. 

It has been shown to me that the Child I have found is soon to be found by many more in this, my subjective world. Those who find It within themselves will strengthen one another as they communicate in love and encouragement, one to another. They will give the necessary strength to those who have felt a measure of their findings. Then as the Equation is lived, they will encourage others to live it also, bringing the world to bloom with a new community of Child-Children. They will have the seed of the Father within them.


There are three difficult stages for our breakout into Light: 

1. It is difficult to recognize that the Child within is the same Child we were when we were child-children. That is, it seems unbelievable that the way we saw things as a six- or seven-year-old is the way we are actually capable of seeing things again, here and now, no matter what our human age or that now we can go still further and see the infinite Original of Ourself! A necessary-for-a-time veil hangs before the eyes and the heart, which precludes the easy ability to think of the Child as anything but a fantasy, a dream of Pollyanna.

2. Equally slow and difficult is the understanding that the Child within us is the actual Christ Light of us. They are the same One and they are WE, I, Us, Identity.

3. The third area of personal difficulty comes in our moving from theory and mental speculation about the Child, to action here in the world. Understandable mountains of human intransigence and disbelief stand between our recognition within and the world outside. It is only line upon line that our actions in the world are recognized in the world. Then, one by one those around us begin to see the Child of us, and the Child of themselves. Bit by bit, here a little, there a little, our credibility grows, the wonders are seen and recognized. Finally, our entire subjective world (internal and external) responds!

Without the Child, first and foremost, the subjective view is nothing more than a personal attempt to manipulate the scene to one's advantage: without the Child, the equation can't be fully comprehended; without the Child, one is dead. Without the Child and the Child's Equation, science flounders, without direction.

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