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William Samuel
William Samuel

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Of Principle and Law

OF PRINCIPLE AND LAW           By William Samuel

There is an all-pervading Principle that rules, regulates and provides for the entire tangible universe. The various laws of physics, mathematics, music, chemistry, etc. are this Principle. These laws are so interwoven and bound to one another as to present unassailable proof of the existence of an omnipresent, single Principle being ALL.

The "That" which is being this single Principle is "God," the Absolute, the Ineffable, the That beyond a name and greater than the individual laws.

What is the one common denominator for all the known "laws"? It is AWARENESS, the means by which every law is known. The laws, and all that could ever possibly be known about them, are included within awareness. Awareness is "greater than" laws. Awareness is an aspect of the Ineffable That which is beyond all names and labels, the That Which Is, called Mind or God.


Every sight we have ever seen has been seen within and as AWARENESS, Mind's action of Self-perception. Every sound we have ever heard has been heard within and as AWARENESS, the very consciousness that presently reads these words. Every "feeling" that has ever been felt has been another aspect of AWARENESS, Mind's Self-awareness in action.

"Identity" is awareness. Identity is not the ego who thinks life (awareness) is his personal possession and/or the gift of God. To believe we are the custodian of awareness has us identifying as a potty piece of poppycock "of few days and full of trouble." Furthermore, it has us worshiping a bestowing god that doesn't even exist. Mind, you see, doesn't bestow its Self-awareness on "another." Mind IS its OWN awareness. Mind and its action are not two, but one.


Nor is Awareness separate from the images within it, any more than the television screen is separate from the cowboys and commercials there.

Therefore, we can see that our identification as awareness ITSELF is not a withdrawal from the world, from people or from the adventure of living. It is a withdrawal from our own valued opinions, notions and prejudices of them. To the contrary, this work appears as a revitalized interest in everything that appears as conscious identity (Awareness)—and that is everything!  As we live childlike-awareness-being-effortlessly-aware, we find our daily experience expanding into undreamed of new action—plus the strength and means necessary for that action.


From The Awareness Of Self-Discovery 

The Immaculate Conception And Virgin Birth


  At the time of this writing, the theological concepts of the "Immaculate Conception" and "virgin birth" are under growing attack by those who can no longer stomach the faltering explanations of churchdom. The pity is that intellectuality believes nothing less than intellectual answers, and this is what the churches are attempting to give; the blind leading the blind, so to speak, unable to explain something they cannot understand. How lucid and understandable are the immaculate conception and virgin birth in the light of the Christ as truth!

  The Christ-truth is perceived within—a personal and intimate experience; an event untouched, untainted by anything out there. When one feels the truth stirring within himself, the experience is pristine, pure and unblemished. It is immaculate. This intimate and solitary singing of the Heart is the fabled immaculate conception; the virgin birth of the Christ; the coming of Truth that ultimately "waxes strong," "tells us all things" and "overcomes the world" of personal misperception and illusion!

  This feeling-within is the "babe wrapped in swaddling clothes." The manger, the secret place, the Holy of Holies, the Bridal Chamber wherein nothing enters that "maketh a lie" is the Heart!

  The time has come to let go the theological history of Jesus of Nazareth, historical Christ. Now is the time to be concerned with the present Christ. It is the same Christ, the one and only Truth ever destined to be known. More than that, this is the Christ-truth we be. We are free to feel its warmth and excitement welling up within us here and now! The very moment one turns to the Heart within, acknowledging Deific Truth itself to be the Christ, one has done all that is necessary to do! 

  "I come quickly," says the Comforter. Sooner or later, in contemplation or meditation, while reading, writing or working; maybe while doing the dishes or having a romp with the children; or while looking at the beauty of a little flower or into the vastness of the night; mayhap even as you read these words—sooner than you expect, the Heart will speak with a feeling of warmth and well being, with a soothing, tender touch of love! You feel a sense of soft excitement, wonderment and awe. THIS is the immaculate conception, dear reader! THIS is the one "not born of woman"! This is the Christ! This is the Truth! Acknowledge it! Adore it! Worship it! It will change your experience completely. It has come to declare Reality, to set everything aright and to show forth the wonders of the Infinite Being you are. Joy in it! This is the alone Identity-I-Am!

From A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity 
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Power Of Wordless Thought

The Wordless Thought     By Angie 

 {Angie discovered William's work about a year ago, and she has been sending me so many wonderful Glimmers and Glimpses, ever since her new found discovery of The Child.  Here is the latest one, I thought you would enjoy.  She has a wonderful way with words. I will share more of them as I go along---Sandy}: 

The wordless thought. That's the powerful one!    

I saw something that I'm sure you already know. 

The last time we talked I spoke about that subtle feeling inside that is doubt and all the yucky stuff. I called it a wordless thought. 

The words don't really express or made me feel the yucky. For instance, I can say, I am worthless. Well that doesn't make me feel worthless.

But that subtle feeling, that "wordless thought", THAT does it for sure. I feel worthless and yucky and doubtful without even having to think about it. And it's so subtle and so constant that I never even used to know it was there. It's like a constant hum of an air conditioner that you don't notice until it stops. 

Well anyway....

Now I see that is how the Child also is. It is also a wordless thought. I saw that I don't have to tell myself with the "word thoughts", that I am God's child, I am joyful and I am free and all of that....all I have to do is find the Child. The FEELING is the wordless thought and the feeling allows it to hum in the background . I don't have to remember anything, I don't have to tell myself any positive things. I don't even have to get rid of the yucky wordless thought. It goes automatically when I choose the Child wordless thoughts. 

So I guess it just boils down to this. Paying attention the yucky wordless thought OR the Child wordless thought.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Plainspoken Words

Plainspoken Words    By John Bailey -- Author of  Already On Holy Ground 
Over twenty years ago I got a letter from a friend, a wise one who lived in central Alabama. His name was William Samuel. In his younger days he’d been an army captain who’d led combat infantry troops in some of the most hard-fought battles of the Korean War. But now his army days were behind him. When he wasn’t collecting arrowheads and watching cardinals at the feeder, he wrote and talked to friends about the wonder of presence. The paragraph below captures its essence and stayed with me for years:
It is a moment of relief from the world’s heaviness. It’s an instant of recognition, a weightless surveillance of the scene. It’s a flawless moment that lets us say, ‘Hey, this is a fine moment! I feel alright!’ That’s it. That goodness and lightness is It.
His words showed me what I’d spent so long searching for was much simpler than I thought. Indeed, what he wrote had little to do with dogma, rituals, or blissed-out states. He described something subtle and obvious, yet something I’d sensed—and ignored—for years: the presence that would change the course of my life.

John Bailey 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Role of The Child Within Us


We are watching television, and an unexpected scene brings a tear to the eye. The emotion we feel is the Child stirring within. Subtly, unnoticed thoughts inward toward the Child and outward to the scene at hand combine in stillness to elicit a movement of the Child within—and we feel it. What hasn't been common knowledge is that the Child lies at the seat of simple, honest emotions that have to do with the tender things, the true things, the good things of the human condition.

We see the enthusiasm of a puppy whose whole body wiggles in tail-wagging excitement, its head nuzzling the hands and feet of a friend. The response we feel from the center of us is the Child within confirming that the joy outside IS the within, one joy. What hasn't been common knowledge is that our empathy comes from the Original Child of us, the Good of us, eager to prove it is ever here as the Real.

We see something as we round a turn of the pathway and are tinged with some distant nostalgia, a statement within reminding us of a pleasant time in our affairs or a happy place we know. What hasn't been common knowledge is that the seat of feeling within us is the Child's domain and that our response to the unfolding view, in fact or in memory, is the Child's reminder that we are that Child, not merely the body that walks the pathway or thunders hell-bent and unthinking through a human experience. 

We see the sight of dolphins and porpoises playing alongside the ship of life. Suddenly we feel their joy and freedom, their uninhibited playfulness, and we are relieved. What hasn't been common knowledge is that their joy and zest is our joy and zest. If we had not learned what joy is, we would not recognize it in the world—and it is the Child of us that responds, feeling the same joy and zest. Our body is renewed. What hasn't been common knowledge until now is that it is the living Identity of us, the immortal Child who is stirring within, telling us It is willing to be up and out and into our affairs, bringing us up and out of the old nature to take us home to the Real again. 

We see two old folks walking slowly, hand in hand, for their evening stroll. Suddenly something within us responds—goodness knows what we feel, but it is very good. It is warm. It is refreshing and delightful. It is in response to the Child's lessons learned somewhere along our old man's line of life. But the Child is the responder to the scene at hand, telling us that we are not the unfeeling, dispassionate aging person we thought we were. Rather, we are the Child within that doesn't grow old. We live and we know we live. We are coming back to our senses again. What hasn't been common knowledge before is that we are not the old person looking on the scene at hand, but we are the Child, the Awareness of God, looking at the subjectivity of Godhead.

Sometimes it is the Child that dreams our dreams for us—dreams to be thought about a little. It seems to me that some of my dreams do not come from the inmost Child of Me but out of my old worldly imbalances, hinting at something for me to unbind in the world I am. Something to forgive and forget. But on the mornings when I awaken to freshness and eagerness, I can be sure the Child has been at Its work during sleep, being instructed by the Father of Life.

Now, ever so slowly, line upon line, in these days at hand we are becoming aware that the Child within is the REAL of us, the IDENTITY that walks hand in hand with God, and we are beginning to let that trustworthy Child lead us. The Child I am speaks to me and writes these words. Nothing I can write of myself will be worthy of that Inner One made in the Image of God, but with the Child's help I try. The response one feels to these thoughts and ideas comes certainly from the Heart, the Child, not at all from the dying nature of the unreal man of Life. The Child laughs, too—oh, how he laughs and claps his hands!—but not in derision or hurtfulness. The Child laughs in honest confirmation that the Heart of us lives and is eternally about the Father's business. 

And I shall write my law in their inward parts and write it in their heart; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. They shall teach no more everyman his neighbor and every man his brother, saying “Know the Lord” for they shall all know me from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord, and I will remember their sin no more. (Jeremiah)

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. (Isaiah)

Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. (Jesus)

While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. (Jesus)
Ye are all the children of light and the children of day. (Paul)

Suffer little children to come unto me ... for such is the kingdom of God. (Jesus)

It is the Child that sees the primordial secret in Nature and it is the child of ourself we return to. The child within us is simple and daring enough to live the Secret. (Chungtse)
For where the beginning is, there shall be the end. (Jesus)
The children of the promise are counted for the seed. (Paul)
We are the children of the promise. (Paul)
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. (Jesus)
Who is that Child, my friend, if it isn't the one buried beneath the adulthood of yourself? We look for the Child and the Child stirs to tell us It lives. We reach for the Child and the Child comes running into our gut to respond and say, “I am come!” We begin to see small wonders again, the way we saw them as children. We acknowledge these wonders as gifts from God and lo, they come more frequently. We gird up our loins and dare tell others of the gentle Child within them, and our wonders increase and grow apace. We thank God for the Child of Life by telling our subjective selfhood of the Child they are. Imperceptibly, bit by bit, we let the inner Child lead us to the right hand and to the left. Imperceptibly, our reliance on external authority gives way to the Light of Life within ourselves, and we quarrel no longer with any man. Then we see the Child in all men, even the arrogant and scornful, even the feeble and sick. As we look for the Child in ourselves, we see It in all men and see them coming alive as well. THIS is to give God what is God's. 

Excerpt from The Child Within Us Lives!  
By William Samuel 

Available on Amazon

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

About Suffering and Death

By William Samuel (1986)

Winter comes with a rush this year. From summer to winter without a fall at all. Freshly cut hickory and oak are all set to burn in Ben, the Franklin stove, tonight. The water pipes have been wrapped. Sam and Sally have their doses of anti-freeze. If it gets really cold, I may try a little anti-freeze myself.

Dear Loretta, It is the human sense of of things that moves in circles and seasons. It is the human sense of things that watches the cycles of human existence from birth to death, from joy one moment, to suffering and anguish the next. And it is the human sense of things that insists on understanding the why, why, why of suffering, anguish and death.

Once a man came here from England and wanted me to talk about my personal suffering—apparently to better understand his own. I refused, asking him why I should tell of my suffering rather than the Light I had come to discover. “Why not talk abut the positive side of the coin rather than the negative? Why not tell of what is delineated rather than the delineator?” He left unsatisfied and angry. Were he to ask me about suffering today, I would do my best to answer, albeit I'm not certain I could say much that makes sense to the human sense of us, or to our vaunted “understanding.”

To this tangible human viewing, I have suffered as much as anyone. Perhaps more. It is only the human viewing that believes “enlightenment” does away with tangible anguish and suffering. There is the common belief among metaphysicians that since the Truth “heals,” the advent of enlightenment must surely bring an end to suffering—even an end to death. But in the human scene, the enlightened do not suffer less, but often more. Jesus cried in anguish, asking God why He had forsaken him. His disciples, with the exception of John, suffered all the way to their own executions. Paul carried his “tormentor” with him to his appearance of death. Mrs. Eddy suffered on and ON. Aiken suffered on. Goldsmith suffered on. Watts, deWaters, Laird. None of their enlightenment prevented the appearances, within tangibility, of bodily decline and death.

The human sense of “me” (the fiction, the belief) has had an awful (to human sense) “tormentor” most of my life. But does burning the sheet of music do anything to the principle of music? Does the torment we dream do anything to the dreamer on the bed except eventually awaken him?

So we find reference to pain and suffering in K's journal—again and again. But he, as I, speaks about a state of mind that is beyond feeling and thought, about meditation that is explosive in nature and sometimes accompanied by physical pain.

For me, the viewing of suffering out there with others has been my external delineation of Joy “here as I”—the feeling of anguish and suffering “here, as 'myself'” is the delineator of Joy supernal—accepted on faith alone, internally. Oh, this doesn't say it at all!

Loretta, do the flowers and grasses suffer when the first frost hits them? Do the insects that perish suffer when winter descends as it inevitably does? Do they really suffer death from the cold? Or is it like a circle, a cycle, that renews itself with the spring that is also inevitable? Holistically speaking, the grasses, the flowers, the bugs come back when the cycle turns warm again—and “death: is only a resting in time and its seasons. Holistically speaking, there is no end of human or personal life even though there appears to be a suffering decline unto death to our tangible viewing. But our tangible viewing is the action of Awareness, of Life itself, which sees the seasons repeat themselves in an endless flow of seasons, called “Eternity.” How do I know this is so?  Because I see the cycles repeat themselves and I see the seasons return.

When I finally heard and felt and saw the Symphony for which this physical body is the sheet of music, I became the Symphony, no longer limited as the printed page. But, listen, listen, to hear and feel the Symphony is only to accept it on faith alone! We merely accept the existence of the Symphony for which all tangibility is the sheet of music. That is all. It takes the sting from death and allows us to understand the “why” of tangibility's suffering. It says that suffering, here or there, is like the dark night that makes Light plain. The Light is real. The darkness only a seeming. Joy is real. The suffering only a seeming—albeit seeming very real. When we begin thinking holistically (solipsistically or subjectively), we stop believing ourselves to be mere leaves on the tree and begin thinking in terms of tree. The leaf falls off the tree, so what? The Tree lives. This body grows old and perishes, so what? LIFE goes right on, untouched. Life is individual, alone all in all. It only appears divided into billions of people and countless forms of life... in the same way a single light appears divided into many colors when it flows through a prism.

The REAL of Bill, Loretta, Rachel and Paul is NOT suffering unto death. The real of us is LIFE, GOD-Life—and it is single, only and all. Paul and Bill may seem to suffer and decline—but that seeming, seen holistically, is not real and has no power. The seeming is an “is-not” making the IS of Reality plain to Awareness—just as darkness makes the Light plain. The Light is REAL, darkness its means of being understood.

Loretta, like you, I grow tired of words and their limitations. I am weary of trying to explain things that are purely HEART-felt and have to do with simple faith beyond thoughts and feelings. This is why I publish so little now. The overtones have said it all already, as nearly as it can be said in words.

Excerpt from The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics By William Samuel