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William Samuel
William Samuel

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Untamed Joy of Stormy Days

The Untamed Joy of Stormy Days                By Sandy Jones 

When I was a little girl,  on stormy days I would often go down to the beach  and stand on the cliff above the sea and  watch the scene below; the pounding surf and the dark skies, the vast grey Pacific, the huge waves slamming the rocks and spinning the  sandy shore.  The silver rays of beauty and sounds of power were pure joy. Standing there in such wonder and excitement of it all.   I was a genuine ragamuffin of a child, tousled, uncombed strawberry hair blowing in the winds.  

The joy comes back to me now. A friend sent me a book; poems written by an Irish poet. 

Thank you friend.  It set my heart on that sweet road that leads me back to the child, the original Truth of my self. The little girl I was, and still am. 

The child of those years is still here.  I am standing on the high edge, loving, imbibing in the weather and sounds, totally my senses, simply alive surveying the pounding surf below and my glorious ocean all upturned in turmoil, the salty air like tears on my face, tasting and reaching my soul.  The beauty of Life, so powerful and magical. I remember  life times before this one, I stood on the cliffs above the sea, the green green grass that touches the sky. 

I am blowing sideways and my hair long and twisting like my skirts in the wild beauty of it all.  Now, the child hears the thunder and feels the strength rush through the depth of her. 

 Such it was, such it is and I can be there now again.  Watching it all as the storm passes and the earth is refreshed, and sun begins to break through the clouds. In this grey light, the hard silver light at the hem of the clouds  begins to open to blue again.  The crystal light beams, turn gold and I breathe the fresh life of air, and hear the sound of seagulls squealing with the joy of being-- and l love the wonder of it all. 

 Blessed heart of my self,  child alive and dancing me home, She is the one I was and will be that child who embraces the marvel of it all and sings God's Love. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

About Identity, In Light of Sphere


In the Mind's Eye I see the Infinite Sphere and Its Self-Awareness, two that are One. 

At its very center, I see the Point of Light, the Infinite Sphere's spiritual Image and Likeness—pure, perfect and immaterial.

Inasmuch as this Point's essence has been “given” Life (which is to say, IS the Image of Life), the living Image sees the images of the qualities and attributes of (1) Infinite Sphere and (2) Infinite Sphere's Image or Self-awareness. That is, the Divine Man is empowered (1) to see, to look “within” Himself and perceive the Perfect Image in toto—His knowledge of IDENTITY, and (2) to look “outside” Himself at the divine Qualities and Attributes in their sequential form, separate and apart, intertwined and interrelated. But “outside and inside are a single one” to Sphere. INSIDE is the Image, outside are images of Image and images of images to infinity. “The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is within.”

Now understand, “outside” includes the first image of oneself, the “tangible” body. That body is finite image of Image! IMAGE is the REAL Identity; body is the first image of that Image. “Outside” includes images of images to forever. But “outside” is BEHOLDEN to Inside. DOMINION was given to Image, not image.

Once, in blind arrogance, I wrote that I had stopped identifying as image or Image. I acknowledged GOD to be all in all, without need of image or Image. But I was wrong. Absolutely wrong. I should have known the Lights of the world couldn't have been wrong, every one. Even the world “identity” means identical, but the identical Image is what GOD knows GOD to be—this is the Twin—and there is no power in the IMAGE unless it is given to it by God, exactly as the Christ Light said for Himself and His view of “others.” I do not know where my arrogance came from that would deny God the privilege of Self-perception, but I lived that attempt. NOW I know that deep “within” IDENTICAL IMAGE is the Light of Godhead, because THAT is what motivates and directs me.

Who is this “me that is motivated and directed? It looks like an image of an image called William, but it is the Soul of the Divine Identity, IMAGE of God. It is the GOD-view, not the man-view. The man-view, the image of image-view is compounded of arrogance and ignorance until it is understood and surrendered.


Now I see why the Christ Light of history and His first followers said time and again that one must not love the world but love God. The world is image of the body's images moving toward the macrocosm—and contains all the compounds that comprise materiality. And THAT “matter” is only half substantial, half true—that “half” rooted in the image of the Image. The image of the Image is not a lie; it just isn't the Image itself, just as the Image is not God itself. Just as the Image is beholden to God, so the body and its actions are beholden to Image, the Child, the soul of God!

Listen gently, Reader. Let one not worship Image because it is holy or because it has dominion over everything that creepeth on the earth, but let one worship the INEFFABLE GODHEAD. (The me-sense point of view may very well be the CREATOR of tangible matter and its forms, not God! The mirror “creates” the lifeless images within it.) “Don't call me good,” said the Light of Life. “Call no man good.” “Don't worship me,” he said. “Worship God.” John echoed those words. So did the prophets.

Jesus said also that when you see Him who was not born of woman, to fall on your knees and worship that one. IMAGE comes to image one day in time because Image is being image in timeless Alreadyness. When that one comes, that one brings testimony of GODHEAD. Jesus heralded THAT Light within one. Mankind has turned this process around to venerate the linear herald of Light.

Yet the historic Jesus identified correctly AS that Light and said that all mankind who recognized that Light Within could do the same as he, and more.

In my personal experience at this “time,” the Image is breaking through the ignorance and humanity of me more and more frequently, telling me what to do about “the world” and its images; this seems to be to live the Equation in the world, but most especially to be prepared to do something for my images who are given to Me in the time ahead, even as I have been faithful to them in the time past. “

As I get the beam out of THIS Eye,” the Divine Alchemy renews this view of the world. Not just for me, but for Everyman. 

The world view ending will not be the end of anything, but the CONSCIOUS Presence of Everything which is ALREADY “spread over the face of the land”—and the events of a linear history in time will be like the wink of an eye and a dream we dreampt of our images upon image having power when they didn't really.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Li'l Lijah The Luminious Lighting Bug

Here is a little story told by William Samuel
It's called Lil' Lijah The Light'n Bug

Click to listen to Bill tell the story:  Youtube

We hope you enjoy, with much Love, and many thanks to Rich for
putting this all together.