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William Samuel
William Samuel

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Letter to Laurel

  Dear Laurel,

  Yes, the Child is the Guide—ever available, closer than fingers and toes, our very Selfhood.

But all of us are humbled first. We are MADE to bow our arrogance and human dreams before Something Unseen. THEN, the Child comes alive, pulling us, pushing us, kicking us up the mountain, past every human mess, past all the old temptations, through the most amazing, intricate, narrow pathway which is one Child wide. You are on your way Laurel! The Christ Child of your very Selfhood will NEVER leave you nor forsake you—and it is a Mystery of Mysteries. 
There is Something Marvelous, and it all has to do with our WILLINGNESS to surrender the me-sense to God—and to accept SELF as subservient to Godhead.

  I know why this perception comes so slowly to metaphysicians—and with such reluctant surprise: Because of the built-in metaphysical insistence that we, as the “real Identity,” ARE God. Not so, not so, simply not so. We would like for that to be so, and we rationalize that it is in the name of GOD AS ALL IN ALL. But exactly as the Carpenter said time and again, only God is God, and we are the Children of God. “My Father is greater than I.” Yet, “My Father and I are one.”

The Child is pure and perfect
without sore knees or high blood pressure
without a tribulationwithout a battle with age/time/space/world that It doesn't UNDERSTAND as GOOD going on—and then see confirmation of that good.

  Ever since the “beginning,” the human problem has wavered between the same two ridiculous extremes: The attempt to be a separate self hood apart from God and the attempt to BE God. Both end in the prolongation of the Discipline, the world not understood.

  “Lest ye become as children,” said the One who had it straight. It is hidden from the wise but revealed to the simple and childlike.

  Laurel, along the way I found the Absolute which called God ALL. Then I worked very hard to make God all. Then I tried ever harder to make Bill God. Then, brought to my knees, I found how NOTHING in ITSELF Bill (and Bill's world) is—but how marvelous LIFE is. Then I learned that Life, Awareness, belongs to God—and that Awareness, Life ITSELF, is the CHILD, the Image of God! With the Child's help, I somehow managed to let go the me-sense who was trying so hard to understand God, and found myself already living as the Child of God, holding God's hand every step of the rugged discipline's way. Suddenly—or precept upon precept, here a little, there a little—the “world”  was revealed for what the world IS—and I consciously became less Bill and more Child.

  The absolute position of metaphysics is a step along the way—our most arrogant time. But the demand has ever been, to learn LIFE'S lessons and let go the imposter who believes he OWNS Life and its bodies. That word “surrender” is in all the holy books of the world, and it is an accurate word in my own experience which is all I can really tell about. 

  Yes, as you said, we can let our human arrogance go, our pride of accomplishment, our human attainments, even the pride in our lessons learned, and do it ON THIS SIDE OF “THE GRAVE” if we really want to. But it takes the doing. In actual fact. More than profession. It takes a real “turn around” and return to the Child Heart within us—“in dust and ashes” humility. You've DONE that, my gentle Laurel, LOVE takes in a Stranger. The Stranger is the very Child of God we are. 

  In the tangible sense of limit/world/measure/time and space, we (as a measuring mortal) are all brought to zero in this world or the next.

  The surrender is traumatic but it is worth it!

  Upon the surrender to the Ineffable Unknowable Beyond time and space, we are shown a marvel of marvels and given a subjective world to reign over. 

  Every word of this is TRUE, as you are slowly and PERFECTLY learning, Laurel. You've learned it just as I did. We loose and unbind our world, DOING for it as we can. That doing is essential.

  You will have the strength, the means and the ability to do what you are intended to do here in the linear world of time's unfolding. But we're brought to bow before God first—most of us in our extremity, and most of us unwillingly. This is true especially for those who have heard a different drummer and have hewn their own pathway in the world. Even that is as nothing before God. But, becoming “nothing before God” becomes ALL POWER in the new world. You will see. It is amazing and wonderful.


  It goes a little like this, Father: We write in our journal one day, “Hey, come alive, Child inside of me!” and then, one day we find ourselves writing, “The child LIVES and is ALIVE inside me!” Finally, somewhere along the line we write, “Hey, by damn! I AM the Child!” and we perceive the fictitious nature of the 'me' who thinks the Child is inside a physical body! THAT one was the deceiver and is nothing! Then, still later, as time goes to the not-child—and when the Child has proven a reliable, honest Guide up the mountain of searching, confirming that EVERYTHING is God—we hear ourselves saying to those with ears to hear, “Hey, there's a Child within who can explain things to you and save you from your anguish. Find it! Live it! It will lead you to the Original One, the “Christ Light of Godhead!”

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Corner Stone

The CORNERSTONE         By William Samuel      1984  Woodsong 

There has been much speculation about the "corner stone which the builders rejected."  Who hasn't wondered exactly what the Christian Master meant?  Mystics of the world are certain they know--the churches from whom they removed themselves had omitted the major mysteries.  Some doubted that the church ever knew them. To the mystic, the "cornerstone" was surely one of those esoteric mysteries, if not the body of them.     

Western metaphysical groups have the same idea.  They also say that subjectivism is the cornerstone rejected by the builders of "old theology"--omitted by the creeds to whom the discovery had never come.  

An unbiased search of Jewish and Christian theology, however, reveals that subjectivism is included in the Bible, hidden in arcane symbolism and esoteric figures of speech.  Indeed, subjectivism is present in the holy books of the west provided one gets far enough along with just the "correct teacher" capable of eliciting the proper mode of mind that subjectivism demands.  It is certainly true that the subjective idea has been shunted or short-circuited by churchdom, not the least reason being that the "experience" doesn't happen through teaching but by those modes of mine and God's grace.     

A metaphysician recently said to me, "Subjectivism was missing in the teachings of Jesus's day and that is what he was railing about when he denounced the Pharisees and scribes." But the Priests and Rabbis of Christ's era weren't dummies.  They had been exposed to subjective thinking and much else believed to be secret.  "The Subjective Experience” is faithfully recorded many times in the Talmudic teachings to those with eyes to see it.  It is there to be studied and discussed--albeit, then as now, the study of subjectivism was undertaken cautiously by the Jews, if at all.  Metaphysics cannot be understood by everyone, they insisted.  It wasn't even for all the rabbis.  They cautioned against the study "of the mysteries" unless done with teachers who knew their mysticism and had lived it successfully in the world.  This was tantamount to telling a Jew that he could study metaphysics only with a bonifide prophet.  It was not something he should undertake by himself.     

The cabalists were convinced that the prophets came from a priestly caste that had the subjective idea.  The Essenes were believed to have taught forms of subjectivism and there is fair evidence that John the Baptist and Jesus were familiar with the teachings of the Essenes, if not actual members of that esoteric community.  The Apostle John was familiar with their works as well as those of the Gnostics, both Christian and Jewish.  There is circumstantial evidence aplenty that the first people attracted to the messages of Jesus and John were the Essenes of the period. The fact that all mention of that group has been stricken from the cannonical works is a powerful indication that the assemblers of the scriptures considered the Essenes and gnostics a threat to the new organizations growing in the world.      

The Gnositcs of the first century made no secret of the power of subjectivism and insisted that the words of Jesus as Messiah could not be understood outside its context.  Indeed, the Jews, generally unfamiliar with the mystery teachings, didn't comprehend Jesus as Messiah but those who had knowledge of "the mysteries" reverently welcomed him as Messiah.

  Metaphysicians of this era are in agreement with the Gnostics of yore that the words of Jesus can't really be understood without interpreting them subjectively.     

 Now, having considered these things, what was meant by the messianic comment of the missing cornerstone?  Was this an allusion to subjectivism, as metaphysicians insist?  Could there have been another meaning, a greater meaning applicable to this day and time as it was then?     

 I would suggest something new--and very old. While metaphysics wasn't emphasized by the priesthood of the first century, it was certainly present.  The subjective idea was sufficiently established to allow such leaders as Jesus and John, the apostles, Paul and the early Church Fathers to attract large followings.     

 There is no question that "religion"--the desire to be bound back to Godhead--was present in those days.  Then what was missing that Jesus came to add?  It seems to me, the entire ministry of Jesus was about the Child--the need to acknowledge the Child, the need to return to the Child, the need to allow the Child to be up and out again in the affairs of the individual. 

 Presently, neither of the groups--religious or metaphysical {non-dual} --address themselves to the Child-one-is.  Knowledge of the Child is missing in the western metaphysical literature.  With all the metaphysical talk of oneness, allness, God as all in all, there is no evident discovery of the Child within metaphysical ranks, nor even a knowledge that the Child LIVES.  

In religion, there is talk of "the immortal soul" or "the soul that survives" et al. The Child of us IS the soul of us--the building block, the cornerstone which the builders of the creeds and subjective schools have either overlooked or rejected. 

In the process of living subjectively for a very long time, here is what I have found.  I look out and do, indeed, see how theology has ignored the subjective idea.  But subjectivism is present within the experience of all "who feel the working of the holy Spirit" wherever those people come from and regardless of their philosophy or theology. 

What I see missing isn't missing in theology, but in the present generation of metaphysicians who think of themselves as first in their knowledge of Truth.  I see the workings of the Child, the "holy spirit," much more often outside the subjective organizations than in them.     

 Something else.  Though subjectivism is one of the mysteries "given to the few to fully understand," subjective thought isn't the whole of the mystery to which Jesus speaks. The greater mystery--"the simple Mystery"--to which Jesus gave his full attention, had to do with The Child and the Child's Equation.  That "equation" is Love, spelled with the capital letter.  Love is also called the "pathway of the Child." 

 I look at the present Christian metaphysical groups and find they know nothing whatever of that aspect of the Christ message.  The REST of the mystery--the Child and the Child's equation--are nowhere to be found in the subjective teachings of the west.     

 There is little evidence of Love in organized western subjectivism, a strange and sad sight to behold for those institutions that insist that each of their sanctuaries have a sign stating that "God is love."     

 There is no easy way to tell a metaphysician that something is missing in HIS philosophy.  But the moment one discovers the Child of himself and hears of the simple guideline of the Child, from that moment he can look and plainly see that much is missing in the world's subjective presentations.  He sees to his surprise--listen, listen—that the Child is not missing from ordinary religion!  Even the so called 'heathen' statements the world over include the Child and living the Child's natural equation.     

 It will be the discovery of the Child in us that finally brings the world alive and forever eliminates the need for churches and spiritual instructors in the land as John foresaw. 

Listen carefully.  The student of Truth who finds the child becomes the Christ Itself within his subjective view of things. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

About Healing

 Part 4—Discipline
From Woodsong Notes 1984

By William Samuel  

One can’t touch the surface of a subject as important as DISCIPLINE in these few pages.  There is what “discipline” IS and what it is believed to be.  There is what it DOES and what it is believed to do.  There is how discipline is lived and how the good folks in Happy Hollow tell us it should be lived.

How is one to get all this straight?  I can’t begin to tell one how to do that.  At best, I can write as clearly and honestly as possible of a lifetime of CONCLUSIONS—for what that might be worth to my subjective Selfhood “out there.”  This paper deals very briefly with that.  Be forewarned.  This is not a light paper.  It is part of “the hard teaching.”

One looks around his world (our own subjective Selfhood!) and sees the disciplines mistaken for the goals.  See how the form of religion has become the end.  “Healing” has become a goal.  Healing and good works have become hooks from which a manipulative BELIEF has arisen in the world and its churchdom---something to dangle in front of the hopeful and lure them to a particular study.  The promise of a carefree life of nothing but sunshine, roses and fulfilled wishes to be the inevitable fruits of the study of Truth is not only twisted but very nearly immoral.  Those who tell us that “healing” is the certain MEASURE of spiritual progress may lure new members to the fold but at the other end of that stick are those who call themselves guilty and unworthy when their study doesn’t solve every problem.  Elderly metaphysicians are often the most disillusioned of all, having been told time and again that if they understood the Truth adequately they would have no problems. We only slowly awaken to the utter nonsense and insidiousness of that. Healing happens and healing is wonderful, but it is neither the goal nor full purpose of our Study.  The discernment of God is our goal.  We are examining the Ship, not it’s wakeWe are looking to the Projector and its Light, not the holographic image of our beliefs.  Furthermore (listen) we are not disinterested in the comings and goings of the images either.  Appearances are NOT to be ignored.  We are directly involved in apprehending them correctly—not manipulating nor changing them.  The final discipline involves the correct apprehension of IDENTITY and passing that clear perception along to our world as quickly as we can. THIS is the portion of “the discipline” metaphysicians appear to know so little about.  ( The whole of this is for a book.) 
The “divine Discipline” is not something ELSE to be added to our busy affairs.  It is happening already, albeit unrecognized for what it is and does.  To perceive the Discipline’s PURPOSE puts everything into a new light.  Therefore, “what the real discipline is” is worthy of our earnest contemplation. 

Listen.  Every time the Truth enters our affairs, it comes to EXPLAIN something, doesn’t it?  That is, each time the “Glimpse” arrives, it throws new Light on a matter that was seen only partially before.  Something is seen in a new Light and more nearly understood.  Clarified. Simplified.  Isn’t this so?

Remember when first we glimpsed the subjective nature of our experience, how it SIMPLIFIED so much?  Remember how the dawning Light of Oneness came to clarify and SIMPLIFY so many things that had been confusing before?  What wonderful joy when we understood that the image in awareness didn’t have power of its own to make us love it or hate it!  It simplified our affairs tremendously to end many of our unnecessary judgments.

Well now—the dawning knowledge of the “REAL discipline” also makes many things clear in time.  It reduces enigmas and begins to move our affairs toward a single course of action to be lived wholeheartedly!

Contrary to belief, we don’t have to choose between ten thousand possible disciplines in order to be about the REAL discipline.  We are already LIVING it.  Listen:  the “belief and dream of Life in matter” is ITSELF the activity the ancients called the Divine Discipline.  We are not only (apparently) living it, or dreaming it, if you prefer, we can’t escape living it until we’ve done what it demands.  Among those demands is to awaken to and ACCEPT the rightful Identity.  Whether we like it or not, or say it is real or not, a dream or not, an illusion or not, we’ve EVERYONE been saddled with the Discipline—the BELIEF of life in matter—with which we wrestle and writhe as it shapes and molds our willingness to ACCEPT the Divine Identity—Awareness (Life)_.  That Life (we discover line upon line, precept upon precept) is NOT encumbered nor bound to a bucket of blood and a sack in space led around by its nose, beholden to false prophets and false appetites. 

The poetic justice of it all! No one can ignore The Real Discipline.  It can’t be escaped.  Everyone is living it whether he likes it or not.  The Discipline is impartial.  “Everyone” faces the taskmaster—saint and “sinner.”  Saint sees it one way but walks through it all, escaping nothing REAL.  Sinner drinks his beer in the afternoon, reads his salacious magazine and snores in drunken sleep.  Both have been given a mysterious Microcosm of the Universe to lug around like a dead weight and to peer out at Oneself unrecognized, a point in time and space looking at other points in time and space.  The discipline is 150 pounds of pulsating flesh that hurts when it is kicked and purrs when it is stroked. Both sinner and saint must feed that mass and flush its mess every day, everyday, day after inescapable day—and bathe it, powder it, protect it, fear for it, fight for it while it grows ever so slowly less sensitive and more helpless—on and on and interminably on, facing this crises and that, suffering or singing, helping or hurting, never knowing whether the one who lives “out there” is a contender or friend, and slowly, if one chooses, or suffers sufficiently if he doesn’t choose, begins to comprehend that “out there” is a reflection of “in here” and commences to DO for “out there” as the Light suggest he should,  and in the doing, awaken to receive MORE to give to his world and help lift it up and LIVE or follow the old identity’s pathway into death and dust, reaching for another bottle to comfort and soothe or another pursuit to numb and forget and another friend to cut down.  That’s “The Discipline.”

All the other disciplines—meditation, contemplation, prayer(!)—are WITHIN the real Discipline and are secondary to LEARNING from the Real discipline.  My good friends of so many years, we are not living the Discipline for nothing.  This Life isn’t a fluke.  There is Something Wonderful behind it all—else everything is ludicrous and God a cosmic joke.

All human activities are disciplines within The Discipline, symbols of the Symbol, as words are symbols of symbols.  Oh, this is many too many words to say that the human experience is the ultimate discipline—but (here is the purpose of these words) the knowledge of this COMES WITH HEALING ON ITS WINGS and a new fearlessness of the Spectre.  Even though the metaphysician-we-are doesn’t like to hear it, the things we’ve read about the “human experience” being a refinement by fire like the purification of gold are TRUE—are TRUE.  For the just and unjust alike.  For the Seeker and one who doesn’t look at all.  Even for the gentle mystic who denies the world is happening.  What could be more just that that?

“Yes, Samuel, suppose I buy that for the minute.  Tell me the proper way to LIVE the discipline of life.  Tell me what I am to do to see the real—to be the saint who is able to get through this mess without so much trouble.  Can you tell me that?”

I can tell you what I am doing, I reply.  But words are not it.  One can see what I am doing, but the sights are not it.  The SEEING is it.

“Dammit! Don’t talk to me in riddles!  Tell me what to do!”

I can tell one what I am doing, I reply again. Those words are not it.  One can see what I am doing, but those sights are not it.  What perceives these words within ITSELF is IT.  The SEEING is it.  

Meanwhile, whether we beat our chests and pound the table or not, like it or not, BELIEVE it or not the discipline goes on and we either lean to get BEYOND simple coping or we don’t.  We either believe our Identity to be naught but a physical body or we awaken to the Fact of AWARENESS as Identity—and that Awareness, God’s.  But either way, the discipline continues and the mess of mass grows weaker, it’s days begin to blur and fade and from the pits of the past comes the Spectre.  Ever closer. Ever closer.
Either we believe identity to be naught but the body or we awaken to the Fact of Eternal Awareness as LIFE which DOESNT grow weary, or aged nor weak nor senile and helpless AND LIVE OUR FEARLESSNESS.  Either we rediscover the ageless Child Within and mount up as Eagles again, sing again, laugh again, even as the old identity does what ever the body does when it falls away, or we go down in fear with that body—to another death, and emptiness. Which is pretty much where most of our “out there” stays—tending their little affairs, sipping afternoon cocktails, whispering the latest nothing, combing their dead hair on their dead heads.  Or (listen, listen, if that seems senseless!) we see “all those people” one’s own infinite possibilities to whom we reach out and embrace and give of our substance and our Light as we come alive to/as the eternal Child.  (Now, PLEASE. Read this AGAIN!)

My friends, there has been a great wave of new interest in this work.  I am proud to be a spokesman to my Greater Selfhood—and I am full of gratitude for your encouragement and incalculable help.

Rachel and I, perhaps with not much time to do it, are at work on * a Summation of sorts. It will be a comprehensive and thorough metaphysical work----in the words and illustrations that only such a life as I’ve lived could ever write.  Just as the life (awareness) that greets the sun and reads these words isn’t NOTHING, our many experiences haven’t been meaningless either.  My years with a Taoist “Master” in China, my years of warfare and pillage, soldier and businessman, father and teacher, home maker, practitioner and writer, Seeker of Truth, and so many things else, have not been for nothing.  But for Something Wonderful.  What I have found is marvelous indeed—but the Marvel of All, is the power that lets you and me tell It, show It, point to It so It can be SEEN and UNDERSTOOD by the Heart of Myself.  YOU are the Heart of Myself—Child of God, just as I-Identity is that for you. 
My first book was published by myself and so must the last.  Those who have been helped by “my ways” of writing may wish to join Rachel and me in this activity.  It costs a great deal to publish a book nowadays—especially one worthy of the Truth—even when we do all the work ourselves.  I will need and appreciate your support, in any way you may offer it.  
If your Heart suggests it, DO IT.  It is for our SELF we act.
                                                                                William Samuel, Woodsong 1984  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Letter To Joseph         By William Samuel 

Hello, dear Joseph...

Your letter is most insightful, fun and sincere. I can understand Rachel's joy in corresponding with you.

It is just before a spring storm here, I hope. The trees and other green things are eager for the rain. Black clouds are gathering in the west. A north wind hints of a blow and the new apple blossoms are dancing in anticipation.

Joseph, your seminary friend sounds like a genuine greatest-character-I've-ever-known person. You asked how I would “handle” such a situation as that—a man who loves dogs so much he has forty of them in his home. Are you ready for this?

I would decide to know this man better than anyone I'd ever known—as if I were going to write a paper about him to submit for publication.

Most certainly I'd not attempt to change him. Day after day I'd let him tell me exactly how he feels about dogs—and why—and where his grand love for them developed. With all my heart I'd try to get inside this man's heart—because there is something special there, very special, Joseph! I would let him become my “writing discipline” for a month or so—or longer if it takes longer to hear him open up and pour out his inmost feelings. How does he relate his spiritual ideas to his surroundings and pets?—and friends? Such inner questions would be tremendously interesting coming from one who lives as you relate, sleeping with his animals. But CHANGE him? Never. If he were to act like other people, he wouldn't be as unique, different, unusual, remarkable, distinctive, divergent, incomparable, or sweet. Would he?

Gosh, Joe, this guy is extraordinary! LEARN from him. 

We all play roles, don't we? Look at the silly one I have! How did I get saddled with being a luminary or an authority on anything? EVERYONE is a luminary! Over the years so many have tried to change my way of looking at the world. Oh, how the churches tried to conventionalize and modify my insights. Suppose they had succeeded? The NOTES FROM WOODSONG would be relative at best—and ordinary. Charles is Charles—unique and beautiful. If Charles didn't act as he does, Charles wouldn't be Charles anymore, but only our notion of what he should be. 

So, there you have it, Joseph. As you look closer into Charles's feeling and tender places, he will begin to appear different TO YOU. Right? It's sorta like taking a walk in the woods one has been afraid to walk in before. It appears different when we get INTO the place—and there are NEW things to discover there. Our first attempt is to change the whole woods into a conventional place we are accustomed to and aren't afraid of—but, when that doesn't work (and it isn't supposed to), we change ourselves by broadening our outlook. The more I think of your friend, Charles, the more I'd like to know him. To REALLY know him. The marvel is, when we know like that, the one “out there” changes right before our eyes.

An old man in the Smoky Mountains taught me what “contradistinction” means. One day I asked why he stayed in those lonely mountains. He had been retained as a caretaker by the government, but was one of the original settlers of Cades Cove. He said he stayed because it was so beautiful. Then I asked him (he was a country bumpkin to young, arrogant me) what he meant by “beauty.” With great patience he told me about leaving the cove and going to work near Washington, D.C., during the war. While he was there he had unbelievable difficulty—losing his wife and son and developing a lung ailment of some sort from all the factory smoke. When the war was over, he returned to the cove alone. He said he looked around and saw the blue sky for the first time in his life. He tasted the sweet water for the first time—and watched the beauty of the changing seasons—all things he had seen and known many times before, but NOW he knew what real beauty was, having seen so much that WASN'T like his Cades Cove. 

I spent many days camping there—and hours talking to that kindly old man who sold honey, fifty cents a quart jar, on the narrow, dirt road that runs through the cove. His notched-log cabin is still there in the park.

Suppose someone had changed him, Joseph? No, he changed ME—and that's always the only place real change can honestly happen. Here as I-Identity. Never out there with people. I change Me by understanding the Divine-I more fully—and then I see people more clearly.

I hope I haven't bothered you with too many words, Joseph. I am practicing on my fancy new word processor—a little computer that some thoughtful folks knew would make my work easier. I'm learning slowly but surely. Everything gets named here at Woodsong and the computer's name is Rabbi Moses Goldberg. He's quite a guy—librarian, lexicographer, file clerk, typist, accountant, indexer, semanticist and all-round good guy, willing to work at all hours for cheap—as long as the electricity is on and it looks like it may go off at any moment as the storm approaches. 

Kindest love to you, Joseph, and many thanks for your encouragement, without which I couldn't write these letter. This work at Woodsong IS YOUR WORK, TOO!