William Samuel

William Samuel
William Samuel

Monday, February 29, 2016

Secret Revealed

"Mystical Mountain"  - By Sandy Jones 

Gospel of Thomas
[5]. Jesus says: "Know what is before your face, 
and what is hidden from you will be revealed to you. 
For nothing hidden will fail to be revealed!"

The Secret Revealed        June 2013   By Sandy Jones

In his second book "The Awareness of Self-Discovery," printed in 1970, William Samuel tells us this rather curious story. 

“Some years ago I was honored to be the first American student of a renowned teacher in India. For fourteen days a group of us sat at the feet of this "Master," during which time he spoke not one word—not so much as a grunt—until the final day when he bade us farewell and assured us we had learned much. 

And to my surprise, I had. It took months before the seeds of those silent days began to sprout one by one, revealing that there are indeed many things for which the uptight, recondite babble of books and teachers is more hindrance than a help.”


Since William's passing several years ago, I was given to be the literary executor and owner of all the copyrights to Mr. Samuel’s work. Over the years I have been asked many times if I knew who was the "renowned teacher" that William referred to.  My answer was always that I did not. William passed away, keeping this secret to himself, alone. There was no one else I could ask about it, he never told anyone.

Many suspected the “Master” to whom William referred to was Sri Ramana Maharshi--and I suspected this too.  However, I let the whole thing go because after some searching for the answer, I had come up with only a very good guess.  

We do know this for a fact about Sri Ramana:

 “Sri Ramana was speaking very little and so his teachings were transmitted in an unusual fashion. Instead of giving out verbal instructions he constantly emanated a silent force or power which stilled the minds of those who were attuned to it and occasionally even gave them a direct experience of the state that he himself was perpetually immersed in. In later years he became more willing to give out verbal teachings, but even then, the silent teachings were always available to those who were able to make good use of them. Throughout his life Sri Ramana insisted that this silent flow of power represented his teachings in their most direct and concentrated form. The importance he attached to this is indicated by his frequent statements to the effectthat his verbal teachings were only given out to those who were unable to understand his silence."

Even though I felt strongly that it was Sri Ramana I still figured that I just had to let it go.  William simply did not want it known and I should leave it be in respect to William’s wishes.

 That William would not tell others the name of this revered Indian teacher fits precisely into everything I know about William Samuel.  William himself was humble and lived his message he shared with us.  He never wanted to be thought of as a leader with followers, He had no use for the idea of lineage. And he avoided being put on a pedestal.

  Here are some of William’s words in reference to this: 

"To whatever extent I allow Samuel to be the object of praise and veneration (instead of God-self) to that same extent I create the tangible situation which must appear to bring Samuel down in the eyes of the venerator. That is self-flagellation I can do without. It is difficult enough already for the few of us on earth who have been given the task of waging worldwide battle against the power of belief. Most tenacious among those beliefs is the insanity that one must be either a leader or a follower. Allness leads what? Singleness follows whom? The Seminal Idea discloses Identity to be nothing less than the Ineffable's very own Self-awareness!" 

William makes many statements along these lines throughout his work. So, I do believe that William didn't want others to know of this connection with Ramana Maharshi and thus to promote the idea of a lineage or hierarchy.  That was not something William would want. He also knew that the Truth is a living, flowing presence without restrictions or limits and that the Truth is here for anyone to find directly. 

 William's way was honest and humble, he liked to keep things simple and direct and always pointing the student back to their own heart.  No teacher-student hierarchy for him. 

William preferred not to be categorized or put in any grouping. He would say "We are gathering of folks from all walks of life, people of all religions and philosophical outlooks, Easter and Western. He should go on to say "We are neither a group nor an organization. We are unbeholden and unattached to leaders or an intermediary. The Seminal Idea of Truth is capable of standing on its own. We spend no time worshiping the fountain, rather, we drink the water."   

So, it was no wonder he told no one the name of the silent "Master" he went to see. William's point was that much Light can be communicated without words.

In William’s own words:  "
We honor the Light that is Life, that every person is. We may very well appreciate a mirror that speaks to us with clarity and honesty--and we may consider that mirror unique among mirrors--but the authority lies with the awareness that looks into that mirror, and not the mirror."

However, very recently something happened. Something was moving within me, calling me. I listened.  

It was now 17 years after William’s passing.  And I was sensing a stirring in me -- I heard this stir say “it’s time to reveal who this renowned Master was.” 

I was pretty confident it was Sri Ramana, but I needed to be sure.  I also needed William's "Ok".  

 And so I said  -- "William, if you want me to share who this Master teacher was, you will have to let me know.  You will have to lead me to someone who knows the answer, or make it clear to me somehow. You will have to help me, show me some evidence. And then I'll be able to share this in honesty and with integrity and proof."

About a month after putting out my request to William, I was led to the answer.  It was confirmed to be Ramana Maharshi. 

Clearly, when I found this evidence, I knew William was telling me it was time to reveal who this Master teacher was. 

 I came by this answer via some strange, round-about synchronicity, that unfolded on the internet.  That this website page showed up was totally unexpected. Yet, there it was. There was my answer, plain as day. I came across this very unusual and interesting website page and started to read---And I found exactly what I had been looking for. Right there, as bright and obvious as a neon sign. 

From that link I scrolled down to "Four Special Cases" 

On his list of "Enlightened Individuals" he had met, right there, was the name WILLIAM SAMUEL.

Wanderling tells this story; He says that In 1944 he (Wanderling) was 10 years old and living at the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi.  Wanderling had a friend there, the same age, named Adam Osborne.  Adam was the son of Arthur Osborne (1906–1970) who was an English writer on spirituality and mysticism, and an influential disciple and biographer of Ramana Maharshi.  Adam and his mother (Arthur Osoborne's wife) were living at the Ashram, along with this boy who now calls himself "Wanderling"-- when, as he tells it, in April of 1944 William Samuel a 21 year old U.S. Infantry Captain came to visit Ramana Maharshi near the hill of Arunachula in India.  

The following is in Wanderlings words excerpted from his website:  

 Even then I did not remember nor know I had met him (William Samuel) until I was told so by a friend. The friend was a person from my early childhood named Adam Osborne, who I had lost contact with over the years but, quite by accident re-made acquaintance with years later as an adult. Osborne was basically raised at the ashram of Sri Ramana from a very young age to a teenager.  So said, he was there when I was there. After I left, years and years went by, when one day in northern California we inadvertently crossed paths.
Osborne and I kept in contact with each other on and off a little bit for a few years following that meeting until it just faded away. Interestingly enough during one of those short lived contacts, out of the blue, he brought up Giri Valam, circumambulation of the holy hill Arunachala and how it related to the two of us. Osborne's father had died in 1970 and Osborne told me that sometime prior to his father's death a man by the name of William Samuel had contacted him in the U.S. and expressed an interest in meeting his father. In their conversation Samuel told him that he and Osborne (the younger) had met at Ramana's ashram in India in 1944 and that during his stay, on the full moon of which he thought was April of that year, he, Osborne and another young boy and a few other people including Osborne's mother, circumambulated Arunachala. Osborne emphasized the younger boy aspect with me specifically because Samuel thought, Osborne guessed, that the other boy (me) was Osborne's brother --- a twin brother --- because of our age, size, body build and look-alike curly haired mop tops.
The month before, 1500 miles east across the sub-continent edging up along the Burmese border the Japanese launched a three division invasion into India. Quickly outstretching their supply lines and hoping to replenish their local needs by overtaking British, American and Indian garrisons, etc. while their lifelines caught up, didn't happen. For the most part, three months later, met by stronger than expected Allied response and caught in the monsoons, the Japanese were forced into retreat dying of malaria and starving to death --- in the end losing over 80,000 men.
In the early stages of that invasion the aforementioned William Samuel, then a 21 year old captain in the U.S. Army and a veteran of three years fighting with the Chinese Nationalist army against the Japanese in China was apparently called over to the India side of things and somehow must have finagled some much needed R & R, ending up at the Ramana ashram for a week or so in April. Before the war ended he was long back and fully entrenched in China, again fighting along side Chinese troops retaking Ishan, Liuchow and Kweilin. Interestingly enough, ten years later, after being called back into the army for the Korean War and in the height of battle, Samuel experienced nothing less than the infinite, breaking through to full Attainment.
So, even though you might say I met William Samuel, it was years before his Awakening. It wasn't until well into my adult years that I realized a meeting even occurred (via Osborne) and, although in my travels I had heard of William Samuel, I never put together the timing of the events. Sad to say, after Osborne told me about Samuel I never got around to seeking him out. " (The Wanderling-Enlightened Individuals I Have Met)  

Well, there was my concrete answer I had asked William for. 

William, the first American visitor, was sitting in Silence for two weeks with Sri Ramana Maharshi.  William had walked around the holy hill Arunachala during the full moon in April 1944. 

 It was certain.

So, now let's read William's words again, knowing what we know now:

“Some years ago I was honored to be the first American student of a renowned teacher in India. For fourteen days a group of us sat at the feet of this "Master," during which time he spoke not one word—not so much as a grunt—until the final day when he bade us farewell and assured us we had learned much.
And to my surprise, I had. It took months before the seeds of those silent days began to sprout one by one, revealing that there are indeed many things for which the uptight, recondite babble of books and teachers is more hindrance than a help.”

I am delighted that I can now reveal this long held secret. 

I wrote to Wanderling, but I do not get a reply as yet.  

Searching for Adam Osborne, I found he had died in 2007.  

I want to thank “Wanderling” and Adam for being a part of this wonderful story that has unfolded for me and for us all.  Also the fact that I found Wanderlings story at all, or that he even wrote about this “out of the blue’ discussion he had about William with his friend Adam.  And that he posted it.  And that I found it.  What a gift this is to me.  

 It is all so wonderful how the Sweet Mystery of Life continues to show us Its Blessings and Wonders in such kind and magical ways.

My heart is joyous to know that I listened to that stirring in me. And that I was shown by William the answer that he was ready to reveal the 'renowned teacher" he learned so much from. 

 But I must also say that without the Child that William told me to find and that I have found, without this Child that leads me, and this sweet joy that has opened my heart and given me a "white stone and a new name" and brought me home -- none of this would have transpired so perfectly as it did.  

Much love to Wanderling for his help and mystical connection to me. I thank him for being there to give me the information I needed and for his gracious words that allowed me to learn more. Wanderling was, really, the only one who knew the secret. It's all a genuine miracle that his Light was there for me to find when things were ready to be revealed -- 

Some time, since first writing this story, Wanderling has gotten in touch with me, but he never reveals his real name to me. He has been an angel in this whole magical scenario. I want him to know how much I love him for his beautiful heart that shared exactly what I needed, at exactly the time it was needed. 

 And thank you to William and to Ramana for conspiring to make these connections happen.  It is my joy to know you are both somewhere enjoying in the Great Eternal Light of Life, Heaven and the Meadow-- 

Love to all, Sandy 

If you would like further guidance in understanding William's work and his message of Identity and Self discovery and the honest living of your own unbound Joy, you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones - Ojai, Ca -