William Samuel

William Samuel
William Samuel

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Identity is the Center of Being

Excerpt from 
by William Samuel 

Identity Is the Center of Being

Imagine the awe-struck wonder of the cicada when finally it climbs up and out of its two-dimensional, earthbound darkness where it has spent seventeen years in confinement. Fancy the marvel as it wrests itself free of its old shell, opens eyes it did not know it had, and then, in an instant, perceives a new, three-dimensional universe of color, sound, sunlight and love!

If you can imagine the miracle this would seem to the cicada, and multiply it a hundred thousand times, you may comprehend the wonder of the power of this "new" Identity come to bloom, power beyond the comprehension of an earth-bound, two-dimensional misperception of Identity. And this is only the beginning, reader, of countless wonders!
As we have pointed out, there appears to be a "center" being the Reality of every intellectual dualism. The "center" is often quite different in nature from either end of the duality. For instance, NOW transcends the judge's intellectual split of it. NOW is the "beginning" from which the past and future spring and to which they return. The NOW is the "two become one"; it is the "rest," the Sabbath, after the effort of swinging back and forth like a pendulum; it is the "solitary"; it is the "tree that stands unmoved in winter and summer."
We do not find the "white-light-centers" of appearances by looking for them. They are discovered unexpectedly and effortlessly in the course of living as opinionless being. Their real import cannot be comprehended intellectually. Though I may tell you that Sufficiency is the "center" from which poverty and wealth spring by way of personal opinion and judgment, and though you may be certain you understand what is meant by this, it remains for you to feel the transcendent significance for yourself. To do this, you pay a price; you surrender the old identity that makes judgments and holds opinions.

Our Identity as Awareness is the totality of the eternal qualities and attributes of the Godhead, Isness. The Deific qualities, every one, are aspects of "our" Identity, of this Awareness, present right here, right now. When we have discovered the "center" of an apparent dualism, we have comprehended an inviolable fact of the Self-I-am. The judgmental dualisms that appear to confound the intellect are the consequences of the pseudo-ego's judgments and evaluations of the eternal Center. They are the arena within which the Judge must operate; but the Center itself ever remains the transcendent Identity-being-I. (Much of the early Christian literature speaks of the "immovable trees" which reside "in the midst of the garden"; these are the Deific qualities and attributes we have been writing about.)
Is not conscious Awareness directly "between" seer and seen, as seeing in action? Who will deny it? Generally, the world is unaware of the Balance that pervades everything, permeating the events of nature and the activities of men. Balance is more than a simple presence, however; it is the basis for the way images appear—animate and inanimate, tangible and intangible, etc. More than that, it is the foundation for all that is seen as movement and action.
Words are insufficient to picture this Balance adequately. The Balance, the Whole-Center, is not Isness itself, but the totality of that which Isness knows Itself to be; it is the Self, the Identity-I. The Balance appears to our opinion-making, "thing"-evaluating, self-misidentification as a constant contention between all the dualities judgment creates-open-closed, male-female, hot-cold, good-evil, life-death, first-last, old-young, and on to infinity.
Now listen: To experience an end to all contention with "duality" (not in lip service nor in "Absolute" theory, but in fact) experienced Tranquility, the end of experienced emotional duality, hinges on our mindfulness of Tranquility as a balanced center between "feeling good" and "feeling bad." If we are to enjoy the vistas of Peace lived, if we are to enjoy the Sabbatical Rest that comes from no longer swinging back and forth, we must stop the judgmental pendulum. The Kingdom of Identity "is a movement and a rest," exactly as the one called Jesus said!

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