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William Samuel
William Samuel

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Living Basis of Being

"Stars"   by Sandy Jones 

As the executor and owner of all copyrights to William Samuel's literary estate, it is my joy to share his words with you. I know that when we read William's message the heart hears something wonderful that it has known intuitively from the first. Our heart sings when we unleash and loose it from the old beliefs that tie and bind us to sorrow and guilt. Our heart soars because It knows It’s own beauty and freedom is Already here. Somthing grand comes rushing in, it comes as fast as Light. It is as powerful as Life itself and It comes with softness, and innocence and relief from guilt. Sweet Peace. It comes with childlike forgiveness and healing on it wings. There is a point beyond which the intellect cannot go---yet the Heart of us, the real of us, the Child of us is already there.  
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I am posting this link to a little book that William wrote in 1958, Birmingham, Alabama. The philosophy students and atheists loved to stop by his bakery, in those days, to talk about God, Reality and Truth. This was an honest man who wrote of "what is" and pointed to the primary experience of being living consciousness as Identity. Self-knowing Awareness, and the the power living this Presence of Being. Science and quantum physics, in the light of all that  is, comes to be understood and lived joyfully here as I am, as the Life you are. 

This little book was written long before the non-dual ideas became a mainstream interest. He was a true master, sharing the Light in his own words. 

So, it is, with this Child's Heart that found me, I share my love and my heart with you: 

Two Plus Two Equals Reality  
By William Samuel 

Two Plus Two Equals Reality -- by William Samuel 

   ".....  Recently I met a young man who called himself an agnostic. He said, “I am completely disinterested in God. I have no proof that a God exists, and the idea of some super-Being watching over me and the world is somehow rather ludicrous in light of the world situation. Besides that,” he continued, “the blatant hypocrisy of 'religious men' is enough to turn my stomach.” 

     This statement rather sums up the opinions of many frustrated people, young and old alike. 

     “And another thing,” he added, “how can anything ever be understood when even the oldest religious leaders, with years of study behind them, are at loggerheads with one another and apparently unable to solve the world's problems? All these things suggest to me that God is the invention of frustrated people wishing for something above and beyond themselves to solve all their problems. “

     Many hold these ideas in this day and time. The ranks of the disillusioned are growing in number, and they come especially from the disenchanted within the religious organizations of the world. People are wondering increasingly about the correctness of their particular brands of religion. Old ideas once accepted as fact seem foolish and superstitious in light of the world's new technological dimension. The break with old theological concepts seems, to these people, to be a break with God. The arguments against old practices become their arguments against the existence of what they term 'God'.  

     It must be pointed out that these are not valid arguments against the existence of God but are, rather, arguments against old concepts of God, old ideas about God and old practices that pervade all organized religions today. 

     I am yet to meet an agnostic or atheist who cannot accept the existence and presence of God once we agree on just what Reality is. Usually, atheists deny and agnostics doubt the actuality of God as they understand and define God. They are quite right, because God as they define Him could not possibly exist. But God as God is, is neither doubted nor denied by a single man on this earth and never has been. God, as God is, is accepted without question, even without resistance, by everyone because God is the very basis of being, the fact of real existence. Why, God is Life itself. Show me an atheist who will deny he is alive! 

     The doubters and deniers are invariably throwing rocks at their own misconceptions of God, at the usual definitions of God, or at the generally accepted idea of what God can do. I am quick to agree that the popular idea of God is incorrect and that such a God does not exist—and never has. But God, as God is, does exist as a very present Reality and as the undeniable basis of Existence. Truth, Reality, Fact exists. This is all that really does exist right here, right now. 

     The agnostic is not questioning Fact; he is questioning a misstatement about Fact. The misstatement has nothing to do with Fact at all, just as the incorrect statement 2 plus 2 is 5 has nothing to do with the fact of arithmetic. A man is blind who breaks with Fact itself and doubts its existence just because an individual or an organization makes a misstatement in the name of Fact. 

     You no longer need be concerned with the many misstatements of others. You can determine what Fact is to yourself and stay there. As you do this you find yourself less concerned about what is not Fact and much more concerned with the Infinite Fact of Perfect Being ITSELF. ..... "

If you would like further guidance in understanding any of William Samuel's work and your own Self discovery, you are welcome to contact me, Sandy Jones --  samuelandfriends@gmail.com  --  - Ojai, California -   

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   by William Samuel 

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