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William Samuel
William Samuel

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Internal Clock

A marvelous new Event is about to begin for mankind, if it hasn't already. That Event will be, in part, the “discovery” of another force in nature, the edge of a greater dimension that, when understood, will put everything relative to life, space, time, matter and our human society into new and unexpected perspective. Our physical sciences stand at the edge of this discovery already—and where science stands presently, mankind is sure to follow because the world trusts its pragmatic provers. This Event has already broken through to touch individuals here and there. Its power and new dimension have been quietly proven and put to work in the world. Science will shortly confirm this, but lo, human sciences, by their very nature, will be unable to show us how to use this inner Event. Science gave us nuclear power but was unable to prevent our destructive use of it.

Well, now. This is the sort of finding of a greater dimension one would have expected to emerge from the ongoing religions, from the new metaphysicians or the avant garde. Rather, it will come from the particle physicist, the mathematician, the astronomer, the new cosmologist and the childlike dreamer, precisely for the reason that their thinking is ongoing and not so bound by the creeds, dogmas and solidified interpretations of scriptures which bind the Hindu, the priest, the Zen student, the rabbi, metaphysician and minister—and, especially, the ordinary churchman.

The two dimensional caterpillar is just one dimension away—one internal effort of it's own—from another stage in its own development. When it emerges from its inner writhing within the cocoon, it has entered the next dimension of its affairs and, lo, the old order of blindness has passed away. The caterpillar has become sighted and everything around him is amazing and wonderful to his new eyes. Limited before to the strides a caterpillar can make with its little legs, now the new creature—butterfly—has wings to fly through fields undreampt before.
Similarly, the cicada, living in the darkness of the earth for most of its life, feeding on the roots of trees, begins to feel a stirring within himself which is so dramatic it causes him to let go the familiar source of food and begin pushing against the black earth surrounding him. Like the caterpillar, he wriggles and writhes his way into another dimension of light, color expanded dimensions and new freedom.

Consider the remarkable clock that brings the cicada to do this. Some of these creatures are on a seventeen-year cycle. Here in Alabama they go from alpha to omega in thirteen years. After that long span in the blackness of the earth, something within them causes a stirring, so accurately timed that the bug emerges at precisely the moment necessary to evade his foe and survive—like a quartz clock of solar precision fashioned by an angel physicist. The clock waits thirteen years, seventeen years, and suddenly clicks on at precisely the right moment in time.

Well, just such a clock has been switched on in quantum mankind. Friend-reader, there is another entire dimension of existence for each of us and it is just an instant away—a minute internal “awakening” away. That dimension has already begun to call our attention to itself, whether we want it so or not. Men here and there are beginning to act differently. The attuned eye can see it. The sensitive heart can feel it. There are many in the world who know intuitively and undeniably that something spectacular is already happening—and they are right. It happened to me more than forty years ago, though I didn't know just what it was then—and twenty years were to pass before I really knew what it was. It changed my life in a most marvelous way, and since that time I have been made aware that nearly identical experiences have happened to hundreds more. 


An inner Light tells me that people have clocks within them as certainly as the rest of the creatures in nature. We know something of this already. Puberty kicks in at a certain stage, then the mating and homing urges, et al, throughout our human span. But, listen, listen, something new and marvelous is presently happening to QUANTUM MANKIND. A new, worldwide “urge” has begun. To this time in time, only a few have been made fully aware of this mystifying insight. A strange new disquiet and discontent. New urgings that have no rational explanation because they have never been felt by mankind at large, nor written of in words easily understood. We are seeing signs of this Divine Clock already in the bizarre behavior of this group and that. We've been blaming “civilization” or television or something else for the strange twists and turns mankind has begun to perform internally and respond to externally. Recently we have taken to calling it anxiety, stress, informational overload and so forth. Something deeper is on the edge of exploding. The Divine Discontent that some of us have struggled with all our lives is soon to stir all humanity, bewildering all but those who know what it is and what is happening. Those who know are those who have had early access to these urgings and have responded in small ways.
While all of us suspect there is more to life than the human scene, a universal recognition is sure to come that INDEED there IS Something Else—another dimension spread over the human experience. As we said, it is likely that science will confirm it first.


Imagine a plant that has lived in the desert for nearly a century, then finally prepares to bloom, seed and die, its seed to begin another century of time. Imagine, also, that this plant has a winter's rest each year and new growth each spring—and has been doing this for ninety-nine years. Then, via a clock that has been inside that plant from the very seed it sprang from, it slowly—or suddenly—begins the epic event. It starts to grow a stem and a bud thereon.

Can you imagine how the fragmented plant must be self-shaken by all this strange, new happening, so unaccustomed it is to blooming? The roots must wonder where they are supposed to send their nutrition NOW. The limbs wonder where the new growth is going—and why. The roots and leaves all send their substance into the new growth and finally to the flower itself. The leaves must complain that they are not receiving from the roots as before and the roots must wonder why the leaves are not giving to them as they have for ninety-nine years. “Tradition is being destroyed! We must stop this foolishness and return to the old values! This preparation of the bud is a shakingly new activity that embraces the plant now. The inner clock, dormant for ninety-nine years, has sprung into action and the century plant finally blooms, to seed and expire.
The real bloom, for which the plant was originally intended, forms, blooms and carries the plant's essences and imprints into its seed-self. All the other spring “bloomings,” the other cycles, the other events through the ninety-nine years have become as nothing compared to this final great blossoming which has been the purpose of the plant from the beginning—to prepare its seed for another field.

What has happened for some of us individually is soon to happen for all mankind. There are two views we mortals contain—the individual view and the quantum overview; the man-with-a-name's view and the holistic view. From the standpoint of a View I have been blessed to live, I see clear indication that a new world clock has been turned on in the SPECIES—in the Quantum Man, exactly as God turned it on in what appears the individual “me” forty years ago. Just as the century plant makes a final flowering at the end of its span, so the Tree of Life—appearing as humanity—is soon to begin a strange behavior from an unrelenting inner urge that will result, after much internal and external turmoil without precedent, in a New Bloom, a New Community. This divine stirring, different from all that has gone before in this pulse of events for eleven thousand years, will bring mankind to re-examine his values; rethink his ideas and belief; retest his religions and philosophies, his governments and systems, and find them woefully inadequate; thence to turn within himself into a subjective view of life, to discover the very Essence of Self-within—the Child of God.

These events, already begun, will become quantum—every man alive feeling and responding, flailing positively or negative, responding in all ways, unable to find respite in the former things.


The world has begun the travail that ends in the birth of the Child within—Messiah, Redeemer, Savior!—closer than breathing, closer than fingers and toes, not far off but here all the while. What is more, we will see THEN that this Event, the “Birthing,” has every bit, each step of the way, been foreseen by the lights and prophets, Eastern and Western, above and below, first and last, male and female. More, all of this will be WONDERFUL—precisely what has been called for from the beginning—naught but GOOD going on—the REBIRTH of the Original Image of Godhead.

How do I know these things are true? I was shown all of this wonder forty years ago at the pond and didn't believe a bit of it—no way!—but, in the years since, having been faithful to the Vision, having been tested by it and forced to live it, its veracity PROVEN line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little; and having found confirmation for every Glimpse given, and having LIVED the Quantum of Mind as Awareness confirmed—and tested by THAT—I have been told these many years later to WRITE my findings to my inner Selfhood and “prepare the way” for the Child's rebirthing and reappearance in “the world.” I have done that as best I could.

By the time this book is published, the “quantum appearing” of the divine discontent will have kicked in for the world-at-large. Not bad, but GOOD happening. The Child, the “Children of God” will survive.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Anticipation of Good

This experience “I” am living has grown into something quite beyond words. No hyperbole here. Exactly the way it is. Simply an explosion of inner Joy and a continuing confirmation of that Joy beyond anything I had ever known except for the briefest moments. Oh, how to say this? And why? I answer the “why” quickly: I write as a marker for my “others” who dream of such joy. It is true! It happens! It isn't just a “dream of desire along the way.” I do not know how lasting in the world's time it will seem to be, but “my” life has been made full.

The other evening at a lovely lady's house one of the guests spoke of going to a concert and suddenly getting caught up in a glorious tingling thrill of joy and delight. Her eyes sparkled as she told of it. Everyone could see her tears of reminiscence and knew what a genuine joy she spoke of. Then she fell silent, her eyes closed, and I heard myself saying, “That's it! That is the joy of the experience everyone calls enlightenment.” Some speak of it as illumination—sparks from the Child within. First we recognize those fleeting moments and acknowledge them for being the Light of Life they are. In so acknowledging them, we are faithful to the pennies of such moments and eventually find ourselves trusted with the dollars of them. Greater moments come. And greater. We look around one day to find we are living in the continual confirmation of the Joy we have faithfully anticipated.

These words are true and faithful. They tell of a great Joy beyond words. What must surely be one of the wonders of wonders: I have not seen a person who cannot prove the honesty of these concepts for himself and begin to live a New Life and a new marvelous experience.
“The joy of that moment at the concert will expand and expand,” I told the lady, “so that the 'thrill' continues.”
“I don't know if I could stand that!” she said.

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Greater Identity

A recent conversation at Woodsong follows:

The human experience is essentially the awareness of people, places and things—specifically, our own. Experience is here and now. In the most absolute sense, our present experience is God's Self-awareness, God's Self-witness, Self-acknowledgment, Self-appraisal, Self-utilization and Self-enjoyment. It seems to be “ours,” but it belongs to God.

Overspreading this Self-perception is God's knowledge of the contraries—what God is not, making what God is, fully understood. To whom? To God's perfect Self-Image, the Child we are.
As we get this straight and begin to see the subjective idea—“I am perceiving/perception happening; I am Awareness itself, perceiving naught but my own perceptions”—the correct identification become more and more the basis for our thoughts and actions. At this point our experience begins to undergo greater changes.
“But, Sam, this is the whole question. How do we go about making the proper identification become the basis for thought and action?”
Good question. How do we do this? By the conscious acknowledgment (knowledge acted on) that the Ineffable, the Supernal One, Isness, Reality, Godhead, is the only possible Identity that actually exists and is, therefore, being this Awareness-I-am here and now. Hanging onto this realization, we slowly let go the old sense of self. Who is the old one who says MY mind? We let that one go “line upon line” and the greater Identity confirms Itself “precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.”
This is the first step toward the “rebirth” spoken of by those who know what they're talking about. When the Child within (The God Identity) is really acknowledged, It comes alive. We feel it. With this Child, that we actually feel within, comes a simultaneous refutation of the old bastard's view of things—and, blessedly, a natural forsaking of them. We also let go the thoughts and actions that supported the “old man's” position. Suspicion, doubt, judgment of the motives of “others” and many forms of judgmentalism simply vanish.
“Would you say this experience is essentially God's
experience rather than mine?”
In reality, of course—and not just essentially, but totally. But at the same time, the world experience is the time we are still saying, “ This is my experience and that is yours.” It is also the time we're saying “This is good” and “That is bad.” From the peak of the mountain—Identity discovered and proven—things under our feet are, for the most part, understood. At this high place, one looks in retrospect to see without doubt that nothing but God has ever gone on. We understand without equivocation that the world experience is our own step by step, line upon line discovery and confirmation of that fact of God's allness.
Yet the Child within us (which is the Christ of us!) allows us to suspect this a long time before we're atop the mountain in conscious fact. Inwardly we're claiming that no Identity exists but God, and doing this, sometimes, against great odds; outwardly, we're slowly beginning to live judgelessly and to see good, God, in everything. Do you see?
(Pause) “Hey, I'm starting to understand! Yes, yes!”


But, without the Child within, even subjectivism is dead in the water---
When the subjective (non-dual view) idea dawns, one's views become quantum; one's religion becomes quantum; one's experience becomes quantum; one's knowledge begins to multiply until it becomes quantum.
What is meant by this? When the subjective idea dawns, one begins to realize that the entire world is unfolding within himself. It begins to dawn that the appearance of mankind “out there” is one's “objective” view in total—one's own “possibilities” carried on to near infinity.
In the pre-subjective state, one was merely one among millions; in the subjective mode, millions are within oneself. In the objective state, there is just me and my pathetic little view of things; in the subjective state, there is this divine Awareness (which God is being) and it includes all views within itself, infinite possibilities.
In the pre-subjective state, time is linear and sequential. In the subjective state, time is less linear and not necessarily sequential. In the subjective state, time may move in both directions or not exist at all.
Einstein's equation came from a subjective state of mind. See what that little subjective idea has done within the objective world! In magnitude, subjectivism can do for the individual what quantum mechanics has done for science—and more. But, without the Child within, even subjectivism is dead in the water.
Excerpt from 

The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics -- by William Samuel 

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Self Discovery

Excerpt from "The Awareness of Self Discovery" 
by William Samuel 


The Mirror of Self

Every teacher, book, writer, practitioner, sage, guru or peanut vendor, by whatever name, title or label he goes, is an aspect of the Awareness (Identity) "we" are. 

We take the book from the shelf most likely to render a specific service at a given moment. Exactly so, we have appeared to go to the philosophy, teacher, church, friend, stranger or peanut vendor that has unfolded as sufficient for the moment—but that philosophy, teacher, church, friend or stranger is within the awareness we are. So is the peanut vendor. We are forever looking at our Self.
Now, listen softly:

Just as one goes to the cleanest mirror in the house, the one that is the least distorted and best illuminated, so we turn to that aspect of the SELF that tells it to us "like it is," without mental reservation, without the absence of Light, and for absolutely certain, without making something of ITSELF by belittling others. 

What is seen "out there" is a mirrored Self-image, but only an IMAGE.  The awareness that is the looking is the divine, pure and sinless Identity we are.

To say this again: The image-form that appears at any given moment is only one of an infinite number of forms that may appear. The value is not in the image. (Nor is the power!) The value is forever in the AWARENESS-"you"—are who is the observing of the image.

All that could be called Samuel or any other name is only an infinitesimal aspect of the Self's tangible declaration—and tangibility is only part of it. There is the intangible That "which is above them all"—the Deific Self-hood which is being all there is to the external tangibility of "form" or to the internal intangibility of imagery.

All that is called the belief and dream of a material existence enters the scene upon the assumption of an identity that limits itself to the body-image. That one sees all other images as separate and apart from itself. That one calls himself the observer and is continually fighting a battle with his observed. In the sad comedy of proliferating complication that follows, observing (the awareness that resides as the center of it all) goes but barely noticed. However, observing awareness goes on being the Identity we are anyway, whether we are conscious of it or not, and all the trials and tribulations of the limited identity's experience serve to bring us to the consciousness of the greater Identity—the one that is real; the one that has never been guilty of ignorance or wrong doing or anything else!


So now you have read these long pages of subtle and deeply involved metaphysical philosophy—words, words, a passel of words. What are you going to DO with them?

It would seem they can be enjoyed in either of two directions (or anywhere between)—as words whose ideas are capable of striking a response within, therein verifying themselves—a response to which we then act. Or, (as happens until the grand "turn around" takes place) they can be turned into arcane fuel for the insidiously tenacious game one plays in the attempt to be a smart human becoming a smarter human. Woe is that me!

Reader, examine your intentions in all honesty—without self-beguilement—and see if you are finally willing to stop the tinkering with Truth in an attempt to have a happier human experience, to honestly surrender everything, everything, everything for Its Glory.

Remember that the hidden pearl of great price required that the farmer sell all he had to purchase it. The "all he had" is the price we are are required to pay—the attempt to be a human along the road to awakening. We have never really been such a dream identity, so the price that seems so large only appears that way to the dreamer. The price paid is the blow that awakens him. Then it is seen that nothing has been lost (nor gained). Rather, the beguiling attachment to a phantom self-identification is surrendered AND A NEW DIMENSION OF SPECTACULAR LOVE IS AWAKENED TO!

But the surrender is made first to make room for the Fruit of the Vine. 

Then, our cup runneth over!

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Friday, January 27, 2017

To Discover Tranquillity

Excerpt from  "A Guide to Awareness and Tranquillity"  
by William Samuel  



Note: The following lecture is as good a place as any to begin. It has served countless times to call home the prodigal wandering in the pigsties of worry, frustration and fear. Just as much of the work in this volume, it serves well to be read aloud.


  Now is the only "time" one is ever concerned with. Reader, consider this a moment, because here and now, a magnificent first fact of Truth begins to unfold. It has to do with now; the primacy of now; the allness of now; the absoluteness of now.

  When do we see a flower? That is, what time does the seeing take place? I see the flower now, we say.

  When do we see the picture of a flower in a book? Now. When do we smell the fragrance of a rose? When do we touch it, enjoy it, experience it? Now.

  When does one hear a voice or a melody? When does one experience the occurrence of any event? Now!

Listen carefully: When do we remember the event? When do we reminisce about the event? When do we think about the past? Now; always now!

  When do we dream of a future event? When do we plan and calculate concerning future activities? Now. All experience, all activity. All memory of the past, dream of the future, thinking and thought taking are inevitably, invariably "happening" in the now. Isn't this so?

  So you see, it becomes evident to anyone who stops long enough to acknowledge it, now is the only time we are ever concerned with. It is always now! We cannot escape it.

  Even so, what has humanity done to now? What has man done to this ubiquitous, all-inclusive, ever-present now? He has made it the most infinitesimal part of a great time system. He has sandwiched it between a past that stretches infinitely in one direction, and a future that extends forever in the other. He has relegated it to the merest razor's edge on a sliding scale between a past and a future. Is this not so? To humanity, now—this very moment of Awareness—is so fleeting, so ephemeral and transitory, that one cannot find it on the very device used to measure it. Try to point to now on your watch and it is instantly past, a memory.

  Ah, but when do we recall the memory? Now. When do we see the watch? Now. When does one speculate about the fleeting nature of humanity's time? Now. When does one awaken to the fact that he is never concerned with a past or a future except right now? Now! When does one experience? Now. So, reader, when do you expect to discover Reality? When do you expect to experience a "healing" or a "demonstration"? When do you expect to experience completeness and happiness? Now!


  Look at a flower. We see it now. We behold its form now. We are aware of the flower, right here, right now; but suppose we think about something else while looking at the flower. Think about that big bill that is past due and worry a little. What seems to happen to the awareness of the flower? We are not as aware of it as before, are we? We are looking at it with eyes that hardly see. It seems fuzzy, hardly noticed, but the same rose is there; the same beauty, the same form, the same grace and magnificent delicacy is right before us to be beheld and enjoyed, but we hardly see it. We are too busy worrying about the bill. We are too busy thinking.

  The bill is not now. All that is now is the awareness of the rose. The rose in all its loveliness is now. The bill is nothing more than a memory that is not in this now-awareness unless we choose to put it there.
  We see that thinking is like a film spread over the eyes; like a mist that covers the whole face of the land; like a veil; like looking at the flower—and everything else—through a glass darkly.


  We view the rose again. It is here, within Awareness which is aware now. The time of Awareness is always now. Right now, Awareness includes a rose. Look at it closely. See it with rapt and undivided attention. Behold with enthusiasm! This is beauty here and now! While so aware, can we be aware of worry, fear or grief in the same now? Are we? Absolutely not! The "return" to "now" is an automatic departure from the not-now, past and future.

  As we shall point out in the coming pages, now is always all right! It is filled with beauty, grace and magnificence, containing no sight, sound nor sensation that is not absolutely harmless and altogether perfect. You shall very soon see and understand—even before you finish this volume—now is filled with peace, serenity, sassy and sparkling happiness. It is filled to running over with everything one thinks he needs.

  So, as we turn from the memory of the past and dreams of the future—as we turn from thinking—we are neither ignoring Reality (as the world contends) nor burying our heads in the sand to escape the "press of circumstances." Contrariwise, we find ourselves returning to the perfection at hand, to discover anew that now is all that is real and all we ever need be concerned with!

  Here "troubles" are not ignored, nor is a home or business neglected. Here we see with the clarity with which the rose is seen when we are not weighted down with fear and consternation. Here we see things as they are, and accordingly, know better what to do.

  Have you heard these words?: "Behold, now! Now is the time. Now is the day of salvation. Now I am with you always. The kingdom is here and now. You can tell the signs in the sky but you do not know to test this now. Now are we the sons of God. Now! Now! Here and now! I will never leave you nor forsake you."

  Reader, this now, here and now, is a basic fact of Isness, God, Reality. There is no need to be over-concerned with a past or future when the transcendent NOW exists to enjoy and be.


"BUT WHAT IF ... ?"

  Those who have just begun to hear about and ponder the transcendent nature of now are ever anxious to create hypothetical situations and present them to us in the gravest tones to see how "this new way of looking at things" will take care of it. "But, what if such and so . . . ?" they ask, picturing something they think most awful. "Suppose you should see this or that horrible mess, what would you do then?" they ask, to see how we will rationalize or explain away a situation that is not even a part of this now in the first place—except as a harmless dream! 

  Over-concern with the not-now is a portion of the farcical foolishness that has us so in the habit of overlooking the beauty, wonder and perfection of the moment. Jesus admonished those who questioned Him along these lines to "look on the living One (the now-awareness) as long as you live . . . " He likened their concern about the not-now to a corpse.

  Reader, before I found Tranquility, I had to concede honestly that I was ever concerned with the present now-awareness, alone and only. I had to see that all speculation about a not-now was a silly waste, tending to hide the beauty of the moment. It is the business of dreaming, wondering and worrying, so to speak, that appears to present a confused now in need of correction. To stick to the now is to find it perfect, without need of correction—and containing nothing to fear!

  When these hypothetical situations are tossed into my lap, I can only ask where is any of it happening in this here-and-now? To those who persist in struggling with the not-now, I say again as it was said before, "You have dismissed the living One—Now—that is before you and have spoken about a corpse." (Thomas, Log. 52.)

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