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William Samuel
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Thursday, January 12, 2017



Illumination is a Fact. We have, however, grown accustomed to thinking it must always be the other fellow, the saint or the avatar, who experiences it, not ourself. Then, we wonder why those who have awakened have gone from the scene. We think of their withdrawal to lofty ivory towers where they sit in lonely solitude.
“Illumination,” like all things sublime, creeps into the conscious awareness of the willing and childlike. It enters on kitten's feet, unannounced. It comes as the prophet said, “...here a little, there a little.”

“But how do we know when we KNOW?”

We find ourselves with the Answer.
“What is the answer?” The answers to the problems that perplex us—and others.
“Do you know the answers?”
Those that, by God's grace, I have been shown, come to know, have proven and am finally given the courage to tell about.
“How can I know you know?”
You can look for yourself at the words that are written. You can ask and see if the answer you get is applicable in your affairs—and works in your heart.
If the religionist's religion isn't doing all it has promised to do, that one hasn't found the Light behind religion.
If the subjectivist's metaphysics isn't working in his affairs, that one hasn't found the Light that underlies his subjective studies.
The fact is, in Western metaphysic's subjective textbooks, there is no general inclusion of the subject of Illumination at all. Why? The answer is painful.


(A summary)

Dear Mary who writes of her search for Truth,

  Yes! You have been there all the while—standing on the very peak of the mountain of recognition! Since before Abraham was, Identity has been right here. Now you know for yourself that the “climb” to the mountain top of Understanding, Intelligence, Wisdom and Identity is actually confirmation. Human events are happening in reverse, so to speak, CONFIRMING the Fact of perfect Alreadyness. Those events happen “precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.”

Yes, exactly as your letter states, “Our fastest way to the top of the mountain of nearly endless seeking is to understand Identity is there in Truth ALREADY”. (“The only Way there is to BE there!”), and then our human experience begins to CONFIRM that fact. Our confirmation is inverse and comes sequentially, step by step. We see things marvelous in a twinkle, but it may take a lifetime to confirm them. On the human scene where time holds sway, this confirmation seems like the ascent of a mountain, the flow of the river to the sea, the growth of a tree from seed to seed and a return to our Original freedom. The Authority of God is confirmed for us, “line upon line,” just as you write. Originally, this is what “confirmation” meant in the eyes of the enlightened.

Mary, I delight in your letter, remembering all the times you growled at the absurdity of the world, its injustices and enigmas. Now, it is good to know you understand some of them for yourself and “have returned to the non-self atop Da Shan.” You didn't need to remind me of your “incredulous disbelief” of those early days—nor of your “endless arguments.” How could I forget them? But, as you have seen, your Self-discovery was inevitable. “At last I see It for mySelf,” you write. “Self-discovery in time is inevitable because it has already happened in timelessness.” Exactly. You state the sequence precisely. The wonder is that we could have overlooked the obvious for so long. But it didn't seem obvious at first, did it? Now we find ourselves wondering exactly as Jesus did, why the spiritual leaders and metaphysicians of the world are the last to see this mystery rather than the first.

 Mary, now that the things I told you have proven themselves to be true, please listen carefully once more. Your work has just begun! There is much for you to DO in this world of appearances! For every person I have helped around the bends of the river or along the slopes of Da Shan, you will help a thousand.   Inasmuch as “those other people” are within THIS consciousness of sequentiality (time), we have arrived at the ability and obligation to address them ALL and tell them of their birthright. We do it now that we know it. We help others find it and do it, now that we can. We don't stop until everyone within us has had the opportunity to walk through the Door we find ourselves to be.

You will be given “yours” who will hear your Voice, and you will be faithful to them, giving them your Glimpses and substance, and they to you, even as you have been faithful to me and I to you. This is what we are here for, Mary, lady of the New Covenant within.

I love you!

Mary has found a measure of herself, called “Identity.” It didn't happen as she expected. It didn't happen because she did the things outlined in the textbooks and teachings of the churches and philosophic schools. Nor did Mary do it alone as seekers are wont to believe is necessary.

by William Samuel 

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